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learning about myself

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the truth about harrys family.

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Steampunk Potter Chapter 2

By Bloodylord aka Deathblade2584

Disclaimer: See Chapter One.

Rating: PG -13 or Teen

Title: Learning about myself

Steam world

Lord Harold Potter stood at the door to the medical ward waiting for Hermione Granger, a young woman that had from the data that he had retrieve had traveled between worlds. As he waited he thought back to the portal, a rip in the fabric of reality. To think that she had been desperate enough to jump through a partially formed blood portal. The danger must have been significant.

He looked at the door and saw the young woman that was an alternate version of his wife. It was a shock to discover that the theory of many worlds was correct. It appeared that time was not a constant. This girl’s arrival had proved and disproved many theories. He would have to think about just what he knew, in light of Miss Granger’ s arrival. He reminded himself of his wife’s favorite saying knowledge was gained by questioning what you know. He had also changed the orders of the guards on the portal which was slowly shrinking. If another individual arrived they would be challenged and then questions, mere possession of a wand would not be grounds to kill them.

Break Break Break

Hermione was shocked at how fast these people moved and at how kind they were. She had jumped through the portal less then a day before. Now she was being released and arrangements had been made to provide her with both clothes and lodgings.

As she walked though the door she saw two men and a young woman. One was a tall muscular man in a green uniform of a rifle officer. She thought she knew who he was but could not place his face, but she could not remember where she had seen him before he had a face like she should know him, but she could not think of a name. The second man was dressed in a black suit with a top hat and carrying a black cane. She remembered his face, Harold Potter, the Royal Wizard, the man that had insulted her. The women reminded her of her mother, but she could not think of who it could be.

She stepped forward and was about to speak when the man in the rifle uniform spoke.

“Miss Granger, I am Lieutenant Neville Longbottom, I would like to formally apologize for attacking you in such a vicious manner. In my defense, you had a wand, and my unit had been deployed to prevent a raid by wander rebels. I ask for your forgiveness and offer my services in restitution for my offense”

Hermione was shocked this man was Neville Longbottom, he was old, at least twenty five. He was also more confident then she remembered and a maybe a little arrogant. She needed say something after that apology and took a moment to compose her response to him and spoke.

“Lieutenant Longbottem, I accept you apology and understand you reasoning, but I ask that you think before reacting next time. You remind me of a friend of mind and I would hate for you to die because of a rash action on you part.”

After hearing her response Neville took his leave and boarded a steam trike and left. When Neville was out of sight Harold Potter spoke.

“That was kind of you to forgive him such an attack. You and my wife must not be that different after all. Then again, you may share many of the same experiences.”

At that point an elbow from the woman made him pause. Hermione took a good look at her and finally realized that the women must have been her, but how? The woman had to be Hermione Potter, his wife. As she identified the woman Harold resumed speaking.

“Where are my manners, I am Lord Harold Jamison Evans Potter, and this is my beautiful wife Hermione. My father, Baron James Potter, asked that I retrieve you and take you to his house in London and to see that you are comfortable. Please, come with me.”

He opened the door to a car of the likes which she had never seen. It was long, with an exposed driver at the front, right over the wheels. Next, there was a passenger compartment, looking more like a carriage then a car with two rows of seats opposing each other, each covered in dark red velvet. The last part of the car continued with the same roof line, and was an enclosed space that seemed to contain the boiler and a feeding mechanism. The drive had his face covered, but was one of the large men that she had seen earlier. She got in and was quickly joined by both Harold and his wife. Lady Potter spoke for the first time.

“Please forgive my husband. He still suffers form the inability to think before opening his mouth. Is your Harold similar?”

“Actually, Harry, he does not use Harold. I am not sure what his proper name. Is hard to get to speak, he prefers to hid in the background.” Hermione Granger answered Hermione Potter nee Granger.

“I am shocked Harold hates to be called Harry and only allows me and his mother to call him that. So what is he like; how can someone who was raised in the royal court not be outspoken.”

“Harry was not raised in the royal court, far from it. He was raised by his aunt and uncle, in Surrey, south west of London. I believe that he was abused, verbally if not physically. I think that he was conditioned to hide in the background as he was not allowed to outdo their son.”

