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The First Battle

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The first real battle of the second war. Beware the law of battle.

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Steampunk Potter 6

Title The First battle

Rating: R or adult of violence and gore.

Summery: The first real battle of the second war. Beware the law of battle.

Disclaimer: I own only the plot everything else you recognize is someone else that I have twisted for my own purposes. I do not own Harry Potter or Hellsing.

Rating: R or over 18.

AN This chapter was delay due to fact that my computer was in the shop. Hope you enjoy. I am warning you this is a bloody chapter and some people do not survive it. Enjoy, please review.

Steam World

Hermione Granger walked the down the streets of London, seeing the city which had not been destroyed during the blitz’s of 1940. World War Two had destroyed large sections of the city which were replaced with post war construction. That had never happened and resulted in an extremely different city from the London she knew. The city was full of smoke stacks, leading to boilers. The street lamps were another surprise as they were made of a black metal and great details cast into them, lamps held in the claws of lions or other beasts. Stone gargoyles stood on roofs and building ledges, giving the city an air of the exotic and a fringing atmosphere. Electricity was in widespread use, in spite of the high levels of magic that were generally used around the city. As Harold had explained, where there was a boiler there was a Tesla turbine was used to create electrical power. Magi were a great improvement over wizards in her opinion as magi accepted technology and helped to improve it to the greatest extent possible. She looked into a small technology and computer shop and walked in. after all, all of these devises would work at Hogwarts so it might be worth investing in.

She was met by a young man who guided her through the collection of different devises. Mage port comps or mage portable computer stations were one of the best things she discovered as they were designed to do all of the normal function of a computer but also included programs to do many magical functions. For example the computer came with a program to calculate the interaction of ingredients, stirring and temperature on a potion. Other programs helped with rituals, alchemy, arithmancy and astronomy. She wanted one. But there were a number of other devices, including a number of magic sensors which were designed to give readings on magic. There were different types of magic storage devises, and play back devises. She would love to take two or three of each home but decided to buy only a magi-phone, a cell phone like devise the transmitted trough magic and not radio waves; it looked impressive with its silver buttons and gold power core it included a white opal display screen. It was only four gallons, which was a surprise as the store looked muggle to her, but accepted the goblin currency with no problem. The magi-phone had been priced in both gallons and pounds to her surprise. Lord Potter had given her a sack of gallons and a roll of pounds and told her not to worry about it, he was practicing for when he had children. She programmed in the numbers that Lord Harold and Lady Potter as well as several other numbers they had given her, including an emergency number. Both had offered to go with her and Lord Potter had also offered to send an escort with her but she had wanted to go by herself. She did not realize that she was not truly safe as Dumbledore routinely raided London to spread fear.

Break Break Break

Home Reality, Malfoy Manor

Narcissa Malfoy nee Black looked at the letter from the goblins which informed her that Harry Potter was now Baron Potter and Earl Black. She had asked about who had taken control of the family as she knew that it would not be her son. Her grandfather had told her that he Sirius black had got himself an Heir and that her son would never head the black family. She knew that her husband, who had just been released from Azkaban. He had bribed his way out of prison just in time to return home and die. She knew the debts owned to the black family which he had used to fund the Dark Lord. Loans that had only been granted because she was Earl Black’s favorite and Lucius believed to be under her control. Her family for all of her aunt’s anti-muggleborn nonsense had not supported the Dark Lord, her cousin Regulus, a black, had joined the Death Eaters, believing in his mother ideals. Her grandfather and cousin had killed him and blamed his death on Voldemort. She knew because her grandfather had told her and apologized for allowing her father to contract her to Lucius, no one had known that he was a Death Eater. Unfortunately for her she could not leave him and her family could not kill him or directly cause his death until the contract was fulfilled, a male heir must reach the age of sixteen, which had done less them a fortnight ago. She was finally free of the contract and could forge her own destiny. She could take her vengeance for nineteen years of abuse at her husband’s hands.

