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~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~
"Dude what was your delema last night?" Nick asked me
"I was just not my day."
"Everyday's not your day Joe."
"Oh what ever i'm going to take a shower now." I said heading for my bathroom

While I was taking my shower I kept thinking about the kiss me and Kaycie shared. I wonder if she felt anything between us. I think I did, but maybe I didn't because she shocked me when I leaned into kiss her.

~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~`
"Guys can you beleive we are on the plane to Miami already?" Mandy asked
"No, it feels so unreal!" Lily said jumping around in her seat
"I know right guys it's amazing just wait til we get there." I said

The flight was about 3 1/2 hours long. We didn't really have anything to do but there just sleep or talk. So we chose sleep for we would be up instead of tired from the flight. I hear the lady over the intercom say that we are now landing in Miami. Lily and Mandy didn't hear her because they were still sleeping so I screamed....

"We're here!!!"
"I didn't steal the cookies mom!" Lily yelled
"Umm.. Lil you ok there?" I asked holding up one of my eyebrows
"Ya, bad dream about cookies. Don't ask." She said
"Wasen't gunna."
"Mand-y you awake over there?" I asked leaning over Lily nudjing her
"Ya, ever since someone yelled "I didn't steal the cookies mom"." She said looking at Lily
"Well, sorr-y if I was having a bad dream." Lily said all cocky
"Guyz we are landing." I said all excited
"It's awesome." Lily sang

The plane landed and we all got off going into the airport. We got our luggage and found my aunt and uncle who were waiting for us. They couldn't be anymore embarressing. They had a HUGE sign and (when I say HUGE I mean HUGE) it said Kaycie, Mandy, and Lily over here! In bold letters.

"Hey aunt Leslie and Uncle Tom." I say
"What's up Mr. and Mrs. J?" Mandy asked
"Everything now that you girls here." aunt Leslie said
"We got the party with us." Lily started to sing
"You are always the funny one." Aunt Leslie said
"I know high five." Lily said to my aunt
"Let's get you girls home. You must be starving?" Uncle Tom said
"Yes, i'm ravinous." I said rubbing my tummy
"Me and Leslie were thinking about going out to a restauraunt." He said
"That sounds awesome!" Mandy said

After we talked for a bit we went out to the car with all our luggage. We arrived at my aunt and uncles house.

"Did you guys remodel since I was here last?" I asked
"Uhh.... ya we made a lot of changes." Aunt Leslie said

When you first walk in you see two stair cases on either side of the wall leading up stairs. Then there is a huge glass chandalier hanging from the celing. The floor is marble. When you walk threw the hall way past the stairs and turn right it's the kitchen. Then there double dutch doors leading to a wrap around deck. when you go up stairs there are 5 bedrooms and in each bedroom there is a bathroom and some of the rooms have balconys. In there backyard there is a beautiful view of the beach. We got settled in and then ready for our dinning experience in Miami. We went to this restauraunt called The Apple Side up. It was really nice and they had really good food. That was a plus. The we went back home for we could get some rest for a big adventurous day tomorrow.
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