Harold Potter, looked at Hermione and asked the question on his mind- “Why would Harry have been raised by those bigots, a pair of fools, who have gone out of there way to offend my parents at ever turn.”

“Most likely it is because Dumbledore left Harry with his relatives and prevented everyone else form looking in on him.”

“I think that I dislike your Dumbledore more then I dislike our own. But how would Dumbledore get him away form his parents. He did not kill them, did he?”

“No, Voldemort killed Lily and James Potter on October 31 of 1981.”

“Well that answers that question, damn Voldemort to hell again. But enough about Harry Potter, we need to discuss more pressing matters. You need to know that you have traveled between realities, along the path of choices. Please understand that you are not able to use the portal that you came through to return; my scans have determined that it will drain both life and magic from a person traveling from this reality to yours.”

“So what are my options?” Hermione Granger asked, with a look of concern on her face.

“Well, you can sit around Potter Minor, the Potter family’s London Estate, you could go out to the country and visit Griffins Hollow in Wales, the seat of Baron Potter. Finally you could stay in London and learn about this world and its magic, and maybe next time you meet these death eaters you will not have to run.” Harold Potter said, speaking as Lord Potter, the future Baron Potter and as the Royal Wizard, who was charged with increasing the number of mages and improving their knowledge and abilities.

Break Break Break

Captain Bloodspiller was a tall, mean-looking goblin, proudly wearing the uniform of the Queen. He was glad the Queen unlike the stupid and troublesome wizard knew the meaning of oaths. The goblins had sworn their loyalty to the Queen, with autonomy in their own affairs and had received the right to be part of the Queen’s Army, a right that the goblin-ministry treaty would have forbidden. Wizards had forbidden goblins from having armies or the means of channeling magic. He looked down at the mage gloves that he wore on both hands and smiled. When Victoria took the throne many had believed that nothing would change. The goblins had been shocked by Baron Potter’s plan appeal to the queen. They had been even more surprised that it had worked. Bloodspiller was glad that it had worked, he had attended the Royal Academy of Magic in London and then he had attended Sandhurst, Britannia premier military academy. He and his company along with a squadron of First Lancer tanks where to guard the portal and challenge but not kill all of those who appeared out of the portal. In the short time he had been on station the portal had shrunk, it was now only half the size that Lord Potter’s scans recorded.

He looked over at the team of men from the Royal Institute of Magic, who were busy taking measurements and studying the portal. Scientists, he decided were dangerous people- both to themselves and others.

Break. Break. Break.

Home reality

Harry Potter was pissed and smart enough to know that he needed to plan. He quickly went to Gringotts, the wizarding worlds only bank, not even death eaters would dare risk a confrontation with goblins in their own bank. He walked to service desk and asked if there was a Potter account manager. He was not wizard raised but he had learned from the Dursley’s to keep his mouth closed and his eyes and ears open. Many families had accounts had a goblin in charge of over seeing them. However, many did not trust the goblins and this led to even more problems, as account managers were not listened to and family fortunes were lost. He was quick direct to an office and introduced to Bunisi.

“Young Baron Potter it is an honor to meet you at last. I am Bunisi, the keeper of the Potter vaults and manager of accounts. I have had this honor since the 1934, thanks to your great grandfather. Where are my manners, please sit.”

“My grandfather, Master Bunisi, You knew him?”

“Yes, I met him for the first time as a young warrior. We met on the field of battle outside of Griffin Hollow, the seat of the Potter Barony. This was during the 1932 Goblin War, the last of the true Goblin Wars. Your great grandfather was then Baron Potter and had refused to fight for the ministry. This was seen as a sign of weakness, so we attack, it was a failure. Many Goblin warders died fighting the protective wards of Potter Hall, and then your grandfather led an attack form the flank, he lead the armed wizards loyal to the Potter family and a large number of muggles attacked and pinned us between the wards and the attacking force. I faced your grandfather axe to sword, and lost. Only my helmet saved my life. After the war ended, your grandfather came looking for me and asked me to manage his personal accounts and investments. When he became Baron Potter I took over all of the Potter accounts.”

“What is the agreement you came to with my grandfather, Sir?”

“I receive five percent of the profit from the deals and manage the accounts to the best of my ability. In return the Potter family does not join in the Goblin rebellions on the side of the ministry. We were successful in the last rebellion and many others, as long as the Potters do not get involved. The family motto say it all, what we have we will destroy before losing.”

