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Steam Punk Potter

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The second war has started and claimed its first victims. Harry potter learns the truth about his family and becomes a true potter while, Hermione Granger is thrust into a world of steam and magic.

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Steampunk Potter

By Bloodylord aka deathblade2584

Disclaimer: I only own the plot. Everything you recognize belongs to its rightful owners. I am not making any money from this. I have decided to rewrite this in response to reviews. I do not have a beta and there will be mistakes that I will miss, if you catch one please tell me. Please read and review.

Rating: pg-13 or Teen

Summery: The second war has started and claimed its first victims. Harry Potter learns the truth about his family and becomes a true Potter while, Hermione Granger is thrust into a world of steam and magic.

Granger Home. Day of return from Hogwarts.

Hermione Granger ducked back into the door as a bright green killing curse flashed past. She was cursing herself for trusting the order and headmaster Dumbledore to protect her and her family. She had only been home for one hour and Voldemort’s death eaters had been waiting for her. The death eater had attacked just after the order of the phoenix members who had escorted her home had left. She was lucky, most of Voldemort inner circle were in ministry holding cells after their attempt to trap Harry Potter in the department of mysteries. The death eaters had believed that twelve inner circle members were sufficient to take a fifth year student, who had never been taught proper defense. They had been unable to handle six students that had confronted them. The students had been able to survive until the order showed up to rescue them.

Another curse flashed past as she prepared to duck back out to return fire, she could feel the pain from the half healed muscles and skin from the department of mysteries. A third curse flashed past, then she leaned out throwing a pair of stunners, a shield breaker and a bone breaker which she had read about while in the hospital wing after the department of mysteries. The first stunner missed, the second hit the death eaters shield, the shield breaker hit the shield as well and it broke, the bone breaker caught the death eater in the neck, breaking it. That was the third death eater she had killed. She had decided after almost dying at the department of mysteries that she would fight fire with fire. There were three death eaters out of the fight, with maiming if not killing wounds, reducing their number to seven, three were outside preventing her escape, which left four still in front of her. The only reason that she was still alive was that her parents were not with her, so she only had to protect herself. She was tiring, she could feel it in her bones, the strain of fighting for her life with a half healed wound, for twenty minutes.

Break Break Break

Justin Bluum was a minor pureblood and a proud death eater, he was in charge of the mission to kill the mudblood Granger, and it was not going well. The girl had displayed a large amount of both cunning and more importantly magical knowledge and skill. When he returned he was going to crucio the Malfoy brat for giving him bad information. Ares, one of his team had been preparing to rush the door, when the mudblood leaned out and cased four spells in rapid scission, Ares managed to dodge on and shield a second but the third snapped his neck. That was the third man he’d lost, and time was running out, their allies in the ministry could not keep the underage magic alarms quiet forever. He was down to himself and three others inside with four more outside to prevent her form running. It was a brutal fight, fighting in a hallway four feet wide and maybe twenty feet to the door with only one stair way up. The girl had heard them blast the door open and run up stairs. When his men had followed, she had hit the stairs with a blasting hex, which had dropped the floor out from under one of his men. He had fallen to the basement and had broken both legs. He had lose another, man when she threw seven cutting curses and bone breakers at them as they had charged the door, the man had taken a cutting curse to the chest, which had cut open his lungs.

Bluum look around and decided that it was time to change the plan, the yelled to one of his team to keep her head down. Then he to aimed at the wall and used a stone cutting charm to cut into the brick. He could not get to the door so he would create a new one and they could rush her from both directions.

Break Break Break

Hermione saw that one of the death eaters had gotten smart and was attacking the wall and not her. But the other death eaters had her pinned down, there was nothing left to do she was going to die. Even as the thought when through her mind, her stubborn mind rejected it there was always a way out. She remembered a risky transportation ritual that could not be blocked by any means but the ritual would drain her ability to due magic for a twenty four hour period. She would not be able to fight with magic for that period. The ritual also was border line dark arts as it was a blood ritual. She looked out the door way, six spells hit the jam in less then three seconds. She had no choice is her only way out.

