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I Just Can't Stay, One Day I'll Run Away

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who called?!?!?! =o

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Caroline's POV
I looked down at my phone to see who was calling, but it said "unknown number." It was probably someone doing a prank phone call...oh, well let's ruin their prank! I picked up the phone, "Hello?"

I then heard a voice I was not expecting to hear, "Hey Caroline..."

"B-Billy?!" I was shocked. I hadn't talked to him since he left me.

"Yeah..." he said awkwardly, "Sooo whats up?"

"Billy," I sternly replied, "Cut the crap. I haven't talked to you since you left me. Now why the FUCK did you call me?!"

"Caroline, c-can I take you out tonight?" he asked, "So we can talk...what I have to say can't be said over the phone. And I know your sisters are probably there so yeah..."

"I'll be right back guys..." I told my sisters and walked towards a bench far enough away so they wouldn't hear me, then I answered Billy, "Fine. Meet me at the movie theater down the street tonight at 8, kay?"

"Kay Thanks. byee Carrie." I blushed. I always did when he said my nickname.


I hung up and headed back towards Meghan and Katie making sure to tell Katie I had told Billy no. If they knew, they'd tell me not to go because Billy was a bad person and blahblahblah, but all he wanted to do was tell me something. What's the harm in that. "Meg," I told her lightly, "before you ask, I told him no, ohkay?"

Meg giggled. "Your mood is so lighthearted, I thought either you said yes or like you hated him so much and hoped he got shot, and somehow magically used your telekinesis to shoot him over the phone."

I laughed. Only Meg would think up something like that...oh well, that's my sister for you. We headed on our way back to the house and when we finally arrived home, Meghan's cell rang playing, "When The Day Met The Night." I was surprised. She hadn't used that ringtone since Ryan died since it was one of his band's songs. She giggled as she picked up. "Hey Mikes.(pause)Sure let me ask them." Then she turned and spoke to us, "C, Katie, wanna go out with the guys tonight at 7:30-ish?"

Uh-oh. I had to meet Billy at eight. "I-I'm not feeling well," I said frowning and making sure my mood projected as disappointed, "but you guys have fun. I think I'm gonna go lie down, kay?"

Meg spoke into the phone and then hung up, "Kay C," she said to me, "Frank's a little disappointed, but you just feel better kay?"

"Kay." I replied hugging them both, "Have extra fun for me alright? If, you don't, the demon baby ninja leprechauns will come and eat you!"

They laughed, but I was serious. Just kidding! I couldn't kill them. I headed into my room and waited to hear silence. As soon as I heard the door close, I peeked out and made sure Meg and Katie were gone. Yep. All gone! I quickly reapplied my eyeliner and eyeshadow and grabbed some cash and my phone. Meg and Katie would be calling to check on me and if I didn't answer, I knew they'd come home early and I couldn't risk that. I headed down the street to the movie theater and entered. I was about ten minutes early, so I sat at one of the tables as I waited for Billy.

Meghan's POV
We headed to the guys house and took the elevator to their floor. We walked in and were greeted by hugs and of course, kisses. I smiled as Mikey kissed me lightly on the lips and wrapped his arms around my waist. I looked over his shoulder and saw Frank all alone, so I went to give him a hug. "Frankie, even though Caroline couldn't come will you still come with us?"

"OF course!" he smiled, his signature toothy grin.

"Hey, guys?" I asked walking back and taking Mikey's hand in mine while still holding onto Frank's so he didn't feel lonely, "What are we doing tonight?"

Gerard replied for me, his arms still entangled with Katie's, not taking his gaze off of her, "We thought we'd just catch a movie. Ya know, maybe House Bunny? But if we wanna see it we gotta get going. It starts at eight."

"Kay!" I replied, "Let's go then!"

Sorry its abit short,
but I didn't wanna get
into the next part yet.
I love you all!
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