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Chapter 3: That night

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That night, when everybody was asleep, Marty woke up and tiptoed around into somebody else's room. She carried out the prank Derek had told her to do.

It was hard to pull a prank on Caisey though; usually she spent all night studying.

Apparently this wasn't one of those nights.

Marty smiled it was going to be easier than she thought.

She did the prank and then left, Derek would be pleased. So would she.

"Aha, I gotcha," Caisey said.

Marty slowly looked at her. She breathed a sigh of relief; Caisey was talking in her sleep.

So she tiptoed out of Caisey's room and back into her own room. She was so happy, she had pulled her first prank, and Derek was going to play princess with her for a week. Did I say that? Marty thought about it. Then she shrugged. Well, I did now.

She then went onto her bed and went to sleep. She had great dreams that night.

The next day though, things got bad.
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