She knew Harry Potter, she had certainly heard enough about the boy. He would do what his father had been unwilling to do. He would call out the Wild Hunt and the Potter and Black Guards and fight a war where no quarter was asked or given, death, the so called Black Knight had returned to England. She had to make her choice, she could stand by Lucius, not a good choice except for the fact that it allowed her the opportunity to stick a blade in between his ribs; or she could consider other options. The one person that she feared for was her son who was still innocent, but he followed his father’s beliefs. She feared that he would not learn the truth in time and that Potter or one of those acting on his commands would kill him. She made her choice and began to create a plan, she prayed that she could plan things well enough.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break+++++++++++++++++++++++

Home Reality, one mile from Malfoy Manor.

A war party waited and prepared themselves as several ward breakers went forward and disabled Malfoy Manors ward. Most of the wards dated to when it was a Potter retreat, and therefore there were Potter wards, which had never been changed. With a small pop they returned and the leader reported. “The wards are down except for the interior wards and house protection spells.”

Harry Potter look up from his map and smiled, “Then, it is time lets ride.” With that he tightened his mask and, he drew the wand he she stolen from Dumbledore and put heel to Blaze. Suddenly, he was riding up a hill, with Malfoy Manor less then one hundred yards away.

He saw a pair of guards, in full Death Eater robes and masks. He charged them, other members of Wild Hunt charged ahead of him, as he cases several spells at the guards and with who never gained a chance to recognize that they were under attack. Both men died quickly but only because of the pure number of wounds. Both men had been hit by a number of spells, over charged bone breakers, had shattered arms and legs with such force that they exploded, sending high speed fragments into the body, cutting curse pealed back skin and removed the heads of both men. Blood had exploded out of the dead mens necks showering the area. Their chests were ripped open and the ribs exploded outward organs melting, and falling to the ground where they exploded. The Hunt more then one hundred strong surrounded the manor and began to cast curses and hexes through the windows.

Four Death Eaters charged out the door expecting to be feared and for the Wild Hunt to break and run. They were shock that someone dared to attack them. One of the Death Eaters froze when he saw the black masks and armor and ran back in side. The rest were killed, victims of multiple cruses and hexes from the riders of the hunt who cursed them as they rode past. The riders were moving too fast for the Death Eaters to hit and the Death Eaters were too out numbered to focus on any one target. They were cut down by bone breakers, reductos, missusos, scatter shot hexes and glass darts spells. One Death Eater was hit by several powerful fireballs and by an overpowered flagrate curse. He screamed allowing the fire to burn all the way down his throat. He burned to a cinder in less then a minute. The other two Death Eaters were pinned to the wall by glass darts and where chewed up by physical effect spells and cut open by the force of spells cast on them. In addition their organs were full of lead and wood fragments from missed spells.

The front door of Malfoy Manor was covered in the remains of five men, blood was everywhere, as were their organs and intestines. The remains of the bodies were could not be identified, the damage was that bad. A quick movement signaled that it was time for the second phase of the plan when a sudden noise from inside the manor attached the hunts attention.

Break Break Break

Inside Malfoy Manor.

Justin Bluum was afraid, he had seen his nightmares and knew that they had come for him. He had gone outside and saw the attackers, a massive number of attackers, this was no raid by the ministry. He looked at the nine other Death Eaters, three of them inner circle members and recalled why he was here. They had been planning a series of attacks to weaken the wizarding world. Now he would be glad to escape with his life.

He heard Lucius Malfoy question him, asking who it was. He managed to overcome his fear just long enough to respond. “It’s the Wild Hunt, We are Dead! No one escapes to Wild Hunt. Not when it is led by the black Knight. Hells Gates have opened and the Hunt has come for us, there is no surrender.” With that dropped into a chair to wait the end, he show not have betrayed the dark lord, his family great, great, great, great grandfather had been a poor son of Griffin’s Hollow who had left to find his fortune. Baron Potter was coming, Potters left no one alive. He sat and closed his eyes, having decided to wait for end hoping it would be quick. He heard one last sound, a yelled cutting curse, and wondered why the Hunt would bring someone who could not cast silently.

