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Chapter 6

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The Plan Play's Out

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I am SOOOOO sorry it took so long! Things are stressful right now, so please forgive me :)


I woke up with the small TV on. I must’ve fallen asleep while watching it. Denise walked in. “Oh I was just going to wake you up.” she smiled. “You’re too late for that.” I laughed. “I guess so.” she paused. “The others told me that you had plans today, so we’ll meet you back at the hotel this afternoon.” she explained. “Ok, I’ll be here.” I nodded. “Oh and today is Joe’s birthday. Don’t tell him, but we’ve got a little party planned for him.” she grinned and stepped out of my room.
It was eight in the morning, meaning I had one hour to get ready. I rummaged through my clothes and found something I liked. I hurried to get everything I needed done. In the end I was wearing this:


It was exactly nine. I fluffed my hair once and quickly went to the lobby. I seen Kyle looking cute. “Hey.” I smiled. “Hey. You look pret…nice.” he blushed a little. “Thanks.” I bit my lip. “Well lets go.” he grinned and we walked out the door.
“I really like your car.” I smiled as I seen his Mustang. My brother would’ve died to see this thing. He had a weakness for mustangs, no matter what year or model they were. “Thank you. I really like it too.” he nodded and got in. The seats were leather and super comfy. The whole interior was amazing. Ok so I might have a weakness for Mustangs too. Then again I had a weakness for all sports cars.
“So where are we going today?” I asked. “Well there’s a few places I want to take you.” he turned on the radio. It was playing some rock music. “Like what places?” I prodded. “You’ll just have to wait and see.” he turned the music up so I couldn’t keep asking questions. I laughed quietly.
I listened intently for awhile as he told me all the ‘landmarks’. Some of them were just stupid things, like the Mall. He referred to it as the most important thing in the city. It had been an hour of him telling me all the crazy stories about every part of the city. “Ok here’s our first stop.” he said pulling into a small food place.
“I know its not all fancy, but this place has the best pizza.” he opened the door for me. There was lots of teenagers sitting and talking. It seemed like a really cozy place. We sat down at a booth. “I like it.” I whispered softly to myself. “Huh?” he asked looking away from his menu. “I like it.” I said a little louder. “Good.” he smiled. We got pizza soon and talked for awhile. Kyle was a really nice guy. He paid for the pizza and then we left.
We drove around and talked mostly, stopping at a few places to look at things. Things seemed to be looking up today. I was really enjoying myself and not thinking about Joe every minute of it either. Although my mind did wander to him every now and then, but I think that that was mostly just out of habit.


Unlike Aubrey, Chelcie and I went with the boys to their TV interview things. I looked around the audience to see if I could find a girl that Joe would like. My eyes scanned over the crowd a few times. I wanted one that didn’t seem like she was a crazed fan. At last I spotted a girl holding a little girl’s hand. The small girl seemed ecstatic to be near the Jonas Brothers, but the older girl seemed calm. She was the girl. I noticed that she was pretty, so that would help. “Chelcie I found our girl.” I whispered to Chelce. “Who?” she asked. I pointed at the girl. “Good pick.” she nodded.
The boys did a good interview. I looked down at my hand every once in awhile to look at the promise ring. Every time I seen it I was more amazed. Kevin noticed me looking at it and gave me a small barely noticeable smile.
The camera’s went off and the boys came off stage. They were slightly following mine and Chelcie’s lead through the crowd. I couldn’t see the girl. Once we weren’t in plain sight anymore the crowd faded. “I know you have to leave soon, but my little sister would love to have an autograph.” It was the girl talking. She had a French accent. I saw Joe catch his breath. “Ya no problem.” they all signed a poster. “So what’s your name?” Kevin bent down to the little girl’s level. “Mellie.” she replied in a small voice. “That’s a pretty name.” he gave her a hug. Mellie was beaming.
I could tell that Joe was interested in the older girl by the way he looked at her. “How about you?” Joe asked. “I’m Janelle.” she smiled. “Beautiful name…” he smiled back. “Marci.” she replied. I look dumbfounded at her. “Huh?” I asked. “It means thank you in French.” Kevin clued me in. “Oh.” I laughed a little. When it seemed like Mellie and Janelle were going to leave I started up conversation. I couldn’t just let this girl slip, she was definitely the one to make Aubrey jealous.


