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Random conversations and high tension...

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With each girl on a boy's bus, they all headed for their first destination. As if anyone really knew where they were going though. All four girls, Cell phones open and on speaker phone, talking a four way with eachother again.

Jessi: On the road again! I can't wait to get on the road again!
Olive: Please, Fang, make her stop.
Fang: Jessi, hush.
Jessi: Sorry.
Fang: It's fine.
Olive: Chloe, you're being awful quite.
Chloe: Hehehe, Tommy, stop!
Jessi: What the...?
Fang: Grr
Nikki: can be heard mumbling something in the background
Olive: Hehe, umm, I have to go. click
Fang: Oh Jesus Christ!
Jessi: What Kiba chan?
Fang: Don't ask.
Chloe: So, what's it like being alone in a bus with your idol/crush?

Fang suddenly leaned foward, desperately holding her phone tightly against her stomach in an attempt to muffled the speaker. She looked back and saw that Mick was already in the back in his bunk. He heard nothing. Fang sighed and turned the speaker phone off, then bringing the phone up to here ear.

Fang: Would you shut your face!
Chloe: What? I asked a ligitamet question.
Fang: Two words: SPEAKER-PHONE!
Chloe: So. He's going to find out sooner or later.
Fang: Oh. You think you'd have a sudden burst of courage and tell him something like that. Infront of me? hmm?
Chloe: No, of course not! I'd never do something like that.
Jessi: But you're going to say and do something that's going to give you away.
Fang: Jessi!
Jessi: Sorry Kiba chan. But it is true.
Fang: Hmm.

The back door of the bus slowly creaked open and Mick slowly walked out, turning to sit on the small couch bolted to the wall.

Fang: Hey, I gotta go. Bye guys.

Fang slowly closed her phone and clipped it back onto her belt. Slowly, she stood up and sat down on the completely opposite end of the couch. Mick was relaxed, reading a book. Fang just stared foward out the window and watched the rolling horizon fly by.
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