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"It's been three months since our first performance. I can honestly say we've gotten much tighter since then... P.S; Did mom notice I was gone yet?"

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Dear Tammy;
How's colledge?
It's been three months since our first performance. I can honestly say we've gotten much tighter since then. We got a new singer. We call her Kat. Jessica is still with us. We re-hired her as the band designer. Pretty much she just does our hair and picks out our outfits before each show.

The bands are getting along well too. I think Nikki and Morgan really have a thing going for them. On Christmas Ever, I saw them making out under the mistletoe. That's nice, I'm happy for them. Mick is still hurting, but it seems like he gets just a little better every day. Sometimes he'll have a bad day when he just feels like right shit. I understand where he's coming from. You have to take the good with the bad I guess.

My insides have been hurting lately. I don't know what's wrong with me. My bones, muscels and joints have been killing me. I almost cry everytime I try to wrap my hand around the neck of my guitar on stage. But I'd never let the guys, or girls know that. I should probably go to a doctor. But I'm far too busy for that.

So, tell everybody I said high and I send my love. Oh, and here are some photo's of our last concert in Huntsville. I know I should look mean on stage, but I couldn't help smiling the whole night. Nikki kept making this joke, "What has 48 legs and 12 teeth? The front row in Alabama." Completely innapropriate, but still funny as hell!

Well, I should get back. Vince's been trying to set Nikki on fire again lately. We really should keep an eye on him. Oh, and Kiki, always remember that you're auntie loves you very much. Learn from my mistakes baby.
Your black sheep:

P.S; Did mom notice I was gone yet?


Fang slipped the letter, photos and $300 in the plain envelope and licked it closed, slipping it into a book. She looked back and saw Mick sitting in the same spot he always sat in. Staring intently out the window. Fang held her breath and decided to risk it. She walked over and sat down beside Mick.

"Hey Mick. How's your back today hon?" Fang asked, blushing furiously at actually calling him, 'hon.' Mick seemed to completely miss it though.

"Fine actually. My neck's just a little soar. But other than that, I'm good." He replied.

Fang blushed and scratched the bridge of her nose. "Well," She mumbled nervously. "Would you like me to rub it?" Fang was thinking that if she sounded completely confident in what she was saying to him, He wouldn't freak out or mock her.

Oddly enough, it was working.

"Umm, sure. I don't see why not." He said and turned his back completely to Fang. She gasped at the fact that it had worked.

Reaching out she slowly and gently squeezed and massaged Mick's shoulders and back of his neck. Her face turned a bright shade of crimson when Mick let out a small moan. She continued rubbing his shoulder's and Mick gasped when she started stroking her thumbs over the slightly outstanding vertibrate on the back of his neck.

Immediately, Fang stopped and pulled her hands back and held them to her chest. 'Oh great! I hurt him more now!'

Suddenly, Mick groaned and asked so innocently, "Why'd you stop?" Fang blushed and slowly went back to rubbing his back.

A few hours later, they were all sitted at a table in a small resturant. Nikki, Tommy, and Morgan were busy talking about something. Vince and Chloe were laughing at some random untold joke, and Mick, Fang and Jessi were sitting in virtual silence when the waiter came up. Fang and Jessica smiled at eachother.

"Are you guys ready to order?" She asked politely. The boys, Morgan, Jessica, Kat, and Chloe had ordered all their food, while Fang remained silent. The waitress watched patiently as Jessi nudged her and whispered something in her ear. Fang nodded and then started speaking. "Tendré un filete, cocinado azul, con zanahorias." The waitress cocked her head. "Umm, can she speak any English at all." When Mick glared over at her, she smirked and started up in english again.

"You'll have to forgive me, My english is not so good." She resaid her order and then the waitress asked, "And what would you like to drink?" She regretted asking soon after.

"Do you have Coke?" Fang asked.
"Oh, I don't want coke. Do you have Root Beer?"
"Oh, I don't want Root Beer. Do you have grape?"
"Yes." You could see the irritation in the waitress' face.
"Oh, I don't want grape. Do you have milk?"
"White milk?"
"Yes." Some of the stress coming off her face.
"Okay, I'll have chocolate milk!" Fang said with a big grin across her face. You could see in the waitress' eyes that she wanted to stab her pen through Fang's eye.

Kat put a hand on Fang's shoulder and simply stated, "You're a bitch, you know that?" Fang just smiled again and said, "Yep!" And the three girls laughed.

The next night, Fang was up siging instead of Kat because she was the only one who knew all the words to this particular song, and there wasn't any guitar to it anyway. Mick stood at the edge of the stage watching her move and dance with the words, telling the story of the song and exciting the crowd before her.

"It was a wicked and wild wind, Blew down the doors to let me in,
Shattered windows and the sound of drums, People couldn't believe what I'd become..."

He watched as she threw her arms up, jumped, danced as if she were a puppet with a broken strings. 'She looks like a complete idiot.' He thought just as she whiped her arm to hit a bell the wasn't there as she finished the last chorus.

"I hear Jarusalum bells are ringing, Roman Cavulry choirs are singing,
Be my Mirror my sword and shield, My missionaries in a foriegn field,
And for some reasong I can't explain, I know Saint Peter won't call my name,
Never an honest word, but that was when I ruled the world."

When the stage went dark, they all stood there calm, heads down, and when the crowd was completely freaking out, they slowly walked off the stage. Though the second they were out of sight, they were freaking out themselves.

"Oh my God! You guys know what I love more than listening to 'Viva La Vida'?" Fang asked and waited when they other girls quieted down, she continued, "Fucking playing Viva La Vida!" And they all started screaming and jumping again.

"Great set you guys!" Nikki said as him and the boys passed them to get on the stage for their set. They was pretty content on praising the girls if the did a solid set. They also had no problem chewing them out if something went wrong though. "Yeah, you guys rocked that shit!" Tommy yelled. "Yeah!" Vince just added and patted Morgan on the shoulder as he walked past. Fang just held her head down as Mick just walked past them without a word.
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