Janelle was gorgeous. I couldn’t stop looking at her, not to mention her accent was cute. Whenever the conversation would start to end Brooke or Chelcie would manage to start it back up. It seemed a little odd, but I ignored it.
Janelle laughed at my joke. I could tell that she was into me. Then again there was no denying I was into her too. “You should probably be going now.” she said looking at her watch. “Ya probably.” Kevin agreed. We said our goodbyes and then she picked up her little sister and started walking. I was confused so I went after her. “Do you not have a ride?” I asked. “No we don’t live that far from here, so we walked.” she shrugged. “We’ll give you a ride if you like?” I offered. Janelle looked at Mellie. Mellie began nodding. “Ok.” Janelle said.
We all loaded onto the bus. We found Janelle’s house quickly. “Thanks for the ride.” she smiled. “No prob.” Nick said. I walked her to her door. “The others don’t think I know, but I’m having this birthday party tonight and I would love if you came to it.” I looked at her. “Sure.” she grinned. “It’s after our concert tonight backstage.” I explained. “Where?” she tilted her head. It was so adorable. “That big building beside the place you met us.” I answered. “Ok…I’ll see you there.” she walked in her house.
“What was that about?” Kevin asked when I got back in the bus. “I just asked her to come to the party tonight.” I shrugged. “You know about the party?” Nick butted in. “Ya…it’s pretty obvious.” I nodded slowly. Nick shrugged.


“I really need to get back.” I said looking at the clock. “Alright, I’ll have you there in no time.” Kyle grinned at me and then pushed the gas down. We went a lot faster. I loved it because it gave me a little rush. “Here we are.” he pulled into the concert buildings parking lot. “I had a great time today.” I looked over at him. “Me too.” he smiled. He leaned over and planted a small kiss on my lips. I seen the heat rise up in his face. I blushed madly. “Well you can call me later if you like.” I said and got out of the car. “I don’t have your number.” he looked at me. “Oh.” I paused and then wrote it down quickly. “Bye.” I stammered and walked away. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to kiss Kyle, but there was a part of me that felt guilty because of it.
Big Rob let me in through the back. “Hey how’d it go today?” Chelcie asked. Looking away from the boys performing. “It went good.” I shrugged. “What all happened?” Brooke cut in. “Well he took me to this one pizza place that was really good. Mostly we just rode around and looked at things.” I said not telling them about the small kiss, that I was ashamed of now. “Sounds fun.” Chelcie spoke. “Ya it was pretty fun.” I agreed.
I watched now as Denise began getting everything ready backstage. “Need any help?” I asked. “No. I’ve got everybody that works backstage helping me.” she laughed. “Ok just thought I’d ask.” I chuckled. I heard everyone in the crowd singing Happy Birthday to Joe. I laughed.
“Ok I think that everything’s ready now.” Denise was talking to Paul. “We’re going to have a bonfire outside for awhile and then eat the cake inside. I think that everyone will like it.” Paul nodded as she talked. “Is everyone here?” Paul asked after she explained how the party would go. “Most of them are outside, I think that the others will show up soon.” she said.
Well that explained where Brooke and Chelcie were. They were probably both outside talking to all the Jonas Brothers’ friends. I was just about to go and join them when the boys came backstage. “Woo! Nineteen!” Joe jumped around. Joe actually looked happy. I smiled, it was nice to see him happy. He went around high-fiving or hugging everyone. He got up to me and paused. He thought about it and then he hugged me. My heart thumped quickly and I melted into his embrace. I hadn’t realized how much I missed his hugs. “Happy Birthday Joe.” I smiled at him. “Thanks.” he smiled back. I hated when he pulled away, but we weren’t together anymore. It would’ve just been awkward if he had kept hugging me.
Denise lead Joe out the back door. “Happy Birthday!” everyone shouted. I seen some new faces, but most of them were familiar. Joe beamed. Joe was never selfish, but he did love attention. He said hi to everyone and then walked over to girl I didn’t know. He kissed her on the cheek! What? Had I missed something? I felt eyes on me. It was Brooke and Chelcie. There was worry on their faces.
I was frozen. He seemed completely consumed in her and she seemed the same. I felt a painful ache in my heart. I knew that it was wrong for me to feel betrayed, since I had went out with Kyle earlier. Even with that in mind it still hurt. I just had to make it through this party. I just had to keep myself from breaking down for the rest of the party. I took a few slow, deep breaths. I was being a little dramatic about it and I knew that. Keeping that in mind I walked over to the other people there.
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