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" A place so lonely It's quiet, Symphonies of the suicide..."

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This has incest written all over it, A story inspired by my mind. To be given as a gift to you, read with an open heart and eyes.

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Harrow here and a new story is born! i hope you enjoy this it was inspired by a spanish movie i seen called " The devil's backbone ". It was a spanish captioned movie that really got me thinking. While that movie didn't involve gayness or incest the main character boy was called a fag countless times so i took it upon myself to incorporate what i wanted. So here goes i call this a 10- shot because it will only have 10 chapters enjoy!:

Chapter: 1: " The lil' brother and his sister " ( Pun included )

And mikey was the most heart broken when he seen that his mother had died but gerard seemed to at ease. Gerard was in his attic bedroom when it happened when she had died and he was drawing a portrait of his super hero action figures, mikey had been playing outside under gerard's attic window when he had decided to come in for hot chocolate and found her on the couch dead infront of the tv. Mikey produced the most heart wrenching scream ever and it echoed so loud that gerard literally fell down the stairs coming to see what was wrong.

When the 2 found her mikey beganned to sob and cry falling infront of her and begging his mommy to come back, gerard on the other hand stood completely still gazing at her with this sort of admiration in his eyes...

Gerard arthur way was this kid's whole name and he was what one would describe as moody and often very dark, he loved to draw things and would often spend his time telling stories or singing to mikey. Gerard was very much fascinated with the concept of death and depressive feelings he also loved vampyres and opted to live in the attic as his way to escape sunlight. Mikey idolized gerard and was very prone to following him around, gerard's left hip was like a haven for mikey he was always seen holding onto it considering the fact gerard was in ways taller than him.

Mikey was this scrawny, looking, boney kid who wore glasses on the very tip of his nose and was often very hyper and out going, gerard was more quiet and thoughtful often zoning out in conversations or talking about what he liked best. Gerard wasn't popular mikey was but gerard could be too if he didn't look like a girl so much.

Gerard was very pretty to be a boy having long hair to his shoulders that was black and full, he also had long girly eyelashes, and a round and delicate face. Gerard wore makeup too like eyeliner and mascara, and his fingernails were painted black, he was also never afraid to wear pink and loved clothes that showed off his skinny and lanky legs and complimented his flat stomach and chest.

So there they stood for 2 good hour's, mikey sobbing and crying and gerard staring straight ahead he envied her so much he wished to only die. Their father came home later on that night and seen them standing infront of the couch, mikey on his knee's and gerard standing by him left hand on his head. The father instantly called the police and they hurried out waking the sleeping neighborhood with their sirens of death.

Gerard and mikey was told to wait outside while the cops went in to question the father. Mikey had heard his dad telling them that his mom had always had problems with her heart that this was her weakest place and she always kept her pills nearby. Everyone there found it quite odd that tonight donna didn't have her pills with her because she always did, the cops then decided to search around for them to see what brand they were but they couldn't find them so they took her body and left.

For the next week and a half donald stayed in his room that he shared with his wife and cried, mikey and gerard got no sleep and mikey was scared so gerard let him in his attic room. Together there they shared the bed and mikey fell asleep easy snuggling up to gerard he loved him so much and sometimes little 8 year old mikey felt wierd.

Mikey loved gerard but in so many different ways he often thought gerard beautiful and would catch himself staring for so long at him. Whenever gerard would touch him mikey would get shivers up and down his spine and get those goosebumps on his arms and back. It was never enough to just be near him mikey always had to touch him, gerard was so snuggly and warm branding him the name of " Gee bear " from mikey, gerard didn't care though he loved mikey too.

At the end of that week donald finally emerged from his room and decided to do winter cleaning to occupy his mind donna used to do that so he started. Gerard and mikey was outside at this time catching the new fallen snow on their tongues, donald at first started on the dim litted livingroom then moved to the kitchen, he went up the stairs and did the 2nd and 3rd floor also.

He finally got to the attic which served as the 4th floor and went into gerard's room, there he started cleaning sweeping and dusting gerard's dirty floor. Donald then moved to behind the bed and the small bathroom and came back to gerard's book shelf and when he was dusting there one of the spiderman figures fell

revealing donna's pills.

It all came down this time, gerard had on purposely moved his own mother's pills knowing she had to take them everynight to stop the onset of a heart attack. Gee had kept them in his bookshelf to hide them from her knowing she'd never invade the privacy of his room. Donald had always sensed that gerard didn't like his own mother and much less cared about his own father he was just so crazingly obsessed with mikey and was always so nice to him while he despised the other's.

Donald later on addressed the issue at dinner that night and instead of getting denials like donald expected from gerard, gee simply sat across the table from him smiling crookedly being beautified by the candles that illuminated his gorgeous face. That smile stayed there even as donald was calling the police and telling them what his son had done, it even remained when the police came to his house and arrested gerard. Mikey was hysterical as they carried gerard away towards the cop car and put him in it...

But because gerard was only 10 there wasn't much anyone could do he couldn't go to prison and they couldn't kill him, so donald decided to just give him up over to a foster home to be sent to another family instead. Mikey cried and cried standing in the window watching them as they took gerard away, and much to the distress of donald mikey yanked away from him and ran outside falling infront of the cop car yelling

" Please! please! if you take him take me too! ".

Mikey wouldn't stop crying he was just completely out of it the police wanted him to be quiet so they looked to donald for answers. Donald always loved mikey but seen how much of a follower he could be so he told the cops to take him too.

Together mikey and gerard sat in the car snuggled up with eachother, gerard's head leaned over mikey's who sat looking up at him, gee's black hair tickling his eyes. They earned wierd looks from the 2 cop's in the car upfront and the woman in the passenger seat picked up her dispatcher and said:

" I have a little boy and his sister in the car i advise you make room at the foster home their our new children ".

Gerard controlled mikey so much that all he had to do was look at him and mikey knew what to say " He's not a girl he's a boy and he's my brother " mikey replied. Then he suddenly sat up and with 2 of his fingers popped the female cop in the back of the head and he mumbled in his babyish voice:

" Bitch! ".

Harrow here this is the intro of my newest story the movie i told you about doesn't start like that but hey it's my mind so i do what i want. Anyway review kids and tell me what you think i'm doing this all for you bye!.

And this is a picture of our heroes mikey and gerard when they were kids awww!.
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