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Am I Going to Make it?

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the hopefully long awaited battle.

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Walking further and further into the woods felt like a big mistake after each step I took.

I could tell Frankie was getting worried as well- a big hint was when He would step on a branch and leap about 50 fit into the air, as if He’d made a sound that alerted the slayers to Our presence.

I’d smile for a moment, and then wonder if this was the last time I’d walk in the woods with Frankie.

“Frankie” I whispered, stopping and turning to Him.


“I love You” I whispered.

“I love You too”

I smiled, took hold of His hand and continued walking.

“We are going to die aren’t We?” Frankie asked.

“It’s a possibility. But We will have to wait and see. What was that?” I asked as I thought I heard a branch snap.

“Just Us” Gerard replied as He and Jazz stepped out of the shadows.

“We really didn’t want to spoil Your moment so We waited. Do You guys have any idea what’s going on?” Jazz asked.

“Bob made a deal with a slayer to kill Us all, inlcuding Him because He hates what I’ve turned everyone into”

“...Oh” Jazz replied.

“Have You seen the others?” Frankie asked.

Gerard shook His head.

“We had Our own slayer to deal with, where did We leave their body?” Gerard asked while turning to Jazz.

“On the roof, staked by a cross” Jazz grinned.

“..Right. We need to get to the heart of the woods, apparently that was where Bob was supposed to take Us to die-“

“Where is Bob anyway?” Gerard asked.

“He’s sleeping off the massive headache He got from slamming His head into a brick wall” I spat.

A scream broke the awkward silence between Us.

“We have to get moving” I growled, racing towards the heart and for once not caring if We got caught.

It took Us all of twenty minutes to get to a slight hill to see what was going on.

There was a torch right where We were watching on but all the slayers were focused on their prizes.

Mikey and Ray were tied to seperate poles while Berry and Lust were-

“Are They dancing?” Jazz whispered.

“No. They are being forced to dance. Can’t You see the Slayers” I growled.

The male slayers were standing in a circle around Berry and Lust, moving in closer until I could only see Berry and Lust’s hair dancing dangerously close to the bonfire that was barring the two of Them from reaching each other in the middle.

Without a word I raced down the hill and hid behind a bush.

The others joined Me shortly after.

“Theres a slayer at each torch. We will split up and kill Them all before We rescue the others” I whispered.

I carefully walked around the circle and positioned Myself behind a male slayer and slowly walked up behind Him.

Swiftly I grabbed Him by the neck and drained Him dry before He had a chance to even yelp.

I felt better after draining My first victim, even better when I’d drained two others.

I looked around the edge of the circle to make sure all the guarding slayers were dead.

When I was sure We had the slayers in the circle surrouded I ran swiftly up to the nearest slayer surrounding Berry and Lust and gripped Him from behind by his throat.

“You know You guys really do suck at security. If I were an underage teen I would vote for Slayer security for all the good bars” I laughed as all the other slayers turned around and froze as They saw Me holding an allie with a bunch of other vampires casually walking up to join My side.

“You must be Bob’s Sister” A girl no older than Me said as She walked from the inside of the circle the slayers were in.

“Golly that must mean Bob is a spy! oh the drama!” I sarcastically replied.

“So You know the truth?” She asked.

“Bob mentioned it as I gave Him a concussion yes”

“My name is-“

“I don’t give a damn what Your name is” I growled.

“You are absolutley right. It really doesn’t matter since You are going to die tonight anyway”

“Actually I was thinking more along the lines of ‘it doesn’t matter what Your name is since no one will even want to remember it after tonight'. You see, when they think of You all They will think about is how impbossible it was to find any scarp of your body bigger then a thumb, always wondering where You went.”

“All Your doing is barking at Me” She shrugged.

“Wait till You see My bite” I growled as I twisted My Slayers neck exorsist style and kicked His dropping lifeless body towards the still living Slayer’s feet.

“Get Mikey and Ray” I yelled at Jazz.

Jazz nodded and ran towards Mikey while Gerard, Frankie and I started slashing and biting Our way through the Slayers.

“NOW!” Yelled the girl.

Two Slayers who had been staying behind the others grabbed Berry and Lust and threw Them into the centre of the fire.

“Kill all the Slayers except that BITCH! I want Her for Myself” I snapped and ran headlong towards the fire, knocking slayer after slayer down.

I jumped into the fire and tried to feel around for Berry and Lust.

The flames were so hot that I almsot closed My eyes before I realised I needed Them.

As I was looking I tripped over a foot. I didn’t know whose foot it was so I grabbed onto it and flung it out of the fire towards where I hoped Mikey and the others were.

I could feel My skin crackling and hardening against My body as if I was pork.

It was then that the searing pain and heat got to Me.

