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Coming Home

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finding ones home and asking question about it.

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Steampunk Potter Chapter 3

By deathblade2584 aka Bloodylord

Disclaimer: see chapter one

Title: Coming Home

Rating PG-13

Author’s Note: I have been reminded that I have not stated that the some characters will be out of character and that some cannon events are ignored or changed. This is creative licenses.

Steam World

Hermione Granger looked at the party waiting at the entrance to the Potter Minor. She had never seen men dressed in livery as they were but they had to be sworn retainers of Baron Potter. That he could afford to have six liveried men in London was a show of wealth ad they were there to protect the house and not his son. She had not seen anyone dressed in black pants and a dark red jacket with dark green trim following Harold. The car slowed pulling to a perfect stop in front of the party waiting by the huge doors. One of the liveried men opened the door to the car. The main doors opened themselves at the same time.

Lord Harold exited the car first, followed by his wife, Hermione exited last. She had been lost in thought about the house and was wondering if Harry had one like it in London. The men held their post as they entered the house, and after the lord’s party was in grand entrance hall the doors closed by themselves. Two stairs descended from the first floor, the hall was wide. There was door at opposite the door they had entered though and four doors off on each side leading to other rooms. The hall was decorated with paintings, both wizarding and muggle. A pair of lions craved from stone with ruby eyes stood guard at the middle of the hall on either side. The surprising element of the decoration is that there were four snakes, made of a black metal with emerald eyes that coiled next to the lions between the doors.

Lord Harold looked at his guest and smiled at the look on Hermione’s face, an expression of surprise and admiration. He looked at his wife and fought back a laugh at her expression, which seemed to say God it is me. He spoke up breaking the silence.

“Hermione my dear, do you think one of your old dresses would fit Miss Granger?”

“Most of them should, besides all of my cloths have been stored here since I was fifteen, all because your family refuses to throw anything out.”

“Good, I will have Edward find some and you can help Miss Granger find a dress for the dinner party on Friday, we don’t have enough time to get a dress made. Beth, please shows Miss Granger to the Blue Lady’s room, and draw her a bath and see to her needs. A dress for dinner will be sent over in an hour.”

Hermione was surprised to see that a young woman in a black dress with a white apron had appeared through the door on their left. Beth she guessed, walked over and said in a clear alto voice “Please follow me Miss Granger, you look like you could use a good bath and some clean cloths.” Hermione looked at her dress and saw that there were blood stains from a fight in the deep colored cloth.

“Thank you, a bath you be nice.” Hermione said feeling that a reply was needed and believing that cooperation would get her answers faster then fighting. Besides she could ask Beth some of her more basic questions. Both servant and guest walk up the left side stair to the first floor.

Home reality Griffin’s Hollow

Harry Potter looked past the black iron gates and saw a mid size village, which must have been Griffin’s Hollow. He turned around and faced what he could only call a small castle. It sat on a high hill besides a large lake; this castle unlike Hogwarts was not designed for looks but for defense. There were several earthen berms and ditches that surrounded the castle forcing attackers to climb them before they even reached the castle.

He began to walk up the main path, it was long but it beat climbing a forty five degree incline. On the way he felt that he was being watched and that was proven he saw dust rising from further up the path. A small cart appeared, coming down the path drawn by a single large house, of some magical breed. Normal horses do not curved horns that swept up past their ears. The man in the cart was old, with white hair. The old man drew the cart to a halt where Harry was standing and said. “Young Baron Potter so good to finally met you, I am Richard, the head grounds keeper. Please get in the cart and I will bring you to Potter Hall.”

Harry exhausted from his day, and not really thinking got in the cart and fell asleep missing one of the most fortified palaces in Europe. Only china’s Forbidden City had heavier defenses.

Voldemort’s lair

Justin Bluum watched as the Malfoy brat got his, but it was of little satisfaction because of the punishment that he had earned for his failure. The only good news was that the girl had not appeared anywhere else so the dark lord had not killed him. The Dark Lord believed that the half formed portal had killed her, a theory that the Dark Lord’s spy confirmed that Dumbledore believed as well. Only the fact that he was one of the few tactical leaders left within the ranks of the death eaters had saved his life. Most of the remaining death eaters were followers, incapable of leading or creating a new plan when the old one failed.