She grabbed a knife from her desk and cut her left palm, took the blood and drew a circle on the floor. She then consider her destination, it needed to be someplace safe and well guarded, Kings Cross Station, and spoke the words, which were actually in English “By my magic, from this dawn to the next, take me from here, through the power of my blood move my body, by the clarity of my conscious mind take me to my goal.” Just as the word goal was out of her mouth, the death eaters broke though the wall and stormed thought the door.
Break Break Break
Justin went through the hole he had cut and saw that the mudblood was in the mists of casting a ritual; he raised his wand to attack. Suddenly there was an explosion of silver light and a portal formed. He aimed his wand at the mudblood and yelled “Avada Kedavra”

As Hermione finished the ritual a glowing ring of silver light exploded into existence right next to her, she saw the death eater raise his wand and heard him yell “Avada Kedavra”. She was out of time and jumped through still forming portal before it could completely form.

Justin cursed as the girl dove though the partially formed portal and his killing curse missed. He then turned to the other death eater and said, “gather the wounded and lets get out of here that portal will have attracted the ministries attention.”

“But what of the girl?” one of the death eaters asked as he grabbed Ares legs and after petrifying him. “The dark lord will not be pleased that we failed to kill her and lost three of our own.”

Justin yelled at him “if we don’t move now, we will join Malfoy and the others, which the dark lord has already reserved special attention for.” With that he activated his portkey.

Break Break Break

Magic is one of the forces of creation, and does not limit itself to just one world. There are many worlds, and magic acting based on the intent of Hermione’s spell it took her to one of those worlds, a world where science worked hand in hand with magic, where steam was the power source of choice and where the sun never set on the British Empire. It was a world where Victorian values were still respected and used.

On this world a portal silver portal formed in front of kings cross station. The crowd ran from it even as the guards from the 45th rifle regiment ran toward the portal. This must be an attack of the wander rebels, thought Lieutenant Longbottom. He could not think of a reason that they would use a portal and not apparition, but that was a question for a later time. He quickly ordered his men to take up defensive positions, this was another wander attack, what they were up to was unknown, but he was a loyal mage in the service of the Queen he would not fail. Even as his men assumed defensive positions, a young woman, barely more then a girl dove out of the portal, she hit the ground and rolled coming to a stop at his feet. He hesitated unsure of what to do, but then saw the wand in her fist and slammed his right boot onto her stomach, knocking the wind out of her and preventing her from speaking. He then drew his sword and pressed it to her throat. She had made the mistake of diving through the portal, it was a great distraction and if she had apparited then she might have caught them by surprise. This was a rare chance to capture a rebel and get more information on their bases and operations. His sergeant, move next to him and grabbed the wand, pressing his rifle barrel her chest to cover her.

With the girl covered Neville finally allowed himself to look at her face and not her hands. To his shock he saw a younger version of the royal wizards’ wife, Hermione Granger. Just then the sound of tank trends on pavers grabbed his attention, reinforcements had arrived, in the form of the 2nd royal lancer regiment, their steam tanks puffing out smoke form their tall chemises. Their round turrets turned bring their 5 inch breach loading naval rifles to bear on the portal. The tanks machine gunners also brought there water cooled machine guns to bear as well and the electro man should be powering the tanks shields, which he could tell were not active as their hiss was missing.

He turned to the sergeant “Sergeant Cooper, grab two men and secure the prisoner, get her behind the tanks.”

The he grabbed the electro static wireless telephone and said “Command, Long bottom, situation is secure, a portal, unlike any that I have ever seen has formed. One person has used the portal, a girl, I have secured her. The 2nd has arrived and has deployed. What are my orders?”

Over the earpiece of the electrostatic wireless phone he heard Major Tonk’s voice “Longbottom, good work, secure the prisoner, Captain Bloodspiller is on his way he with his company and a squad of warders who will secure the portal. Get your shields set up and keep an eye on the portal. Out”

He handed the headset back to the telegraph operator and called his sergeant major, “get the shields set up to cover the portal, along with the machine guns, also get sharpshooters on the roofs, with at least two air defense teams.”

