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The meetings start and planning begun as the second war continues. Harry gains some help.

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Steampunk Potter 4

By Deathblade2584, AKA Bloodylord

Disclaimer: see chapter One. Hellsing does not belong to me either but is good series.

Warning: I would say that this is relatively clean but there is mention of death and torture in this chapter. I personally rate it at a teen level but some may believe that it is higher. You are warned.

Sorry this took so long but I had to make changes, in addition this unbeta’ed so there are most likely some mistakes.

Rating: PG 13 Teen

Title: Meetings

Home Reality Day Three

Breakwood Estate

Headmaster Ablus Dumbledore finally wakened for the deep healing sleep that Harry Potter’s savage beating had forced him into. His powerful magic had kept him alive but only just, a concussion at his age was a serious condition. He sat up and looked around trying to find Harry finding no sign of him in the room. His eyes looked at the clock in the corner of the room and saw that the time was 11 o’clock so at least a day had passed.

Dumbledore stood and walked over to his desk and found that Gellert Grindelwald wand, the wand that he had taken when he had defeated dark lord, was missing. Only Harry and he had been in this room in more then two decades. It was his father’s office, a room that he had sealed after defeating Gellert Grindelwald. He had only opened the room so that he could to talk to Harry.

He had to gather the order of the phoenix and get them to find Harry quickly before the boy got himself killed.

Break Break Break

Potter Hall. Home reality

Harry looked at his notes; he needed to meet with Bunisi and the keeper of the Black vaults. He had several ideas, which would hurt the death eaters and their supports. To think the Potter family owned the majority of the stock in several death eater businesses with the option to buy them out, including Malfoy Farms the wizarding world’s biggest source of food. The Black family held loans granted on residences and homes as well as other property that were granted by former Lord Black but were never paid back, he could seize their assets. He would force them out of work and call the loans, leaving them homeless and with out two knuts to rub together.

He also had learned that he would need to meet with the Queen to ask her permission to take action. His family, were bound by the old laws and could not take any action against the other lords or their vassals or operate in their territory without her permission.

Kell had delivered information about the Tau clan of the vampires and how they had sided with Voldemort. They were allies of the men he would kill which meant that they needed to die. Maybe her majesty had an idea on how to handle the vampires, if not then he would figure out how to deal with them.

He had a list of those who needed to die and had started to plan how to kill them. He would reform the Wild Hunt and hunt them down. He would burn any home that he could not take. He would send members of the hunt into the crowded areas of the wizarding world and have them wait and kill the death eaters when the raided. Finally, he planned to locate death eater supporters and kill them too. He would teach the wizarding world why the Potter family and the Griffin clan were left in peace. The Wild Hunt, a group of wizards from Griffin’s Hollow was getting ready for war. The Wild Hunt was a force that his father had refused to use. The Wild Hunt killed its enemies, it did not take prisoners. This conflicted with the ideals that his father had learned from Dumbledore and he had refused to kill. Harry knew that before he could lead the Wild Hunt he needed to learn to ride a duricorn, and then he could truly begin to avenge Hermione’s death.

Break Break Break.
Steam World, Diagon Alley

Hermione Granger walked through the arched entrance to Diagon Alley. She was getting a focus from Mr. Ollivander the maker of foci. The shop was larger then she expected with waiting area with a table and chairs with a collection of books and periodicals. The rest of the space was closed off by a door and a counter. A young man sat behind it and asked them into a small room it had a table and three chairs.

James Ollivander walked in and asked “Miss Granger and Lady Potter, did you know that you have the same soul and magic, which is believed to be impossible. A focus is powered by the soul and that is what creates the magical signature of a focus. You may actually be able to use the same foci. Now, Miss Granger I need to take some of you blood, one pint. This will hurt.”

He then pulled out a needle and three tubes. He cleaned the underside of her arm with an alcohol pad and stuck her with then needle. He then attached the tubes and drew the blood. Then he put them into a small rack and looked at Hermione and asked. “What form do you wish your foci to take? I can make you three if you wish.”

“I would like one ring for everyday use and I would like you to make a war glove, if you need approval speak with Lord Harold Potter.”

