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Chapter 4

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Balloon Cutie

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“Why on earth am I on the couch?” I whispered softly to myself. I turned my head and seen Brooke and Chelcie there too. “Oh ya…” I muttered and slowly got off the couch. I walked to the back of the bus planning to play a couple video games, even though I disliked them. I always walked with my head down so I wouldn’t fall or anything, it was just a habit. I looked up and seen Joe sitting, not playing a game or anything, just sitting.
For a moment I thought about just turning right around and not talking to him, but I realized that if I never talked to him it would only make this brake up worse. “What are you doing up so early?” I asked sitting down across the room from him. “I could ask you the same.” he said back. “I fell asleep on the couch and it was really uncomfortable, so I woke up.” I answered. “Oh. I couldn’t sleep.” he mumbled.
It was quiet for a really long time. Neither one of us could think of something to say. “So…” I said, not being able to handle the silence anymore. “Morning you two.” Denise’s bright face popped into the back. “Morning.” I nodded. “Frankie wants to go to this amusement-water park thing today, so that’s where we’re all going.” she smiled. “Cool.” I smiled. “Ok Mom.” Joe got up and left.
Brooke seemed very pleased and so did Chelcie, as for me I wasn’t as excited. I still hadn’t digested the break up. “Today is going to be so much fun!” Brooke said putting her hair in a ponytail. We were getting ready and of course we wanted to look good. We had on:



“Kevin do you know what’s up with Joe?” I asked Kevin while we were getting ready. He looked nervously around, “No…why would I know.” he said quickly. “Tell me.” I requested. “I can’t! Joe would get mad at me. If you want to know so bad why don’t you ask him.” Kevin continued getting ready.
“So Joe, today’s going to be fun.” I said while he pulled the straightner through his hair. “Ya whatever.” he sounded unhappy. I took a breath in, “Ok man what’s up with you lately?” I asked getting straight to the point. He didn’t answer, he just stared blankly into the mirror. “Come on, you know you can tell me.” I looked at him expectantly. “Aubrey and I had a fight and I don’t think we’re together anymore.” a look of pain and sadness went on his face. “Wow…I’m sorry Joe.” I regretted asking. I didn’t mean to make him feel worse. “It’s fine.” he answered. I was tempted to ask him why they broke up but decided to drop the subject.
“I can’t believe they broke up Kevin.” I said. “They did?” he asked. “Ya I thought you knew.” I was confused. “I guess not. I just know what happened.” he replied. “Tell me.” I requested once again. “Chelsea Staub kissed Joe and Aubrey seen. Joe and Aubrey got in this fight and I guess now they aren’t together.” Kevin explained and then walked out of my sight.


“Is everybody ready to go?” Paul said loudly. “Yep.” we all answered. I looked over at Joe. He looked cute today…I still wanted to forgive him, but some crazy part of me told me no. I just couldn’t let it go. I glanced over at Nick and Kevin. Of course they looked good too. The boys always looked good.
They had on:


