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Summer 4th year Revised

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Harry's summer vacation.

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Summer 4th Year,

This is one that's been sitting on my hard drive for a year or so now. This is the secd try at posting… for some reason it didn’t get all up the first time.

I was stuck on my other story and decided to clean this up and post it. Seeing as how it's Harry and Hermione it's obviously OOC.

As always this characters belong to JKR and everyone she's licensed. I'm just having fun and keeping my mind busy. By the way if I get sued don't they have to get me out of debt first?

Part 1

Harry Potter was shocked when a tropical bird flew into his room with a scroll attached to its leg shortly after his arrival at # 4 Privet Drive after finishing his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He'd had his blood used to resurrect the self styled Dark Lord Voldemort, witnessing the death of his fellow competitor in the Triwizard tournament in the process. Now it was time to start his summer of servitude with his mother's sister, her large husband and their even larger son Dudley. The Dursleys were the exact opposite of Harry. Where Harry was magical and friendly the Dursleys were extremely anti-magic and friendly was a never a word used to describe them out of their hearing. Taking the scroll from the bird's leg Harry unrolled to read a letter from his godfather.


Dumbles wanted me to spend the rest of my life cooped up in my old family home in London so I could "Keep an eye on you," Well either he's getting forgetful in his old age or he's gone wack. I left that building and all that it represents when I was 16 and I've never looked back.

I've found a place to live that's more my style and I would like you to join me for the summer. I here by give you my marauders word of honor to have you back on the platform for your fifth year on the first of September if that is your wish. To join me simply grab what you can't live without.

You should probably send your owl to live with that young lady you keep talking about and let her know you are safe an owl would be out of place here. Then tap your wand against this letter. You already know the words to activate it. Once you're here we'll send word to whoever you want to let them know you're safe.


Harry took all of 25 microseconds to make his decision the rest of his time prior to leaving was spent busting open the door on his old room, the cupboard under the stairs, to retrieve his school trunk where his uncle had secured it prior to taking his wife and son out for dinner leaving Harry alone in the house. He told Hedwig, his owl, familiar, and best companion, to fly to Hermione and spend the summer carrying mail for her but not to him unless she deemed it absolutely necessary. A few hoots, finger nips, and owl head butts later Hedwig left carrying a short note Harry had written to Hermione. Leaving Harry standing in his room alone with one hand wrapped around his trunk's handle and holding the letter from his godfather. Harry took his wand in his other hand and tapped the letter saying, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good," Without a sound other than air rushing into the suddenly void space he was gone.

Harry was spinning as he traveled through the ether for so long he was wondering if he would ever stop. This seemed to take far longer than the Portkey trip he'd taken to see the Quidditch world cup with the Weasley's last summer. Finally the spinning stopped and the Portkey deposited him and his trunk in the living room of what appeared to be a small cabin.

"Harry! You made it quicker than I thought you would," Sirius Black said moving from a chair to Harry's side and picking him up easily.

"I didn't want to wait too long. My aunt and uncle were out and I had to break the lock on my old... the storeroom he'd locked my trunk in," Harry said stumbling over where his trunk had been.

"You could have just brought your wand, I'll get you anything else you need."

"I've got some essay's to write before school," Harry said hoping his godfather would understand.

"All right then," Sirius said grabbing Harry's trunk and lugging it while escorting through the living room to a bedroom off the right side setting Harry's trunk down. "This is your room, mine's off the other side of the living room. That way we have a little privacy should we have visitors," Sirius explained then watched as Harry thought his way through that statement finally blushing when he figured out what Sirius meant.

"I ah... don't think I've got much of a need for..."

"You may not today but you'll be fifteen soon and things change."

Harry just nodded noticing how much his godfather had changed. He was no longer the thin gaunt looking individual that Hermione had helped him free from the tower at Hogwarts a year ago. "You're looking good," Harry said.

"I decided shortly after you rescued me that I was no good to you in the shape I was so I've been working out a little. Mostly just swimming and such while eating right," Sirius replied pleased that Harry had noticed the change. "We are a few hours behind England here so you might want to try and stay up as late as you can. It should only take you a few days to adjust. Now is there anyone we need to notify that you're safe?"

"No I sent a short note to Hermione asking her to take care of Hedwig until I get back and mentioned I was traveling but safe," Harry said practically bouncing in place at the thought of spending an entire summer with his godfather.

'Hermione huh, brains and beauty. I wonder how he feels about her. Not tonight but over the next few days I'll sound him out and find out.' Sirius thought then he heard Harry's stomach rumble loudly. "Hungry?" Sirius asked.

"Not really,"

"When was the last time you ate?"

Harry stammered for an instant until he looked at his godfather's hard eyes seeing there was not change of not answering he said, "I have a few snacks on the train from Hogwarts."

"What about at the Dursleys?"

"They went out for dinner."

"Leaving you home alone without bothering to feed you," Sirius countered then noting Harry hung his head at his words Sirius headed for the kitchen thinking, 'I should have done them in when I was in England. First fix Harry up then when he's in school I'm visiting them, then dumbles and I will have a few words and they won't be Happy Christmas.'

Harry followed his godfather into the kitchen to see him fixing sandwiches muggle style. "No magic?" he joked.

"I try to use it as little a possible around here. I've got a ward up to let me know if someone is using magic nearby but if I'm doing magic at the same time the ward can't tell the difference. It won't alarm if the magic is being done inside the cabin by the way," Sirius explained.

"That makes sense," Harry said sitting down to eat.

The next morning he awoke quickly looking around until his brain kicked in and he remembered where he was. Getting up he made his way to the kitchen where he soon had breakfast for two ready. It wasn't long after he started to eat that his godfather drifted in saying, "Harry you are suppose to be on vacation."

"Hey cooking for just the two of us is a vacation," Harry countered a smile on his face that had Sirius thinking of several different ways to torture the Dursleys.

