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Chapter 5

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New Plan

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Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. I haven't been feeling too good and my best friend was over this last weekend. Please don't be mad :(



Why did we have to have so many things to do in this town? Why did we have to stay here for three days? Honestly. It was pure torture having to watch Aubrey flirt with that guy Kyle. It just seemed wrong, I mean we had just broken up!
“Ya it was crazy.” Kyle finished up a story. Although everyone had laughed at his story it was Aubrey’s laugh I noticed. For the whole time I had known Aubrey she had mainly two different laughs. One laugh was loud and made you laugh along and the other was quieter and more controlled. She always used the her quiet laugh when she didn’t want to embarrass herself. Her other laugh was only for people she knew wouldn’t care. Personally I preferred her loud laugh.
“So I take it you live around here?” Chelcie asked Kyle. “Ya, I moved here about a year ago.” he replied. “Cool. Well we’re actually staying here a few days, maybe you could hang out with us?” Kevin suggested, I glared at him. He made an ‘I’m sorry’ face. “Are you sure? I mean I don’t want to invade or anything.” Kyle shrugged. “No, its fine.” Aubrey assured him. “Ok cool.” he nodded.
Everyone talked for awhile and then we all began to get tired. “I think I should probably get going.” Kyle finally said. “Here I’ll walk you out.” Aubrey quickly volunteered. I watched them closely as they walked out. Why? Why did she have to walk him out…for all I know they could be kissing!


“Well he was nice.” I said braking the current silence. It was still quiet. Joe got up and walked away. Since no one else went to talk to him, I decided to. Joe was like a goofy brother to me, so it hurt me that he seemed upset.
I had to look a little for Joe, but at last I found him. “Hey.” I said and sat beside Joe. “Hey.” he replied. “Anything you want to talk about?” I asked, trying to play it cool. He was silent for a moment. “I can’t believe Aubrey was obviously flirting with that guy Kyle or whatever.” he stood up and began to pace slowly. “Well you guys are broken up.” I spoke. “Ya but we JUST broke up. It’s unfair!” he bit his lip.
I tried to think of something to say, but couldn’t find the words. “Why can’t she see that I love her and that I didn’t kiss Chelsea Staub, she kissed me?” his voice cracked a little as he spoke, as if he was holding back tears. “Joe I-” I breathed. There was not a single thing that I could say. “I’m sorry Chelce. I didn’t mean to burst like that. It’s just…it hurts so bad.” he sat back down. “Don’t be sorry Joe. I understand how hard break ups are.” I sympathized. He nodded. “Aubrey and you were really and truly in love. People don’t find that kind of love everyday.” I patted my hand on his back softly and walked away.


“Are you sure its ok for me to hang out with you guys?” Kyle asked as we walked out to his car. “Ya its no big.” I shook my head. “Hey…I know that we just met and all, but I was wondering if maybe you’d like for me to show you around tomorrow?” he shoved his hands in his pockets and tilted his head downward. He looked so cute. “Ya, I’d really like that.” I smiled. “Ok so see you tomorrow morning at…” he paused. “Nine.” I smiled. “Cool.” he gave me a grin and got in his car. “Goodnight.” I said. “Night.” Kyle spoke as he pulled out of the parking lot.
I smiled all the way back to the hotel. I walked in and I noticed Joe wasn’t sitting with everyone. Suddenly a wave of guilt came over me. Chelcie and Brooke shoed Nick and Kevin away. I sat down and they looked at me expectantly. “Kyle is going to show me around tomorrow, while the boys do that TV interview.” I said. I was surprised at my voice, it sounded sad. “Then why do you sound sad?” Brooke asked. “I don’t know…” I shook my head. “I’m going to bed, so I wont be super tired tomorrow.” I said using the only reasonable excuse for getting out of having to talk about Kyle, Joe, or whatever they were planning on.
I laid in my room. I knew exactly why I sounded upset. I also knew that I still had major feelings for Joe. I almost got out of my bunk to go and talk to Joe, to tell him that I was sorry and that I wanted to be with him again, but instead I didn’t. I shouldn’t just give in. I loved Joseph…I truly did, but I wasn’t sure that I could ever truly love him the way I did…