As he finished giving the orders her heard the sound of tires on pavers and turned to see three steam tricycles turn the corner and break hard to avoid the tanks. The lead trike cut between tanks and pulled to a stop next to him. Even with the mans face covered with a black leather mask and goggles, he knew that the rider was Harold Jamison Evan Potter, Royal wizard, Lord Potter, Commander of all battle mages in Britannia, the killer of dark lord Voldemort and the only man that the rebel Dumbledore was afraid of. He was dress in his normal black leathers pants, tucked into knee high riding boot, a black double breasted leather jacket, with two rows of silver buttons closing on the edges of the central panel. A gun belt around his waist with a large pistol slug low on his thigh, another smaller pistol set on the same belt in a cross draw hostler. A sword was on the back of the belt. On both hands he wore mage gloves, leather gloves with gold wire connecting red star fire gems on both the finger tips over the nails and on the center of the palm. The mage glove was the mark of a battle mage, a symbol of a magic user loyal to the queen, opposed to the wands users who were in open rebellion.

Harold reached up and pushed the goggles on to his forehead and reached into his pocket pulling out his glasses, the round frames supported both corrective lenses and farseeing and mircoseeing lenses. He stared into the portal and then opened a bag on the trike, pulling out a magic field interface scanner. He pointed the metal loop on top at the portal and took a reading recording it in a note book that he had pulled from the same pouch, he moved ten feet to the left and repeated the process another nine times. He then walked back over and turned to Neville and said

“Old friend, I have never seen a portal like this, a great chance to learn. I hear on the wireless that you have a prisoner, please take me to her.”

They walked to where the sergeant held Hermione, who had recovered from the dive and Neville boot and was tied to the lifting hook of the tank.

Break Break Break

She was scared, as there were three men pointing guns at her, rifles of a kind that she had never seen. They looked like old pistols, they had a revolver like cylinder, but had a stock and a fore guard. As she watched six more people walked over, a tall man, he had to be two meters tall, in a green double breasted uniform, a shorter man in black leather, two men who were the size of large trolls, well over two meters tall and at least seventy five centimeters across the shoulders, with there faces covered and their eyes protected by goggles. Finally there were two Indian looking women, who remind her of the Patil twins, in leather catsuits long skirts, with high slits, exposing the leather of the catsuits legs and thigh high boots with tall heels, the skirt was toped by a corset. What scared her even more was that each was armed, all carried hand guns and the trolls carried machineguns.

The man in black leather looked at her and said “using my wife’s appearance will not help you, all it does is annoy me, but at least it gives me a good measure of your group’s abilities, after all if they can’t even make a potion right, they cannot be that dangerous. You are a prisoner, cooperate and you will be treated well, fight and you die.”

He then turned to the women and said “take her some where private and strip search her, remember, wanders are tricky and often hid a back up wand and other weapons some where on their person. Also make sure to check for portkey we don’t want to lose a valuable prisoner.” He then looked at her cloths and added “while you are at it, get her some appropriate clothing.”

That comment drew Hermione’s attention to her cloths, besides the dirt she was respectable dressed in a blouse and a skirt that fell to mid thigh. But then she looked past the soldiers and saw that most of the crowd that had gathered to watch was bested in cloths that resembled the Victorian era, long skirts falling to the ankle, and multiple layers of cloths. Finally he turned to Neville and said “old friend you must come to dinner, my wife is driving me mad as she keeps inviting all of her friends and I need reinforcements on my side.”

She looked the man in to his eyes and yelled “who are you to give such orders, let me go I am a British citizen and will not be treated like this. You can’t do this.” As she stared at him she looked defiantly into his emerald green eyes and then it hit her, she knew who he was it was her best friend…

“Who am I little girl, I am Lord Harold Potter royal wizard and rebels are not protected by the queen, wander scum.” Said the now identified Harold. (AN, Harold is from steam world, Harry is the normal verse. Done to avoid confusion.)

The two women moved forward to grab her. One pulled a knife from the top of her boot, while the other drew a sawed off shot gun form behind her back. The one with the knife cut the rope binding her to tank while the other keep the shotgun aimed at her chest. “This way” the one with the knife said leading her off in the direction of a small clothiers shop. The second women moved behind her and followed. They entered the shop and turned to a sales girl “we are going to use one of your fitting rooms, in addition, the prisoner will need decent cloths, please find us some.” she then turned and pulled Hermione into one of the fitting rooms.