They ate in silence each lost in their own thoughts but as Harry started to was dishes Sirius said, "There's not enough to bother with we will deal with them later go get dressed It's time you got some proper clothes."

Harry smiled and ducked into his room to finish dressing for the day. When he emerged in an oversized t-shirt and dungarees Sirius hid his anger telling himself those would see a fire tonight. "We're going over to the other side of the island. It's more of a tourist area and the shops there should have everything you'll need for the summer, By the way on this Island I'm Paddy Evans. It would be best for you to have an alter-ego also" Sirius explained leading the way as they walked across the small island.

Harry thought as they continued walking the short distance across the island finally saying, "James, James Evans. That way it won't cause too many questions why I'm staying with you. Everyone will just assume we are related."

"Works for me James," Sirius said his mind focusing on the upcoming shopping.

Several hours later Harry was looking at his godfather his expression conveying 'no way am I wearing that'. "Harry we've all ready been over this several times down here you need to dress differently."

"But Sirius. I mean everyone will be able to see everything in those," Harry said glancing at two pair of small Speedo swim trunks his godfather was holding up.

"Harry trust me these are modest suits. You need to get out of the Victorian British mind set you are in."

Sirius won the battle as they both knew he would and over the next several weeks Harry finally agreed the Speedo's were quite comfortable and appropriate.

Back at their Cabin the next morning before breakfast Harry put on the green pair of Speedo's and wrapped a towel around him before following Sirius out the door and down onto the beach. Surprised when Sirius stopped and tossed his towel to the side then began to stretch. "Come on Harry you need this more than I do," Sirius called out encouragingly.

Harry put his towel beside Sirius's and followed his godfather's directions as first they stretched for a good five minutes before running up and down the beach starting in the hard pack by the ocean and doing the final trip in the soft sand further up. When Sirius called a halt Harry bent over gulping for air. "You've got to get in better shape than that," Sirius said before beginning a regiment of his own devising, a combination of Tai chi and martial arts moves finishing it off with a run and dive in to the water followed by a mile swim up and down the shore.

"Bloody hell Sirius are you trying to kill me?" Harry wheezed as he emerged from the water.

Sirius looked over his godson saying, "No trying to get you in shape. Sitting on a broom flying around is not proper exercise for someone who expects to fight. Do you need to take a nap now, little boy?"

Harry looked up at his godfather determination in his eyes, "Bring it on old man. Anything you can do I can do better," Harry replied steel in his voice and eyes.

The next morning Harry slung the towel over his shoulder knowing it was going to be discarded in a matter of moments. By the end of his first week he was pushing his godfather to run faster and at the end of the second week he had mastered the tai chi and martial arts moves. It took until the fourth week before Harry was emerging from the water first. Their mornings spent exercising wasn't the only thing occurring during those weeks. The word spread quickly of a new teenage boy living on the island and before the first week was out most of the girls on the island had made it a point to walk by the Evans cabin during morning exercises. A number of them decided it was worthwhile to pay a visit later in the day with the intent of chatting up Harry. Sirius smile to himself when he noticed the attention Harry was attracting and with subtle comments and guiding discussions over meals and at night he soon noticed Harry coming out of his shell and becoming a confident teenager who knew the difference between boys and girls and was well mannered in his appreciation of females. The parents of the girls quickly noticed the change in their daughter's daily routines and shortly a number of them held their own talks with Sirius who assured them of his godson's proper up bringing. As the first month drew to a close Sirius took a close look at Harry and liked the changes he saw. Harry was now starting to become muscular and was actually experiencing a rather large growth spurt helped along by the potions Sirius was feeding him twice a day. By the end of this summer he would be close to his proper size. Still even with the attention of several young ladies every day Sirius could tell that Harry was still missing his friends from England. Determined to do something special for Harry's fifteenth birthday he listened carefully when his godson talked about his school friends. Then after Harry had gone to bed he thought of what could be done.


Remus Lupin approached the door to the Granger residence on an errand for his school hood running mate. His knock was answered by Hermione Granger a former student of his and a close friend of Harry Potter. "Professor Lupin won't you please come in. Is everything all right?" Hermione asked opening the door fully.

"Everything is fine. Are your folks around?" Remus asked before stepping inside.

"Yes they are just in the den discussing something."

Remus stepped inside allowing Hermione to shut the door behind him while asking, "Would you please ask them to join us I have a few questions to ask everyone."

Hermione looked suspiciously at Remus but did as he asked.

Only moments passed before her parents followed her back in to the entryway. "Mum, Dad I'd like you to me my former Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, Remus Lupin. Professor Lupin my parents," Hermione said formally.

"Pleased to meet you both," Remus said as the Grangers responded with similar sentiments. "I am here at the request of a friend of mine. He was wondering if you would be willing to take a week's vacation at his expense," Remus added.

Hermione's parents looked at each other before her mother Jane asked, "Is there a specific time frame this friend of yours had in mind?"

"Actually he would like it to include July 31st if at all possible."

Jane noticed her daughter perk up at the mention of the date. Obvious it had a special significance to her.

"Would we be traveling alone?" Hermione asked quickly.

Remus smiled at her aware she'd managed to figure things out. "Yes, it would be just your family. Others are shall we say too well connected," Remus replied.

"I don't believe we can reach a decision tonight Professor Lupin. Would it be an imposition to ask you to let us have a day to think this offer over?" Mr. Granger asked.

"Not at all sir and please call me Remus. I would like to request that this be kept between the four of us however. There could be unpleasant complications should certain parties find out," Remus added looking at Hermione during the last sentence.

"I understand and will convey your concerns to my folks," Hermione said.

After a few more minutes of polite conversation Remus left hopeful things would work out.

Once he was gone and they were situated in the den Hermione's parents looked at her asking, "So what's going on?"

Hermione smiled saying, "July 31st is Harry's birthday. I think Remus intends for us to visit him where ever he may be."

"What was that bit about others being too well connected," Her father asked.

