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Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

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Fang has an outburst, Jessi can't take it anymore. And it's only day one.

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"Well, we suck!" Fang shouted as her and the rest of her band rushed off the stage from the barage of food and drinks being whipped at them as Motley Crue rushed on to calm the crowd down and play their set.

"Oh come on, we couldn't have been that bad." Chloe said, trying to be as positive as possible.
"They were throwing fucking potatoes at us." Olive calmly stated. Not really wanting to yell at the older bandmate.
Fang sighed. "I knew this would happen." She mumbled as she was dragging a half consious singer off the side of the stage.
"What do we do now?" Chloe said with a worried tone in her voice. Fang just sighed again. "We wait." 'And see if they'll give us a second chance.'

Two hours later, they were all gathered in a small hotel room. Olive, Chloe, Jessi, and Fang were sitting slightly huntched on one side of the room, while Nikki, Mick, Tommy and Vince sat on the other side, with dissapointed looks on their faces.

"Well," Nikki started. "You fucked up."
"Wow, that was real subtle." Chloe whispered to the girls around her. "What was that?" Nikki said strongly, but not really raising his voice. "Nothing sir." She replied.
Nikki rubbed his face with both hands, and then carefully studied each female one by one.

He looked Olive right in the eye. She merely stared right back with a hard look in her eye. A look of pure determination. He moved on to Chloe. Her eyes held such apology. Her eyes literally spoke, screaming the words, "I'm so sorry. I can promise you, it'll never happen again!" He nodded and moved on. Jessi was still uncosious, so he slowly shook his head a moved onto Fang.

Her head was low. Very low, with her shoulders hunched above her. Nikki watched, waiting for her to look up, and as well slightly amazed that she could sit like that for that long and not hurt her back in anyway. Her long bangs came down and covered her face. There was a long moment of silence where nobody spoke, nobody moved.
Slowly, she raised her head slightly. Nikki lent down to hear her, but he ducked back as she whipped her head up and stared at him with cold, angry eyes.

"If you're going to throw us off, do it already! Don't toy with us!" She barked. Chloe reached over and put a hang on Fang's shoulder. She whispered, "Fang, please, just calm down and-" Fang roughly pulled away and stood up staring Nikki in the eye. "look," She said in a dangerously calm and quiet tone. "We're not perfect. We had one bad night. You can't honestly tell me you haven't had a bad night either." Nikki was glaring into Fang's angry eyes. Tension floated heavily throughout the room. "Alright." Nikki whispered back in the same tone Fang had just used. "One more shot. You screw this up again, you, and your little friends gotta get. Understood?" Another moment and Fang slowly nodded.

Slowly, they got out of eachothers face and relaxed. "Alright, Everybody get some sleep. We're heading out tomorrow." Everybody nodded, not another word was said. The boys left the room and Fang carried Jessi into the room next to the one they were already in. "Night guys." Was that last thing Fang said.

A few hours after Jessi came to, her and Fang were talking about what happened that night.

Jessi wanted to leave.

"You can't do this Jess, not after what happened."
"I'm leaving because of what happend Kiba, I can't do this."
"You've only been with us for three moths. This was only your first performance. You can improve!"
"No Kiba chan. This just isn't my thing."
"Jessi, please, be resonable!"
"I'm sorry. I can't do this again."
"Well what are we supposed to do now! Our next show's in two days, and you choose to leave now?"
"I'm sorry!"
"Jessi, If you're going to leave, you just leave. I don't care anymore."
"Kiba chan, please don't be like this."
"Like what? You said you want to quit. I'm letting you."
"But I-"
"Just let the guys know before you leave."

Fang turned and crawled into the bed. All her clothes still on. Jessi looked down and almost cried. She slowly turned the other way and slowly walked out of the room. By morning, she'd be gone.
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