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Preparing for War

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Harry Potter continues to prepare his response to Voldemorts attack on Hermione Granger, Hermione meanwhile proceeded to learn more about the strange world she has found herself in.

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Steampunk Potter Chapter 5

By deathblade2584 AKA bloodylord

Title: Preparing for war

Rating: PG-13 or Teen

Summery: Harry Potter continues to prepare his response to Voldemorts attack on Hermione Granger, Hermione meanwhile proceeded to learn more about the strange world she has found herself in.

AN: the next chapter will include the first real battle. However, battles are both bloody and violent. There will be both deaths and destruction but no rape or sex at this point. I am going to post it as rated adult/ R, please consider yourself warned. Please read and review.

This ‘…’ means writing while this “…” means spoken words.

Home reality

Griffins Hollow

Harry Potter look around the training room, the walls and floor were padded and a number of targets were set up around the room. The targets were of all different sizes and types, they were intended to teach both accuracy and spell selection, and only the proper spell would destroy the target. He stepped into the center of the room and waited, at the sound of a bell he drew his wand and began to attack. He had to hit as many targets with a spell that would destroy them as fast as possible. Cutting curses, reductos, scatter shot hexes, a new spell that had been invented by one of the Smiths it created a large pattern of metal shot and propelled it at high speed, like a shotgun blast from the wand. Other spells followed such as Ice spears, glass dart and several other physical attack spells normally only taught to aurors. He threw other combat spells, all designed to kill, such as the missus hex, which fired a round ball at high velocity. All of the spells were cast silently; he had been taught that words held no power over magic, only intention and clarity of thought mattered. If you could make your magic understand then only pointing the wand was needed to direct the magic.

The bell rang again, he stopped, and looked around all of the targets had been hit and all but three had been destroyed. He was happy be knew that he needed to improve. He grabbed a wet cloth and wiped down his face. He had been casting for thirty minutes straight as fast as he could, a good way to gain experience and increase his stamina. This was a basic drill for the Potter Guard and he was going to make the most of the time he had before attacked. He looked at the wall clock, which told him the time was about eleven in the morning, he had to move he needed to be in the stables in fifteen minutes for riding lessons.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break++++++++++++++++++++++++

Home Reality Town Square, Griffin’s hollow

Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe were the last two people that one would expect to see exiting a shop in Griffin’s Hollow. Both young men were commonly believed to be stupid and barely capable of remembering to breath. They were in fact about average in intelligence and quite cunning. The Crabbes and Goyles were amongst the oldest families in Britain, in addition they were both fairly rich, even their fathers had more money then they could spend and they had been cut off form their families’ trusts since for years. However, both families were still yeoman families, yes they were old and rich but they were not part of the council of lords. They both laughed at Malfoy because despite all of his posturing he too was only of yeomen birth and a member of a young family of only six hundred years of age. Both Greg and Vince could trace their lines almost two thousand years. Both acted the part of dumb muscle, which protected them from their fathers and convinced everyone else, that they were just dumb muscle.

Both also remembered their grandfathers’ tales of the great Baron Charles Potter the man they had fought the goblins and Grindelwald with, a true friend and the worst enemy to make. They remembered hearing the tales of how the Goyles and Crabbes had ridden with the Wild Hunt. They both also remembered that the Potters killed their enemies; prisoners were only taken to be drained of intelligence and then were killed.

With these tales and pensive memories left to them by the grandfathers both immediately recognized that the coach outside of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes they knew that Harry Potter had taken control of Griffin’s Hollow and was preparing for war. They were not willing to be enemies of Harry Potter, especially after the treatment that they had received from both the Malfoys and their fathers, both of which were stupid and believe that blood mattered. Both The Crabbes and Goyles were descended from giants, and therefore could never be purebloods. Those giants had been the great smiths and stone masons which had armed the griffin tribe and build many of the great stone fortresses and watch towers, along with the giant black standing of the death circle. They had to speak with Baron Potter and were going to provided information and join him, after all, Sytherins liked to be on the winning side.

They walked into the Golden Griffin looking for the head of the Potter guard, Mark Smith; they had to speak to this before they spoke to Baron Potter. Besides it was likely their cousins would be in the pub eating lunch. After all just because their fathers, being younger sons had left after Hogwarts did not mean that they did not have families in Griffins Hollow. They knew that their treatment of Harry and his friends would count against them, but neither believed that they would be killed before they had there say. This was especially true when they were bringing news of a meeting of just the tactical leaders of the death eaters to plan several strikes on targets in the wizarding world.