"If I read that correctly he was referring to the Weasleys. Both Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are friendly with Professor Dumbledore and Mr. Weasley works for the Ministry of Magic."

"And that is a problem because?"

"When Harry sent me his owl for the summer he mentioned his godfather."

"The escaped killer who really wasn't a killer?" her mother asked trying to remember all she knew about the magical world.

"That's the one. He is a close friend of Remus's and from what I understand Dumbledore is furious that Sirius took off earlier this year. Then Harry disappeared presumably to go to his godfather. Well the Headmaster isn't too happy with either of them."

"Ah so this will be a clandestine trip," Mr. Granger said.

"Very probably," Hermione said.

Jane looked at her husband then at her daughter saying, "Hermione why don't you leave us alone for the night. We'll let you know tomorrow what we've decided."

"Mum It's Harry," Hermione pleaded quietly looking her mother in the eye her own eyes starting to glisten.

"I understand. Now let us talk in private," Jane said watching her daughter leave before closing the door behind her.

"What was that about?" Alan Granger asked his wife.

"That was your daughter telling her mother things you don't want to know," Jane stated.

"We can't go Jane, there is just too much going on at the practice," Alan said.

Jane looked at Alan. He was a good man and a better father than she'd hoped he'd become when she married him still it was obvious he didn't understand his daughter. Perhaps it was due to her only being around for a few months during the summer these last four years but Jane could see how much this 'vacation' meant in her daughter's eyes and she couldn't deny her daughter this request. "Alan would it be possible for one of us to accompany Hermione while the other took care of the practice?" she asked quietly.

He hadn't been married to his wife for this long without being able to realize the look he was getting. He put off answering by pretending to think his way through their schedule while actually trying to come up with a counter argument. Finally he gave up. "Yes it might be possible," He allowed.

"You or me?"

"You, you're her mother I suspect that dad would only mess this up totally," Alan said in defeat.

"You never know old dad might surprise himself," Jane said giving her husband a hug.

"So should we go tell Hermione?"

"No let her think this took a lot longer to decide. That might help us later on," Jane advised.

Then following morning Hermione came down stairs looking at her mother searching for a hint of the decision. Jane thought about playing the cards a little closer to the vest but seeing how nervous Hermione was she decided to be open with her daughter. "It will be just you and I going on vacation this year. Your father feels someone should be working at the practice as we do have patients booked for that time frame," Jane said watching her daughter break into a big smile when she realized she would be visiting Harry on his birthday.

Several days later after notifying Remus Hermione and her mother made their way to Heathrow where Remus met them passing them two tickets and a note. "Why so cloak and dagger?" Mrs. Granger asked.

"It is critical that you are not followed. Your destination would reveal too much to the wrong people," Remus replied keeping an eye on them until their plane left insuring his friends' privacy.

Once they were in the air Jane turned to her daughter asking, "Just how much importance should I give to your desire to spend Harry's birthday with him?"

"Not much Harry is just a friend," Hermione said avoiding her mother's gaze.

"A friend that is a boy."

"He's just a friend who happens to be a boy."

"I will believe that when you look me straight in the eye and tell me that even in the hidden corner of your heart you do not wish that Harry was the reverse of what you just said a boyfriend," Jane said locking her eyes on Hermione only to see her quickly look out the window. "I thought so. So how do you plan to move yourself from friend who is a girl to girlfriend."

"I don't have a plan," Hermione mumbled.

"It's a long flight we'll figure something out," Jane said winking at her daughter causing the girl to break out in giggles. A little surprised at getting such a girlish reaction from her normally studious daughter. 'Just the thought of Harry as a boyfriend has my daughter giggling?' Jane thought watching her daughter compose herself.


Hermione sat in the front of the boat trying to will the boat to the small island it was getting late and she wanted to see Harry. After their long flight from England they'd landed at a large airport changing to a small plane that felt like it was landing almost before it finished taking off. Then they had boarded this small boat with ten others for the trip to their final destination.

Sirius looked at his watch before saying, "Harry I've got a few errands to run on the other side I'll be back later you know the rules."

"Sure you don't need me to help carry anything?"

"Nah, I've got it covered you just enjoy the evening."

"All right," Harry said grabbing a book of the shelf.

Pulling up to the dock Hermione's eyes were busy scanning the crowd looking for a slim dark haired boy. Instead her eyes spotted what she thought was a face she recognized but the body was in far better shape than she'd expected. Getting off the boat he came towards her asking "Hermione?"

"Sirius! Where's Harry?" She said running up to her while her mother was trying to take care of their luggage.

Seeing an older version of Hermione struggling Sirius spoke up, "Mrs. Granger there's no need to worry about that the hotel will take care of your bags," before motioning to one of the bellboys who quickly sprang forward to deal with them.

"You must be the mysterious Mr. Black that invited us down," Mrs. Granger said walking up to Sirius holding out her hand.

"Sirius Black, Madam although for obvious reasons around here I'm known as Paddy Evans and Harry is James Evans. " Sirius said in a very soft voice before continuing normally, "I want to thank you for coming down I am sorry your husband couldn't join us."

Mrs. Granger sighed looking around she knew Alan would enjoy it here. "Perhaps next year," She said smiling.

"Let me know when and I'll make arrangements. Now I thought you might like to spend the rest of today relaxing and getting settled in. I'll come by early tomorrow to pick you up and we'll go meet James," Sirius said.

Hermione was obviously upset at having to wait another minute before seeing Harry but her mother knew things would go better if her daughter wasn't overly tired. "That sounds like a plan. It will give Hermione and I a chance to adjust," Jane Granger said allowing Sirius to escort them to the hotel while she took a quick inventory of what everyone around them was wearing.

Once they were alone in the suite Sirius had booked and paid for Jane looked at her daughter asking, "How can he afford to fly us here and put us up in this suite? When we walked in I noticed the manager came out and checked us in personally even though the front desk people were not busy."