The women with the knife stripped her very quickly using expert moves, never crossing in front of her partner. The search also went quickly, mainly because Hermione was too shocked to protest or fight. She could not believe what her best friend had said to her. After the search was completed the women who had done the searching gather up Hermione’s cloths and put them into a bag, which she then threw out of the room. She removed a small medical kit form a pocket and bound the wound on Hermione hand. Soon after the sales girl walked in and began to dress Hermione in a Victorian multilayer dress which fell to her ankles. The girl added a pair of black leather ankle boots and stepped back. The first woman handed her a small bag and spoke, “thank you for your time, you may leave us now. There should be ample compensation in the bag.” The girl curtsied and withdrew.

The closer woman, who was not pointing a shot gun at her, then reached into a belt pouch and pulled out a pair of metal cuffs, which were engraved with a series of runes. She then turned to Hermione and said “these are goblin forged anti-mage cuffs, they can only be opened with the correct key and bind your ability to due magic. If anyone tries to open them without a key they will channel whatever force is used into your arms, you will die be for they can be removed.”

She then stepped forward and cuffed Hermione, the click of the cuffs drew her from her state of shock but there was nothing she could do, not with a shotgun pointed at her face at less then a three feet.

Break Break Break

Outside in the street Harold Potter continued to study the portal which was slowly shirking. Believing that the benefits outweighed the risk he reached in to his a cargo pouch and grabbed a probe sphere and after insuring that the golden power core was fully charged and property connected, he threw it into the portal. A small receiver began to punch a tape relaying data transmitted over the wireless channel and a golden disk was cut saving the sounds and images that the device sent back. He would study the data later.

There was a sudden series of cracks sounded around kings cross. A group of twenty wanders appeared out of thin air along with three trolls. Lieutenant Longbottom reached quickly, yelling orders to his men, “machineguns concentrate fire on the trolls, riflemen to take the wizards.”

The tanks reacted more slowly, and paid the price for having their electro-mag spell shields down, three of the six tanks where hit with massive fire balls, which melted through the armor and set off the tanks ammo, killing all aboard. The other three tanks got their shields up in time and returned fire, targeting the trolls. Five inch naval rifles where designed to kill ships or aero fighters, not soft targets like troll, the trolls died very quickly, in gory explosions. Their skin, which could stop rifle bullets and all but the most powerful of spells, was no match for the naval rifles.

The wanders were more of a problem, as the ducked behind what cover they could find and threw back killing curses. When four hit the shield that Lieutenant Longbottom was using for cover it overloaded the generator, which caught on fire. Neville saw the one eyed man, known as the Mad Eye, one of Dumbledore’s best, throw another killing curse at him. He quickly activated his mage glove and used it to grab the killing curse, holding it like a ball between his fingers. He quickly threw it back and followed with a flame lance and a bolt of lighting from the mage glove and the last three rounds from his pistol. The killing curse hit at his feet, making the pavers explode. But, the one eyed madman managed to only get caught by the edge of both the lighting and flame lance spells. The madman quickly disapparated, which appeared to be the signal to the other wander rebels to vanish. Eight wander rebels lay on the ground dead or wounded, along with all three trolls. Luckily, there had been no dragon raiders in this attack or the tanks would have had to concentrate on them and not the trolls.

Inside the shop, Hermione ducked as a man in Aurors robes appeared in the shop, he turned and threw a fire starting curse at the dress on display and the started throwing killing curses ate the women in black, both of whom were forced to duck. Hearing a noise the man turned to where the sales girl was standing in the corner, screaming with her eyes wide with terror. He shifted his wand to curse her and Hermione moved slamming into his arm knocking his spell off course, it was just enough to that the spell missed the girl. Hermione was shocked at her own behavior but guessed that she had developed a people saving thing form her friendship with Harry. The man’s other arm came up and smashed into her temple and everything went black.

Hermione actions had distracted the man for a critical few seconds and in that time Parvati Patil drew her derringers, but her sister Padma Patil brought her shotgun to bear on the man first and fired. The double barreled sawed off shotgun reduce the man’s chest to a bloody mess killing him instantly and spraying blood over the room.