“I will make the ring and wait for permission before making the war glove.”

The girls left and went to Blood’s books, a vampire owned book store that provided books of all kinds. There Hermione bought three books, Focus and You: The Art of Casting and Channeling Spells, Battle Magic of the Mage, and Firepower: Two Hundred Simple Battle Spells for Killing Wanders. She believed that they would be helpful when she got home.

Break Break Break.

Home Reality
Short Term Damage Ward, Saint Mungo’s hospital

Ginny Weasley and her family waited for the doctor to finish his tests, the brain things which had attacked Ron at the department of mysteries had done more damage then believed. His muscle control was gone, it had started in his arm and spread. Her mother had taken him to the hospital when it started but the doctors were not sure what to do. The family was worried, even Percy had come to visit and said that he would get everything that the Department of Mysteries had on the creatures. He had returned a day later with several roles of parchment and notebooks for the doctors. He had then left.

She heard the door open and saw her brothers, Bill, Charlie, and Percy arguing. She listened while looking at her parents and Ron.

“Bill, they need to know-”

“Charlie it will kill mom, Ron’s laying on what could be his death bed, to tell her that Hermione is missing and presumed dead or worse a prisoner of You-Know-Who.”

“Shut up both of you, yes it is bad news but mom will kill us and never trust us if we try to keep this from her. Besides Dumbledore will tell her soon enough at the first order meeting.” Percy said tired of his brothers’ argument.

Ginny’s mind took over a minute to realize what had been said then yelled at Percy “what happened, Hermione can’t be dead.”

Her mother and father looked at her and then at Percy. Her father asked in a quiet voice “Percy what happened, explain what you are talking about and be quick about it.”

“The DOM sent a group of unspeakables to study a blood portal and discovered a war zone. Hermione house was attacked. The unspeakables believe that two people died at the site and hundreds of cures were exchanges. At least seven people were using magic. The only trace of Hermione is her blood, on the floor, the portal was not used and tests reveal that she was the caster. This means that she was killed and dumped or taken by the Dark Lord.”

Silence hovered in the ward, suddenly broken by their mother’s cries of sorrow and rage.

Break Break Break.

Steam World Royal Institute of Magic

Remus Lupin was a young looking man with dark hair and yellow speckled brown eyes. He was the headmaster of the Royal Institute of Magic and was very young for the post at only 46. He looked up at the younger version of Lady Potter who had just entered the room. His office was square and contained two bookshelves a large but clean desk with only a telephone and two piles of papers on it. A large and clean fireplace stood on the inside wall while the desk faced the doorway with a large window with a stunning view of the Thames river was on the left side of the room. He had read the articles in the Watchman one of the more liberal magical newspapers and knew that she was an alterative version of one of his former students Lady Potter. But, that knowledge did not lesson the surprise of how much she looked the girl that he had taught.

He stood and spoke, “Hermione Granger, a pleasure to meet you, please come in and be seated. I am Headmaster Lupin, but everyone calls me Professor Lupin. I have been asked to teach you some basic history and culture so that you can understand the empire enough so that you can attend a summer session at the institute. These lessons will take a few days, and are not the most exciting. I will be explaining and you will be asking questions of what you do not understand and answering mine to insure that you do understand. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes, but most are related to specifics of the history and culture, but I do have a few about you. You look much younger then you did at home and seem to have more energy but everyone says that you are a werewolf so how have you avoided the stress that put on your system.” Hermione asked curious and hoping this information could help he former professor if she ever got home.

“Having never met your version of me I can not say without asking a few question. Was your Lupin bitten by or born a werewolf, was he a member of a pack, did he fight the wolf and did he use any potions?”

“He was bitten by a werewolf; he was never a member of a pack to my knowledge, what is a pack? He did fight the wolf for control and he used wolfsbane potion as often as possible.”

