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Nice to Meet You

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The guys and the gals finally meet.

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The busses were roaring down the streets of LA. Each of the girls sat on their individual busses. They each had their cell phones out and formed a four way chat. They just couldn't stand to be apart from eachother any more than ten minutes at a time.

Olive: So, do any of you gals see any of the guys on your bus?
Jessi: I don't even know who I'm looking for!
Chloe: A guy with blonde hair and a beard.
Jessi: Ohh. silence Nope. There's nobody here exsept me.
Chloe: You too? I'm the only one on this bus too.
Fang: Are you serious? Nobody has any of the guys with them?
Olive: Well, I've got that creepy old guy with me.
Chloe: But that's it?
Olive: That's it.
Fang: Huh, and here I was freaking out.
Chloe: But, I thought he said I'd be riding with Tommy Lee?
Olive: Hmm, this does seem a little odd, Why would they tell us we're not getting our own busses, yet we're each sitting in our own empty bus?
Chloe: Who knows.
Jessi: Whoa, what's going on!

Looking out the window, each girl noticed the busses heading seperate ways at an intersection. Bus 2 went left, bus 4 went right, while busses 1 and 3 kept going forward.

Fang: Olive, you got Doc on your bus! Ask him what the fuck is going on!
Olive: Alright! Alright! silence ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
Jessi: Eep!
Fang: Gackt!
Chloe: Olive! Stop yelling! What'd he say?
Olive: We gotta go pick them up... ARE YOU SERIOUS?
Chloe: Olive! You're hurting our ears! Stop screaming!
Olive: Grr...
Chloe: So wait, we actually get to see their houses?
Jessi: You might, I can't see a damn thing out of these tinted windows!
Fang: At least yours is just tinted, mine have been completely spray painted over.
Chloe: Really?
Fang: Yeah. And it's really dark. No light in, no light out.
Chloe: Hmm.
Olive: Oof.
Jessi: What's wrong Olive?
Olive: I think we stopped moving.
Fang: Olive, you can see out your windows, ne?
Olive: Yeah. They're tinted too, but not as extreme as what you guys have been saying.
Fang: Okay, what do you see?
Olive: I don't know. It's just this... big white house?
Chloe: Hey, we've stopped too!
Jessi: Can you see anything.
Chloe: Yeah, My windows arn't tinted at all.
Fang: Cool! what do you see?
Chloe: Hmm... I see, a big white mansion.
Fang: ... wow.
Chloe: Hey! I can see Olive! She's just a couple houses down!
Olive: Hey, yeah. I can see you too!
Jessi: Well, that's a little awkward.
Fang: Huh, maybe they really do need to just pick them up?
Jessi: What do you mean Kiba chan?
Fang: Well, I had heard somewhere that Nikki and Tommy only lived a few doors down from eachother. Ever since the second time Nikki OD'd and died for over five minutes, Tommy got all paranoid and moved. I didn't actually think he'd stay there though.
Olive: Oh yeah. He stayed. Why would he want to move again when one, they're as close as brothers, it seems like it'd be nice to hang out every day. And two, you never know, Nikki might've relapsed at any day.
Chloe: True.
Jessi: Ugh!
Fang: You alright Jes?
Jessi: Yeah, the stop was a little rough, that's all.
Fang: Well, as long as you're alright.
Chloe: How come you never care this much about me.
Fang: For one, you're not my sister, and two, I do care this much about you!
Chloe: Hmm.
Olive: Oh. My. God!
Fang: What! What's wrong?
Olive: It's... It's f-fu-fucking...
Male voice: Hey kid. What's happening?
Chloe: Oh my god! I recognise that voice!
Fang: It's...
Nikki:Yeah, sorry you guys had to wait for us to be picked up. It takes a while for guys like us to pack you know.
Olive: Got to go! click
Fang: What the--
Chloe: AHHH!!!
Jessi: Chloe, what's up?
Tommy: Hey fuckers! Woooo!
Chloe: click
Fang: Guys? Hello?
Jessi: Um, Kiba chan. You know that guy with blonde hair and the beard?
Fang: Yeah?
Jessi: Well, I think this is him.
Vince: Hey! You must be the singer Fang was talking about?
Jessi: Yeah. Bye Kiba chan! click
Fang: Are you fucking serious?

Fang slowly closed her phone and sat back in the black leather couch bolted to the wall of the bus. Everybody seemed to have their guys with them. She had been traveling for twenty minutes already, and haven't come to a stop at all. "Hm, I wonder if we've been running red lights at all?" She sat waiting and waiting. She had been traveling for a good thirty-five minutes before the bus finally stopped. She stood up slowly and opened the door seperating the driver from the rest of the bus.

"Hey! You're not aloud up here." The young man stated. Fang just kept looking out the windshield window. "Oh relax! I just wanted to see where we are." She looked out over the white picket fence, over the rolling grassy hills, to and 5,500 square foot brick house. She stared in awe at it. "Oh wow." she whispered to herself.

'I'm a loaner, I'm a loser, I'm a winner, In my mind...' Fang heard her phone ringing. She pulled it off her belt and looked at the screen as it contiued ringing. 'I'm a bad one, I'm a good one, I'm a sick one, with a smile...' She flipped it open and read the text message Chloe had sent her. "What the-?" She looked at the picture Chloe had sent her. In the center of the screen was a picture of Tommy Lee holding Chloe bridal style with one arm looped around his shoulders and her other arm stretched out to take the picture. Fang mentally chuckled to herself. "What a bitch."

"So, where's the brat?" Fang spun around to see where the new voice was coming from. She took one look and almost dropped dead.

Slowly climbing the steps of the bus, long black jaket, leather pants, platform boots and all, was the man Fang had idolised ever since Fang picked up a guitar. "Mick Mars..." She whispered. He turned to face her. He slowly walked up to her and held out his hand. "So, you're my new aprentice I assume?" Fang stared dumbly at him and slowly nodded her head. "Perfect."

Doc's voice was heard from the C.B radio at the front of the bus. "Alright, if everybody's here and accounted for, let's head on out." Then Tommy could be heard from the radio screaming. "Whooooooooo! Yeah baby!" Mick sighed and rolled his eyes and slowly walked down to the other end of the bus. "Who the hell let Tommy into the front of his bus?"

Fang just stared a little longer, completely in shock. 'Bet I'll be up all night, still cleaning this gun.' She was snapped out of her thoughts by her phone ringing again. She flipped it open and read the simple text message Olive sent her. "Bow chicka bow wow..." She flipped the bus rolling past them as Olive was sticking her head out the window and laughing hysterically.

The driver at the front yelled out, "Alright, let's get rolling then!" He shut the door and the busses rolled off down the road to their first venue.

Alright peoples. Starting my first day of highschool tomorrow. So please don't exspect anything to be updated anytime soon. Oh, and to my dear friend Chloe, I exspect to see even a little progress when I do come back online. (god knows when that'll be) alright. I will update soon though! I should get a couple things up withing the next month. Or at least I'll try! Thank you all for understanding. You've all been really great!
Sincerly; You're Dirt Bag Lover,
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