They were immediately greeted by three teens and an older man in a wheel chair. Crabbe looked his grandfather, a man who had followed his lord in to battle against the Nazis. Whose reward was to be crippled by this youngest son when he tried to explain that Voldemort was a terrorist and not a true Lord. The three teens were William, Henry, and Richard his cousins, all born to his fathers older brother, the sword and iron smith of Griffin’s Hollow. All four were very large men; even grandfather in his chair was almost five feet. While the others were over seven and a half feet tall. They had the broad, powerful shoulders of a smith and as well as the arms. They all gave him a questioning look, silently asking what are you doing here. Crabbe knew that he would be here for a while when his grandfather said to sit down and sent Mark to get Greg’s grandfather.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++BREAK BREAK BREAK ++++++++++++++++

Steam World, Potter Minor

Hermione Granger was sitting in her room going over her homework, she was frustrated. She had spent five years at Hogwarts and here she knew less magic theory then a first year student. She had only just learned that magic was a force of nature, which connected energy at all levels. Magic was energy in its rawest form before it took on any other form. It was controlled by the intent of the caster, but to use a mage focus one needed to direct that power not command it. Magic in general was willing to do what ever a mage wanted but needed clear instructions. A wand relied on incantation to direct the magic and an individual wizard was limited to using ill fitting words to describe the action that he wanted magic to take. A focus required only the intended result of spell.

The second part of the theory was that a wizard of witch could only channel so much magic, the greater the ability the stronger a wizard was said to be. A focus was used the wizards ability and then aided it by drawing further energy through itself, as it was the wizards blood and soul which did the pulling. This was different from a wand, which took the magic of a wizard and then forces it to manifest from a single point, losing power as it did so. Over time this caused damage to the wizard’s ability to channel magic as their own abilities would lessen as they were trained into specific patterns of use losing the ability to channel general magic.

Hermione found that without review the basic theory she was unable to figure out the homework. She would get it though she refused to be anything other then the best, and that meant that she had to figure out a new form of magic and fast, not a problem.

The only good news was that Harold had given his permission to get the war glove. After hearing what James Ollivander said about souls and magic he had agreed to have a third made for himself that she could give to Harry. Professors at the royal research institute of magic were hard at work trying to find a way to return her to her home reality. In fact, they seemed to believe that they were quite close but Dumbledore keep causing problems. I had shocked her to learn the Aberforth Dumbledore, a conservative wizard who was using terrorist tactics to attempt to defend wizarding culture which he believed had been corrupted by exposure to the normal world. He had lost of his brother during the Franco-British War of 1931 was sufficed to drive him in to rebellion. He was willing to do what ever was needed to destroy the new world which was created by the integration of wizarding and normal worlds.

She looked at the paper that she needed to finish writing; she had a combat lesson in thirty five minutes with Lady Potter and did not want to be late. She needed to practice with her new focus before she could be ready to fight. More importantly, Harold had said that he would tell her all about how he had defeated Voldemort, information that was not publicly available, but only if she could defeat Lady Potter.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break+++++++++++++++++++++

Home Reality Griffins Hollow Lookout Hill.

Baron Harry Potter looked at the Dead Fields, a circular area of fifteen acres that was black as the deepest darkness, and where nothing grew or moved. It was the site of a victory for the Romans and the site of their defeat less then ten hours later. The man known as Sean of Griffin Tribe had made use of the most powerful magic, pure death magic and attacked the encamped Romans. Two full legions and more then four hundred wizard auxiliaries died in a second. The Romans had peace with the griffin clan and built the basis of the fortress that was now Potter hall. However, the land was burned of all life, animals would not make their homes in the fifteen acre dead zone and plants would not grow in it. Good soil turned to dust when place on the ground. Trained animals and men were uneasy and unwilling to linger. Kell, who only knew the story stated that this was the true meaning of being a Potter, holding the ability to destroy on a scale that no wizard could imagine. That is why the Potters were feared; no one believed that they could stand against them. It was a battle that was not talk of and barely remembered, but it was one of the reasons why the Potter family had held power for so long.

Harry had found that this knowledge had changed him bring out colder traits that he had long hidden from the wizarding world. He knew how force was used and he held the greatest force in the wizarding world. He also knew that it was unmatched in its power, even muggle nuclear weapons left ghosts but the Potter death spell was able to destroy a wizard’s body, magic, and soul. It was the reason, beyond anything else that Voldemort would die, but it was a heavy responsibility to bear. He was learning how to use the magic but could not yet use it beyond killing everyone in a large area. If Voldemort was in Hogwarts then he could kill him at the cost of destroying the school and the surrounding town. But he would not need the spell, the guard was ready and so was the hunt. He had a dinner meeting with Bunisi and other Gringnotts representatives tomorrow and the death eaters and their half blood lord would die.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break++++++++++++++++++++++

Potter Hall, Main Sitting Room

Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle dropped to one knee and laid their wands across their arms. Both looked Harry Potter in the eye and said together “My Lord Baron we apologize for our actions and bring important news.”