"H...James' godfather is quite rich from what I've read. I suspect this is not a burden for him," Hermione replied.

Mrs. Granger said, "Thanks for telling me now why don't you and I go look around. I suspect tomorrow we'll be spending most of the day on the beach with Paddy and James."

Dinner that night was an hour later in a little eatery overlooking the beach. "Hermione I don't think the swimwear we brought will fit in here," Jane ventured more to see what her daughter thought than for anything else.

"I know what you mean my suit will look like an old maids on that beach," Hermione replied as she thought of the two piece suit she'd brought. I wasn't even a bikini it didn't even come close to anything being worn on the beach outside the eatery's windows.

Getting the reply she wanted Jane looked at her daughter with a big smile replying, "You know what that means! Shopping!"

Hermione chucked at her mother. Unlike her daughter who tended to spend time in bookstores Mrs. Granger enjoyed the art of shopping as she called it. By the time of their return to the suite that night they had visited every store near the hotel that sold swim ware and they both were the proud owners of two new suits each. Along the way they'd picked up several shopping bags full of souvenirs for family and friends.

After a night spent dreaming of Harry Hermione awoke and looked around taking in the opulence of their suite. "Hermione I've ordered breakfast for us so we can just put on our suits and wait for Paddy to call. He said it would be relatively early," Jane called out.

"All right I've got to take a shower then I'll be out," Hermione replied heading for her bathroom.

When Jane heard the shower stop she started a count down in her mind waiting for the explosion. "Mother where is the rest of my gold bikini!!" Hermione bellowed from her bedroom.

"Right there in the package from the store. Both suits were together," Jane replied knowing perfectly well what had turned her normally quiet daughter in to a yelling female.

"But all that's there are thongs! I know I picked out bikini bottoms."

"I might have exchanged them for the thongs before we checked out."

"Mother with the tops you forced me to chose I'm going to look like Lavender on the make," Hermione replied through the closed door to her bedroom.

Jane wasn't quite sure who this Lavender person was but it was obvious her daughter did not hold her in high regard. "Hermione try the gold suit on and come out here. If it is really as bad as you say we'll visit the shop and you can get the other top and bottom," Jane offered.

A few minutes later the door to Hermione's room opened and out walked her daughter in a gold colored thong swimsuit. Jane sat there in shock she'd hadn't realized when they'd looked at the suits that her daughter would be stunning in it but to see her actually wearing it caused her to stop for a moment as she recalibrated her mind to the very obvious fact that her daughter was not the same young lady that had been around last summer. With that accomplished she said, "You're going to need to shave a bit more but otherwise you are dress just like the majority of the young ladies here around your age."

"Shave a bit more? Mother I'm going to have to shave it all," Hermione said waiving at the brown hairs sticking out of the miniscule garment.

"True but tell me that after James sees you in that he will still think of you wearing that Victorian garb that passes for a uniform at your school."

"No now he'll think of me as a tart," Hermione countered.

"I don't think so. He might think of you as a sexy woman but he knows you and I doubt this will change his mind now go finish getting ready to wear that suit. Paddy will be here shortly and you need to be ready to go see James."

It took a little longer than Jane thought but shortly after Hermione finished eating there was a knock at the door and Paddy Evans entered at Jane's reply. "Hermione you are stunning. Harry's on the beach out front off to your left as you exit. Why don't you let me cast the sunscreen charm on you then you can go surprise him and I'll escort your mother down," Sirius said watching Hermione approach. Sirius cast the charm then held the door for Hermione and Her mother. His eyes went wide as Hermione head for the elevator. 'Damn, I can't wait to see what happens when Harry sees her.' Sirius thought.

Jane watched her daughter head for the elevator the sandals she'd gotten yesterday slapping against her feet as she trotted to the elevator taking it down leaving her mother and Sirius to catch the next elevator. Emerging on the ground floor they saw Hermione standing outside looking off to her left trying to find Harry. Unable to spot him right off she started walking to her left looking at the groups of people relaxing on the sand. Her eyes were drawn towards one young man sitting by himself who occasionally glanced towards the hotel as if waiting for someone to emerge. Suddenly he got to his feet and Hermione found herself taking a deep breath. The young man was taller than Harry and he had muscles that accented his frame and the Speedo swimsuit he wore was very nicely filled. He was studying her carefully then his eyes shift suddenly looking behind her. Turning to see what had attracted his attention she saw Sirius and her mother watching her then Sirius pointed in the direction of the young man.

Harry walked over with Sirius after their morning's exercise taking a place on the beach where he could watch the front of the hotel. Occasionally over the last six weeks during their visits to this side of the island Sirius had gone in to talk with somebody always telling Harry to wait outside. Harry spent the time enjoying the various sights on this side of the island including young females in very skimpy bathing attire. His first few days on the beach he'd been so nervous and worried about being caught looking but his godfather had convinced him they would be more insulted if he didn't look. As the summer progressed he discovered most of them were really nice to be around and loved to joke with him. There were only a few that wanted to do more than have a good time or was it their idea of a good time involved skin contact which Harry did not feel comfortable with. The activities they had in mind Harry dreamed about at might now but it wasn't a girl from the island's face he saw in his dreams.

Harry was enjoying the sun while watching a young mother and child come out of the hotel once on the sand the woman put the child down holding the child's small hand in hers while the toddler slowly made their way to the water. Harry was wondering if his mother had done something similar with him before turning and glancing at the door to see if Sirius was done yet. Just outside the hotel stood a goddess in a gold tone barely there swimsuit who was walking in his direction. She was tall, slightly thin but oh so female, and had long brown curly hair. Harry was working his way up to her face wanting to fix the image in his mind, the way she walked, really everything about her was enticing to him. Harry was debating how to approach the goddess when Sirius emerged from the hotel with a woman beside him who looked vague familiar. As he looked at Sirius his eyes were drawn back to the goddess who was standing watching him. Harry suddenly realized the woman with Sirius resembled the goddess and as he really looked at her face for the first time his brain started to put things together.