Break Break Break

Home reality, East end docks.

Silently they moved through the night, killers one and all; they prepared to hunt some of the greatest prey that a werewolf could hunt. Each team had ten members six in wolf form and for in human form, to work the radios and to handle the potions and other medicine. With in seconds of each other the teams took of position and radioed in, stating that they were ready. Markus looked to Sir Hellsing and when he had a nod he quietly said only one word “go”. He would have rather been part of the attack leading his pack in this great hunt. But he was the only alpha, he could control the pack, he could not allow himself to be distracted by battle.

On his command, the groups kicked in doors and stormed the place the transformed werewolves fighting the vampires while the human from ones gave them support with blade and fire. Vampires burn very easily unless they are very powerful, even then it is painful. Werewolves are armed with natural weapons to kill a vampire, though the blessed silver swords that Baron Potter had provided had helped as did the guns the Lord Hellsing provided. Fifty werewolves verse twenty vampires is not a fair fight, especially when the wolves have surprise. The Tau clan learned the lesson the hard way. With in to minutes eighteen of the vampires where dust and blood, which was burn, just to be sure. One vampire was taken alive to provide information and was magically bond and contained and removed from the field along with the clan records that he had been working on. The last vampire was pulled down by four wolves and ripped to shreds by teeth and claw.

Lord Hellsing and Markus then entered the room, the battle was over. Lord Hellsing looked at Markus and smiled. “It appears that my doubts were misplaced, your pack is quite skilled at killing vampires.”

“Thank you Lord Hellsing, the Black Circle Pack has hunted this clan for more then three hundred years. Perhaps, we may finally get a chance to finish them; they can not out run us now. The cowards hid in the lands of other lords making it war to attack them with out that lords permission which is hard to get.” He then moved pulling Alucard from the shadow where he had watched the battle and throwing him to the ground, Augustan, his second grabbed Seras by the back of the neck with one hand and grabbed both of her hands with his other. He spoke quietly but loud enough for all to “stay out of this little girl.”

Alucard rose to his feet laughing and looked at Markus with newfound respect, it had been a long time since someone had done that, he wondered just how strong this Baron Potter was and how much of a threat he was. He bowed to Markus and said, “We must spare, it’s been a long time since I have met a true alpha.”

“First I must do as By Lord Baron commands and kill off all of the Tau, then we will see about fun.” Markus replied.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break++++++++++++++++++++++++

Home Reality, Malfoy Manor

Narcissa’s cutting curse hit her husband right across the neck cutting his throat and opening his airway but not severing his head he would live for two or three more minutes. It was a much quicker death then she wished but the best that could be allowed. She leaped off the stair and hit the flood behind the curve of the stairs. She returned fire pinning the Death Eaters in place with blasting and cutting curses and stunning spells. It was hard as there were eight wizards against her, including her sister. Waves of killing curses hit the stairs surprise had worked for her as had position. But she was no match for those that she was fighting. She popped up and fired several dark curse designed for battle, organ melting hexes, defleshing curses, and heart attack jinxes. She had waited for the Wild Hunts attack before killing Lucius but Death Eaters did not appear to have any tactical sense, they were all fighting her, ignoring the Wild Hunt outside.

There were several loud explosions and a wave of light from a number of spells washed over her hiding place. She stood holding her wand over her head and looked at the black masks of the Wild Hunt. The battle was over, there were only three living Death Eaters, her sister bound on the floor, the one in the corner, with his eyes closed and bound to a chair and her husband who was slowly dying as the Wild Hunt watched. They took her wand as more members of the Wild Hunt charged up and down stairs, looking for more Death Eaters.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break++++++++++++++++++++++

Home Reality: Outside Malfoy Manor, Five minutes earlier

Harry Potter was shocked at just how stupid the Death Eaters were, thinking that because they were inside the manor they could not be harmed. He gave a signal and four riders rode to the main door, throwing Fred and George’s newest toy at the door. It was a variation of the expanding swamp that they had used at Hogwarts; they claimed that the idea and most of the spell work came from a failed prototype. The ball stuck to the door and expanded into a circle over the door hinges and locks sealing itself to the door and wall. They then produced a large amount of methane gas and oxygen and then lit it. It exploded along with the ones on the back door and the large windows in five of the ground flood rooms. Blasting hexes smashed the remains of doors out of the way as a number of the hunt charged the Death Eaters inside. It was a major problem with tall doors and high ceilings was that riders could just ride right in.