“A pack is the basis of werewolf society, the packs are divided by rankings like a true wolf pack and lead by a strong alpha. They are an important part of being a werewolf and reduce the stress of the change. In addition, it allows born werewolves to whom the wolf is always been a part of them, to train bitten werewolves. I my self was bitten and was adopted by the Black Circle Pack, I can change at will and have come to understand the wolf part of me and its instincts are mine. Wolfsbane is unknown to me but most potions only serve to put greater stress on they individuals system as they separate the wolf from the man when the individual is both. That is the secret if there is one, one must recognize the wolf is part of you and allow it to help guide your actions when you are in the form of the man, and it will allow you to guide its actions when you are in the form of a wolf.”

“Let me start by explaining the world order. Britain and the United States along with the Russia are the leading magical nations in the world all three have large numbers of magical beings and resources. The Americans and Russians have them though their great land area. Britain has gained hers though her colonies. The key to holding our empire together has been that the royal government changed its policies in the 1890s accepting a number of beings into the government and at the same time creating jobs in the colonies, thereby improving the conditions that the people their lived in. by the Franco-British war of 1937 the empire had the second highest standard of living in the world with a total population of over a billion. This population included more the one million magi, twelve million goblins and more then fifteen million other beings including hundred thousand house elves.”

“The Franco-British war was with France, Japans, Poland, Italy or more importantly Rome, and the Socialist Union of Baltic States, all of which were fighting for land. Many wanted land from Germany, an ally of Britain, Russia or from Britain itself in the form of its colonies. After all, the sun never sets on the British Empire. The United States, Germany, and Russia joined Britain in resisting the invaders.”

“The war took seven years, as first the continental threats had to be defeated then the colonial forces and finally the Japanese. All sides used raiding parties made up of wizards and muggles but it was Baron Charles Potter who led the greatest of these forces, the wild hunt. They attacked many supply centers and organized resistance. The only group that managed to come close to having the same effect was Earl Black’s Raiders but only because he was able to continually stir up trouble in France due to their oppression of the goblins and the veela. The French attacked for two years and were bleed white. Then rebellions and twin attacks by the British and Germans, with a new weapon called tanks. They quickly crushed the French, but had to invade Italy the hard way though the mountains of the Alps. German and Russia managed to crush the Socialist Union of Baltic States between them, but it took five years to end resistance and that was achieved due to the German and British diplomats’ striking a deal with the non human elements of those land. Many of those who took up arms against the wizards and muggles of the land moved to either Britain or Germany or their colonies. Japan and the colonies managed to hold out for another two years but lack of supplies due to German and American submarines blocked shipping lanes to Japan. The invasion of Japan had been expected to kill millions but starvation allowed Admiral Yamamoto stage a coup and return power to the Emperor, who surrender.”

“The colonies are today run mostly by native members of the peerage. Some of them have become industrial power houses but few are willing to leave the protection of the British Empire. In addition, the empire provides markets and some of the best opportunities in the world. The cost of tariffs that would be levied against their goods is sufficient by itself to keep most of the colonies in the empire. British ships along with American ships dominate the oceanic trade.”

“Hermione, do you have any questions?” Remus asked. Having finished explaining the external relations of the empire.

“No professor”, she responded while, writing everything down.

On the home front change started in the 1830s when Baron William Potter of Wales when to Victoria and asked for he help in ending the abuses of the Ministry of magic against the goblins and other creatures, especially house elves. It took several years but the abuses end mostly due to laws that allowed magical beings to challenge wizards to trial by combat. Abuse end quickly except, for the abuse of house elves that did not end until they were freed. They were not freed until the Queen signed an order freeing them in 1903. The night of fear marked the death of some of the richer traditional families most died in their beds as their house elves had poisoned them. Whole families died down to the babes as the head of the family decided to defy the queen and keep their house elves. After that even many families were afraid to hire house elves as they were seen in a new light. Poorer relations took over those traditionalist families and their fortunes. These families would provide the bulk of the member of both the warder rebels, who refused to obey the Queen and Voldemort’s death eaters. Voldemort’s death led to the death eaters joining the traditionalist and continuing their rebellion. Remus explained.

Hermione chose to interrupt him “how did Voldemort die and who killed him?”

Remus replied with a sad look on his face “Lord Harold Potter killed him and no one knows how, he refuses to tell anyone. To find out you will have to ask him.”

