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Obvious but invisable

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I won I NEVER win.

“Uhm I am going to get my haircut,” she an out the door.

I undid my towel, hell I didn’t care it was my house and I was home alone. Well I put on boxer briefs because it would piss Ali off. That would be priceless. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to Ali licking me staring at my face the whole time. She stood above me in a mini skirt so I could see everything, with a tube top, and goddess heel as I called them. Her hair was really cut shoulder length, major layers. I guess I didn’t believe her. I shrugged my shoulders and her jaw dropped, then I looked down to see my boxers were gone. She just laughed.
“I love you,” she said walking away.
I darted after her. She threw her mini skirt at me, “Please?”
I slid it on just for her. She laughed and I threw it off. I never realized how much I did for her, But she always made up for it in bed, well not in bed tonight. I stood there naked. She took off her shirt and jumped in my arms. She moved her body up and down. One arm was around my neck, both legs wrapped around my waist. I stopped her.
“Ali you don’t,” she cut me off throwing her head back. I fell against the wall and with in fifteen minutes my knees gave out and I caught her before she hit the ground. She got up and walked away. I stare at her ass. She was perfect in my eyes, She hated that and everything about her she never understood Why I picked an ugly girl like her. Those were her exact words.
She laid down on her back so her but wouldn’t stick out but I loved it. I rolled her over before I laid beside her.
“Don’t do that,” she whined burring her face.
“Why should I?” I grabbed her ass.
“Because, I hate my body and you make me jealous, with you perfect chest, perfect arms, and your stomach,” moving her finger along, “your lips,” she brushed hers past mine, “your eyes are hypnotizing, you hair is perfect, you ass is OH GOD,” she began to kiss me.

“And now,” I pushed her away,” all off limits.”

“What the hell?” she came after me.

“Because whenever I compliment you, you disagree,” I looked at her ass, an I find it unfair.

“You cant last,” she folded her arms pushing her boobs up.

I went to grab them but stopped myself, “Can too,” I raised my hand then putting it back
under the sheets.

“But I can do that,” she replaced my hand.

“Wait!” I got a hold of myself, “off limits too.”

I faced her and traced her lips with my tongue and grabbed her ass, “Big and juicy,” I said kissing her

“Don’t say, I mean really?”

“Yeah,” I pulled her closer, “I love your new hair cut and your legs,” I wrapped one around me,” and your dark eyes.”

“I-I,” she began.

“Do I here a complaint coming on?” she began to cry.

“You are going to hate me but I am sticking to it,” she inhaled, “ I mean I am with a perfect guy and you have me.”

“But you are perfect to me.”

“You are to me,” she hugged me. She was my drug and I craved more, I needed, wanted more. She pulled away, “what wrong?”

“Nothing,” I kissed her and she pulled further away.

“Tell me,” she demanded.

“Ali its nothing I swear,” shit I was busted. I just, “need, want,” her.

“What about needing and wanting?” she looked at me.


“Dammit, tell me!”

“No just calm down.”

“Tell me,” she was mad.

“Water,” pi hopped out of bed and ran to the bathroom and came back.

“Liar,” was all she said and I went off.

“Don’t call me that. I get in trouble, complimenting you and everything well you know what,” I felt like hitting her I was so mad, “ I am tired of this shit, and this is what I was thinking I NEED you I WANT you,” I saw her begin to cry, “I say what I mean. If you don’t like it I will stop completely and go with what you think of yourself,” I wanted to hug her but I needed to finish what I started, “I am about to give up. I know you think very low of yourself; well same for me but you put me up like a god. I have put up with it for god knows how long.”

She looked at my feet not hers, “I will call a lawyer in the morning.”

“You will need to,” she looked at me in shock………


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