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Carrots and Fires

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Well then, i must say that the carrot chose the door!

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I sit on my windowsill and stare out into the night. I listen to the police and ambulance sirens. I listen to the screams of unsuspecting knifing victims. I listen to the cry of babies unable to sleep with the noise.

I don't want to listen to anything anymore . But I have to. There is no escaping the sound. After all, I don't even have the glass for my window!

I chuckle lightly remembering the night I “Lost the glass”. I had had a good laugh at the neighbor's faces.

I hear footsteps below my window. I run to my bed and lie down, pretending to be asleep.

There is a lot of loud scuffling outside on the bricks as someone or something tries to climb the wall.
I have a better plan and I stand up facing the window with my hands folded neatly behind my back.

After a little while of cursing and scuffling I see a hand come up from the window. Another hand slowly makes it's way up and grabs the side.

I watch as a teenage girl lifts herself into my room. She flips over the window sill and lands on the hard wood floors with a loud and painful thump.

I watch her cringe with pain.

“...You're not very good at this are you?”

She looks up at me and glares.

“And you could've done better?”

“Well, not meaning to overly brag but yes, I could have done better then you. But then again so could a small but energetic carrot. Now if it was me, or the carrot for that matter, we would have at least considered, the widely open, oiled, invitingly easy to open door. Seeing as the land lord goes to bed at only seven o clock. It would have been a bit more practical and sensible.”

“whatever the best way is, I'm not going back out that window to re do anything .”

“ I never said you had to go back out the window, you just need to go out the door and re-enter.”

She gets up, brushes herself off and heads out the door. Only to enter a few moments later.

She opens her arms in a happy form of welcome and smiles warmly.

“Awfully sorry, But I'm here to rob you. So if you'll excuse me-”


“What? Are you opposing the fact the I'm going to rob you?”

“ yes I am! I'm not going to let you! Therefore you're a liar!”
She looks at me in disbelief. Then she looks at the floor and smiles.

“Okay, you asked for it. This is gonna freak you out of your skull. You're gonna be so scared you're gonna wet your pants. You'll regret ever annoying me!”

She clenches her fists and smiles even wider.

Her fists start glowing. Like they are on fire.

Suddenly the entire room bursts into flames. This is So Not good.

“You idiot!!! I'm renting this apartment!!! Help me put it out!”
I run to the kitchen and grab a jug of water. When I return she's still standing there looking dumb struck.

“wait, so you're not scared?”

“The only thing I'm scared of right now is what the land lord is gonna say to me when he sees this mess”

After countless jugs of water the fire was finally put out.
I sat down on my charred bed.

“Well? Go ahead and rob me then! I do believe there may be half a pillow you might be able to salvage”.

“Sorry about all of this”

“Hey, no problem, it's my day off tomorrow so I'm in a good mood, I'll let it swing”

I give the biggest cheesiest grin ever. I love my days off.

“Heh, you must hate your job if your days off are good enough to forgive this!”

“Like you wouldn't believe...”

I lean backwards and sigh.
I feel a loud growl coming from my stomach. Then there is a sharp pain in my throat. Damn! Did it have to come at this time???


I shove her out the charred door and slam it, only to have he door fall of its hinges.

“Hey what's going on?” She says stepping back inside.

“Go Away! This is not a good time!”

“It was a good time a few seconds ago!”

I grab her around the waist and start dragging her.

“Hey whats the big idea????”

I drag her over to the window and throw her out. I didn't even have time to listen to her scream the entire six stories.
I ran over the the radiator to retrieve a jar with warm blood in it. I cover the tops of the jars with cow skin so it feels like I'm biting through skin. I insert my teeth and start to suck. I feel like a baby with a bottle. It's kind of sad really.

I finish the bottle quickly. The pain in my throat is gone.

A though occurs to me.

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