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The Survivor

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Vampires. Madness. Death. Love.

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“You felt it didn't you?” I ask quietly.
I can see the man shaking. He knows it's true...but he wont admit it...poor soul.

“Y-you don't know what you're talking about! I didn't feel anything! You must be done in the head!HAH! Y-You're asking silly questions! In fact...that's the kind of thing I would do...Who are you? Who am I? You must be me...but that must mean I'm not me and...”

The person sitting next to me lets out a shrill laugh. Did I say laugh? Well...actually, I can't tell if they are laughing or crying. Kind of a hysterical sob I guess.

Sign one of Getting bitten by her...


He looks at the floor and shakes like crazy...


He swallows.

“You're right...I did feel it...”

What? He's agreeing with me? But that means...He might be able to be saved.
I have to bring him back to reality.

“It felt good didn't it?”

He turns pale.


I watch as he throws up all over the floor. Down the grates in the floor and on it's way to the sewerage pipes.
“The...the feeling of my blood flowing from my neck...”
More sick enters the grates.
“So good... I want to bleed again”.

“yes... If I bleed then the pain will stop! Yes..HAH! IT”LL all be OKAY!!!!”

Damn...He's on stage two...


He gets up and runs over to the nearest wall. Smashing into it.

Thank god these cells are padded.

He smiles and walks back to me. He takes a run up and hits the wall again. Even with this padding he'll still have a hefty bruise.

If he survives that is...

...After a few minute of repeatedly slamming into walls, he finally falls down.

“Hey, You okay mate?”

No answer. Damn.

I'll have to tell Jake to install more cushioning.

I bring out my walkie talkie.

“Hey Jake...Yeah...Didn't even make it past stage”

“Where are you going?”

The man is alive. He gets up and starts running after something in the air....But there isn't anything there.

He must be on stage three...


“Jake, He's alive, He just got up...yeah...i don't think he'll last long...won't hurt to check...yep”
I end my conversation and get back to watching the man.

He is still chasing the imaginary thing.

“Hey Mate, what are you chasing?”

“It's a bird!”
He smiles at me like a little child that has just been promised a lollipop.

“Do you want to help me catch it on my magic carpet?”

“No thanks mate, I'll sit right here thanks”.

He walks over to where his magic carpet supposedly is and sits down.

“There's a snake on your neck sir!!”

He lunges forward at me with his arms outreached to strangle me.

I nimbly step out of the way and he runs past me with his arms still out stretched.

“I have it!I have it!”

He stands there and struggles with an imaginary snake.

He grunts as it seems to be winning.

“Sir it's got me!Help!”

He sinks to his knees while clutching his neck.


With his last breath he strangles himself.

...The end.

I walk over to him and search his pockets.

A handkerchief, a fifty cent coin, a mobile...Ah yes...just what I was looking for.
His wallet.

Inside is a picture of his family. I check his drivers license to find his address.

That is all I need. I reach inside my jacket and pull out a blood red rose and place it on his chest.

“ Heavenly father, accept him into your kingdom. No matter what he has done. Forgive him of his sins. He is your son just as everyone else. Thank you lord. Amen”

That's it. I'm done here.

I reach for my walkie talkie.

“Jake...yeah...strangled himself...yep...don't worry I'll get the cleaners...see ya...”

I move towards the door and push the button on the speaker.

“Jake send in the cleaners...Tell Jake that he was right...”

The door opens and I walk out into the dimly lit hallway. I walk towards the lift at the end.
The door of the lift opens and I watch the cleaners exit.

“Room three one four”.

I enter the lift.

The sweet female voice enters through the speakers.

“What floor would you like to go to?”
“Ground floor Code four one six seven”.

I feel the lift go steadily up. There is no music in these elevators. They are dirty, moldy, dark, they smell of corpses and they are stained with haunting memories.

Just like the rest of this god forsaken place.

“Thank you for your patience. We are now at the ground level. I hope you have enjoyed your stay at...”

I don't wait to hear the rest of the message. I just want to go home.

I walk briskly to the entrance. Well, I don't usually think of it as an entrance. I only ever want to use I as an exit...

I break into a run towards the doors. I need to leave. I need to get out of this place!

I stop.
I whisper to my self
“Stop. The purpose of this place is to drive you mad. You need to focus. You're not beaten yet”

I walk calmly to the exit.

As I step through the doors I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my chest.

I let out a long breath of air that I didn't realize I was holding in.

I bring out the man's drivers license.

' 27 Millbrooke lane' Great. That's only a few minutes walk away from here.

I put the license back int my pocket and walk towards Millbrooke lane.

As I walk I look at my surroundings with a feeling of grief. Notices are every where.

They all say the same thing.


All missing. No one knows where they are.

Except me that is.

I walk down Millbrooke lane to number twenty seven.

It is a small house. He was probably the sort of person who worked for the bread on his table.

I knock lightly on the door.

After a few moments a little girl answers.


She stops shouting and looks at me. After a few seconds she bursts into tears.

A middle aged woman comes to the door and puts her hands on her daughters shoulders.
Her eyes are red and swollen.

“What do you want?” She asks sharply.

I look at her in pity. She winces at the feeling.

“Ma'am, I am sorry to inform you that your husband is no longer with us”.

Her face freezes. She blinks and her stare turns cold.

“Go back inside Emily” she whispers.
The little girl runs back inside.

“You're not a police man. Who are you and what do you want?”
I clear my throat.


I repeat myself ignoring her.

“Miss... It does not matter my occupation. Nor my appearance. All you need to know is that I watched him die. There is nothing else to say”.

With that I reach into my pocket and draw out a black rose.

“I wish you a Good night Ma'am.”

I hand all of his possessions to her along with the rose.

“This is for the future and the past. Never forget this night.”

I hand her a small wooden box.

She opens it and gazes at the wads of cash inside it.

I watch as she looks up in surprise. But I am already gone. I am already down the path and onto the street. I hear her break down and cry for her husband.

But I've done all I can.

I let out a long sigh and head towards my apartment.

I hate my job.
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