“The current government is spilt, the prime minister rules the muggle portion of the empire, while the royal wizard oversees the magical portion. Do you have a prime minister in your system?” Remus asked

“Yes, he is the leader of the ruling party an-” Hermione replied.

Good, it appears to be the same and you do not need to really understand it. You are not registered to vote, so you could not vote if a general election is called. The Royal Wizard has several requirements. The post must be held by a mage. The holder can not be a member of the council of lords. The holder must be over 21 years of age and must be loyal the monarchy. The council of lords will select the Royal Wizard, the post has traditionally been held by the Potters but Frank Longbottom and Phineas Black also held the post. The royal wizard has the duty of seeing that the Queen’s law is enforced and that the lords govern their territory in accordingly. The Royal Wizard is the enforcer of the queen and her second weapon against the magic world. Finally, I can not true explain culture to you as I am a man and you are a woman, I have explained to Lady Potter that explaining the specific cultural values is her responsibility. Do you have any questions?

Hermione had many, it was a long afternoon.

Break Break Break
Home Reality

Royal Palace, Royal Throne room.

Baron Harry Potter entered the royal presence of Queen Elizabeth the second dressed in a sacks row suit and with Kell guarding behind his back. He bowed and accepted the offered chair, shocked that he was meeting the Queen so quickly after requesting a meeting.

“Baron Potter, your family has a reputation for not bothering the crown unless the matter is important. We hope that you are not breaking that family tradition.”

“Your Majesty, I come to you with grave news the Thomas Riddle, also known as the Dark Lord Voldemort, and he-who-can-not-be-named has returned and again wages war on your subjects. Your magical government, lead by Cornelius Fudge has known that he has returned for over a year and has done nothing. I humbly ask your leave to take actions and kill this traitor and his followers. If you wish I will show you the memories of his resurrection and his attacks on the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic. He is gathering allies, and gained the Tau clan of the vampires and support of many dark wizards.”

“Prove your claims and we shale grant your requests. Show us these memories.”

Kell removed a projective pensive from a bag and Harry deposited the memories in the pensive. They watched in silences. The queen then asked for proof of the misdeeds of her government and saw memories of fudge ordering Bartemius Crouch Jr. kissed, of Umbridges actions at Hogwarts and of his trial for defending himself as well as the memories of the dementors attack.

“Your claims are proven.” She removed several scrolls and a pen, writing quickly she handed them to him after sealing them with a signet ring. “Here is a royal warrant for Riddles head and those of his followers. We shall arrange for you to meet a member of an organization which will deal with the Tau. Fudge is a problem which we will address directly. Go with our blessing and kill your enemies.”

Break Break Break

Harry Potter walked into the courtyard after hours of meetings with the prime minister, and members of the government and opposition in the know about magic. He spoke to them about the return of Voldemort and every thing that fudge had done since Harry had rejoined the wizarding world. He would remember the look of rage on many members of parliament faces after seeing Fudge refuse to believe him. Fudge was about to have a major head ache he was required by treaty to inform the muggle government and the Queen about any threat to muggle Britain for magic and he had failed to do so.

Harry looked at the dark green and red carriage with silver trim. There was no painted code of arms to inform the public to whom the carriage belonged. The Potter family believed that if you could not tell whose carriage it was when it was pulled by eight duicorns, than they should not know, after all only Potter’s owned duricorns. Six riders, faces covered with black metal masks, armed with blade and wand also rode duricorns. They were members of the Potter Guard, the police of Griffin’s Hollow and armed retainers of the Potter family. The driver was Edward Knives, a wizard raised and trained in Griffins Hollow. Two muggles rode on the carriage, one rode shotgun and the other rode where a footman would, both carried shotguns all of which also covered their faces with black metal masks. All of the men had been recommended by Mark Smith and were there to protect him. Harry looked at Edward and said “To Diagon Alley please, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and please wait. After I am done, I have a meeting with a member of the round table at the Royal Museum of Art later. Kell, please check out the meeting site I have a bad feeling about this.”