Break Break Break

Hermione Granger enjoyed a long soak in a pool the size of a perfect’s bathtub at Hogwarts. When she left the tub she had found Beth waiting to dry her off and do her make up and hair. Beth then helped her into a multi layer dress. Beth had been willing to answer several questions. Beth was not a magi, a loyalist magic user. She was a yeoman, a peerless non magical individual, from Griffin’s Hollow, Wales. She was serving as a maid while attending university in London; she received a small salary and room and board.

Hermione had learned much about the Potters, they were the lords of the Griffin’s Hollow for more then three thousand years. The Potters were barons in the Norman definition of a Baron and officially counted as Dukes but used the lower title to encourage their opponents to underestimate them. The Potters were also rich having developed a habit of investing in companies, farms and other business and sponsored inventors as well. She had not been able to get a great deal of information about magic besides the fact that everyone knew it existed and many believed that it had improved their lives.

Dinner was served in a small, formal dinning room, there were only eight places set. Harold and his wife, the Patil twins, the two troll like individuals from earlier and a younger woman with green eyes and dark brown hair, the last place was hers. Harold turned to her and said. “Miss. Hermione Granger it is my pleasure to introduce my other guests. These two lovely ladies are Parvati Patil and her sister Padma Patil. These gentlemen men are Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe, members of the Wild Hunt. Finally, the young lady is Lady Iris Lillian Potter, my younger sister and my current heir.”

Dinner started with a collection of small dishes, all served by two different maids under the direction of Edward. With the food served the small talk began.

“Hermione are there any questions that we can answer for you?” Lady Potter asked.

“Yes, there are many, first I am surprised the meal did not just appear on the table. Do you own house elves?” Hermione responded.

“We do not own house elves, which is slavery and illegal, outlawed under royal law through out the empire. Ownership of a sentient being has been outlawed in Briton since 1903. However, the Potter family does employ a number of house elves, at negotiated wages and conditions. We also employ human servants as they do not scare the muggles, and it provides the family a way of supporting bright stubborn individuals while they attend university.” Harold responded learning a great deal about her world just from the question.

“Thank god, they are finally free, that must not have been popular with the pure bloods.” Hermione responded without thinking.

“They screamed bloody murder, and then they learned to live with it. Only traditionalists still remark on it. The rest of the wizarding world has concluded that house elves are dangerous. The death of those who refused to free their elves proved just how powerful and dangerous elves can be. The ones refused were of course the families which abused their elves. The elves did not escape but attacked killing their oppressors. The abusive families died during the Night of Fear, which is what the day when the house elves took their freedom is called.” Vincent responded.

After hearing that house elves had killed Hermione was shocked but to cover it asked another question. “What happened to wands, I know that they are illegal but why?”

“First, Miss Granger, a wand is the symbol of the wizard not the mage and that is the first reason. The second is that a wand is both a focus and an imperfect amplifier. Magic is like muscle, if not used it weakens; only those who continue to push their boundaries maintain their power after they reach their full maturity between 35 and 50 years of age. A wand requires a higher magic level to use. In addition, the amplifying effective causes damage to the magic channels. However, the spells are limited in their power as a wand can only channel so much power, because they are organic and have their own magic if not properly matched they can actually create a feedback loop with the wizard when more magic is channeled, in addition an imperfect match will require the wizard to normally over power spells. Besides, mage’s foci are easier to use and produce. They can be produced in a day, opposed to weeks that it takes to make a wand and are always perfectly matched and allow a magic user to safely use their maximum power. They also allow weaker individuals to channel magic. In fact, there are a number of magi who can use a ring or brooch but not a wand. They can use a mage glove but it is not needed. Those individuals mostly from magical families can now live normal lives.” Lady Iris said.

