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How To Bang Miley Cyrus by Gerard Way

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Gerard Way is a 17 year old guy that gets dared to do something that nobody has ever done before. Do you wanna be able to do this too?! Then read Gerard's how to guide and try it out! While maki...

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The Dare

Hey guys! I'm Gerard Way and I'm here to tell you the rules on how to bang the life out of Miley Cyrus! First of all, let me tell you about myself.

My name is Gerard! I am a hormonally raging 17 year old senior student at high school. I have a little brother who is extremely annoying like a booger you just can't reach. Wanna know what I look like? Take a look. That's me! Aren't I hot? I mean I just love my hair! Oh! Do you see my nose?

Reader: Shutup and get to the story!

Oh sheesh. Sorry! I'm getting to it. Ok now Miley Cyrus is an annoying little teeny girl that is a huge slut, but nobody ever really gets anything from her if you know what I mean. I don't see why anybody would, but that's out of my thinking range. The other day my friends and I were playing truth or dare. I was dared to get with this girl that goes to my school, Miley. She's kinda famous I guess you could say 'cuz she plays some parts in a television show and I heard she's soon going to get one of her own and move to Cali eventually. She's a slutty popular girl that wears all that Abercrombie and Fitch, Victoria's Secret, extra expensive stuff and crap. I'm the total opposite in some ways. I hate and I mean hate with venom the style she's into. She's close minded and media brain washed, unlike me.

Making a guide isn't really part of the dare, but Mikey, my little brother, said it would be something cool to do so I'm going basically going to make a guide of rules on how to get with a girl like her. I really didn't wanna do this dare, but I'm kinda a sucker for when people go afterwards when you chicken out "You wouln't have been able to do it anyways" or "It's not like this was a dare possible for you to do" and things like that. It's not totally a loss right? Since this is a huge dare and it's going to take a lot, I get a prize for it. If I complete the dare, I get $200 from each of my friends, I get to make them do whatever the hell I want them to do for the next month, and I get to give them the ultimate dare that they must do. We made a contract. If I break the contract, I need to run around my neighborhood for fifteen minutes stark naked while doing a small 4-step dance everytime I reach the corner of a sidewalk. So I better complete this dare or I'm going to have to do something illegal and that would make my parents basically disown me.

Right now it's Saturday and tomorrow I'm going to go fulfill rule number one on the guide made up by me officially called How To Bang Miley Cyrus.

Eventually I'll get a whole list of rules as I go along.

Time to retire for the night! I can sense a lot of fun later! Hah. Tata ladies and fellows!
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