Hermione looked at the young man again as Sirius pointed then she realized it was a healthy and happy Harry Potter who had been seriously checking her out and was approaching her. When he stopped just out of arms reach Hermione asked, "Harry?"

Harry nodded but said, "James actually."

Hermione quickly took two steps and wrapped her arms around Harry's neck. "I don't care what you call yourself I missed you," Hermione said pulling him in to a hug giving him a short kiss on his cheek feeling Harry's hands wrap around her and hold her close.

Harry held her close enjoying the feelings coursing through him. Something in his mind was screaming 'This is Hermione we are holding like this!'

While another voice in his mind was countering, 'Yes and isn't it great!'

'But she isn't wearing much!'

'And just how is that a bad thing? I don't know of a boy that wouldn't want to be in the position I am now. That includes every male resident of Gryffindor tower that knows the difference between boys and girls!'

He wasn't sure what was going on but he knew that even just holding her made him feel better than anyone or anything ever had and he wasn't about to let go.

"That doesn't look like the young man my daughter described," Jane said.

Sirius smiled his efforts had been noticed. "I've been feeding him special nutrients and I've got him exercising for over an hour every morning."

"It shows."

"Do you think they'll let go of each other soon?" Sirius asked a smile on his face and in his voice at how happy his godson looked.

"I don't think it matters if they do. I have a funny feeling we might be seeing the start of something special," Jane knew her daughter was nuts about Harry from the way she'd talked on the flight down but given what she was witnessing it looked like the feelings were mutual.

Harry surprisingly had kept his hands in appropriate territory. Sirius thought if their places had been reversed he would have at least grabbed one or knowing himself both of Hermione's bare cheeks. Sirius waited for a moment then cleared his throat looking at the two teens who quickly sprang apart. "Hermione what are you doing here?" Harry asked a big grin on his face.

"Let me see whose birthday is it this weekend, yours perhaps?"

"You came all the way here for my birthday?"

"Actually this fine gentleman flew us down here as a present for you," Jane Granger said speaking up.

"Obviously she doesn't know who she's standing next to," Harry teased his godfather.

"James," Sirius cautioned.

"What do you want to do Hermione?" Harry asked not realizing he had not released his grip on Hermione's hands.

Hermione realized that Harry still held her hands and really didn't want that to end. "I don't know whatever you want to do is fine with me. What would you normally be doing at this time?"

"Probably lying on the beach in front of our cabin watching the pretty girls go by," Sirius said speaking up.

"They don't hold a candle to this one," Harry muttered under his breath. Unfortunately or possibly fortunately depending on the point of view Hermione heard him and her mother was able to read his lips.

"Lying on the beach working on a tan sounds like fun," Hermione replied.

Sirius looked at Jane for her agreement and seeing it he said, "Sounds like a plan. Our place is on the other side of the island just follow this path for starters."

Hermione took off down the path expecting Harry to go with her. When she realized she was alone she turned to see her mother approaching her. "You sent Harry into shock when you passed him and he finally realized what you where wearing. Sirius is having a little talk with him right now so I thought you and I could walk slowly and have our own talk."

"I don't know what you mean mother."

"Hermione what would you have done if Harry had grabbed something else instead of wrapping his arms around you?"

"Kissed him on the lips," Hermione said with a smirk.

"I really didn't want to hear that."

"Then don't ask mother. We talked about all this on the way down. There are very few things I'm not ready to do with Harry. For the most part if he's willing so am I."

"Just don't tell your father," Jane said realizing Hermione truly was her daughter.

An hour later Harry and Hermione after a swim in the ocean during which time Hermione noted Harry spent more than one moment appreciating how she looked they were in front of the cabin side by side on a beach towel that was barely big enough for two forcing them into more than occasional touches. "Uh oh," Harry said looking down the beach at two girls who had just came into view.

"Problem?" Hermione asked following his gaze.

A big sigh from Harry precede the comment, "Not really it's just Mary Beth and Joni."

"James you don't sigh like that for no reason."

"I don't know what's going on? They come by here several times a day. Every time they make it a point to stop and talk with me. All the time they are talking they're moving like their suits are itching or something."

'Their itching all right.' Hermione thought then realized Harry had no idea what was going on. Her mother told her that once she decided to make a claim on Harry she'd need to protect it and it looked like it was time even if Harry didn't understand. Hermione made sure she was happily rubbing up against Harry when the girls got close. She could see the shock in their faces before they quickly wiped it off to replace it with a happy face. 'You won't be wearing those happy faces for long girls.' Hermione thought.

"Hi Jimmy who's your friend?" the longhaired blond asked a dumb expression on her face.

"I'm Jane. It's a pleasure to meet you," Hermione said before Harry got a chance smiling up at the girl.

The blond didn't react but her brunette friend asked, "Family?"

"No I'm his girlfriend from school. I finally got a chance to visit," Hermione lied hoping Harry wouldn't mind too much.


"Yes, James and I are close, aren't we?" Hermione said looking at Harry and praying he came up with the right answer.

"Oh yes, Jane and I have been friends for five years now," Harry said.

"It is nice that she was able to visit. We'll be around Jimmy," The blond said as they continued their walk down the beach.

Once they were out of hearing range Harry turned to Hermione saying, "Girlfriend huh?"

"Sorry but I thought you wanted to calm those two down."

"Oh I did I just didn't expect to get a girlfriend in the process."

"You didn't Harry if you want a girlfriend you need to ask her yourself."

Harry would later realize if he'd thought about it at all he would have never asked his next question. "So Miss Granger would you be my girlfriend?" Harry asked quickly.

Hermione couldn't believe her ears but being the smart girl she was she quickly replayed the question in her mind and asked, "Just for the next few days?"

"No actually I was hoping for quite a while, including being my date for whatever is going on at school."

