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Seperation Anxiaty

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What do you do when you're forced to face your greatest fear? You go in and face it head on!

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It was 4:08 PM as the girls were standing on corner of Sunset Boulevard. They all stood in a circle, hands joined together, waiting for their new life to come barreling down the street. For lack of better conversation, they were all talking about what their theme song would be if they had one.

"Mine would definately be Find Myself, by Motley!" Fang said cheerfully. Chloe and Olive looked at her skeptically. "Why's that Fang?" Chloe asked. Fang just gave that stupid smile again and said, "Because, the lyrics fallow me perfectly!" Chloe and Olive cocked an eyebrow, but shook their head and continued until the heard a loud rumble of engines come up over the paved hill.
They looked up and saw the four huge black busses that had stopped infront of them. They all stared in awe as an older looking man stepped out from the first one and slowly waslked towards them.

"Hello girls. I'm Doc McGee. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of me.” He chuckled in amusment at himself. He then scowled as all four girls slowly shook their heads. “Hmm. Well anyway, I’m the maneger of Motley Crue. By what Vince has told me though, you don’t have any manegement. Or a label as a matter of fact.” They slowly shook their heads again. “Well, we’ll have to do something about that.” He smirked. “I am willing to put you girls under my temporary manegement!”

The girls were completely silent, exsept for one very faint, “Cool?” Doc humphed to himself and pulled out a clipboard. “Ahem, now then. There are four of you, and for Motley. Since you’re not big enough yet to get your own tour bus, each one of you will seperately be riding in one of the guy’s busses.” The girls contained themselves long enough to hear the names being read out. To be honest, they each seemed to be in their own state of shock.

Doc mumbled to himself for a moment, flipping thorugh each paper on the board. “Let’s see. Stage names? Alright then. Chloe?” Chloe slowly stepped forward from the line up. “You’ll be riding with Tommy. That’s would be that bus over there.” He pointed to the thrid bus in the convoy. “Grab your bags and climb aboard.” Chloe swallowed slowly, gave each of her bandmates a weak hug, grabbed her bags, and climbed onto the bus. The remaining of the girls sighed slowly.

“Alright. Olive Fingers.” Olive stepped foward. “Alright, you’ll be traveling with Sixx. Grab your bags and get onto the first bus.” Fallowing Chloe’s fashion, she hugged the other two girls, grabbed her bags, and hopped onto her bus with a bit more confidense. From the door of the bus though, she looked back, and being a smartass, she did a wide wasve and yelled back, “Here we go guys!” And did a little skip into the rest of the bus.

While Doc worked through the rest of the papers, Fang and Jessi were holding hands and whispering to eachother. “I’m so nervous onisan.” Fang said. “Don’t worry Kiba chan, this is what you wanted right. I mean, you were excited a second ago.” “It’s not that.” “Then what is it?” “I’m worried about this bus thing.” “Huh?” “Now there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be riding with Mick Mars!” “I thought you’d love that. I mean, he’s your idol!” “That’s the thing. I idolise hime. What happens if I embarress myself infront of him? What if I offend him!” “I wouldn’t worry Kiba chan. Just be yourself! I’m sure he’ll like you just fine.” Fang gave a weak smile. “Thanks onisan.”

“Sisongo Soten.” Jessi steppr foward, letting her hand slip out of Fang’s grasp. Doc checked something off the board. “Alright, you’re riding with...” He looked over the sheet. Jessi looked back and saw Fang holding her breath and biting her lip so hard, she saw the small line of blood running down her chin. She gave a small nod and smile and Fang suddenly relaxed. The mentla bond they shared never ceased to amaze either of them. “Vince Neil. Grab you bags and it’s the second bus.” Jessi nodded, gave Fang one last tight hug. Fang handed her her bags and helped onto the bus. Jessi was the shortest in the band after all.

“So then, Fang.” Fang nodded. Doc smiled at her. “That means you’ll be riding with Mick. Grab you bags and climb on the last bus. Fang got suddenly pale, but she picked up her backpack and guitar case and headed for the last bus. It looked the same as the other three. Tall, long, and black, with a chrome fender and red tinted headlights. It said the name of the band member using it, but on the side of this one, under the big bold white letters that said ‘Mick Mars’ is said in poorly spray painted yello letters, “PIMP”. Fang smiled to herself and slowly climbed the steps to the bus. Today, their life finally starts.
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