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" Blushing bunnies, how they roam free ".

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Blushing bunny shy and sweet, lovely bunny cute and unique, Blushing bunny hop this way let me kiss your blushing face. ( Written by me )

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Harrow here thankyou to those who reviewed and to those who just read this update is for you my blushing bunnies enjoy!:

Mikey and gerard was dropped off at the nearby newark police station and there they waited for their new foster mother to pick them up. Mikey sat at a small table in a even smaller chair and played with the position of his glasses, gerard stood some ways away from him near the wall looking at everything but really seeing nothing. Outside rain fell hard and the clouds made everything look so dark the sky was growling and the air was thick with water of it's own. Gerard felt really angry for no apparent reason now he hated his father so damn much the fucking quiter how could he just give them up like that?.

So whenever gerard became upset he became really artsy, so he pulled out a thin and small black notebook and a fountain pen and beganned to draw. Mikey now rested his head on the small table with his back towards gerard, who had took to drawing him like that. Gerard sketched mikey's clothes and his hair that hung down to his shoulders, he also sketched the way his arms were positioned and his legs being crossed at the ankles. Gerard then added a bunny hood ontop of mikey's head one ear straight while the other crooked he called the picture

" Blushing Bunny ".

Mikey heard that gerard had got really quiet so he sat up and turned around, catching gerard putting the notebook down " What cha doing? " mikey asked getting up and coming over to gerard " Drawing ya " gerard replied showing him. " Aww " said mikey looking at it " I'm a bunny " and he hugged him, gerard held mikey to him saying:

" Blushing bunny shy and sweet, lovely bunny cute and unique, Blushing bunny hop this way let me kiss your blushing face ".

" Real nice " said a woman as she came into the small room staring in awe at the hugging brothers. " I am mrs. Nelly your foster mother and by that poem i am surprised to know that you are the boy that purposely killed your mother ". Gerard stared hard at her as he lowered mikey down and stood up, mikey instantly hugged gerard's left hip snuggling under his arm and glaring at her too.

" What can i say? " said gerard " She was a bitch " mrs. nelly then smiled " So your like that huh? " she said, closing the distance between them " I'm a mother so am i a bitch too? " and gerard replied " That depends on how you treat me and my lil brother ". After this mrs. nelly then signed over some documents with the cops and got a bag full of clothes and supplies then took gerard and mikey and put them in her car. When mrs. nelly asked mikey to take the back seat he loudly refused so gerard said that mikey could share the front seat with him instead, mikey agreed.

The car drive was slow and quite boring to gerard, but to mikey he gazed out the window at the night sky and the clouds that suffocated it. The surroundings later changed from the city to the wide open country and the fields became wider and more filled with grass, alot of tree's stood around with empty branches and the area looked like someone had dumped a bucket of marshmallows on the ground, with how thick the snow was.

For hour's gerard and mikey seen no houses, it was just wilderness, after wilderness, after wilderness. But finally a huge house was seen in the distance that had a apparent playground to it, gerard and mikey was both hypnotized by the fields that surrounded the place though and what moved along with the car. A herd of black bunnies were now hopping along with the moving car their ears bouncing along with them, mikey was entranced with how beautifully black they were they reminded him of gerard's hair.

Mrs. nelly suddenly beganned to talk, telling them that they would only remain here for a little while, that ultimately they would be re-adopted by possibly different parents and families thus seperating them forever. She attempted to then go into the rules that applied at this place and with the other kids here, basically that gerard and mikey would have to be nice and share everything with the other children.

But gerard and mikey they weren't listening, instead they were both gathered at the window staring at the pretty bunnies. 2 bunnies stuck out in particular because they were alone and by themselves, while the others hopped together these 2 hopped alone. " That's us mikey " whispered gerard into mikey's ear " All alone in this world seperate from everybody else we walk alone " mikey in complete love and awe, looked up at gerard and asked " But your the bunny that leads my lost soul right? " and gerard kissed him softly and said:

" Right ".

The car now parked into the snow covered driveway parking at gerard and mikey's new home.

Harrow here thankyou everyone for reading this and giving me feedback i love all of you. I put the concept of black bunnies because i have one and they remind me of being so beautifully emo review and read guys okay and until next time bye!.
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