“Rings, brooches, gloves, how many different foci are there?” Hermione asked

“The foci are divided into three categories, gloves, jewels and war foci. Gloves, intended for heavy duty magic use or for casting multiple spells at once, normally used by craftsmen and professionals who work with magic. Jewels are a single focus, used in place of a wand, one spell at a time. Multiple jewels can be used at once. To use multiple foci one must be able to multitask and spilt your concentration between two or more tasks. Finally, there are war foci, which look like gloves are designed to channel the highest levels of powers. But they are different, they have power reserves. A power reserve is a series of golden cores with storage gems, which allow the caster to draw on stored power to boost the power of their spells.” Explained George

“In addition, because they are specialized tools, gloves and war foci are restricted and the public is limited to less dangerous tools. The police and military have significant advantages over the average person. Any foci, even a mere jewel is capable of producing more powerful spells then a wand, less energy is lost to the core as it is not a foreign material. However, a focus is linked to its owner only they can use it and there are ways to identify the focus. We can talk more about them when it is time for you to select one.” Added Harold

Dinner continued on, Hermione asked questions and the natives explained the answers as best they could. Hermione was surprised to discover that the Mrabbe family, Makers of weapons and metal statues for the Potters and the Goyle family, master stone creavers and masons were both from Griffin’s Hollow and were unwilling to go against a powerful lord like Baron Charlus Potter, who kill Abraxas Malfoy for merely supporting the rebel Voldemort and destroyed most of his household. This left Hermione wondering whether Harry would need to do something similar to convince some of the pure bloods to side with them, it scared her. The Harry she knew was not that ruthless.

Break break break

Griffin Hollow Wales, Home Reality

Harry had been so tired that he had just walked into the bedroom and fallen asleep. Now it was morning, he walked over to the bath and showered and then dressed. He was in his family’s home, in the town that had been named for the Griffin tribe of the people of Wales. The tribe of people whom had survived it all, invasion, and disease, war and peace and had thrived through it all. Now that he was up and awake he needed to see to what he was working with, but first breakfast.

He walked out the door and was shocked to see a man waiting for him. “Master Harold, please follows me to the dinning room. Breakfast is ready and waiting for you. I have asked Kell the keeper of the Potter family history to meet you for breakfast.”

“Thank you… hmm. Who are you?” a very confused Harry Potter said. “Please call me Harry.”

“I am Edward Casper, I am the majordomo, I was promoted by you father. I will call you Harry, Master Harry, but only because your mother order it so.”

“Thank you, I wish to ask a simple question. Where were my parents staying and why did they not stay here?” Harry said

“They stayed at Godric’s Hollow, a small cabin in England, which your father had bought, he was uncomfortable living at Potters Hall, he saw it as his father’s house. In addition he was concerned that staff would be harmed when Voldemort attacked, he chose to hide at Godric’s Hollow over the objections of the staff, Dumbledore and Black, all of whom believe that this was the safest location. Your father and mother were trying to keep the staff safe. Master James he did not understand the people the worked for him, they were retainers in the true sense of the word. He was too young to be a proper Baron as he had failed to understand the commitment of the people who severed him. He ordered the staff and Potter guard to stay out of fight, afraid that by having them join the fight Voldemort would attack Griffin’s Hollow. He was unwilling to directly challenge the death eaters to attack Potter Hall, the fortress that has broken armies and was so strong that William the Conquer had made Harold Ericson Potter the Baron of Griffin’s Hollow rather then attempt to storm the Potter Hall and leave him self open to attack by the Wild Hunt.” Edward said.

They reached a small informal dinning room, their were two places set and a man, about two inches over six feet tall was seated at the round table which looked like it would hold about ten. He was dressed in a black modern cut suit; it looked like his uncles three thousand pound Sacks Row suits. The only color was a red tie and a pair of green tinted wrap around green sunglass. As Harry walked in he stood and stared at Harry.

“I am Kell the keeper of records for the Potter family records and have been since 994. I am pleased to see you again.”

Harry looked at him in shock, 994, only one creature could live that long, a vampire. Harry again proved that he had the ability to think before acting, and merely sat down and pick up the cut of tea and drank. His actions having bought him time to think, he reached two conclusions, one that he was being rude to an old family retainer and two, that if this was his family’s record keeper he must be safe. After all Professor Lupin was a werewolf and safe to be around. Those conclusion reached he decided to treat Kell with respect and finally he had someone who could and would answer his questions. He put down the glass Russian style tea glass and extended his hand and spoke.

“It is nice to meet you, I am sorry but I do not remember meeting you before. May I ask how you have lived so long?”

Kell took his hand and gave him a firm handshake, remembering the small boy who had asked him to tell him stories. Young Harold had seen him in his hellhound form not been afraid but had crawled over to him and petted him. Other memories of the children and heirs of the Potter family past through his mind as he considered how best to respond to the question.

