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Say Goodbye.

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“Adie, if you’re around here, come out, please.”
It was Gerard’s voice.
I chanced a peek out of my hiding place to where Bob and Mikey were standing, holding Gerard in place. It was Gerard, he was real, he was there. He was alive. I kept watching as Frank and Ray came rushing out of the building.
“She’s not in there, we checked the bathr- Gerard?” Frank stepped towards him. “Oh my god…” Ray whispered.
Mikey looked over in my direction and I pulled my head back into the bushes making as little noise as possible. I could hear footsteps, and I put my hand over my mouth and breathed slowly through my nose.
From my spot behind the bush I could faintly see the group, one member short (Frank was nosing around the parking lot) talking, standing close together and looking around the area every so often.
Gerard was standing in between Mikey and Bob, still being held. He was always pale, but what he was now was a new extreme. His eyes were red with deep bags beneath them, his hair more lank than ever. His clothes looked old and ill-fitted. The look wasn’t flattering, but my heart was still beating at rapid speeds beneath my chest and part of me wanted to run to him and hold him, but that would be walking right back into a trap.
I didn’t know what they would do with Gerard if I returned, or what they would do to be. I gulped and watched silently as the search continued. Bob shoved Gerard into the van and drove away, presumably to scan the streets.
I couldn’t believe my luck; they hadn’t found me. I went over my options quickly. I could make a dash for another spot and hope they didn’t see me. I could run into the McDonald’s and ask for help. Or I could stay right there.
Well, I thought, If they see me running they’ll chase me, but then again they very well may not even see me. It was a maybe. I ruled out the idea of asking anyone to help, thinking of the last time I enlisted aid. I felt so sorry for those poor people, that woman and her pretty daughter… But the time for guilt and sorrow would come later, now was decision time. They seemed to have given up on looking here so I’d be relatively safe in this same spot, but who knew when they’d leave?

I waited another 10 minutes before standing up and stepping out of the shrubs. “So far, so good…” I whispered. I walked slowly to the front of the McDonald’s and stood there, looking around. I couldn’t see any of them so I started walking towards the big town centre that loomed overhead.
I was almost there when I felt the hands on my shoulders. I turned around, it was Frank. Bitter tears welled in my eyes. I had almost made it, I was so close.
He shook me “Adrienne, stop crying,” he said sternly. I looked up at him, wide-eyed. “Why did you lie to me about Gerard?” I demanded tearfully. He shook his head “I didn’t know either,” he insisted. “Look, I’m not going to take you back. Have this,” He stuffed a wad of money into my hand and pushed me lightly “Get out of here. I’ll get the guys in the opposite direction. It’s about a ten minute walk up to the train station. Anywhere but Newark.” He quickly hugged me and then turned and strode away.
I stood there with my mouth open until I called “Frank,” He turned around, but kept walking. “Tell Gerard… Tell him that I love him, and I’m sorry.” He nodded. “Thank you, Frank.” I said, before turning and running, as fast as I could.

Hours later I was on a train to New York. Mom had a friend there she had mentioned a few times and anyone was better than no one. I worriedly thought of what the guys would do to Frank if they found out, but it was likely that they’d never know.
I still had money clenched in my hand. I opened my bag and stuffed it into a smaller pocket.
I must’ve looked like some foreign time traveller in my heavy black clothes with all the clasps and ties and my old boots. I looked through my bag to see what I had. My money, Frank’s money, the Mina doll, a hairbrush, a ribbon, gloves and a few other bits and pieces. Practical as always, I thought bitterly. I looked in the front pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper I hadn’t remembered I put in there. It was one of Gerard’s sketches of me. I stared at it until tears pooled in my eyes and spilled over to leave trails on my cheeks. How could Mikey have done that to his own brother? I guessed Mikey would have hidden Gerard in the basement. He would have been freezing down there. I was so sad for him, so angry at Mikey, so sorry I ran away, so scared of what lay ahead. I folded the drawing back up and put it in the bag, and stared out the window, still crying.

I was on the train for another few hours before I was in smoke hazy New York City. I stepped off the train, made my way up the steps onto the street and looked around at the people on the streets, not noticing me, just passing. I looked up at the buildings, around at the traffic and almost cried again.
I had no idea where I was.
I had nowhere to go.
I was all alone, and I was lost.

She Gone!
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