"I'll let you know later for now let's just relax," Hermione replied while quietly thanking her mother for the conversation during their flight here.

After dinner at the cabin Harry and Sirius escorted the two ladies back to their hotel room promising to join them again tomorrow morning. After they'd said their good bye's Jane disappeared into her bedroom while Sirius stepped outside leaving the two teens alone in the suite's common room. Harry bent over slightly placing a lingering kiss on Hermione's lips while holding her close before shutting the door behind him as he left.

"Hermione? Hermione?" Jane asked looking at her stunned daughter having come back into the room when she felt the door shut.

"What oh, Yes mother did you want something?" Hermione replied.

"Just to make sure my daughter was still conscious."

"Ha, Ha, very funny."

"I thought so. Why don't you go take a shower and get that salt off your body and rinse out that suit. You can wear one of the house robes. I don't think we'll be going anywhere tonight."

"All right," Hermione said heading off to her room while her mother retreated to her own shower. Jane needed to think through today's events. When she'd talked with Hermione about Harry she had in her mind the smallish timid boy who she'd met at the train station over the years. The Harry she saw today was anything but that boy. In addition to looks approaching the Athenian ideal for a male Harry possessed a roguish charm that was clearly influenced by his godfather. The fact most of the parents around didn't seem bothered by their daughters flirting with him only reinforced his charm. If he wanted this young man could be the love of her daughter's life. Something Hermione appeared to want if her actions and comments today were any indication. Jane had not missed the way her daughter threw herself into his arms when they'd first spotted each other. Leaving the room she'd been anxious that people were seeing her in a thong but one look at Harry and it was all forgotten. Just a few minutes ago she had quietly watched Harry kiss her daughter goodbye it would have taken a blind man not to notice Hermione was quite willing for him to go further even with her mother in the next room. Jane realized that no matter what her daughter said if Harry wanted in her bed Hermione was not going to stop him.

Morning brought Harry and Sirius to the Granger suite where they joined them for breakfast. "We've got to stop eating room service. It is far too expensive," Jane commented.

"They presented you with a bill?" Sirius asked a touch of something in his voice.

"No I just know it's going to be on the room charges when we check out," Jane said.

"There will be not charges of any type. You are my guests and if the hotel presents you with any type of bill I will be most upset," Sirius stated.

"But..." Jane started to protest only to be interrupted by Sirius.

"You are my guests. End of discussion."

"Thank you. But if you are ever able to visit us you must allow us repay you in kind."

"We will discuss it then," Sirius replied ending the discussion.

Everyone was leaving the hotel but somehow Hermione got ahead of the group accidentally walking by a group of very loud young men. One of whom reached over and groped her.

Hermione spun slapping the young punk's face hard leaving a red handprint behind.

"Hey bitch, what did you do that for?" the punk asked.

"Are you that stupid," Hermione replied.

Sirius and Jane saw the confrontation and started to approach only to see Harry was suddenly in the middle of it.

"Are you all right Jane?" Harry asked looking at Hermione.

"Yes H...James just a little shaken up."

"You should teach that bitch some manners," The punk said playing up to the group he was with.

Harry just took Hermione's hand and started to walk away when the punk grabbed Harry's arm spinning him around saying, "I was speaking to you asshole."

Harry looked at the hand then up at the punk saying, "Release me."

"Or what? I guess I should teach you some manners then teach your bitch."

"James," Hermione cautioned in a nervous tone.

"See the bitch is all ready worried you'll be hurt," The punk added.

"Go see Paddy," Harry said looking at Hermione then turned to the punk saying, "Actually she was worried about you."

The fist flying towards Harry was the Punk's reply. Watching the confrontation in case he had to step in Sirius suddenly growled, "Oh Shit!"

Harry glowed very slightly as he blocked the punch with his left then using a trick he'd picked up from his cousin he threw a right cross towards the punk's temple dropping him like a rock.

Seeing one of their own on the beach out cold with one punch the rest of the group circled Harry intending to rough him up. A few punches later none of which landed on Harry there were three individuals laid out on the ground two out cold and one curled up holding his leg as hotel security approached.

"He attacked us," One of the group still standing yelled pointing to Harry.

"Gentlemen perhaps you should listen to this young lady," Sirius said approaching the security guards while motioning to Hermione.

After talking with Hermione they looked towards Sirius who said, "Noon if possible."

The head security guard nodded before the others rounded up the group insuring they helped up their four friends then herded towards the hotel. All the guests on the beach heard the head guard saying, "There is a noon boat off the island you will be on it."

While they were being escorted off Hermione ran to Harry checking him over then wrapping her arms around him saying, "Thank you I was starting to get scared."

"Hey compared to Draco and his bookends those guys were nothing."

"Still..." Hermione said before kissing on the lips.

A minute later when Hermione released his lips Harry smiled and kissed her back. "Hey come on you two we've got places to go," Sirius said causing them to end the kissing and start walking towards the cabin.

Harry and Hermione were relaxing in front of the cabin stretched out on a blanket while Jane and Sirius where inside making lunch when Jane asked, "Sirius what caused the reaction from you at the hotel earlier?"

Sirius knew if there was one other person who needed to understand what happened a short time ago it was Mrs. Granger. "Have you ever wanted something to show but also feared its arrival?"

"Not really but you've got my curiosity up."

"What you saw this morning was Harry tapping into his magical core."

"But doesn't he do that all the time. I thought Hermione told us that was what she was doing with her wand," Jane said frowning.

"When Harry uses a wand that is true but this time he wasn't using his wand he tapped into his magical core to protect Hermione," Seeing the light of understanding starting to enter her eyes he continued, "When that punk grabbed Hermione and she slapped his face Harry was willing to let her handle it knowing she would object if he interfered. Then the punk did the wrong thing. Harry moved so fast I couldn't follow him and I was watching to see what he'd do. He got between Hermione and the punk blocking the punk's swing with his left then laid him out with a right that caved in the entire side of that punk's face. His friends then started for Harry who dropped into a perfect fighting stance. I don't know where he learned it but when the first friend tried to kick him and Harry caught the foot then smashed the knee with one blow to the side of it leaving the friend with a leg bent forty five degrees to the side when his next punch dropped their biggest guy cold it took the fight out of the rest."