He then boarded the carriage while Kell vanished into the shadows. The riders formed up four leading to trailing and with a flash the group appeared in Diagon Alley, younger wizards and witches running as they appeared, while order wizards and witches smiled memories of better times flashing before their eyes, they remembered the time when Baron Potter fought the goblins and destroyed their armies.

The carriage pulled up the brightest shop in the alley and a well dressed wizard got out followed by a pair of older wizards in battle robes, robes designed for fighting and protection. All three entered into the shop. Many in the crowd had no idea who the carriage belonged to but the older members of the crowd smiled as the baron was back and the Potter family spilled blood to secure its power and little things like wars did not bother them. Many remembered when Abraxas Malfoy had challenged then Baron Charles Potter to a duel and lead him into a trap for Voldemort. Abraxas and more then a fifteen other had not survived and his son had taken over the family soon after, there was a black spot where the dual was fought where nothing would grow.

Break Break Break
Steam World Potter Minor

Hermione looked at Lady Potter in shock, they were going flying, and she hated flying. She looked at the small plane that she was being guided to. It had a rear mounted steam power engine with a seven foot propeller. It had a high wing, made of metal, and a solid looking cockpit. She climbed into the plane. She was glad that she was finally free of the dress; female flying clothes were pants boots and a heavy jacket.

Lady Potter joined her and started the engine, the next thing she knew they were one thousand feet above the city of London and climbing. She looked out at the city, smoke stacks were every where, standing three and four hundred feet into the sky. The docks on the river were filled with steam ships, the river crowded with even more ships. A grayish smoke filled the air for the large number of stacks. She was shocked to see a number of defensive gun locations surrounding London. More surprising was the sight of giant airships pushing themselves through the sky. Small planes and men with some from of winged thrust packs as well as magic carpets and brooms darted around the airships, like fish around a whale. Radio towers sat on high buildings and roof gardens were common. This was nowhere near as bad as flying a broom. She looked down at the street that they were flying over and saw very few of the cars that would have crowded the street back home; there were several trucks, a few cars and four of the steam trikes that she had seen earlier. It was clear that fewer people used motor vehicles as a common means of travel. They flew over a rail yard and she saw a number of trains, each with a bright paintjob and name. Trucks waited to take on cargos and people board other trains or steam buses.

Lady Potter smile as Hermione Granger relaxed and enjoyed the flight, part one of her plan had worked. Now for part two.

“Hermione you have been working yourself too hard, you need to relax and have fun. I know that you find research and studying fun but that’s not all there is to life, even when you are the lead scientist at the Royal academy of magic.”

“But there is so much to learn.” Miss Granger replied, thinking of all the research she was missing.

“Yes there is, but life is more then learning. For example there is love. Tell me dear who have you dated back home.”

“The only date I have been on was at the Tri Wizard Tournament, I went to the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum.”

“You need to get out more you are taking like way to seriously. And don’t try using the war with Voldemort as an excuse. I attended the Royal Institute of Magic, receive perfect marks and was involved in seven battles when Voldemort tried to kill Harold. You need to relax. So tell me who do you want to date back home?”

Break Break Break.

Home Reality Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

Opening the door to the shop Harry Potter paused and waited as a flash of white light appeared and then continued in with William Bluum, and Paul Younger his bodyguards following.

A young mother who had been leaving the shop looked at his face and saw the famous scar.

“You’re Harry Potter.”

“Yes, I am. I am Baron Harold Potter of Griffin’s Hollow. I need to speak to you Fred if you have a minute” Harry said seeing the reaction of the people in the shop.

An old man smiled and turned to his grandchildren, speaking in a low tone which was meant to carry. “The Potters are barons, the great lords, the true powers of the wizarding world. Baron Potter has used his title, which means he has accepted his family’s legacy of blood and violence as well and money and power that comes with the power. True lords understand that responsibility comes with powers.”

“Truer words have never been spoken. Did you know my father or grandfather, sir?”

“Yes I knew your grandfather, a brave man, we fought the goblins together in the last goblin war, I am Alexander Topman, floo me when you have time to hear an old man’s stories.”

“Harry, come in to the back room and bring your friends.” Fred said it would not do to tell Harry this news in public.