It reminded Harry of the way the twins spoke. That triggered a thought, if the twins had told him he would be Malfoy’s bookends in his home then he would have told them that they needed to work on their sense of humor.

He looked at them and said in a loud clear voice. “Please sit and tell me this news forgiveness will be granted if it is important enough.”

The two sat in the chairs provided, when they had fully sat, Mary one of the maids carried in a tray covered with tea. She poured added sugar and cream and left once the food was on the table. While tea was served he observed the two on for the first time, he was not used to seeing them with out Malfoy. They looked much better, holding themselves in a more upright and with greater pride. Their clothes were another change, more formal and obviously intended to make them look more professional. The final change was the most important they had removed the vacant looks from their faces and instead had a look of fierce determination.

“Alright what do you have to tell me?” Harry asked

“Milord, the inner circle of death eaters has been freed by fudge, for a large sum of money and to protect his reputation. In a week they will meet to plan out several raids ordered by Voldemort. They will meet at Malfoy Manor and they will have only a pair of guards to watch the door.” Vince said

“In addition my lord, Voldemort has been unable to gain the dementors and has been refused by the majority of the giants. Grayback has managed to create a small force of werewolves but they number less then twenty. They are individuals and not a formed pack. He does have an alliance with the Tau clan of vampires, which claim to have one hundred vampires. The goblins have not even been willing to speak to him, they are neutral. The dwarves sent back the heads of the two death eaters that were sent to them, but they live in your territory and are not stupid enough to attack you.” Greg continued

“Well, I am willing to say this much, Thank you for your help, Greg, Vince. Tell me, can either of you ride a horse?”

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break+++++++++++++++++++++++

The wizarding world’s Barons, Earls and Viscounts had not been called upon by the Queen to act in their full capacity since the signing of the Hollows Treaty. The hollows treaty created the ministry for magic, which was now called the Ministry of Magic. The treaty was a social contract, in which the common wizards and witches gave up the protection of the Monarch, Barons, Lords and Vassals to govern themselves through the ministry. However, the treaty also contained conditions that the ministry was required to fulfill and rights that the ministry had to respect. The ministry had failed many times to fulfill those obligations and hand trampled the rights protected by the treaty. That was the reason that the six wizarding barons, all ranked as Dukes were unsurprised when the Queen’s declaration arrived. The only surprise was that that the Queen declared her intent to call Fudge to an accounting and that they were to prepare their forces and vassals govern the wizarding world.

This sparked a number of declarations as guards were called up, but quietly, taking care not to alert the ministry for magic. One surprising element was that after two hundred years there was still a balance between the light and dark court amongst the Barons, Lords and Vassals. The dark and light court referred to beliefs not on issues of magic but on the use of power and the ethics which govern the use of power. The light court did not believe in using force against non magic users such as the church while the dark court was quite willing to protect themselves and their subjects by any means necessary.

The only outside factor was Baron Potter, as the Potters were actually not part of the magical peerage, their titles were older and the Potters had never turned over their power to the ministry of magic and were in effect ruling Wales as the Crown’s direct representative. The Potters were also not counted in the alignment of the courts as members of the family were often members of either the dark or light court depending on personal beliefs. Now, all prepared for war as they believed that Queen’s decision could only lead to war.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break+++++++++++++++++++++++

Home Reality Order Meeting. Hogwarts.

Dumbledore tried to restore order at the meeting, Snape’s report that the dark lord’s inner circle had been freed by the corrupt minister was a shock. He looked at the order, he was deeply concerned it had been over a week and no one had seen or heard from Harry. In addition to the shock of the minister’s latest outrage, a number of the old lords had gone missing for a night and no one knew what they were up to. The order had lost its last two members of the Council of Lords with the deaths of Sirius Black and James Potter, Frank Longbottom was a member as well but he was in the long term damage ward at St. Mungos.

Moody spoke. “I have found out why there were no complaints about the actions of Harry’s so called family were ever acted upon. The basic wards around the house, put upon to protect him included a ward developed by Lillian Potter, she called it the SEP ward or someone else’s problem ward, it causes anyone within three hundred yards would think that any problem involving Potter was some one else problem. That ward condemned him to suffer through fourteen years of abuse.”

