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Chapter 2: The Little G irl that Could

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Caisey went to the school guidance counselor as usual.

"Alright Caisey," he said calmly. "What is it this time?"

"Derek and Edwin are always pulling pranks," she said. "One can only imagine what they are planning to do on April Fool's day. Now that they've been disallowed to do so, one can only imagine how they are planning to sneak one in without George knowing."

"Caisey," Paul said. "How do you know for sure they are going to try to sneak one in?"
"Because he's Derek! He lives for this stuff!"

After school, Derek went over to Marty with Edwin.

"Okay, what do you want?" Marty asked.

"What are you talking about, Smarty?" asked Derek.

"You must want something, Smerek," she said. "You're sneaking around."

"Wow, she really is smart for her age," Derek whispered to Edwin's ear.

"I can hear you you know," said Marty.

"Okay," Derek whispered in her ear. "We want to pull a prank."

"Who's it on and what is it?" Marty asked.

Derek whispered the plan in her ear.

"Okay," said Marty. "I get something in return though."

"What do you want Smarty?"

"For you to play Princess with me for two weeks and you're the princess."

"Of course Smarty," Derek said.

Caisey walked over to them. "What are you three up to? You know, if you're going to pull a prank you're going to be punished, Derek."

"We're not Caisey," said Derek.

"Hmm..." Caisey walked away.

"Be careful Smarty," Derek whispered. "Don't let her or her see you when you do the prank."
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