“I am a nosferatu, the one of the no life kings, the true vampires. The other breeds are mere pretenders, fools claiming to be something they are not. Please eat, Toil the head elf, is quite concerned that you have not been eating enough and while he can not kill me my agreement with you family requires that I only kill enemies of the family or in true self defense, I could not harm him if he were to attack. Besides Toil is of the line which has served the Potters since they where druids, casting in the groves and in the caves by the spring, they are creative and very good at showing displeasure.”

Harry ate as Kell explained that the Potters had been titled by William the Conquer and answered only to the Queen. In addition, he explained that the family was rich, investing money in many different things to increase their wealth and aid friends in their quests and business. He explained that Hogwarts was Potter land, warded by Potter family magic and wards, and guarded by magical guardians created by partners of the Potter family. The founders had gone to Charles Potter to get funding and had sold him the idea. The idea was that the great leader of the dark court, Salazar Slytherin, known as called William Potter and the leader of the light court, Godric Gryffindor, originally called Thomas Longbottom would train students together. Their names and power meant that no one would dare attack the school. Such attacks often occurred during a family or clan feud, Charles then convince the other leaders of the dark court and light court to go along with the idea. In exchange for his funding and land, which came from the dowry of his mother, Charles received ownership half the school and a third of the profits. With Williams death his share of the school passed to Charles.

Harry had been shocked to learn true names of the founders. Only the names that they used when they rode as members of the wild hunt were remembered. The Wild Hunt, Kell had explained, was an organization of wizards, lead by the Potters who hunted church officials responsible for witch burnings and other tortures. He was further surprised to learn the great feud between Gryffindor and Slytherin was over Slytherin killing of several pure bloods who attack one of his students, a muggleborn, during winter break. Their deaths were a clear message that such activities would not be tolerated. The Weasley family, once rich and powerful never recovered. He was also shocked to discover that the wizarding world was not hidden in Griffin’s Hollow, the town was merely not noticed by outsiders there in affect a permanent do not notice charm on the town.

He also discovered that Kell and others had been unable to track him. This was due to the spells that his parents had cast on him when they when into hiding. Hogwarts mail wards the wards that the headmaster had created at his aunts house had prevented them form being able top contact him. Finally when he was at Hogwarts the wards of the school were sufficient to stop them and made it impossible for them to confront the headmaster. The Headmaster of Hogwarts controlled the powerful Potter family wards that were the basis of the castles defense and the castle would not allow anyone to harm its students or so they believed. They did keep a watch for him at platform 9 and ¾ and at the alley but where not able to find him. This was most likely the work of the headmaster as he was known for casting additional protections on the platform to protect the students. Finally when they had attempted to gain custody through the courts fudge and Dumbledore had worked together to prevent the Potter retainers form gaining custody over him, and unfortunately the wizarding law required that orphans must be sent to surviving family members. The headmaster had believed that Harry should not be raised by servants or wizards but by family and had done everything in his power to ensure that the Potter family retainers could not gain custody of him. Dumbledore believed that his father’s social issues were due to the fact that he was effectively raised by servants. Dumbledore feared what Harry would have been like if he was raised the same way and believed that a close family was the best way to raise a child, and refused to be convinced over wise. Unfortunately Dumbledore had put his trust in the wrong family. Kell claimed that they had tried to convince the other professors to allow them access to Harry but were forbidden as none of the professors were willing to go against Dumbledore.

After Harry called an end to breakfast, the food was never ending. This forced Harry to conclude that Kell was right; the house elves were smart and creative. He had spent about an hour trying to eat that last bite, only to see another. Harry then went to the kitchen and met the nine house elves that were currently minding Potter Hall. He was told that the rest would return tomorrow to begin preparing the hall and its buildings for the coming war.

Kell said that he would explain his duties and see to the hiring of a staff, and said that he had order the documents that Bunisi had sent put in the master’s study, if Harry wanted to look at them. Harry decided to as he needed to think and gather his assets before he could attack. Besides it would be easier to kill Malfoy once he was released from the Ministery holding cells. He did not plan on taking prisoners. Kell also suggested that Harry speak to the Potter family Master at Arms, and owner of the local pub the Golden Griffin, Mark Smith.
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