Fred had Harry walk into the back room and met him there. “Ok Harry, what do you need to speak to me about and why have you not visited Ron.”

“What’s wrong with Ron, one has told me anything.”

“He’s in the hospital, those things that attacked him Department of Mysteries did something to him he has relapsed and the healers are looking for a cure but it is not good.”

“Shit, I will have him moved the hospital is not safe, Voldemort is going to go after him. I need to get Neville’s parents moved as well.”

I need to ask you for your help. I am going to take the war to Voldemort. This is a royal warrant for Voldemort and his death eaters. It gives me the authority to kill them. I am allowed to do anything that I need to end this threat. I have a meeting people who may help I want to offer you a chance to avenge the deaths of your uncles and to avenge as well Ron.

I am in. I will talk to my bothers, Bill and George for sure, Charlie maybe, he is a little weird.”

There was a pop and George appeared in the room, Harry stolen wand along with the wands of his body guards were lined up on him, cures on their lips. Fred waved them off saying that only the two of them could apparate through their wards.

“Fred, Harry, whoever you are, I have bad news Hermione Granger is dead or a prisoner. Percy just told mom.”

“The headmaster believes that she is dead, I am glad to hear that Percy has made up with the family. I am going to kill Voldemort for that reason, and I do not trust Dumbledore,
Because he assigned Dung to guard her and he let her die.” Harry said.

“I hope that I can count on your support in this matter. I intent to kill Voldemort and all of his followers, Fred can give you the details.” Harry said.

“There is no need Harry we are with you.” the twins said at the same time.

By the way do you need additional personal, I have several people in Griffin Hollow who are looking for work.” Harry said.

“Yes, we do need help, after four weeks we have sold off most of the stock we have made and can barely keep up with the demand and it’s still growing.” Fred replied.

Break Break Break

Steam World Potter Minor

“Hello Miss Granger I understand that you have some questions for me? I am Toil the head Potter house elf.” Said house elf with green skin, long black hair and purple eyes that seemed to glow with power. He was dressed in a smaller version of the Potter livery that she had seen retainers of the Potter family wearing

“Yes, I do. First how did you learn to speak so well? How can you be free and still be a Potter’s elf? How are you treated? How—“

“Miss Granger, breath. I can not answer your questions if you do not stop speaking. I was taught the Queen’s English. It is the only way I know how to speak. The Potter family refused to have servants that they could not understand. I am a Potter elf as Potters hold my oath of loyalty, an oath given to prevent the betrayal of secrets that servants may over hear. I am a Potter retainer, and a dangerous one, my magic is far closer to that of imps, before they were corrupted by wizards and called house elves. In fact I am the resolute of a mating between a house elf and an imp. Both creatures prefer order and to be helpful, however imps will fight and kill. House elves can as well but it harder for them, as their magic has been corrupted to limit their defenses. The Night of Fear happened when abused elves knowing that other wizards could not attack them for killing their masters. They planned their attack and killed the families that had enslaved and abused them and destroyed their homes. Most were taken in by families like the Potters, Smiths and Longbotttoms. The Potters help us start several businesses as they need no need that many retainers to care for their homes. I am treated as like any other retainer, with respect and kindness.”

“So house elves can be freed?” Hermione asked.

“Yes, but getting them to accept freedom is harder. Here it took a royal order and a large amount of abuse to convince the majority of house elves to accept freedom.” Toil stated.

Break Break Break

Home Reality Royal Museum of Art

Harry Potter walked into the hall where his meeting with Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing of the royal protestant knights was to take place. He was surprised to see that she was already there speaking with a man, another waited like and assistant or bodyguard. Harry moved to the other side of the hall to look at the faces of the two men, he was surprised to see Enrico Maxwell, head of the catholic churches section XIII, an organization that the Potter family hated with good reason. He was quite happy when sir Integra drew her pistol on Maxwell. He decided that it was time to help Sir Integra Maxwell was a common enemy.

