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better thank your lucky stars

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“Max Green nice to meet you,” he extended his arm.

“Shut up,” she jumped in his arms hugging him.

“I feel like a petafile(I cant spell or find in the dictionary),”he laughed.

“Hell I would.”

“Well I got to go to band practice,” Max said.

“Dad, can I go please,” Alex begged.

“Sure,” she jumped off Max and ran too me.

“Thank you, I love you!” she kissed me and jumped on Max’s back.

I laid back down and fell asleep.

“I hate you,” Alex was saying constantly,

“Don’t say that ,” I muttered under my breath.

“Gerard, get up,” someone was shaking me.

“Holy hell,” I shot up hugging Ali, “I-I.”

“Shh,” she was holding me playing with my hair.

“I cant believe she said that,” I pulled her tighter. I didn’t notice what she was wearing till now and it distracted me from my thoughts, “Nice thong, What's the occasion?”

“Me getting dress,” she laughed.

“Oh I see,” she got up.

“I find it amazing that you can go from all sad to secretly wanting sex,” she slipped into her jeans, “And you can keep wanting it,” she stuck her tongue out.

She was a drug and I did want her I was addicted, more then ever, “I don’t want it I deserve it.”

“If you think so,” she laughed.

“You know its true,” I laughed.

“No a complete lie,” she sat in my lap facing me.

“I like to believe it,” I lent in to kiss her, I was longing for it just one.

“Nope,” she stopped me, “I got stuff to do.”

After she had left, I stuffed a pillow in my mouth and screamed. After my mini-sode I wanted a shower not because I felt dirty but because I felt clean, pure almost. All I knew was I didn’t like it. When I got out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked downstairs to Ali.

“Gerard stop,” she yelled when I wrapped my arms around her.

“Fine,” I sprawled out on the couch, putting one hand down the front of my towel, because one Ali loved it and two I was comfy. She walked by the kitchen entry way and stared at me licking her lips and messing with her shirt. I was trying to ignore it. I opened my phone pretending to text when I was just looking at pictures of her. I looked up to see her reveling what I called her vampire teeth. Oh god, I about sprinted after her, when I decide to see how long she could go with out coming after me. I threw an arm behind my head and situated myself moving legs and stomach all that I could, with my hand still down the front of the towel. What sucked was that she could control herself more then I could myself. When suddenly one of us won.

school is getting in the middle of my writing so it will take a while and plus i start water girling for football tomorrow and all the guys sive me good ideas so hopefully it will get good sorry so short
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