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Chapter 10: Grindelwald Rising

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Sequel to a Twisted Timeline. The more things change the more things get wacky. Not for the mentally sane. LunaHarryFem!Harry.

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Chapter Ten: Grindelwald Rising:

Outside the prison known as Nuremguard, a large swirling vortex appeared with Winston, along with the Unspeakables exiting it making their way inside, marching up the stairs towards the top floor where the jail cell containing the notorious dark wizard known as Gellert Grindelwald was located.

“Through that door,” said Winston calmly, as he clutched the amulet in one hand along with the hair of Harry Potter. They moved through the door and saw a musty jail cell where an old, balding man, with very few teeth sat, staring at them.

“Garrett, you have it,” rasped Grindelwald as he hacked, wheezed and was breathing heavily as the jail cell opened up, with the Unspeakables prying him out.. “Old age, a harsh mistress, but one that I can overcome with the amulet, open it and place the hairs of Harry Potter inside. Come, I am reaching the end, I need the power, I need my youth, to finish my ancestor’s work.”

Winston nodded, as he fumbled with the amulet, snapping it open, before he placed the hairs inside. Grindelwald shakily reached forward, before he removed the amulet from his great nephew’s hands, before he stared down at the Unspeakables, giving them a weak nod, as he nearly collapsed, but two of the cloaked figures caught Grindelwald, who was breathing heavily.

“Need this done now, the amulet is powered,” said Grindelwald, as he looked at the amulet as it had a blue glow around it. “Need youth, need someone to sacrifice their youth to bring me new life. Time is running out…”

“Take it easy Uncle Gellert, we’ll leave for a couple of minutes and grab someone, they will give you that youth you need,” said Winston in a reassuring voice before he turned to the Unspeakables. “Don’t just stand there, go and get someone, he doesn’t have much time left.”

“No time left, need youth, any youth, YOURS GARRETT!” yelled Grindelwald as he sprung up, focusing the amulet towards Winston. Before Winston could do anything, a blast erupted from the artifact, light wrapping around Winston.

“What are you doing to me, Uncle Gellert?” demanded Winston in a terrified voice, as he felt suddenly weak, sickly, and much older.

“I’m doing this out of necessity, not out of any ill will towards you, it’s for the Greater Good by dear boy,” said Grindelwald in a manic voice, as the Unspeakables took a step back. “Yes, more youth, I want all of your youth, I can feel the power I had in the prime of my life before Dumbledore meddled in my plans returning, give me more Garrett, oh yes, yes, give it to me, the power, give me more, I can feel it!”

“Please stop,” rasped Winston as his hair turned white and began to bald, as Grindelwald grew younger. Winston kept aging at a rapid rate before Grindelwald released him from the spell. Falling on his back, the wrinkled, malnourished body of a rapidly aged Garrett Winston laid on the ground, drool coming from his mouth. Grindelwald turned, his physical age regressed to that of a twenty year old wizard, but the cunning of a much older man retained, in addition to the better reflexes and stronger endurance.

“I feel refreshed, completely recharged,” responded Grindelwald in a pleased voice, as he held the amulet in his hands, before he turned to the Unspeakables who bowed before the feet Grindelwald. “To your feet, my children. We have much work to do, while the Ministry and the Muggles are distracted with each other, I can properly put the plans into motion that I waited over fifty years for and this time, there is no Albus Dumbledore to stop me from doing what is necessary.”

“What of Harry Potter?” asked one of the Unspeakables and a thoughtful expression grew on Grindelwald’s face, before he nodded.

“He may be a concern, but I do have a plan to deal with him should he stand in my way. Thanks to the mind of that clone, I know all of his weaknesses, his strengths, how he thinks, how he fights, most of everything about him,” said Grindelwald calmly. “With that in mind, he still might be a problem, but once again, I have a plan to deal with him. For right now, let’s stick to the plan and to do that, my other followers must be revived. Come forth with me my children, to the bottom floor where we can find the help we need.”

The group of rogue Unspeakables left with Grindelwald, moving his way down the stairway of the prison, now to the bottom floor of the prison. Soon, the balance would be set once and for all and the dream that the Grand Warlock wished for the world all those years ago would finally be achieved.

Back at Number Four Privet Drive, Luna and Harry stood, the information that Hermione gave them seemed rather unsettling.

“No one knows what happened to Grindelwald, other than Dumbledore defeated him, but the wording is ambiguous enough to suggest that he might not have died,” said Luna after a few seconds pause. “He could have been imprisoned, with his magic suppressed or his memories removed. The word defeat doesn’t necessarily mean that he was killed.”