I fell to the floor- right on top of a crispier body than Mine.

Grabbing whoever it was by what I hoped was there waist, I crawled as far as I could out of the fire, but all that my hand reached was the otherside.

Before I had given up hope that I would die in that fire with whoever was with me, I felt something cold grasp my hand and pull me out of the fire, the body crumpling on the slightly warm earth next to me.

I rolled over as the dead, burnt flesh fell from My body and new skin took it’s place.

I stared up into Frankie’s worried face and slowly brushed hair out of his eyes with my right hand, just as the last shred of skin fell off.

“Who did I pull out?” I asked croakily- my skin might have been fine, but I still felt like I had been at a smokers convention with no doors and windows.

“Berry, but…” Frankie muttered as He looked beside Me.

I turned to see Berry- blackened and not moving.

“Berry? Come on Berry, open your eyes” Ray whispered as He sat next to her, not daring to touch her in case he broke her.

I heard a muffled laugh from my left and turned my head to see the female slayer I had pegged as mine tied to Ray’s pole- gagged.

“I left Her for You like You asked. What are You going to do?” Frankie whispered to Me as He helped Me up.

I walked cautiously up to her and stared her right in the eye.

She stared back, not daring to blink or breathe in case I thought She was scared.

I lent in and placed My hands gently on Her knotted ropes behind Her back, placing My mouth next to Her ear.

“You’re going to die now. It will be slow, and very painful- but that won’t matter much. You hate everything We are without much of a reason. I was dealt this card by a perverted bastard, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let ANYONE make me feel ashamed of who I have become. The punishment You get for killing My kind is that You will resurrect My dying Friend over there. Pray You don’t wake up like us” I whispered and ripped the ropes off.

At first She struggled but I quickly shoved Her towards the group surrounding Berry.

“She is going to be Berry’s” I whispered and bent down next to Berry, pulling the slayer down with Me into a kneeling position.

“Will this work?” Gerard asked.

“We have to try” I whispered, watching a glimmer of hope in Ray’s eyes.

I grabbed the slayer by the hair and shoved Her forwards so Her neck was in line with Berry’s open mouth.

I looked down at My finger nails and smiled. They were sharp enough.

I gently turned the slayers neck towards My face. She wasn’t even trying to mask Her fear anymore.

“Bye now” I smiled and slashed Her throat with one fingernail, right into Her jugular that was now angled over Berry’s mouth.

The blood swiftly fell into Berry’s mouth and down Her throat making a strange gurgling sound.

We all waited with baited breath, hoping, waiting for any sign.

Slowly She started to shed the dead skin until She was covered in new skin that glistened with sweat.

“Berry?” Ray whispered in Her ear.

“Five more minutes” She hoarsely replied.

“BERRY!” Ray cried as He gently picked Her up and held Her close.

Mikey and Lust hugged each other with joy while Gerard and Jazz made out..with joy..hopefully.

I smiled up at Frankie who brushed some of My hair out of My eyes.

“Let go of that ragdoll and come here” He smiled as He opened His arms, expecting a hug.

I jumped up and fell into His arms, sighing with relief as He slowly rubbed My back.

“How did I get so lucky, getting a resourceful and beautiful girlfriend” Frankie whispered into My ear.

“You choked Her remember?” Gerard replied.

We all laughed for a moment before We realised We weren’t alone.

“I should rip You to pieces and let wolves finish the rest of You off You lying sack of shit” I growled as Bob stumbled His way towards Us.

“The least You could have done is leave one of the slayers alive so they’d kill Me” He slurred, obviously still hurting from His collision with the wall.

Angrily I stormed over to Him and slapped Him hard across the face.

“I may hate Your fucking guts right now but You are all the family I have left! If I have to hunt down every slayer in the world and kill them to make sure You wont get them to help You with Your sick fucking suicide I will!” I snapped.

“Your not My family. You died the moment that teacher changed You. But You couldn’t just die- You had to come back and infect My friends as well! Look what You’ve done to Us! To ME!” He screamed.

“Uh are You out of Your mind! We’ve found the loves of Our lives! We have powers that make everyone else seem so mundane and boring! All of Us will be together forever-“

“At what fucking price- to kill innocent people!” Bob spat over Gerard's remark.

"You're the one behind this?" Ray growled.

I turned to look at Ray and nearly stepped back in fear.

Ray was shaking with fury, fists balled and eyes glaring.

"You're the one who tried to kill Us, not Becky, and certainly not Berry,Lust or Jazz. I almost lost Her tonight because You wanted to die. Get out of here before I decide to kill You Myself" Ray spat, sending shivers up and down My spine.

Bob reluctanly walked out of the woods, and hopefully, Our lives.
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