He walk over and stated, “Maxwell, you and your section XIII dogs know the penalty for walking on English soil is death, the Potter family has not forgiven your church its offences against our people. I will give you twenty four hours to gather your people and get out of England, if you do not the I will see you and every dog of the catholic church burned at the stake, it is a fitting death for your kind”

Before Integra or Maxwell could respond Integra radio reported an attack on the Hellsing team by Alexander Anderson, one of section XIII killers. Alcurad left to deal with the attack. Looking at the smile on Maxwell’s face Harry decided to send Anderson a surprise, speaking softly him as he looked at the shadow.

“Kell, why don’t you join Alcurad and explain why catholic trash should stay out of England.” Kell’s laughter filled the hall as he faded into the shadows, going to kill a catholic hunter.

“Maxwell, you must be stupid if you think that you can attack agents of the Queen and survive. You have twelve hours to get out of Britain and five minutes to get out of the range of my guard, Go!”

Maxwell looked at the boy facing him and saw the code of arms of the Potter family and decided to retreat. The Potter family was known for their hatred of the Catholic Church; in addition, they were known to have killed many members of section XIII and a number of priests over the years. Finally, they were witches, condemned to hell already, fit only to burn.

"I will go, but this is not over boy, you have made yourself an enemy today. Before I go however I want to the your name so that I may have it printed correctly on your execution order.” Maxwell said, glowering at the young man who had dared prevent him from compelling God’s holy work.

“I am Baron Harry Jamison Potter, Lord of Griffins Hollow, and Earl of Normandy, now run dog of the church and pray that you never see me again for it will be the last thing that you do before the final judgment.” Harry responded having seen the memories of the actions of the catholic and early Christian church. Burning children for being witches and torturing men to confess, along with rape and murder of women, who of course were witches for making them rape them. Plus, the actions of the early Christian leaders who killed all of those who dared to disagree with their interpretation of the words of Christ. Those memories along with many others had changed him having shown him what Riddle and others like him were capable if no one stood up to them. He watched as Maxwell and his aid left the hall.

“Lady Hellsing, it is an honor to meet you, we have much in common as we both have been condemned by faith to shoulder great responsibilities at a young age. I have to tell you that I do not have good news for you. The Tau vampire clan, which does not normally venture into the normal world, has sided with the wizarding world’s current Dark Lord, Voldemort in a rebellion against the Queen. The Queen has stated that it your responsibility and that of the round table to handle such vampiric threats and believed that you should know.”

“The proper title is Lord Hellsing, the Royal Protestant Knights do not have female members, and therefore I have to use a male title. This is not good, the Hellsing organization has recently been attacked by a pair of FREAK Vampires and an army of ghouls, our numbers have been greatly reduced, plus we have an unseen enemy, which has targeted us. Hellsing will do the mission and has never failed but this is yet another demand on our strength.” Integra said, though she was not happy about these facts.

“Then perhaps you should seek aid. I would offer my own but I fear that my retainers will be busy killing Voldemorts followers, but perhaps we can help in some small way. There are several groups which may be able to help you and I will offer you their services.” Harry was saying as both Alucard and Kell returned.

Alucard spoke first offering his report “It was Anderson, Master, he attack and killed most of the team. Seras was too weak from her failure to drink her blood to effetely fight him off. He managed to escape.”

Kell spoke next “He is a regenerator, milord, he lost both arms and has several painful cuts on his legs, in addition, he has been poisoned by my blades but he will most likely survive. I will kill him next time, milord Baron.”

“Kell, the catholic dog will wait, see to it that Maxwell leaves England in twenty four hours and kill him painfully if he does not. He ordered the death of seven werewolves from Griffins Hollow for being different, but I do not have the time to kill him in the painful manner that he deserves right know.”

“After that is done I want you to find the enemies of the Tau, tell them there is a price ion the heads of the Tau, a bounty of ten thousand gallons for Tau clan vampires, and also inform the goblins, they may be willing to help as well. Finally, find Markus and tell him that the Black Circle pack is to work with the Hellsing organization and handle the threats of the Tau's and these other vampires.” Harry said, and looked at Integra.

H e stated “The Black Circle pack is a large group of born werewolves loyal to the Potter family they will help you and buy you the time you need to get back on you feet. Just be careful, sliver will kill them too.”