“I don’t know how Dumbledore could have left someone like that alive,” replied Harry darkly. “Then again, considering it was Dumbledore, his ability to see good in those who are corrupted has been his downfall more than once, I can see him doing something exactly like this. Still, you know what Grindelwald was capable of…”

“Yes, he was horrible, maybe even slightly more so then Voldemort,” agreed Luna. “Yet, even if he is still alive, he can’t be in too good shape. I mean he is old, even for magic standards.”

“Yes he is and that’s what baffles me, Winston is a part of this, but he’s not acting independently,” replied Harry. “If half of what the history books say is true, than Grindelwald would be capable of working around such limitations. His knowledge of magic was passed by few, the Founders, Voldemort, Dumbledore…”

“You,” added Hermione and Harry just shrugged, before he turned to Lotus, who looked like she was stabilized, now it would only time before she was completely on the road to recovery.

“We just got to wait and see what happens,” stated Luna calmly, as she looked at Harry in a reassuring matter. “This matter might blow over without you having to needlessly risk your life and get involved. After all, if Grindelwald’s still alive, he should be locked up somewhere.”

“I hope you’re right Luna, really I hope you do,” remarked Harry calmly, before he turned, looking at the wall. Right now, he would not move from his spot, until he was completely sure that Lotus had made a full recovery. The Wizarding World could wait, it was not worth saving anymore. No matter what Grindelwald was up to, it could wait. In fact, Harry would rather just let Grindelwald and the Ministry tear each other apart and he could just pick up the pieces. It was unfortunate that innocent people would be harmed, but it was not Harry’s obligation to play Saint Potter anymore. All he felt he had to do was to protect his own interests.

At the bottom floor of Nuremguard, Grindelwald stepped over to a large stone door. Quickly, the Runes on the door were arranged together, before the stone shook, before it dissolved, allowing an opening to appear, revealing a large cavernous room on the other side. As he stepped forward, Grindelwald reflected on his masterful plan. At first, he tried to get Dumbledore to join up with his cause. Truthfully, Grindelwald respected Dumbledore’s abilities and thought he would be a useful component to his campaign, someone to use, that could help influence a lot of individuals to join his cause. If nothing else, Albus was persuasive, even at a young age and had caught the attention of a lot of people, even when he had attended Hogwarts as a student.

Everything changed when Albus’s meddlesome younger and mentally troubled sister stood in their way. Grindelwald really did not care who exactly delivered the killing blow, for all he knew Dumbledore could have been the one who did so or it could have been Grindelwald. All Grindelwald knew it was the catalyst to what eventually caused his plans to have a temporary setback. Dumbledore vowed to go against Grindelwald and his campaign began to fail. A more foolish man would have desperately fought, even thought his defeat was evidence. However, Gellert Grindelwald was not a foolish man, he knew that his time would come in the future, but right now he had to step back. In a way, he masterminded his own defeat. It was difficult to do without making it look set up and he gave Dumbledore a fight to the very end. After an intense battle, Grindelwald surrendered, allowing Dumbledore to claim victory.

Following his surrender, Grindelwald had given Dumbledore a false story about regretting everything that he did in the name of accomplishing his goals. Dumbledore had bought it, his desire to see the good in everyone being exploited at its fullest. Thinking that it would teach him the folly of his ways, Dumbledore placed his former friend in the prison that he built. This was a mistake in Dumbledore’s plan, as Grindelwald built the prison and he knew it inside and out, so it was just being confined to an indefinite house arrest as far as he was concerned.

Grindelwald reached the end of his room, where several white figures stood, immobilized, by an extremely powerful stasis charm. He looked at his former followers, those who were still at large and had not been captured by the various Ministries all those years ago. Before he had his climatic battle with Dumbledore, he managed to place these in this condition as his final act, confident that his plan would work, that he would eventually make his return and this time become successful at achieving what was necessary. There was only around fifty but Grindelwald valued skill rather than sheer numbers. The more wands, the harder it was to coordinate any attacks.