Curses and hexes flew hard and fast, one Death Eater was stunned very quickly, hit by a pair of stunners and bound and silenced in quick order, by the time the last spell hit her all of the Death Eaters but three were dead and one was slowly bleeding to death. Death Eaters lay in pieces their organs melted, their heads severed and bodies peeled of their flesh. Bare muscle and bone show, duricorns crushed the bodies that lay on the ground as the riders moved them through he house. Others had learned that physical battle spells could not be stopped with most shields. One Death Eater had met cold steel and silver bullets and discovered that muggle methods were just as deadly as spells.

Narcissa Malfoy nee Black was held at wand point and Jason Bluum joined Bellatrix Lestrange in being stunned and bound. Two Death Eaters to get information from and one that deserved a slow and very painful death at the hands of several people. Baron Potter was very happy to see her as her mask was removed. Members of the hunt dragged Draco Malfoy down the stairs, holding him at wand point.


Narcissa Malfoy looked at the young man who climbed off of the duricon, he wore the colors of the Wild Hunt and the mask with the twin golem mark that marked him as the leader of the Hunt. He pointed at Bluum and Lestrange and they were floated out of the building and loaded onto duricons, their hands bound with magic suppressor cuffs and their heads hooded. He then turned to her and her son who, both of who were also bound with magic suppressing cuffs. His had reached to the mask and removed it, the face that it had hidden shock her son so much that he fainted. Harry Potter, Baron Potter of Griffin’s Hollow, and Earl Black of Normandy, the last man her son would think would attack them and spill blood. She saw his face but was paying more attention to her husband as he became her late husband, as after five minutes he finally died.

Due to her distraction, she failed to notice that Harry Potter had turned to her and asked.

“Where are the dungeons and hiding places where your late husband keeps his hidden cashes of dark arts material? Where did your husband keep his money, jewels and more importantly any potions or ingredients?”

“The dark arts cash is under the drawing room floor, the dungeon is in the cellar. There is a hidden compartment in the bedroom for the money and jewels that requires a blood key. There are only household potions and ingredients, in the bath and potions lab. I will open the hidden compartment milord, if you ask it.”

“Go and do so, Knives go with her allow her to pack a bag for herself and her son and then we burn the place to the ground. Smith, empty the cash and the lab and check the dungeon. Go now.” Harry Potter said as he checked is pocket watch, time was short.

His men accomplished their tasks quickly, removing valuables and items of interest as they prepared to move. Draco was draped over a duricorn and hooded as his mother and the last of the men returned. She was put in front of a rider and they were ready to ride. With a small hand movement Harry singled and the Wild Hunt drew wands and cursed Malfoy manor with the firestorm curse and as it burned they rode back in to the night with cries of Open the Gates OF Hell!!!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break++++++++++++++++++++++

Home Reality Griffins Hollow Potters Hall

Dobby the house elf looked around the room that he had popped to; it had the strongest feeling of Harry Potter sir. It looked like an office, with a large chair behind a larger desk. Shelves covered in books and a table set between four good size chairs, the only problem was that there was no Harry Potter Sir.

There was a sudden pop as a large number of house elves in the livery of the Potter family appeared, they did not challenge Dobby, they attacked hitting him with imp magic and stunning him and binding both him and his power. Spies were the last thing that the Potter family had been willing to tolerate, and their house elves acted accordingly. After capturing poor Dobby and removing him to the dungeon, the house elves came back and cleaned up the mess the battle had made, after all, Milord would not be please to return and find his study a mess, Toil though as he directed the elves. He decided that he could tell Milord about the house elf spy from Hogwarts in the morning after Milord had sleep.