“Baron Potter, this is a generous offer, I accept your help, is there anything else I can do to help you besides doing my duty and helping kill of these rebellious monsters of Tao clan.”

“Yes, I need some help acquiring more modern weapons and communications equipment for my guard; if you could help I would be grateful. In addition, if you hear anything about Voldemort’s movement s or plans I would be grateful if you passed that information on to me. If you need help to handle a specific threat then please do call me for help, my card.” Harry said as he handed Integra a card and receiving one back along with a promise to help with the weapons.

Break Break Break

Order Meeting, Hogwarts, Home Reality

The head master looked around the room and saw the number of stunned faces, molly was crying, having lost Hermione, who was like a second daughter to her, Ron was in the hospital and Harry had run off after attacking him. Moody was laughing shocked that a school boy had taken down the great wizard Dumbledore. The rest just looked surprised.

Snape was the first to speak, “We should see the boy in a day, and after all, the spoiled brat will return when he gets hungry, he has no one to make him dinner or lunch.”

Moody laughed, “I don’t think so the boy has been abused and starved before, I filed complaints against his aunt and uncle, but they seemed to have disappeared, the police have acted or investigated. I will call in a missing person’s report; it is the best way for us to find him after all.”

“Abuse, are you sure, my old friend I refuse to believe that such good charitable people would abuse the nephew that they had taken in.” Dumbledore said in stock, incapable of believing that rational adults would hurt or starve a child.

“Yes, he was abused, and while I will find out why the police never acted.” Moody said making it clear he was not happy with the failure of the police to act to protect a child.

“Bill, can you see if he has accessed his bank accounts or left the goblins a way to contact him?”

“No, I can not, that would be providing information on a client and the Gringotts magical protections would kill me before they would allow me to give away that information. The protections are based on an older Potter knowledge ward and quite deadly with multiple levels or responses.” Bill said with a scowl on his face which seemed to say that his respect for the head master was falling.

After several other attempts to find a way to get information on Harry’s Location and a plan to stake out the alley Dung Fletcher spoke “Well I don’t know if its any help but many people I spoke to said that they saw a green carriage in the alley pulled by twin horned horses, there were also out riders. This is the first time most of the people I spoke to had seen it. However the older members of crowd seemed to know to whom it belonged to but would not say whose it is not even for money which is very weird. They seemed to believe that if you did not know then they could not tell you. The shop owners and shoppers in Knockturn Alley either afraid or happy. Both say that the baron is finally back but I can not think of who they are talking about.

Break Break Break
Home Reality Council of Lords Chamber (location Unknown)

They gathered upon hearing the news, that Baron Potter had brought the Wild Hunt to Diagon Alley. Six dukes, though they were called barons in respect for the old title and to remind themselves that Baron Potter was a duke as well. Each had three earls, called lords by the wizarding world, they sat behind their barons up one row, and one place was filled by Earl Black’s regnant, as Baron Potter held the Black’s territory as an earl as well as his barony. Finally, there were three viscounts per earl. The viscounts were commonly called the vassals; they sat on the top row behind their earl.

The 77 lords of sat and spoke of what they all knew was coming, each making the choice to retake power from the people as they had proved unable to handle it. The ministry had started twenty two wars in less the two hundred years and allows four dark lords to rise to the level where the nobles had called them out and killed them. This dark lord would not go as quietly, it was time to remind the wizarding world who held the real power. Each lord would call fourth his or her guard. In addition, many knew the large families that lived in the groves and glens that were forgotten. Men and women who lived in those glens and groves would follow their lords into battle for the price of a fitted wand and a new set of cloths and shoes. The time of war had come and as the Wild Hunt would say “Open the Gates of Hell”. They would be ready when the queen gave them their orders.

Authors note, duricorns are described many ways and I started with a physical description from the science fiction and added to it, I did not use fantastic beasts. In addition, I am not staying all that close to canon in this story so if there is an error beyond names and dates they are most likely are intentional. Finally, this will be posted on ficwad under the name bloodylord. Thank and read and review.
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