“Arise my followers, arise and serve the Grand Warlock Grindelwald!” shouted Grindelwald in a triumphant voice, as he raised the amulet, it’s power causing the stasis charms, which had only become more powerful over time, to melt away, allowing his followers to be slowly freed from their suspended state. Many of them looked around, confused, it took several minutes for their wits to come back to themselves. “Now your disorientation is logical, you have been in a suspended state, not moving, unaware of time passing around you. Perhaps you may remember that Albus Dumbledore and his forces had managed by the slimmest of margins turn the tide upset the balance. The world was not prepared enough for my ascension, but I could not allow several generations of work perish, so I had you all put in stasis and had my final battle with Dumbledore. I tell you that I put up a good show but I lost. Dumbledore thought of me as remorseful and imprisoned me here, in my own creation. Through my cunning and through a distraction that several attacks masterminded by a moderately powered dark lord named Voldemort caused, I was able to use my cunning to accumulate followers, using my great nephew Garrett Winston as a spokesman for our cause from the outside but frankly he was little more than a pawn, lured by promises of great power. My plans have come full circle tonight.”

“We remember,” stated a thick looking wizard, as he held his wand. For the longest time, it was just a useless stick in the hands of a statue and now, once the stasis spells had been removed, it had become useful once more. Flickers of recognition appeared in the eyes of each and every one of the followers, before they knelt down, acknowledging their master before rising up.

“Great Grindelwald, is satisfactory to see you not only in good health, but stronger than ever,” said another one of the followers.

“But, despite this, what of Albus Dumbledore?” asked a witch curiously. “He has stalled our plans once before, a second attempt might go ever more awry if he catches onto it and the same trick won’t work twice.”

“Dumbledore won’t be a concern, he died a common and useless death some time ago, fading into obscurity, his reputation destroyed although it’s a shame to say that it wasn’t by my hand,” said Grindelwald in a mock remorseful tone of voice, before he brightened up suddenly. “But now is not the time to mourn, now is a time to look forward to a bright new future. The Wizarding World has suffered long enough at the existence of Muggles. Their attempts to emulate magic have not changed since you have been put to sleep. In fact, they have grown even more desperate, but no matter how complex their little trinkets get, they will never be like us. They will always be much less. ”

The followers cheered loudly at Grindelwald’s lofty plans.

“The world is confused, many focus on muggleborns being the problem, they think they damage the world because they come into this world not knowing our ways but that is a falsehood, muggleborns can be trained, taught in our ways, most importantly they can do magic,” said Grindelwald boldly. “Muggles can never be taught, they have no use, no matter how much theory, how much about pureblood etiquette is pounded in their head, they will never be able to levitate a feather. They cheapen the world and their poorly constructed substitutes for magic breed weakness. Muggleborns, half bloods, purebloods, blood traitors should not fight each other. They should all stand together to eliminate the greatest danger to the Wizarding World, those who don’t have the ability to do magic and are bringing our world down with weakness. Muggles must be and will be eliminated for the greater good. Our cause will triumph and all who oppose us will be taught the error of their ways.”

More cheers, and the followers of Grindelwald looked excited of what their master had in store for the Muggles. They would be punished for their weakness, their inability to perform magic.

“With Dumbledore out of the way, there is no one that can stop the Grand Warlock!” cheered an excited wizard but Grindelwald held his hand up to stall the excitement.

“No there is another who may be problematic, by the name of Harry Potter, he fought and defeated the Voldemort I mentioned earlier,” said Grindelwald but he was calm, as if he was just relaying some mundane facts to followers. “But, should our cards be played correctly, he can and will be a valuable asset to our cause.”

Grindelwald paused, allowing his words to sink in, before he lifted his amulet, causing the clothing worn by his followers to be transfigured into something similar to the robes worn by the Department of Mysteries, with the exact same features.

“Now we move on towards the Ministry of Magic, to make the Wizengamot an offer they can’t refuse,” said Grindelwald as he raised the amulet in the air, before he pointed it to the wall. “Maintain the balance.”

A swirling vortex of magical energy appeared in the walls, magically punching a hole through the fabric and time and space. Grindelwald stepped back, allowing his followers to move through. The Unspeakables also took a step forward, but the wizard shook his head.

“Stay here, if my guess is correct, we might be having company soon enough, be sure to give him a proper greeting,” said Grindelwald as the Unspeakables nodded, as their master passed through the vortex. The moment it did, it sealed shut, leaving the Unspeakables along in the empty prison.

Back home, Harry and Luna sat there right beside Lotus. Hermione had went back to Number Twelve for the evening, but told them to contact her if they needed anything. Some brief signs of life were heard, as Lotus began to stir, before her eyes flickered open weakly.

“Harry, Luna?” asked Lotus in confusion, as her vision was rather blurry. “What happened to me? The last thing I remember is I was fighting with you against Wansuke and his mobsters.”