They held position until the all clear single was given and then summoned a healer for the sales girl and the prisoner. Doctor Spinnet checked the prisoner and said she was in no danger. They then loaded her into an ambulance which took her to the hospital ward at the mage center building. Potter and his bodyguards returned to their steam trikes and followed the ambulance, now questioning whether their prisoner was actually a rebel.

Break break break

Back in the original world of Harry Potter, boy who lived.

Harry Potter stared at the old man that was seated across from him. He was sure that whatever had happened to force Dumbledore to bring him to a private estate less then day after he had returned from Hogwarts was bad news. Dumbledore looked at Harry and said, “Harry I have bad news, it appears that Hermione Granger was killed in a death eater raid less than three hours ago.”

“Headmaster, who else is dead, Kingsley, Tonks, Mad eye Moody?”

“No one, Harry, Dung Fletcher was on duty but—“

With the mention of Dung Harry move throwing the table out of the way and smashing his fist into the headmasters face, while screaming “you fool, that crook almost got me killed last year and you trust him to guard one of the highest level targets that Vortemort has, a muggleborn witch who has fought his death eaters and survived and my best friend! She was one of his most obvious targets and you entrust her safety to a cowardly thief! We are through Old man, stay out of my way or I will kill you like I am going destroy the entire pureblood movement!” With each word Harry hit the Headmaster again and again, he had the advantages of both rage and youth, while the Headmaster had never been physically assaulted in his life.

With those words he let go of the Headmasters beard and let him fall to the floor, his face a mass of cuts and burses. Harry looked around and saw a spare wand on the side table, as he picked it up he felt the warm feeling of a good connection with the wand. HE took it and straightened his robes and walked out of the room. The headmaster would not be found until three days later, and by that time Harry Potter would have disappeared.

break break break
Steam world

Royal Mage Holding, Medical Ward, room 501, low level security.

Hermione Granger slowly opened her eyes, her head throbbed and a blinding pain came through her eyes. But moments later she was able to look around the room and see that it was a hospital room, like at Hogwarts, but there were a few differences. The window had a steel plate over it, with a series of one inch square holes in it. The door looked like it was metal and had an observation hole in the door. In addition, there were cameras in cages in the corners and watching the bed. The bed was comfortable and clean, but was the only one in the room. While she was looking the door opened and a woman in a white dress nurses walk in.

She turned to Hermione and asked “can you see clearly, dear? You took a bad hit to the head.” Yes, I’m fine, where am I?”

“You are in mage central holdings medical ward. Do you feel up to answering some questions?”

“If I say no will it prevent me form having to answer them later?”

“No, I will only mean that you will spend more time locked up like a prisoner.”

"Fine, I will answer the questions.”

“Good, I will fetch Inspector Smith of Scotland yard.” She turned and walked to the door, and with a key opened the door.

Five minutes later the nurse returned with a man dressed in a gray suit including a vest and a matching hat. He sat down in the chair to her right and removed a note book and a recording devise, with a metal disk on top and a gold tube to one side. Finally, the turned his attention to Hermione and said.

“To prevent questions of your honesty, I am offering you a chance to speak under class B truth serum. I am required to inform you that it is a mid level serum that guaranties that you are telling the true but allows you to refuse. Depending on your other answers the Queen’s Bench may issue a warrant to force you to take Class A truth serum which will compel answers. Do you wish to take the serum?”

Hermione considered her options, if the Queen’s Bench could order the use of higher serum just for refusing to answer, not taking it at all would result in the same warrant, and she had nothing to hide. She looked him in the eye and said. “I will take the serum.”

“Good, Nurse Felgood I would like you to stand a witness.”

“Of course, Inspector.” Nurse Felgood said.

He then reached into a pocket and removed a metal case and form it removed a needle, and injector and a vial of potion. He connected the needle, and removed a half a teaspoon worth of potion, he then injected it into her right arm and looked at his pocket watch. There was silence as they waited three minutes and the he started the questions, recording her answers in the notebook.

“Who are you?”

“Hermione Granger.”

“Date of birth?”