“This is going to be so much fun!” Frankie continued to talk to Brooke. She nodded and answered with an “Uh-Huh” or a “Yep.” every once in a while. I seen Kevin look over at her and smile. I looked over at Nick and Chelcie, they were holding hands and talking to each other. It all made my heart hurt because I didn’t have anyone to look at lovingly or hold hands with.
“I want to ride that one!” Frankie said as we walked through the gate. “Ok well come on.” we walked over to the ride. Frankie didn’t meet the height requirement, which meant that someone had to stay behind with him. “I’ll stay with you Frankie.” Joe spoke and sat down on a bench. Joe never sat out, even for his brothers. Joe loved adventures and exciting things. “Are you sure man because I would stay with Frankie?” Kevin asked before stepping in the ride. “Ya its cool.” Joe nodded.
We got off the ride. “Hurry up! There’s balloons!” Frankie shouted. Brooke stayed away from the balloon man since he was a clown. Brooke had a strange fear of them and umpa-lumpas. I got a balloon too. As I reached for a red one, someone’s hand touched mine. “Oh sorry.” I looked over and seen a boy with shaggy brown hair and bright blue eyes. “No don’t be sorry.” I smiled. He smiled back. I had to admit this guy was gorgeous. “I’m Kyle.” he held out his hand. “I’m Aubrey.” I shook it. “Where have I seen you?” he asked. “Well I’m actually touring right now, so you might have seen me in a few places.” I laughed. “Ah I see.” Kyle nodded.
“Hey are you coming with us or what?” Kevin walked over to me. “Ya just a second.” I never removed my eyes from Kyle. “Who’s this?” Kevin eyed Kyle. “This is Kyle.” I said. “Oh.” Kevin didn’t seem very enthused. “I’ll be over there in a little.” I assured him. “Was that your boyfriend?” Kyle asked. “Oh Kevin? No he’s my best friend’s boyfriend.” I laughed. “Cool. So where you playing tonight?” he asked. “Not to far from here. I think its at an amphitheater.” I replied. “Oh I know what you’re talking about. It’s the only one in town.” he smiled. “Well I got to get going, but I hope I see you again.” I took one last glance at his shimmering blue eyes and walked away.
“What was that all about?” Brooke scolded me. “Huh?” I tilted my head. “You were flirting with that one guy.” She pointed to where Kyle and I had been talking. “I was not flirting.” I defended myself. “Whatever.” She rolled her eyes. “So what if I was? Why does it matter to you?” I asked. “It matters because you just broke up with Joe! You shouldn’t just be going around flirting with every guy you see.” She seemed upset. “Just because Joe and I broke up doesn’t mean that I can’t talk to cute guys.” I began to get irritated. “I’m just saying that I think you shouldn’t just give up on Joe.” Her voice softened. “I’m not completely giving up on him, I just can’t deal with it all right now.” I sighed. She gave me a nod that she understood and then went back to holding Kevin’s hand.
The rest of the day went mostly smooth. We rode rides and ate really good food. We did everything that you would do at an amusement park. The only thing was Joe didn’t say a single word to me, not to mention that after I met Kyle he didn’t even stand near me. I still thought us breaking up was the right thing to do, but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to be his friend.
“Alright everybody, I think that we should head out.” Paul said. “I don’t want to leave.” Frankie made a sad face. “We have to leave buddy, remember we have a concert tonight.” Kevin gave Frankie a small pat on the back.
Brooke and Chelcie sat in the dressing room with me. “Do I look ok?” I asked turning to them. “Ya, you look good.” Brooke nodded in approval. “Chelce?” I faced Chelcie. “I agree with Brooke.” she spoke. We heard a knock at the door. “Come in.” I said putting on a bracelet. “We’re having lockdown and then the concert’s starting.” Denise walked in. “Ok.” we all said and followed her out the door.
At last the concert started. I actually had fun, which surprised me. I had really begun to think I was never going to be happy. Today had really perked me up, with getting to ride all those great rollercoaster’s and meeting that guy Kyle. I said goodnight to the audience and went backstage. “Looks like our Aubrey is back.” Kevin said hugging me. “What’s that suppose to mean?” I made a pouty face. “Well the last performance you gave wasn’t that great.” he winced. “Ok…you’re right.” I agreed. They went out on the stage and the crowd screamed.
I watched the boys perform. I couldn’t help but look at Joe. Once in a while he would catch me watching him and I would look away quickly. I knew we were broken up, but a part of me still loved him…The concert ended and Kevin, Joe, and Nick did their bow. They ran backstage.
We were all talking when I heard Big Rob talking to somebody. I listened closer. “I swear, I really do know her.” a sweet voice said. “No one is getting near her or the others tonight.” Big Rob warned. I walked over to him and seen Kyle. “Kyle?” I smiled. “Ya its me.” he gave me a cute grin. “Its ok Big Rob, I really do know him.” I patted Big Rob’s arm. “Ok.” he nodded and left us to be alone.
“What are you doing here?” I asked. “Well you said your concert was here so I thought I would come watch.” he pushed some hair out of his eyes. “How did you get tickets?” I questioned. “I know the ticket guy. He owed me.” Kyle smiled. “You want to come hang out with us?” I asked. “Sure. As long as your friends don’t mind.” he shrugged. “No they wont mind.” I shook my head.
We walked back over to the others. “Guys this is Kyle. Kyle this is Brooke, Chelcie, Kevin, Nick, and Joe.” I introduced them. I could’ve sworn I seen Joe tense up a little, but then again it might have been my imagination. I knew I wasn’t completely over him, but at least Kyle seemed to be helping me get over Joe.
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