“You passed out right after we had taken care of them, those people hit you with something when they stole my remote” said Harry seriously. “You started having random fits, bursts of magic, your body was absorbing way too much magic and for a short time we thought…that you weren’t going to make it.”

“I did though,” remarked Lotus weakly.

“Yes, you’re fine now, perhaps a little sore I take it, but you’ll live,” said Luna and Lotus nodded in confirmation. “Harry’s not exactly feeling all that great either, even though he says he’s fine.”

“What happened to you Harry?” asked Lotus in concern.

“It’s nothing,” said Harry. “I just had to travel to a dangerous realm to obtain the cure to the magic, I don’t really want to talk about it but you would have done the same for me.”

“Yes, I would,” agreed Lotus with a nod, before she attempted to get up, but she collapsed on her bed. “I hate this, I still feel weak, I can barely move!”

“I know, you’re just regaining your strength,” said Harry. “Give it time and you’ll be back up before you know it.”

“So anything else I should know about when I was out?” asked Lotus after a moment’s pause and Harry and Luna exchanged a look, before they turned to Lotus.

“Well, we have a better idea of who might behind all of this,” said Luna with a sigh. “Apparently Garrett Winston is the great nephew of Grindelwald, who was defeated, but obviously not killed, by Dumbledore. I don’t know how though. He should be locked up tight wherever he is.”

“Well, we have to find him and make him pay for what he’s done, what he tried to do to Harry, to me, and to everyone else,” said Lotus in a firm voice but Harry shook his head. “What do you mean, we shouldn’t?”

“Not now, we have no idea where he is or even if it’s him,” answered Harry, as he held his hands together. “From what we know, both the Muggle and Magical worlds are in a state of flux, both sides are battling with the other and beyond that, this is what they want. I had a contingency plan in the event that I had to expose the Wizarding World but they did hinge on most of my organization being available. Now with the Inferno incident and the Ministry taking in several of them, these plans can’t go off as planned. So we need to wait and see.”

“At least Harry put a tracking spell on them, and if they didn’t discover it, we should be able to have an idea where they went,” said Luna.

“I understand, it’s the waiting game, but I will make them pay,” said Lotus firmly.

“I wouldn’t doubt it,” said Harry with a sigh, he really could care less about what Grindelwald did to the Wizarding World, but he could see it meant a lot to Lotus to get her revenge so it meant a lot to him, but only for her sake. “Just rest now, we’ll figure this out soon enough.”

At the Wizengamot, the members of the court were squabbling among themselves, to figure out what to do about the situation about there being no Minister and thus naming an interim Minister. They were going back and forth, over several possible choices, none of them being agreed for by a majority of the court. Some had their own agenda, so they pushed for the choice that would serve them best, especially considering this new uncertain world based on their entire existence being exposed to the Muggles.

“Now, he won’t do in helping guide the Ministry, if we want to be successful, we need a real leader in…” stated one of the Wizengamot members but a loud bang echoed throughout the chambers and a swirling vortex of magical energy appeared in the chambers. A gust of wind backed off those inside, as a group held their wands firmly out. Grindelwald stepped out as well, the amulet around his neck, swinging back and forth, as he looked at the Wizengamot with contempt.

“The Ministry of Magic, it’s been a long time and the Wizengamot, as inept as usual to deal with the real problems of the day,” said Grindelwald calmly, as the members of the court raised their wands, which caused Grindelwald much amusement. “Please, do not flatter yourselves, you are politicians, not Aurors, my followers can eradicate you at a moment’s notice.”

“You’re trespassing in the Ministry of Magic, in these chambers, you have no right to be here,” said an aged member of the court. “We should call the Aurors and have you thrown out of here into Azkaban…”

“Call the Aurors if you must but here’s just a small sample of what would happen,” said Grindelwald before he raised the amulet, morphing into the form of Garrett Winston. “Aurors, these Wizengamot Court Members were conspiring with the Muggles to overthrow the Ministry, take them to Azkaban.”

Grindelwald turned back into himself with a smirk.

“Simple as that my children, but I am not here to fight, but rather I am here to help you,” said Grindelwald. “You need a new Minister of Magic so I suggest that it will be me.”

“Now see here, you have no right to the post of Minister, you just barged in here, you are…” stated one of the Wizengamot members but Grindelwald lifted his hand.

