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You'll Never Guess...

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Rated R: For course language, nudity, some sexuality in later chapters, and violence. Motley Crue team up with a group on ecentric young teentage girls who only have rock on the mind. But can Mo...

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"Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe sex, I don't know..."

The band was down in their basement they used to practise in. Jessi was busy singing one the songs she had written, with Chloe playing the drum beats and Olive playing the rythem on bass. Fang went into town, since the song required no guitar at all. To be honest, she felt a little upset.

Suddenly, the door burst open and Fang dashed down the rotting wood staircase, around the corner, and into the room. She was rushing so much that she couldn't stop quick enough and ran past Jessi and ran right into Chloe's drum kit, flying over the bass drum and knocking Chloe right off her stool.

Fang sat up and shook her head and proceeded to help Chloe up. "Wow, sorry chicka. You guys, you won't believe this!" The rest of the girls turned to look at the hopping form infront of them.
Olive stepped infront of her and placed her hand on Fang's shoulder. When Fang settled her bouncing down to a minimum, Olive raised her hand and slapped her clean across the face.

Holding her cheek, Fang gathered herself up off the floor a second time. She nodded up at Olive and gave a wide goofy smile. "New leather gloves?" Olive just smirked.
"So, what's up Kiba chan?" Jessi asked.

Jessi was always into Japanese culture. When it came to music, she only listened to J-pop and J-rock. Although, Olive and Chloe never really learned that Kiba was Fang, in Japanese.

"Okay, You'll never guess what happened!" Fang started, trying to stay calm. All other three just kept looking at her, waiting for her to continue. She sighed.
"Alright, I went into town, and I was doing my usual stuff, ya know? But I was feeling a little upset -don't ask why- and I was sitting on a bench there, right, playing my guitar. And guess what!" They kept staring at her. "WHAT?" They all yelled in unison. "I met fucking Vince Neil right!" The three gasped and continued listening. "So he was sat down next to me, and I was playing some of those Motley tunes I've been practising and he was sitting there singing to them." A moment of silence. Fang shook her head. "So anyway, when we finished, he looked at me and asked if I was in a band already?"

Suddenly, Jessi jumped from the line of three girls and hugged Fang tightly around the neck. "No Kiba chan! You can't leave us! Even if it is your idol band! We need you here!" Jessi rubbed her face into Fang's shoulder, crying fake tears to make Fang feel bad. Fang just gently pushed her away and smile agian. "No no no, keep listening Jessi." She said calmly. "So anyway," She continued. "He asked if I was in a band already? I said 'yes, I have a small rock band. Then he asked if we were big yet? I told him 'No. We're still a club band. Everybody in town knows us, but we're no famous or anything.' So get this!" Another moment of silence as the three leaned in closer and Fang bit her lip. She shook slightly and then burst out, "HE ASKED IF WE WANTED TO TOUR WITH THEM!" Suddenly, Fang, Olive, and Chloe all huddled together in hugs and screams.

While they jumped around, Jessi just looked confused. "Oh my fucking god! I can't believe it!" Chloe screeched. "Hells yeah! How can we not say yes to this!" Olive yelped nafter. "I know! Luck is finally on our side for once! This is our chance! I can feel it!" They all gave one last screech before they stopped suddenly. They all tunred slowly and looked at Jessi, who still had an unsure look on her face.

As quick as a flash, Fang, Olive, and Chloe, all dropped to their knees and begged in unison, "Please please please Jessi! Please, can we tour with Motley!" Then they started with the seperate bargains. "It'll finally put us on the map!" Olive. "We'll finally be geting some money in!" Chloe. "I've always dreamed of this day!" Fang. Fang then got up from her knees and used her secret weapon on her. She made her eyes just barely water in the corners and she held her hands tightly together. "Pwease Jessi niichan." Fight fire with fire, Fang always said.

Jessi sighed and shook her head. "Alright." The three other girls screeched and hugged and jumped again. All screaming the same thing, "WE'RE GOING ON TOUR! WE'RE GOING ON TOUR!"
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