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Chamber of Secrets, North Pole

by stealacandy 2 reviews

The Dark Lord like you never knew before.

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Chamber of Secrets, North Pole

By stealacandy

"What do you care what happened to the Dark Lord," asked Harry. "It was way before your time - you're, what, you lived seventeen hundred years ago?"

"Before my time?" asked the old man in the red cape. A malicious grin soon donned on his face. "Before my time? The Dark Lord is my past, my present and my future!"

"Huh?" asked Harry.

"Yes! My greatest achievement was to convince the world I don't exist! Me! The Dark Lord! The Devil himself! Myself! Me!"

"But how can it be?" asked Harry, bewildered.

The man with the trademark Dumbledore on Flour beard picked up Harry's wand and used it to draw glittering, shiny letters in the air:

S - A - N - T - A

The words remained hovering in space. Then Santa tipped the S with the wand, and some of the letters began to shift aside, forming an anagram:

S - A - T - A - N

Then they caught fire.

"Oh God!" gasped Harry.

"Don't take His name in vein to me!" bellowed Satan...


And now you know how come Potterverse elves look more like imps, which is another word for demons.

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