“The 19th of September 1979.”

“Where did you go to school?”

“I am not sure if I can answer that question there is a state secrets act…”

“Child answer the question, I know that you are a magic user and that you had a wand.”

“Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.”

“What are your feelings on blood statute?”

“It is merely an excuse for purebloods to lord over others for no reasons.”

“Are you a death eater or a traditionalist?”

“I am not a death eater. I do not know what a traditionalist is.”

“What are you feelings concerning the Queen?”

“She needs to kick the Minister for Magic out on his ass.”


“Because, Minister Fudge is only concerned with protecting his power and how much money he can steal. He is unwilling to address the problems of society such muggle baiting, goblin rights and house elf slavery.”

“What do you think of Dumbledore?”

“I am not sure my opinion of the man is changing right now, he left me for dead, in the middle of a trap, knowing that I would be in danger and told me everything would be all right.”

“When was the last time you spoke to him, two days ago”



“Describe the trap for me please.”

“I expressed concerns that Voldemort might attack me and my family over the summer holiday, I am both a prominent muggleborn witch and a close friend of Harry Potters. In addition, I fought his death eaters at the Department of Mysteries. He told me to go home that the order would protect me and when the death eaters attacked I was by myself, with no help and one a very risky way out.”

“What did you do?”

“I used the Blood portal ritual, it a middle age English spell that calls on the power of Blood, Magic and Mind to send you to your destination.”

“Where did you get a wand?”

“Ollivander’s in Diagon Alley.”

“Thank you Miss Granger, I will return later, please top not cause any trouble.”

“May I have something to read?”

“Certainly, I will have the prison library send something up, how bout a history?”

“Fine, thank you.”

The inspector gathered his things and left, an hour later the nurse delivered a small thin book, Steam and Magic: The Foundations of the Modern World. As she read she was shocked to discover that the British magic world had reemerge more the 150 years before. The more impressive facts were small and hidden, such as the substantial population increase that followed in both wizards and muggles. There were one point five million British magic magi alone, not counting the magical beings. She was surprised that house elves had also increased in number and some had taken jobs outside of peoples houses, such as Quick Clean Steam Laundry, founded by house elves employed by the Potter family. The Potters seemed to have been an involved in many of the improvements or advances, using their noble status as members of the House of Lords to pass laws that gave goblins equal rights and duties. Laws that protected house elves and laws that protected magi from hate groups and those that would oppress them. They also put their money where their mouths were entering into business arrangements with many different magical beings.

She was interested to find that their was a new form of magic that had been invented enchanting, based on the activating of self drawing magical runes, the rune drew the magic form the world itself, not from the enchanter who activated the runes. The runes were inscribed prior to the activation during the manufacturing process. This is what allowed the great steam engines to run at the highest pressures and hottest temperatures to allow for smaller more powerful machines.

The door opened, forcing her to look up from her book, as the inspector walked back in. “Miss. Granger it is the decision of the Queens Court that you are not guilty of aiding the rebellion and therefore you will be released. However, the court has concluded that your wand will be keep by Scotland Yard for your protection, wands have been banned due to the damage they do to the magical challenged wizards and witches. The court has concluded that you may have another focus made for you. Baron Potter has offered you a place in his home, for now while we decide what will happen to you. Madame Potter has sent clothes for you, so I will remove the cuffs and allow you to get dressed.”

“The court ruled with out ever talking to me?”

“Yes, they had answers taken under truth serum which stated that you were not a rebel or a blood purist or both. More importantly, it appears that you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, plus you did help to save a citizen’s life so the court concluded that you were not a threat to queen or country. After your experience they concluded that they would save the trouble of a trail.”

The locks clicked open and cuffs fell off. He turned and left.

AN: Dumbledore in the home reality trusted the wrong people, he is an old fool but not a master manipulator. I hope that I have cleared up some of the problems that people have had, thanks for the reviews.

Thanks to Fenris who pointed out several errors in this chapter. The two stayed as they are the terms used for telescopic and microscopic lenses, farseeing and mircoseeing is most of the steampunk works that I have read uses, call it term of art. Some one else asked about the banning of wands that will be explained later, if I get the chance to write the next chapter.
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