"And when you mentioned anything to hotel security they followed your orders."

"I might have a little influence there," Sirius admitted.

Jane nodded then said, "Go call the kids lunch is ready."


After two glorious days of sun the following day dawned dreary with a small squall predicted for the morning hours. Harry and Sirius dressed in t-shirts and shorts made their way to the hotel before the rain started joining the Grangers in their suite. Jane and Sirius sat in the living room enjoying the comforts of modern living. The two teens had adjourned to Hermione's room leaving the door open. Harry was lying on the bed with Hermione who was wearing a short crop top and shorts. They were talking and Harry had his arm draped over allowing him to pull her closer when they were exchanging kisses. When she took his hand sliding it down to her rear. He smiled and gave it a squeeze prompting Hermione to kiss him yet again. The sound of someone clearing their throat had them rolling apart onto their backs so they could look at the open door where both Sirius and Hermione's mom stood with smiles on their faces. "We thought you two might like to go down and eat lunch in the hotel's restaurant," Sirius said a slight smirk on his face.

"You two will need to keep your hands in acceptable places," Jane said after the elevator door shut.

"Mother where James had his hand was perfectly acceptable to me. In fact I put it there," Hermione said when she saw a smirk on he mother's face.

Jane's face flushed at her daughter's comment before replying, "You both know what I meant."

"Yes we did but James is my boyfriend and I expect him to have his hands where others would not be allowed," Hermione said firmly.

"I believe we both understand that," Sirius said smiling at the young witch.

Harry was looking back and forth between everyone as he realized neither of the adults had a problem with what they were doing. They just wanted them to realize that two different levels of what was appropriate existed.

They entered the small dining space and were surprised to see it was nearly full with lunchtime patrons. As the foursome followed the hostess to an open table overlooking the bay Harry noticed several tables were looking in their direction and nodding towards him. "What's going on?" he whispered to Hermione realizing this was far too much like walking into the Leaky Cauldron.

"I think you're being recognized because of yesterday," She replied.

They'd just sat down when a man from a nearby table stood and approached them as Sirius shifted to protect them the man in a normal speaking voice said, "Forgive me for interrupting your meal but I want all of you to know my family and I appreciate what you did yesterday. That group of individuals was making our vacation unpleasant. Having to check where they were before allowing my wife and daughters to go to the beach or even exit the room was not enjoyable Thank you both."

"James was just protecting his girlfriend. I'm sure if the circumstances had been forced on you as they were on him you would have done the same," Sirius said speaking for everyone.

"You don't know who your son beat up do you."

"A punk who was picking on his girlfriend let's leave it at that," Sirius said shrugging.

"All right by me, thanks again young man," The man said before returning to his seat. As Harry glanced around the room he could see the parents at nearby tables nodding their thanks also.

Lunch passed without any more interruptions the Ladies had salads while Harry and Sirius put away specially seasoned ham and cheese sandwiches with fresh pineapple on dried tomato bread. Causing Harry to comment, "I've never had anything like that before."

"You've never had a ham and cheese sandwich?"

"Actually no, I've had moldy ham sandwiches and dried out cheese sandwiches but nothing that tasted anything like this," Harry replied looking Hermione in the eyes.

Hermione didn't say anything just looked depressed for a moment. When she noticed Harry's attention was elsewhere she looked at Sirius who caught her eye and nodded. She knew that nod meant Sirius was going to deal with the Dursleys later.

Mrs. Granger observed it all filing it away to tell her husband. The more she got to know Harry the more she respected him but her worry also increased when she thought about all the problems he had growing up had to manifest themselves sooner or later. And Her daughter intended to be around him for a long time if the discussion on the flight down had been any indication.

Back in the room Hermione led Harry back to her room as her mother called out, "The door stays fully open."


"Hermione she just wants to keep you safe," Harry said trying to make peace.

"She should know that I will always be safe with you," Hermione said loud enough for everyone to hear.


"Splash!" reached Harry's ears just as his body was telling him he was suddenly cold and wet. Leaping out of bed he turned to the door where Sirius was standing a big smile on his face, "Happy Birthday Harry! Now get dressed we've got some exercising to do."

"Sirius you no good son of a @#$#$ #^$%^ 4$%^$^ &&**&!!" Harry yelled.

"Hey I tried to wake you up twice and all you kept saying was Hermione's name. I figured if I wanted you up it required drastic action."

Once they were out on the beach Harry said, "Sorry I called you those names."

"I think that was a very kind description of my mother. I am normally much more harsh."

"Well you've got to cast a drying charm when we get back I don't think that bed will ever dry otherwise."

"I'll leave it like that and you can tell the younger Jane you don't have anyplace to sleep. I'm sure she has someplace you could bunk," Sirius replied.

"The sofa doesn't look that comfortable in their suite."

"It doesn't but I bet she'll be thinking more along the lines of the other half of her bed," Sirius countered laughing uproariously when Harry turned beet red in embarrassment. "Don't ever change Pup. You know I love you," Sirius added when he caught his breath.

"Glad I could be a source of amusement," Harry replied before drying off and getting dressed for the day before following Sirius out the door heading to the Hotel.

When Harry looked at the sofa as they went entered the suite he started to turn red causing Sirius to start chuckling.

"What's up?" Jane asked.

"N... Nothing," Harry said trying to avoid blushing more.

Jane turned to face Sirius who said, "Harry might have had a shocking wake up call this morning."

"What did you do?" Hermione asked.

"Nothing," Sirius said then as Harry glared at him he added, "Harry might have had a few drops of water hit him while he was sleeping."