Dung Fletcher spoke “The boy has not been seen in the alleys, no one has seen him. There are many rumors floating about that some one called the baron has returned. Many merchants in Knockturn Alley and Darkmist Way are very happy. The rest are extremely scared.”

Other order members said the same no one had seen the boy and he had contacted no one.

Mad-Eye Moody spoke the though that was on everyone’s mind. “Old friend, we are only wasting time, we need to stop looking for Potter, either the boy is safe or he is dead. I personally believe that he has retreated to Potter’s Hall, and therefore is safer then any of us. After all, what type of Baron would fail to defend his keep during a war? If he is dead the Kell and the other monsters that serve the Potter’s will be free to act and will most likely kill those who killed their master.”

“Mad eye, he does not know about the Barony nor does he know about Potter's Hall I am sure that he is just hiding some where.” Dumbledore replied.

Remus exploded “What do you mean that he does not know about the Barony, how could he not know? You know that both James’ and lily’s wills make mention of the land and title. What have you done old man?”

“Remus lad, I merely held off telling Harry until he was older and could deal with the power better. I was afraid that if he knew he would go to Potter’s Hall, Losing the protection of the blood wards and that he would grow arrogant as both his father and grandfather were. Besides being raised by a loving family is better then being raised by servants. That is why I placed Harry with his aunt in the first place.”

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break+++++++++++++++++++++++

Home Reality Hogwarts

Unknown to every member of the Order of the Phoenix, Dobby the house elf sat had listened to the Order of the Phoenix met and heard every word they said. His Harry Potter Sir was missing. The Order could not find him. They believed that he was either safe or dead.

He was shocked to discover that Harry Potter Sir was missing. The hero that had freed him, fought giant snakes and saved little girls. He had to go and find him, but had promised Harry Potter Sir that he would not try and save him anymore. He could not break his promise. But a promise was specific, he could find Harry Potter Sir and allow others like the Moony and changing face lady to save Harry Potter Sir, his decision made he popped away from Hogwarts to find Harry Potter Sir and not to save him.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break.+++++++++++++++++++++++

Home Reality: The Ministry of Magic, Minister of Magic Office.

Fudge looked at the official parchment in stunned disbelief. He was unable to believe what had been written on the paper. He did the only thing he could think of and fainted hitting his head on the thousand gallon desk and knocking himself unconscious. His bodyguards moved quickly upon hearing the bong of his head hitting the desk, taking him to St. Mungos for treatment. No one noticed the parchment or read it and therefore they were oblivious to the danger hanging over their heads.

From Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second

To Minister for Magic Fudge,

Minister Fudge, your office has twice violated our trust and we demand a full accounting in the next twelve hours. If you fail to do so we will be forced to act according to the conditions of the Hollow’s Treaty. The treaty states that if the Ministry for Magic fails to keep the ruling Monarch informed of the state of the magical portions of the realm then the ministry will be dissolved and the its leaders investigated for treason. In addition, all powers of the government are to be returned to the monarch and the peers of the realm.

I expect you to be in my presents immediately, failure to comply will be seen as intent to violate the treaty and we will turn the matter over the barons. We will strip you and yours of their power to operate and activate the spells invented by William Potter to ensure that no ministry official acts against the barons and ourselves. All accounts will be closed, all clearances seized and the barons will be allowed to use what ever force is needed for them to take control of their lands. I have already taken steps to insure that the ministry can not cause greater problems by recalling the dementors to their rightful posts; they will be of no help to the wizarding government. I do not except resistance but am prepared to destroy any wizard who fails to obey our commands.’

The letter would be found more then a year later by members of the Smith’s Guilds Guard when they reopened the building to remove the ministries records.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Break Break Break++++++++++++++++++++++++

Griffin’s Hollow Night fall.

Harry Potter finished inspecting his mount, Blaze and reached up and swung himself up into the saddle. From the back of Blaze he looked at the Wild Hunt, nine hundred wizards, all mounted on duricons, all armed with pistol, sword and two fitted wands were ready. Each wizard or witch wore a black outer robe over dark red colored magemetal armor and emerald dragon scale. A black magemetal mask hid the faces of the riders and each wore a mark on the mask which allowed other members to identify them by their Wild Hunt name. The Wild Hunt’s armor and masks were what Voldemort based the Death Eaters uniforms on, thinking it was only a force of legend as it had not ridden in five hundred years. Hell’s gates were about to open and Voldemort had know idea what was coming for him.

All knew the targets for the night and were ready. Harry drew his great grandfather’s sword and waved it above his head while casting a sonorus charm on himself and yelled “Open the Gates of Hell! The Wild Hunt Rides Again!”
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