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[//]So what if they seemed pretty friendly? I could turn my cheek and look the other way, but shit, this was a dream!.
Wsh it. Want it.
Feeling stupid as hell, I mentally ran it over in my head.
I could see/ hear everything that was going on. Everything. Like her breath in Gerard's ear,like his small moan of pleasure. Maybe a it too much.
I hate her.
" Gerard?" she whispered. I hated her voice now too. He couldn't even reply.
"Do you mind...Do you mind if I take......a little " she smiled, that bitch, " donation?"
Tracing her finger in circles around hs neck, looking down at him.
Say no for al you're worth,
Totally incoherent, drunk, he agreed. Her mouth lingered for a little while longer on his neck before I saw a glint of white, a scream of shock.
Oh no you don't
Gerard's face was contorted in pain, trying to push her away, but needing her closer. This went on for a while until
" Shhhhhh.... It's all done" She stroked his hair, kissed his cheek,touched the tip of his nose.
But he didn't feel anything , no , cuz he was out cold. She licked the wound a few times, then daintily cut a section of her wrist open with a knife on the table and let some trickle into his mouth. Only a few drops....that couldn't have been enough. Ever.
" Bring the girl" her voice had changed. It was metallic, and commanding .None of the pretty accents it had held before.
Wait, was she talking about me?
I whirled around....right into a pair of green eyes.
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