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Slayers and Vampires and Bob Oh My!

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A horrible venture meets a twisted fate.

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“Okay this is a new territory and We don’t know what sort of uglies are out there-“

“We are the uglies Becky” Ray interrupted.

“I don’t want to be an ugly” Berry whined.

“We are not the uglies okay? I just meant that We should be careful, after all Athena said there were slayers out there which is why We have to stay away from the convenient garlic
grocery store”

“Man how could Bob NOT tell that was a garlic infested store?” Gerard asked.

We had all figured out that Bob was the one who went shopping since all of Us were still here and Bob wasn't.

“Just because We have forever to think about this doesn’t mean We can. Now just stick with Your lover and everything will be just fine” I stated and then walked out the door with Frankie.


“It’s time Bob”

I looked up to see Clara the slayer.

“We are going to kill Your clan, and then We will kill You as promised, But first We need to lure Them to Us. Can You lure one group?”

I nodded.

“Then go get Them” She smiled.


“Nothing! Not a single bite in sight” I grumbled as We walked on.

“It feels like They knew We were coming” Mikey replied.

I looked up and noticed an awful amount of crosses on the doors, windows and rooftops of every home.

“Do those things work?” Mikey asked.

“One way to find out” I whispered as I walked carefully up to a door with a silver cross on it.

I gently placed My hand on the cross and waited.

Nothing happened for a moment, but that moment faded quickly because of the seering pain I felt in My hand.

Almost immediatley I pulled My hand away and walked back to Mikey so He could take a look.

It was red and pulsing like My hand had touched fire, but before Mikey could voice any concern the wound disappeared.

“So it works, but not for long” I whispered, still remembering the pain.

“I wonder though” Mikey replied as He turned around and stared at the cross.

I watched as Mikey effortlessly bent the cross into a heart.

“Mikey” I whispered.

He turned around to look at Me, then froze as He looked behind Me.

I turned to find a guy not much older than Us with a machete.

“Oh crap” I mumbled.


“It’s too quiet” I whispered.

“Maybe We should make some sounds of Our own” Gerard suggested as He wrapped His arms around My shoulders.

“We make enough noise as it is” I smirked and kept walking.

I paused.

“What’s wrong?”

“I heard..” I turned around and saw a slayer taking aim.

“DUCK” I yelled as I shoved Gerard to the ground.

Something whistled past My head and I turned to see a knife in the wall lodged right where My neck would have been if I didn’t move.

“You’re going to pay for that, and the currency I take is blood” Gerard growled.


“Berry if You keep humming like that all the food will be gone” Ray whispered in My ear.

I pouted.

“But I like to hum before a kill”

“I know You do and I love hearing Your voice, but We haven’t seen a single soul for hours so maybe We should be a little more cautious”

“My humming has nothing to do with lack of food. In case You hadn’t noticed this is a town being protected by a couple of slayers”

“Why do You say that?” Ray asked as He stopped walking like I did.

“Because there’s one right here” I whispered.

“The only thing that will be slayed tonight will be Her” Ray growled.


“Is it just Me or is this a ghost town, without the ghosts” Frankie mumbled.

“No it’s not You, everything just seems…dead, present company exlcuded”

“Likewise” Frankie replied.

I walked hand in hand with Frankie down the street noticing little things that scared Me more and more.

Abandoned toys, as if the parents had plucked their kids up out of the blue.

The crosses at every possible entrance to every home.

I stopped suddenly as I saw someone walking towards Us.

"Hey guys" Bob greeted as He stepped into the fluroescent light of a lamp.

"Hey" I said uneasily.

"I know where there is food, You coming or what?"

I shook My head no and stepped in front of Frankie.

"What's wrong Becky?" Frankie asked.

"It's a trap" I growled.

Bob sighed and looked Me straight in the eyes.

"You can either come with Me without getting hurt, or You I can carry the both of You" Bob reasoned.

I turned to Frankie, nodded, and walked straight up to Bob.

"Where are We going Brother?" I asked.

"To the heart of the woods" Bob replied as He turned.

"What's waiting for Us there?" Frankie asked.

"Our deaths" Bob answered.

"How could You do this Bob?"

"I think the better question is why did You have to come back?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Frankie growled as He squeezed My hand.

"If You hadn't come back I would still be Me, and that goes for My friends- every last on of them would only dream about being a vampire, not having to change every night and kill someone just to survive" Bob muttered.

"That's not true! Becky's opened Me up to a whole new world and I love every minute of it, in fact I love Becky!"

'I love You too Frankie" I whispered quietly.

"As for You Bob" I growled and pushed Him hard against a wall, knocking Him out.

"I have nothing to say to You" I added as Frankie and I walked on.

"Why didn't You just kill Him before?" Frankie asked as we walked on.

"Because We had to know where We were going without Him AND because I wanted to know why He was doing this to Us. And by the way, He's not dead, So let's go to the heart of the woods"
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