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[A Year Later.]
“Bye Jenny!” I call, walking out of the drugstore where I worked.
“Seeya Adie.” Jenny called back. I waved and walked onto the street and put my hand out for a taxi. I told the driver my address and brushed the water off my umbrella out the window. It was raining heavily. I didn’t mind, we hadn’t had rain in a few months now.
It took about five minutes to reach my building. “Thanks” I said, passing him a twenty and climbing out of the cab. I walked into the building, grabbed some mail and started to climb the stairs to my 4th floor apartment. The lift was broken so we all had to use the stairs.
It wasn’t the classiest building in the city, nor was it in the classiest area, but I was proud of it still.
I reached my floor and staggered to my door, out of breath. I stuck the key in the lock but the door opened, to reveal my roommate Addison standing there in a towel.
“Come in! You must be freezing!” She shouted. I walked into the warm room. Addie had the heat turned way up. “You’ll overheat it and then we’ll have nothing.” I warned her. She shrugged and flopped down on the couch. “I’m gonna go change,” I said. She picked up a magazine and continued what she was doing before she heard me outside the door.
I walked to my small room and changed out of my work clothes. I was working at the drugstore till I finished night school. When I had stopped being schooled, I was old enough to have left school, so I didn’t have to go back, but I had been attending night school to gain a high school equivalency so I could get a proper job or go to college.

I walked into the hallway and tossed Addie her mail. Her eyes lit up as she saw one of the letters. She dropped the others and peeled open the envelope and cheered. “Sweet as, I won that song writing competition!” I sat down on the couch “Sick, what’s the prize?” I replied, sipping a coffee she had made for me. “Tickets,” She said, taking them out and examining them. “Tickets to what?” I said, laughing. “A concert…” She murmured, squinting at the tickets.
I snatched one off her and read “My Chemical Romance… Who are they?” I said. She shrugged. “That’s why I’m confused…”
I laughed, exclaiming “What a lame prize! Backstage tickets to a band no one’s heard of and a… $15 voucher for a drum kit. That’s sad. I’m pretty sure if you have enough money to go out and buy a drum kit you wouldn’t be $15 off.”
She shrugged. “We’ll go see the band. It’s next Tuesday, about 5 blocks away. Hey, one of them might be hot.” She said, raising her eyebrows.
I shook my head and walked back to my room to gather stuff for school.
“Come shopping with me, the cupboard is bare!” Addie called from the kitchen. “Alright,” I replied. I grabbed my bag and a coat and walked out to meet her. “Lemme get dressed.” She said, rushing off to her own room.
My Chemical Romance, I thought. I’d never heard of them. I didn’t even know what genre they were. I laughed and put the tickets back in the envelope, reading the letter.
“Ok, ready,” Addie said, emerging from her room. We left and walked down the stairs and to the store a block down.

I met Addison at night school, about eight months ago. Then I was still living in youth hostels and cheap hotels. We became friends, and though she left school a long time before I was scheduled to, we stayed friends. We eventually decided that we both wanted a house, but neither had enough cash to get one. So we got one together, and split the rent. She got a job as an assistant at a small recording house, and I floated from job to job, mostly cashier oriented things.
I hadn’t told Addie about my ordeal in Colorado, but I had told her that my family were killed and I had no one.
Addie’s mother had kicked her out when she was 15, after her new husband tried to sleep with her. Addie had told her mother but she hadn’t believed her, and accused her of trying to break up their marriage.
We got along really well. The only time we had ever fought over anything was when she had asked me questions about my past. Questions I didn’t want to answer. She knew now from that fight that I would never share the secrets of my past with her and she had seemed to accept it.
We reached the store and walked in, picking up a shopping basket as we went. “Fruit?” I asked. She shook her head distastefully and wandered off to the confectionary aisle. I shook my head and picked up a bunch of bananas. I looked at the wall and noticed a poster advertising the show me and Addie had the backstage tickets to; My Chemical Romance. I read it before putting the bananas in my basket and going to find Addie.
When I found her, her basket was full of candy. She grinned at me and started to empty it upon seeing the look on my face. “So, do you know anything about this My Chemical Romance band? Or did they just give you tickets to anything?” I asked, curious. She picked up a chocolate block and read the back, and said “Well I haven’t heard them or seen them live but I met them once. They’re on Eyeball Records, a little New Jersey company, and I was writing for some chick singer that’s with them, and I went to one of the parties. I met like, three of them, but I think there’s more. Guy singer. Dunno anything else about them.” I nodded and followed her into the next aisle. I didn’t think anything of them being from New Jersey, but if the show had been there, I wouldn’t have gone.

We finished the shopping and trudged back home with our bulging bags full of groceries. After unpacking and quickly eating, I headed off to school and sat through my three hours of classes before returning home and collapsing in bed, exhausted.

The week passed relatively quickly, and Tuesday came pretty quickly. “They’re Goth, I think, so dress dark.” Addie had urged me while stacking on eyeliner. I rolled my eyes and walked back into my room and sorted through my clothes. I settled on tights and an oversized red sweater.
I pulled my hair out of its long ponytail and looked in the mirror, deciding what make up to use. When I first came to the city, I had dyed my hair black and cut it short, to make me less distinguishable in case I ever ran into them.
The dye had permanently stained my hair and even as it grew back I knew I would never have my Goldie Locks back. It grew in an awful mousy brown colour so I dyed it chestnut and that’s what it was now, curling down to a good few inches below my shoulders. I leant forward and quickly smeared on some liner, before grabbing my bag and heading to the living room. It was a warm night and I was content to go in what I had on, I knew it got hot at clubs.
I walked to the living room and almost laughed when I saw Addie.
She had gone all out. She was wearing knee length chunky boots, a tiny tartan skirt with fishnet stockings and a Metallica shirt with a tight latex corset wrapped around her middle, making her bust swell out. She had back combed her hair to a teased explosion and covered her face in pale cover up.
“How do I look?” She said, looking like she already knew the answer and would like it. I nodded and swallowed my laughter. “Great. Did you go out and buy all that this afternoon?” I asked. She shook her head and sheepishly dismissed my question “ Of course not. Anyway, lets get going.”
We boarded a bus which took us to the club they were playing at. It was an all ages gig so Addie, 20 and I, 18, were both allowed in. A band with a tiny female singer were currently jumping around the stage, smashing through their set. I raised my eyes when I noticed no one was dressed like Addie. She didn’t seem to care as we sailed through the club to the backstage area, both flashing our passes when needed.

A tall, brown haired guy smiled at us when we arrived at our holding area. “Hi, I’m Brian,” He said. We both introduced ourselves. “I loved your song,” He said to Addison. “The guys loved it too. On that note, you’ll meet them after the show, but for now, grab a drink or whatever. You can stand anywhere on the left side of side stage, or on the floor. Either way. Anyway, I gotta go. I’ll catch you later.” He walked away down the hall.
We decided to stand on the side because Addie was scared of falling over. “I can barely stand up straight in these stupid things,” She said angrily, pointing at her boots.
We waited side stage until the band with the small girl singing announced that My Chemical Romance would be on shortly. I pulled up a chair and sat down. “This had better not be boring.” I warned Addie. She promised me it wouldn’t be.
And she was right.

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