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Ice and Bruises

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"I'm not drunk." She said. "I'm just tired. That's all." Mick smirked. "Well, maybe we should take you to bed then."

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Fang studied her arm sadly. An interesting, colourful bruise was forming on her left inner forearm. She made a fist and cringed at the pain the stretching of her muscles caused. She shook her head and pulled her glove up over her elbow as the girls walked into the room.

"Oh. My. God. That was the best thing I've ever seen!" Kat said with a huge smile on her face. :I know right!" Jessica replied, just as cheerfully.

They had went to go see a movie with Nikki Vince and Tommy. Mick was in pain, Fang was depressed, but her smile quickly returned as her friends and bandmates walked in, even though they walked right passed her without a word and moved into the next room.
Her smile quickly faded.

She stood up off the bed slowly, listening to each of her vertibrate crack into place. She sighed when she was finally up straight, and turned and left the room.

She sat at the bar, cigarette in hand, but not never taking a drag off it. Just letting it burn in her fingers. She was never really a smoker, she didn't have the lungs for it, she just breathed on the second hand smoke that floated her way. It calmed her down just enough.

She put out the burnt out nub in a near by ash tray as Mick limped up behind her and sunk into the bar stool next to her.

They sat together in silence. The onlyy words coming from either one of them was to the bartender to order their drinks.

And they both enjoyed it. The semi silence. The peace. The time spent where nobody needed anything from either of them. Simply being in eachother's presence.
Wait... What!?

"Fang," Mick finally spoke, quiet and gentle, like he was afraid of something. Fang chose to ignore it and simply turned her head to look at him. Her drunken eyes sstruggling slightly to focus. "I..." Mick looked down at his arms crossed on the bar and sighed.

He brushed a strand of hair from Fang's shoulder and pushed it behind her ear. She gasped and shuddered at the touch. His fingers were like ice against her fevered skin. She quickly snapped back to reality when she heard Mick speak again. "What's wrong with your shoulder?" He asked, running his fingers along a light brown bruise. She just brushed his hand down and said quietly, "It's nothing." She saw Mick frown and added, "Probably just had my strap too tight."
It must have been good enough. He nodded and went back to his drink.

It was a good half hour later. They were both pretty drunk, but Fang was somehow still able to function quite well. It was late. Well, for normal people it was. It was only 11:45 at night, and Fang was starting to nod off anyway. She slowly stood and turned to leave, but once again, she felt that freezing hand on her shoulder.

She moaned quietly in her throat and turn her head to look right into the those bright blue eyes that drove her crazy. But she'd never admit that.
She quickly looked down like she always did and let Mick speak. "You're drunk." Mick smiled and Fang chuckled a bit. "I'm not drunk." She said. "I'm just tired. That's all." Mick smirked. "Well, maybe we should take you to bed then."

Fang blushed. She had no idea what to say to that. So she said nothing. Mick wrapped his amr around her waist and lead her back upstairs to their rooms. Tommy shared the room with Mick. He was always found passed out on the coach in the front lobby. So he dragged her to his room and sat her down on the bed. By now, the never blushing metal head was beet red, and hated herself for it.

Mick laid down beside her. Fang still thought this was innocent enough, even though she was having a hard time thinking at all. her idol and crush for so many years was laying in bed beside her, so close, just laying with her, and kissing her neck--

Fang shot up and fell off the side of the bed. She rubbed her head where she had hit it off the hard wood floor and whined. She looked up and looked across the bed where Mick had already fallen asleep. She wiped the sweat off her brow and sighed, getting up and leaving. She headed to the room she was sharing with Chloe. Chloe was asleep on her side of the bed. Fang was too tired and drunk to do any more moving than she already did. She just pulled her shirt over her head and threw it across the room and got into her side of the bed that was cold. Just like him.

Fang wouldn't sleep so well tonight.

Sorry it's such a short chapter from being away soo long! T_T I guess I took too long of a vacation, I completely forgot where I was going with the story... ^_^; Sorry! But I wouldn't really call it a 'vacation'. It was more of an... "absense to increase school work efficientsy"... o_0 BTW... I failed French -_- Oh well... I'll try to work on this alot, but now I have a SlipKnot fiction and a Friday the 13th one going too. So, I'm working as hard as I can. Alright. I'm not dead yet! =^_^=
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