“Is it just me or does she feel guilty about going with Kyle tomorrow?” I turned to Chelcie. “Its definitely not you this time.” Chelcie spoke. “What did you and Joe talk about earlier?” I asked. “Well he said that he still loved Aubrey and he thought it was unfair for her to flirt with Kyle.” she answered. “He’s kind of right about the flirting thing, I mean they did just brake up. Then again I think Aubrey is just trying to get over Joe as fast as she can.” I sighed.
“I think we should interfere with this situation.” Chelcie said. “I don’t know Chelce…It sounds like a great idea, but…” I trailed off. “I know that its probably wrong, but I hate seeing both of them like this Brooke.” her face seemed concerned. I thought for a moment. “Maybe we should find a girl for Joe. I’m sure that it would help his sadness and then Aubrey would probably get jealous. She may not come off as the jealous type, but when it comes down to guys she likes jealously is like a reflex.” I said my idea. “You know what Brooke…I think that’s a great idea.” Chelcie grinned.
Chelcie went to bed. I didn’t really know where we were going to find Joe a girl, but it had to be extremely soon or at least before Aubrey starts really liking Kyle. “I’m going to assume the girl talk is over?” Kevin stepped in the room. “Ya its done.” I laughed.
It seemed like Kevin was just going to sit beside me, but instead his lips planted a kiss on mine. I smiled. Kevin kissed me again. Although I was definitely into the kiss, there was another thought that came in my mind. In two years I would eighteen and that meant I would be old enough to get married. I knew I loved Kevin with all my heart, but I realized I was a little scared. Commitment to me was a scary thing. Going out with Kevin was as natural as breathing, however, I wasn’t so sure about being his wife. I shoved the ridiculous thoughts out of my head and focused more on Kevin’s lips on mine. I had two more years of just being Kevin’s girlfriend, so there is no reason for me to be worried. In plus I loved Kevin to much to not marry him anyway.
“You ok?” he pulled away from my lips. “Ya. Why?” I asked. “You just seemed a little distant.” he shrugged. “I was thinking.” I replied. “There’s a first.” he teased. “Hey!” I slapped his shoulder. “Sorry.” he smirked. “So what were you thinking about?” he asked. “Well…I was thinking about us getting married.” I admitted. “Good or bad?” he asked another question. “Neither. I was just thinking about it. I mean it’s a big thing.” I nodded. “We have two years Brooke. Its not like we’re getting married tomorrow.” he chuckled. “I know that! I was just thinking about it!” I rolled my eyes. “Ok ok!” he smiled and shook his head.
Kevin and I kissed for awhile actually. I had to admit, it had become a slight addiction. He was just to good to be true, it all seemed unreal to me. I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something would go wrong soon, but I shrugged it off. “We should go to sleep.” he pulled away. “Ya.” I nodded. I gave him a small peck goodnight and then went to sleep.


So much for the whole sleeping idea. I couldn’t quit thinking. I tossed and turned as much as humanly possible in the bed. I didn’t know if I was nervous about going on a “date like” thing with Kyle or the look on Joe’s face that I would have to see. Everything was so complicated.
I didn’t even really know Kyle. I mean he was cute and seemed really nice, but I still didn’t really know him. Did I even like Kyle? Was I just using him as a way to get over or get back at Joe? Ugh! I was more confused then Brooke in an English class! I had never been this confused before.
I soon realized that I was never going to be able to sleep. I watched the TV that was in my room. There was tons of channels but none of them seemed to interest me. I dropped the remote and stared when I seen that ‘The Titanic’ was on. I remembered the day Joe and I had watched it in my room. I bit back tears. This was ridiculous! I knew I loved Joe, but no I couldn’t just go back to him and let everything go back to normal! For a few seconds I thought about how stupid I was acting…and then I remembered Chelsea Staub’s lips on Joe’s. I really thought I could hear my heart cracking. I shook my head, I wasn’t going to just crawl back in Joe’s arms after the pain he caused me.
I changed the channels until I found something slightly suitable. Apparently TV just wasn’t quite as good at three in the morning.
Something dawned on me. Tomorrow was Joe’s birthday, he would be nineteen. I had wondered why Denise and Paul had been talking quietly for the past few days. There was going to be some sort of party, I just knew it. August 15th…there was other things on that day too. Of course there was Joe’s birthday but there was also Chelcie’s birthday and Denise and Paul’s anniversary. Tomorrow was going to be an awfully busy day for me. First it was exploring the town and then it was birthday/anniversary galore.
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