“Simply put, I have power and I can wield that power to bend the entire Ministry to my will, so why not make it official,” said Grindelwald as he raised the amulet, grey spirals of magical energy coming out of it, expanding, before they passed towards the Wizengamot members. Seconds later, they were immobilized, turned completely into stone, their looks frozen in complete terror, as Grindelwald turned to his followers. “An issue of the Daily Prophet, five knuts. A wand, seven galleons. Turning the entire Wizengamot into stone…priceless.”

The followers cheered before Grindelwald turned to the completely immobilized members of the court, with a calculating expression on his face.

“Now as I was saying before I was oh so rudely interrupted, I will be the new Minister of Magic, anyone who is opposed may speak now or forever hold your peace,” said Grindelwald, as he cupped his hand to his ear mockingly, listening for any dissension but obviously none came. “Any objections? I thought not, majority passed, all hail the Grand Warlock, the Minister of Magic, Grindelwald!”

“All hail Grindelwald!” cheered his followers as Grindelwald stood around, with a triumphant expression on his face.

“Now to address the Wizarding public, to assure them that the greatest threat that the Wizarding World has ever faced will be dealt with,” said Grindelwald with a smirk on his face, as his followers followed him. There was much to do before his vision of the world could be completely achieved.

A bit later, Lotus was feeling better, considering she was able to finally stomach eating and drinking. Her body ached all over and she felt rather flushed, but it was much better than the condition that she was before. Luna and Harry sat on either side of her, making sure she did not overexert herself and even if she did want to move, Lotus was not sure she wanted to.

“Time to check the Wireless,” said Harry suddenly and Luna and Lotus looked at Harry confusingly. “Just a hunch that something is up.”

Harry turned it on and certain enough, he heard a beeping sound over it.

“Please stand by for a public service announcement from the new Minister of Magic,” said a voice over the Wireless in monotone.

“New Minister of Magic?” asked Luna in surprise. “I didn’t think there would be one this soon, especially with everything…”

“I have a very bad feeling about this,” muttered Lotus darkly.

“That makes two of us,” agreed Harry as he listened intently to the broadcast.

“Three,” corrected Luna as she also listened in.

“Good evening citizens of the Wizarding World, I am the new Minister of Magic and a man with a new lease on life, I’m sure some of you more well educated individuals have heard of me, the name is Grindelwald,” said Grindelwald. “Yes, I am certain many of you were shocked that I am still alive, I’m sure all you were under the assumption that Dumbledore had finished me for good. But, I should inform you that once again Dumbledore has failed to do the right thing, much like he did with Harry Potter’s living conditions when he was young. He simply locked me up and promptly forgot about me, one of the most dangerous dark wizards that the world had ever known prior to Lord Voldemort but that is all in the past.”

A second’s pause on the other side of the radio and Grindelwald appeared to be milking the anticipation of what he was going to say next.

“Now, I’ve had quite some time to reflect on what I’ve done and I see the error in it, I only wish to atone for the mistakes made in the past,” said Grindelwald calmly. “The Ministry has been shaken to the core due to recent events, but there is only one real threat that we all must stand up and unite against, to eliminate so we can build a safe future for many generations to come.”

Harry sat, waiting for Grindelwald to paint him as the person who was behind this danger that he was talking about.

“Muggles are the one’s who are enemy and due to the recent misunderstanding, they known of us, so we must seize the chance and stop them,” said Grindelwald. “Their lack of magic makes them a more dangerous threat than you could ever realize, they would be desperate to put us down or enslave us for their own means. It is unfortunate that they are the majority and sheer numbers will eliminate them. I see the terror they will cause but fear not, I will be the one to save the Wizarding World from these people. I do what is necessary for the Greater Good of all magic and soon I will usher a brand new age of peace. Until that time, I encourage you to break off all contact with Muggles, so they don’t use any of you to get to the rest of us. Remember, the Grand Warlock will be watching over you. The Grand Warlock is always watching.”

The Wireless went dead as Lotus sat up in bed, but collapsed completely down.

“Not good enough right now, but we have to stop him!” shouted Lotus, the very existence of Grindelwald taunted her, he was the one behind everything that was happening, and it was tearing her up inside that she was bed ridden, unable to stop Grindelwald.

“There’s no way he can do it…can he?” asked Luna quietly.

“I don’t know, after all he’s been capable of so far, but he wants to eliminate them all,” said Harry darkly, before he began to check on his tracking charm. “It’s time to find out some answers...”

