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Chapter 6

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The Stupid Boy and the Outsider Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

I woke up about halfway between the couch and the floor. It was such a good sleep too. Iwas so comfortable. "Oww," I said sitting up. I looked up and saw Jackie with ashocked look on her face. "Why'd you do that for?"

"Sorry," she apologized. "I didn't expect to see you... so close to me when I woke up. It was an accident." She helped me up apologizing again.

"Don't worry about it. I'm okay." I looked at the couch. How could we both fit on it?Unless... we were cuddling. Awk-ward! "So..." we looked over to each other, neither one of us knew what to say. "You still need those ten things?" I asked.

She groaned and fell back onto the couch. "Yes I do."

"Don't get too excited," I said sarcastically. "I mean, I know I'm one of your best friend and all, but just calm down."

She let out alight laugh and gave me a little push. "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you."

"But..." I asked.

"It just reminds me that I'm a bad friend."

"You're not abad friend. Honestly," I said looking over my shoulder toward her. "I don't know you all that much either."

"What is the world coming to if two best friends are practically strangers?"

"Well," I said getting up to grab the pad of paper and pen they keep by the phone, "let's change that."

I sat on the floor with their coffee table in front of me as I ripped some paper out. "What are you doing?" Jackie asked.

"We're gonna play a game." She sat on the floor placing her arms on the coffee table watching me. "It's gonna be like 20 questions," I started to explain. "Grab another pen. We're gonna write questions on these pieces of paper, crumple them up, and answer them."

"Why don't we just play 20 questions?" She asked like I was crazy. "You're wasting trees."

"To be different." I shrugged. "Oh and we both have to answer them, even our own questions." I handed her some pieces of paper and started writing down some questions.

After a few minutes we were done. We mixed all the pieces of paper together and ended up with what looked like a small pile of trash. I sat there looking at the small pile.

"What's wrong?" Jackie asked me.

"You're right." She looked at me with a what-are-you-talking-about look. "We could have just played 20 questions." She closed her eyes and let out a small chuckle as she shook her head. "I mean we should make this more fun."

"Well, while you think about that I'll look for something to eat." She got up and walked into the kitchen. "It's 6:30." I heard her say in the kitchen. She came out and said, "What are we doing up at 6:30 on a Sunday?"

"Oh crap it's Sunday!" I said jumping up. "I should get ready for church. We'll do this when we get home."

"Yeah, Ishould get ready too since I'm up," Jackie said looking at the outfit that she still had on from last night. I gave her a pat on the shoulder before going out the door.

I walked home and saw that my mom walking into the kitchen. I guess everyone was just waking up.

"Good morning mom," I said.

"Good morning. Did you have fun last night?" She asked as we walked into the kitchen. Irelived the night for her as I ate a bowl of cereal, except for a few things that I don't think sons should share with their parents.

After getting ready we all headed to the church. We sat in the first pew just like every Sunday with some room for the Mathews right next to me. Before the Mathews could get there Kristine and her parents came to the front and asked to sit with us. Mom being the polite person she is told them they could of course, not like I was complaining. I'm not sure where the Mathews sat, but I'm sure they found good seats.

Dad was great as usual, I'm not sure what he was saying since I couldn't concentrate, but he's always great. Why should today be any different? In the middle of service Kristine placed her hand on mine when I placed it between us. I could feel asmile come on my face and I could see a smile on hers when I sent her a little glance. In return I turned my hand palm up and intertwined her hand with mine. We kept it that way the whole time.

I didn't even notice the service was over until I saw my brothers standing up and leaving. When we walked outside it was like any other Sunday, some adults left right away, some with kids some without, others like my parents and the Mathews would stay and talk a little while their kids, if they had them, would play a little. I saw my mom talking with the Mathews' and Koonz's when I felt Kristine's hand intertwined with mine again.

"Hey Jackie,"I heard Nick say.

"Hey, your dad did a great job today," she said.