Home Reality, Alleys and Ways of London

The alleys and ways of London were many and all were connected, Diagon and Knockturn Alleys, the old alleys of the light and dark courts were the best known but there were nine major alleys and ways. Darkmist Way was the best known of the other alleys, home to businesses that the majority of the wizarding world preferred to pretend did not exist. Pubs, the type filled with gangs, gambling houses and brothels, drug dens and blood halls for the vampires that hide themselves amongst the wizards of London. On this night the a select group of the wizards and witches of London, better known as the Smith Guard took action to deal with the scum and supporters of the Dark Lord who had taken over some of the alleys business.

The Smith Guard, was the guard created for yeomen wizards of London and dated back to King Henry the Second. Queen Elizabeth the First, in an effort to control Baron Potter and gain his support had granted Baron Potter control of the smith guard for the simple reason that the Potters stayed out of the internal politics of the realm more often then not. It had worked and the Potters continued to control the smith guard to this day. The guard had been supplemented by the aurors after the creation of the ministry but had never had its control over the alleys and ways revoked. The old men of the guard had called in their kin and the sons and grand sons of men who had fought the goblin wars prepared to do what they believed needed to be done. Awaken the guard and use the mob and it fear to strike a blow that would not be forgotten.


Professor Serverus Snape walked out of his favored brothel, with a drunken smile on his face and was glad to be alive. He looked out from under his hooded cloak at the men and women that had were in Darkmist Way, for it was uncommonly crowded but he took no notice of this fact as he made his way back to the apparition point so he could return to Hogwarts and deal with the head master latest attempt to find the Potter brat.

As Snape walked by seven wizards and witches their faces covered by the blue masks of the Smith guard, they drew their wands and attacked. The spells were fast and brutal, a combination of spells practiced by both the dark and light courts. Stunners, power drainers, bone breakers and cloths shredders hit Snape in a blizzard of power. He never had a chance to even turn. He was quickly bound and gagged as the two members of the guard started to gather the Death Eaters in alley's collection of criminals. Snape for his sins was easily recognized as a Death Eater and the guard started to interrogate him. It was a brutal as members of the guard used both magical and non magical techniques each intended to cause great pain to the individual. While in great pain, the wizards oaths that Snape had been forced to swear to Dumbledore prevented him from telling anyone of his true loyalties or information about the dark lords plans. His mind broke, much like the Longbottoms, but his body had broken first. He had lost it when they had started on his hands, which he needed to craft his potions, were broken. It was done slowly, each bone in the right hand broken starting with his pinky and ending with his wrist. His left followed, most of his ribs had been broken by a light battle spell designed to break the bones but not allow the person to die. His legs were shattered, his skin pealed from his chest and finally when they realized that they would gain no information from him they blinded him with hot irons and burned out his brain to prevent him from being able to return as a ghost.

Twelve more Death Eaters were captured and given a painful death, there broken bodies were then spited on stakes at the apparition points for both Diagon and Knockturn Alleys. In Knockturn Alley the shops owned by those that had supported the Dark Lord, where burned, the fires lit the sky. The larger fires in Darkmist Way destroyed the bothels, and other illegeal business that paided the dark lord protection, depriving the Dark Lord of a principle sources of income. A message had been sent this night but it was not alone.


Vince Crabbe looked at the home had had been raised in and prepared to do what he need to do to cleanse his family’s honor. His father would be home as would his mother, the real source of the Dark Lord’s support in the family even if she did not bear the dark mark. He looked at his uncle Henry and weighted the battle hammer in one hand and drew his wand with the other. With a motion to the others, all members of his extended family, moved in and prepared. It would not do to allow some one else to handle the problem, honor demanded that he do it himself, the family believed that they msut support him to regain the honor lost by not acting themsevles.