“Your pardon, I seem to be wandering down memory lane more and more. But to business, you are here for a reason, first we need read Black’s will, its simple, and well written Blood, Griffin and Hydra prepared it, its air tight. Here it is,” Bunsisi said hading over a single piece of paper. Harry looked at the paper and read

The last will and testament of Sirios O. Black

I Sirius Black being of sound body and mind leave all my property, real and personal, claimed and unclaimed to son by the ritual of god’s bonding, Harold Jamison Even Potter, Baron Potter, and with my passing, Earl Black of Normandy

Signed this day, first of August in the year of our lord Nineteen-Eighty.

Sirius Black

Sirius Black

Witness by

James Potter, Baron Potter

Remus Lupin,

Bunisi, Clan Tushi of the greater Gringotts horde.

“That was a simply will, can anyone challenge the will? How will this affect your management of the Potter accounts, assuming you willing to that is.”

“First, of course I will continue to manage the accounts. With as simple a will as this, there is nothing to be challenged as far as the law was concerned you are Sirius Black’s son, so it can not be challenged. As to the Black accounts, they cannot be merged with the Potter holdings but Earl Black’s personal account manager, an old friend of mine, Lozgil, is handling it and can continue to handle it if you affirm his agreement but that can wait until after the official reading next month.”

“Now that that is done what do you need Baron Potter?”

“I need a strong, defensible location to regroup at, Voldemort has killed Hermione Granger and I intent to kill him and all of his followers, dead men who just don’t know it.”

“Potter hall -I will summon a portkey- it has the strongest defensive wards in all of Britain and large is enough for anything you need to do. Might I make a suggestion?”

“Please do, you are a trained, blooded warrior, I am a school boy; I will welcome suggestions.”

“First, economic warfare, put out a bounty on death eaters. Second consider who is loyal to you, the Weasley twins for example. Finally, consider allies who have reason to oppose the death eaters. Also look at the people of Griffin’s Hollow it is not a pure wizard village, it is mixed with muggles. However, there are a large number of wizards how live and work there, they may be a force to help you if you wish.”

“Thank you, that is good advice, I need to think about what you have said, can you get me an over view of what you and your friend have done for ten years? I need to learn what business looks like, I will kill Voldemort and then I have to understand the management of the property that my family owns. Can you recommend a good way to carry money in both worlds?”

Bunisi opened a drawer and pulled out a black money pouch and wallet, both with a symbol on them and a pair of checkbooks and a small guidebook.

“Yes, this is a charmed money pouch and this is a charmed wallet which holds far more then they should about three thousand Gallons and twelve thousand Pounds. This is a muggle check book and a Gringotts bank draft book; the Guide will explain how to use them.”

“Then I will go and see Griffin’s Hollow. Thank you for your help.” Harry said as he left. He grabbed the portkey walked to the great doors of Gringotts and activated. He landed in front of a pair of black iron gates.

Break. Break. Break.

Steam World

Hermione granger looked at the building called Potter Minor, a minor she was told was a Barons, or Earls London home and was not subject the same laws as the rest of the city, the Barons answered only to the Queen. She was shocked by both the size and the location. It was a large house four stories form the ground to the start of the roof line, with what looked like double high floors. Two wings came out of the central building at ninety-degree angles. The area between them walled off and gated, forming a private street.

There were several men standing by the main entrance, which must have been twelve feet tall. The men were dressed in black, red and green livery. Harold smiled at her and said

“Welcome to my home.”

To be continued.

AN: I decided that if the English never lost Ireland they could still have Normandy and made the Black’s Earls there. I did not use the cannon motto, it there for a reason. Griffin’s Hollow and Godric’s Hollow are different places. Griffins Hollow is the seat of the Potter Barony in Wales, where the Potter family is from, and it is the location of Potter Hall. Godrics Hollow is a small non-magical town in England where James and Lily Potter hide with Harry. Finally, Potter Minor is not a typo; I used it intentionally and will explain here. A minor is a term, such house used in the name of a specific piece of property when a family has more than one piece of property. Gateway House, and Fitts Minor are two examples. Sorry for the confusion. Please read and review.
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