"Like always,"Kevin said holding Frankie's hand so he wouldn't go running off.

"So what are you guys gonna do today?" Jackie asked us, but I felt Kristine tugging on my hand in the opposite direction. I sent my brothers and Jackie an apologetic smile as I walked away and they continued talking.

"Let's hang out today," Kristine said.

"I kinda had something planned." Which I did, but I kinda wished I didn't.

"Really? Like what?" She asked taking her hand away and crossing it cross her chest.

"I was gonna help Jackie with something."

"Couldn't you do it another time?" She uncrossed her arms to hold one of my hands in both of hers. Her head was tilted to the side and she was giving me puppy dog eyes. How could I say no to that? Jackie had four more days anyway right?

Before I could answer Mrs. Koonz walked up to us. "Hello Joe, it's nice to see you again." She was referring to the night before when I met both of Kristine's parents before I could take her out. "Kristine it's time to go," she said in a motherly voice.

"We were planning to go out, can't I just get a ride with the Jonas'?" Kristine asked still holding my hand.

"No, we have achange of plans and you can't go out today."

"But mom..."Kristine started to say.

"No but's, let's go," Mrs. Koonz said just like every mom out there.

"Fine," she said grudgingly. "I'll talk to you later." She gave me a quick kiss on the lips before following her mom to their car. At least I don't have to bail out on Jackie now.

Two seconds later JD and Jerby were in my face asking questions about last night and that kiss she just gave me. They can be such girls sometimes.

"So man, how'd the date go?" JD asked.

"Yeah, did you get any action?" Jerby asked wiggling his eyebrows. He's such a dork.

"I don't think she wants me to tell you that stuff," I said before walking away.

"Aw come on man, give us something," Jerby said following me toward my brothers.

Out of the three of us Jerby was definitely the least experienced. JD got his first kiss in elementary school during a game of tag and had his first girlfriend in the eighth grade. Kristine was my first kiss as well as my first girlfriend... if she is my girlfriend. As for Jerby... well, I did say he was the least experienced didn't I?

"How you doin'my friend?" JD greeted Kevin. His motto was "Always greet people with a smile."He was definitely a people person. Everyone liked JD and JD liked everyone.

"Hey," Kevin said giving JD one of those hand slap, hand shake things. "So what are you guys doing today?"

"Actually, Jackie and I are doing best friend stuff today," I said swinging my arm around Jackie's shoulders.

"Actually,"she said in a small voice. I looked at her and she had an I'm-sorry look on her face. "Well, it looked like you were gonna hang out with Kristine, so Kevin offered to teach me how to play the guitar."

"Oh." I took my arm back. Why did this upset me? Wasn't I just about to make other plans too? Wasn't I about to bail out on her not 10 minutes ago? Yes, I did, but I didn't make other plans and I didn't bail on her. "I'll just hang out with the guys then."

"If you guys have plans we can do this another time," Kevin said. "It's just guitar lessons."

"No it's alright, Jerby wants to know everything about last night."

I saw Jackie and Kevin share a glance before bursting in laughter. I know they saw Kristine and me making out in the car, but I don't know exactly why they were laughing and still laughing at that.

"What's so funny?" Nick asked.

After their laughter calmed down they just shook their heads and said that it was an inside joke. Why didn't I have any inside jokes with Jackie?

"Is it okay if we all just hang out at your house?" Kevin asked Jackie. He probably just wanted to change the subject.

"Yeah," Jackie said still a little giggley. "It should be fine."

Jerby, JD, Frankie, and I followed Jackie to her house as Kevin and Nick went home to grab our two guitars. Berna joined us later since she and her family don't go to church.

I don't know why, but this whole Kevin and Jackie bonding thing is really getting on my nerves. I should be happy that my best friend and my brother get along. Shouldn't I?

Author's Note: Anyone else notice my love for JD Pardo? No? Okay then. That was chapter 6!
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