He smashed the door in quickly and charged up the stairs, he pasted his sister’s room and raised the hammer again, striking the door to his parent’s room. It was completely shattered as he stepped into cover of the door jam and sent a series of curses at both his parents, he managed to hit his mother in the chest with several dark battle spells including two acid balls and an ice spear. She died too quickly but his father was another story, the giant blood had bred true and spells designed for men failed to harm him. Luckily he was too mad to think and failed to make use of his wand, instead he charged. Vince dropped his wand and stepped fully into the door, using both hands to swinging the battle hammer down and allowing its twenty five pounds of weight and force multiplying charm to do the rest, the blow literally smashed his head into his ribs.

With both of them dead, he called the house elves, asked them to gather all of his parents’ important possessions and moneys and then packed them into a bottomless bag. Quickly he freed the elves, telling them to go to Crabbe’s on the Green. He took the bag and grabbed his younger sister, and along with his uncle ran from the house. The bodies of his parents followed. Once they were safe he drew his wand, which he had recovered soon after killing his father, he turned to the house and cast an old spell, called the Forge Lighter, which created a fire at three thousand degrees, the house exploded into flames. He gave his sister to his uncle and personally tied his father and mother to the gate of the so called Crabbe Manor, as warning to future Death Eaters.


In one night, sixty one of Dark Lord Voldemort’s followers died, as did many of his unmarked supporters. Seven were captured; they would wish they were dead long before they died. His vampires, the mighty Tau Clan were running and hiding, but this time the Black Circle Pack had clear orders, Kill Them All. Most of the economic support for the movement died with the shops that burned in Darkmist Way and Knockturn alley. Even more of his financial support was lost when fortunes were claimed to cover debts to the house of Black. Voldemort’s greatest fear was real; the Wild Hunt had opened the gates of hell, and were preparing to unleash the beast that waited there. History would remember the right as Potter’s vengeance.


Steam world, in the streets of the east end docks London

Hermione Granger was enjoying the ability to cast spells and do magic openly as she walked the city, even as she cursed the dress that she was required to wear. The dress itself was not to bad, it was a finally made dress, with a number of pockets and hidden features. However, the corsets stole her beath, even though it was loose. THe multiple layers of the dress combined with her boots robbed her of her ability to walk, while the boots and their high two inch heels, were pure torture. However, ladies wore dresses and she was too young and lacked the skills needed to be a Hand, or a female bodyguard slash assistant. London was great and being on her own was proving to be great fun.

That fun was shattered by a sudden series of pops as wizards with wands drawn appeared in the street cursing people and sending spells into buildings leveling them. She reacted based on the training she had received in the DA and at the hands the native Hermione, she moved behind cover, suddenly wishing she was wearing pants and that she could breath. She looked at the group of wizards; there were six of them, only ten feet away, one of which was torturing a child. That sight caused anger to replaced fear and she rose from cover, sending a flame spear and an acid lance into the wizard. He was good, he had managed to turn and shield the flame spear, but the shield failed. The acid lance caught him in the neck, melting through, leaving his dead body to fall to the ground as his head rolled down the street. blood shot out of his neck, covering the area, including her.

The others noticed her and began to blast the barrel that she was using for cover. She raised a shield with the broach and cast several spells, which had no real effect. She considered her options and then channeled a spell that turned the street to ice. The wizards lost their footing and fell to the ground. she moved and quickly started cursing the wizards hitting them with as amny spells as she cout. Suddenly, loud bangs sounded, the men of the area had used the time she had bought them to armed themselves and fired on the wizards. The three survivors used portkeys to withdraw, all three of them were injured. Hermione stood and walked over the man she had killed and looked around for more wizards. she saw the head of the man that she had killed and knew that had been right, she nknew him back home, and even consided him a friend, now she had killed him. She quickly joined the mages that had arrived to fight the wand wavers, casting several spells to help stop the fires and heal those that she could. It was only after she was sure that everyone was safe did she collapse, as guilt and fatigue caught up with her.

An: I could not make up my mind whether Snape was a hero or a villain so I did not. He died for the simple crime of being a Death Eater as the average mob cares less about whether you have remorse for your victims or are a spy. Please point out any American spelling errors that you find thanks.

AN: I have made some changes to this chapter to improve itn, hopefully it is better.
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