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The Beach

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~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~
The next day rolled around faster than I thought it would. When I got up Mandy and Lily were still sleeping. So, I decided just to go down stairs and chill for a bit until they woke up. When I got downstairs my aunt and uncle were already up getting ready for work(they worked in the day so they could have the night off).

"Kaycie your up early." Aunt Leslie said
"Ya, well I was too excited to sleep." I said
"Well, then are you hungery?"
"Eh.. just a tat bit." I said rubbing my stomach
"There is cerial or I could make you some eggs." She said listing a bucnch of things
"Naw. I think i'll wait for Lily and Mandy to wake up." As soon as I said that they were both coming downstairs
"Did ya'll here us talkin bout food?" I asked tilting my head up at them
"No, why did you mention food?" Lily said anxiously
"Ya." I said
"OOOO. What are we having?"
"There is cerial or I could fix you girls some eggs and bacon before I go to work." Aunt Leslie said
"OOO OOO can you fix up some bacon and eggs." Lily asked all hickish
"I sure can." Aunt Leslie said playing along

We all laughed and went to the kitchen where she fixed our food. We ate that while watching some Super Sweet 16 on MTV.

"Ok, girls I have to leave for work now but Kaycie you can take the Explorer out and cruise the city." Aunt Leslie said
"Ah.. ok we'll probably end up doing that." I retorted
"Or maybe we can hit the beach, scope for guys, and get some tan-eg going on." Mandy said
"OOO...OOO Scope for guys, Scope for guys." Lily said jumping up and down and doing a twirl
"Ya, we can do that and then hit the town later." I said

We said bye to my aunt and then we went up stairs to change into our swimsuits. We walk down to the beach and seen this really hot guy sitting in a lounge chair.

"Dude, that dude is Fine with a capital F!" Lily yells laying her towl out
"Majorly." I yell back
"You know what's funny?" Mandy asked
"What?" We say in unison
"He looks a lot like Joe Jonas."
"OMG! That is Joe." I say
"What the flip. Why is he here." Lily says
"Don't ask me. I'm just as stunnened as you are." I say back
"Let's pretend that we arn't here." Lily said throwing on a hat and some shades
"Good idea, lets go INCAGNITO!"Mandy says doing the same
"I guess, but it's a little obviouse." I say
"Shut up and just do it before he sees you." Lily said

All the sudden someone walks up behind Lily and grabs here arm. She runs away screaming rape.

"Why did she do that?" Nick asked
"Uh, I don't know, she tends to do that when someone comes from behind and grabs her." Mandy said
"I didn't mean to scare her." Nick says

All the sudden we see Lily fall to the ground and we go running over.

"Uh.. Lil you ok?" I ask
"Never better just doing something I do best." she said
"What's that?" Nick asked
"Falling." Me and Mandy both say

We help Lily up and she brushes the sand off of her.

"Anyways. What are you doing here?" I ask
"Well, Joe kept nagging to go here so, my mom finally gave in and let us go." He said
"I wonder why." Mandy said sarcastically
"I know why." Lily chimed in
"Shut up!." I said

We see Kevin, he walks over to our little group and joins in or conversation.

"What are we talking about?" He said putting his elbows on Nick and I's shoulders
"Nothing really." Nick said
"Ah.. Well, Joe wants to know what you guys are doing later." Kevin says
"No I don't." Joe yelled from where he was sitting
"Yes, yes you did Joeseph!" Keving said
"Uh, we were going to just cruise the city." I said
"Nice, Can we join you." Nick said
"Sure if you really want to." I say
"We have nothing better to do." Kevin said
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