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Chapter 2: What is this 'camp' of yours for?

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I hated them for that. I just wanted to march over to them and yell "what is wrong with you, you anti-semitic freaks?!" I couldn't though, it wasn't in my nature. Plus it would get me in a load of trouble.

I even missed the prayer today for Jane. I have come down with some sort of sickness, I barely even feel strong enough to go to the bunker. I also had a really bad feeling that the Germans would be here in a few hours.

I hated thinking back to the memories of my d ead sister. She was really sweet. Plus, she was only six years old.

I was so sick that I decided to go to sleep.

I had a nightmare, it was a memory of my mother and how she had died.

My brother had been sent to a concentration camp somewhere faraway from the Ghetto.

My mom had been worried about what the Germans were going to do to him. So she went along with him.

I remember somebody who was watching telling me about her.

They had said that the Germans had realized she was a woman who was not supposed to be there.

They didn't start out nice at all. They had yelled at her, "get out of her you da mned Jew! You're not supposed to be here!"

She resisted though. "I will not let you hurt my son."

They stared at her with angry eyes and took out a rifle.

"I'm warning you you da mned Jew! Get out of here!" one of them yelled. "We usually take immediate action so consider yourself lucky."

"What is this 'camp' of yours for anyway?" They of course didn't answer her.

Instead they had killed her with the rifle.

I don't know how the person who told me didn't get caught watching by the Germans. They must of been hiding in a bush or something.

However, they were an old friend of mine so I believed them, despite not seeing it for myself.

I didn't ever find out what happened to my brother. I'm pretty sure he was k illed too though.
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