"A few drops? Try having a hundred gallons of cold water dropped on you and see how you react," Harry countered.

"Which was it?" Jane Granger asked.

"I might have conjured a block of ice water the size of his bed and a foot thick over his bed and lost control of it," Sirius admitted a big grin on his face.

"Paddy how could you and on his birthday!" Hermione cried out as she entered the room wearing her gold thong suit.

"He wasn't getting up kept muttering something all three times I tried to wake him," Sirius replied earning a warning glare from Harry that he'd said far too much all ready.

"Do I want to know what you were muttering?" she asked looking at Harry who turned beet red and shuffled his feet. If Hermione had looked over to her mother she'd have seen Sirius whispering in her ear causing her mother to cover her mouth to hide the smile that was breaking out.

"So what's the plan for today? Anything special on tap?" Jane Granger asked looking at Sirius.

"Now that would be telling. I can let you know there is nothing planned for the rest of the morning other than swimming and relaxing on the beach in front of our cabin."

"Anyone else expected?" Hermione asked she didn't mind Harry seeing her dressed like this but Ron or most of the other boys from Hogwarts was a totally different story.

"I can answer that one. No it will just be the four of us. As has been said the one's Harry really trusts are here," Sirius said before waiving off any more questions and following the others out.

Jane Granger had fallen back from her daughter and Harry allowing them to get far enough ahead that she wasn't worried about being overheard when she asked Sirius, "Are things going according to your plan?"

"Don't know what you're talking about," Sirius said trying to bluff.

"You did not fool me Paddy. You invited us down here with an ulterior motive. At first I thought it was to get those two together, but then I met the boy and after a few hours I decided it was to give him some companionship and my daughter was the best one being... what did she say we were...."

"A muggle?"

"Yes that is it. Something about the other boy sticking out like a sore thumb."

"He would at that," Sirius agreed with her assessment.

"I think I was right the first time. You are looking for a wife for your godson."

"You came close. The second reason was the real reason you were invited here. However you should know that if you were wizards I would be discussing a marriage contract right now."

"Why are you not? Is my muggle daughter not good enough for your godson?" Jane Granger asked her temper starting to flare.

"Good grief it's not that at all! Lily, Harry's mother, told me that thinks like that just were not done in her world," Sirius said hoping to avoid having to deal with a mother who felt her daughter was being slighted.

"And what exactly does that mean?"

"All right what would you say if I had approached you two days ago asking that you consider entering into a binding marriage contract between our two families for James and Jane? A contract we would announce today."

"I would have told you the same thing I'd tell anyone. No way is anyone but Jane picking her future husband," Jane announced with a determined voice.

"And that's the difference. If I approached a wizarding mother with that proposal she would have informed me that she needed to discuss it with her husband and one of them would get back to me. Then they would talk it out between the two of them. Oh in the majority of cases they would try to find out how the girl in question felt, but it is not be required. Now a day's I would most likely be informed that they would agree to a non-binding contract laying out the dowry and other items should the two decide to wed," Sirius explained.

"When would you tell Harry?"

"Once I had the contract in hand."

"He doesn't get a say in this?" Jane asked shocked.

"He has had his say."


"Every night and every morning the woman in his dreams has a name and it is your daughter. Hers is the only name that escapes my godson's lips when he is asleep."

"Oh," Jane said going silent as her mind processed all this new information. For if this information exchange was going the other way there was only one name that her daughter muttered and it was this boy's.

They walked the rest of way in silence Jane taking her customary seat on the cabin's porch, watching the subjects of their discussion playing in the water and relaxing on the sand. Finally she turned to Sirius asking, "Paddy when do you plan on sending James back?"

"I was thinking August 29th. It would give him a day to get his school robes and stuff before having to board the train," Sirius replied fighting the urge to ask, 'What are you thinking.'

"Would you be willing to send him a little earlier?"

"How much earlier are we talking?"

Jane consulted the calendar she pulled from her purse before replying, "At least a week possible more like ten days."

"What do you have in mind?"

"There is a fancy hospital dance that we attend every year. This year it is on August 28th and I was thinking Jane and James might like to attend. She didn't get to dance with him at the ball they had at school and I suspect it might further your goals if they attended," Jane said with a smile.

"Why not have him arrive on the 27th?"

"This is a formal dance. He needs to be fitted for a tux and doing that properly will take a few days. Not to mention his need for at least a day of haircuts, nail care, and such."

"If you get him to agree I'm willing. Heck I'll even foot the bill for him. What about your daughter?"

"As you say if they agree she will start her preparations when we arrive back home. I figure at least three days hunting for a dress probably more. Then she will need to visit the beauty salon and well you just don't want to know I figure it will take at least two weeks for her to get ready."

"Glad I was never a girl."

"Oh it has its upside," Jane said with a smile.

"So how do we get them to agree? We've only got one day left before you have to leave."

"Leave that to me. I hinted about this to Jane last night and she is quite willing. I think the winning point was that Harry would need to stay in the muggle world until picking up his school stuff on the 31st."

"You have a place in mind?" Sirius asked knowing this had all been worked out in advance.

"Two options actually. There is a hotel in town that he can stay at, Our relatives have used it over the years when they didn't want to inconvenience us or he could stay with us we do have a guest room that would be perfect. He would be close and Alan, my husband, could help him if he need any assistance getting into a tux."

"They are two fifteen year olds. Do you think that is safe?"

"Let me tell you a story," Jane said before launching a story about how her and Alan Granger fell in love at thirteen that took so long she had to finish it after lunch.

When she was done Sirius looked out at the ocean and the two teens playing in it for a while before saying, "You are right it is a good idea just be upfront with James. He has been manipulated too often in his young life. I don't mean you have to tell him everything right now but let him know it will be all right before you allow anything to happen."

By noon the next day plans were in place for Harry to leave in the middle of August and spend the remainder of his summer with the Grangers.
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