“Harry, I’m coming,” said Lotus as she weakly swung her legs over the bed and managed to gingerly take a couple of steps forward, but she began to stagger around, with Luna and Harry grabbing her and guiding her back into bed.

“No Lotus, I can’t get risk you getting hurt, either of you, there’s so much we don’t know and…I have to do this alone,” said Harry. “You both understand.”

“Of course Harry,” said Luna calmly.

“I guess I do but if you get to him, leave a piece for me for when I get better,” said Lotus.

“Alright, I will,” said Harry with a laugh as he kissed both of them goodbye, before he made his way to Apparate to the location the tracking charm pointed to.

Harry dropped down in Nuremguard. It was silent, a bit too silent for Harry’s liking as he crept around inside the prison. Stepping around, Harry looked up in the corner, where a figure moved. He saw a mere shadow of a slashing motion in the distance. Quickly, Harry blocked the spell, before he knocked his opponent back into the wall. Harry turned around, as a pair of loud cracks echoed throughout the empty prison, with metal cables flying out. This time Harry saw it coming, slicing them with a well placed spell, before his opponents were hoisted up in the air and knocked back into the wall. Leaning back, Harry blocked a stunning spell and propelled one of the shadowed attackers back, before he jabbed his wand forward, causing the shadows around his adversary to disappear, exposing him to the world.

“Okay, spill, where is Grindelwald!” shouted Harry as he hoisted his adversary up into the air.

“I won’t talk, I won’t spill his secrets, the plan is close to being fulfilled, not now,” said the wizard in a shaky voice.

“So be it, don’t think about where Grindelwald is,” said Harry and sure enough, Harry managed to gather that Grindelwald went straight to the Ministry. Quickly he flung the Unspeakable to the back into another figure in the distance, who had attempted to attack Harry. Quickly, Harry made his way to the Ministry of Magic, towards the office of the Minister, where he knew Grindelwald would be.

Arriving in the corridors around, Harry snuck around, expecting some form of security, but he met nothing. The fact that he met no trouble actually raised Harry’s paranoia. Grindelwald was playing mind games with him. Walking down the corridors, he made it to the office of the Minister of Magic. Looking at the shut doors, he prepared to force them open but they swung open.

“Do come in, Mr. Potter,” stated Grindelwald and Harry stepped inside, looking from side to side, expecting someone to attack him from behind or either side, before he focused his eyes on Grindelwald, shocked to see how young he looked. “Have a seat.”

“I’ll stand,” said Harry coolly as he looked at Grindelwald who just seemed indifferent to his presence.

“Let’s get straight to the point, I’m sure you’re wondering why I have done all I have against you,” stated Grindelwald and Harry nodded calmly. “It’s actually very simple, quite frankly I have nothing personal against you but I wanted to see how good you really are. Everything that’s happened, I knew it would. I knew Lotus would eventually see that you weren’t the enemy, I knew you would find a way to beat Inferno, I knew you would survive your trip to the veil, to cure Lotus before it was too late, I knew you would find out my connection to Garrett and I knew you would come here tonight. And I was not disappointed, you have passed the test.”

“What test?” demanded Harry coldly.

“You and I fight in what we believe in and not what the world thinks we should believe in,” said Grindelwald. “We both saw through Dumbledore, we saw what he really was, and we are both considered to be rebels, renegades, because we just don’t sit down and accept what the Ministry thinks is true.”

“The way I see it is that you were pulling some strings to control the Ministry,” said Harry.

“Very well, I do give you that, but I was not the only one pulling the strings, it was a constant struggle to gain control of the Ministry, as Dumbledore and Voldemort both had their hand in the matters, thus it was much harder for me to get any headway sooner,” said Grindelwald. “So, thanks to you snipping their strings, I managed to gain control, to save the Wizarding World from its destruction, to finish the work of my ancestor.”

“The Grand Warlock,” said Harry with disdain and Grindelwald nodded. “It’s the same song all over again, you are just another elitist who wishes to erase anything that threatens purity.”

“No, not exactly, I have no problems with muggleborns,” said Grindelwald. “They are part of us, they have the ability to perform magic, but Muggles are the real threat Harry. Can’t you see Harry? Everything bad in the world is tied to Muggles. Voldemort, would have risen to power had his Muggle father not abandoned him? Your relatives were precise examples of what I am saying. What they cannot have and understand, they will blindly hate. Can’t you see it Harry? If we could coexist, then I would have no problems but they would continue to loathe us, to find ways to replicate our abilities and kill us if possible. They out number us four and five to one and could overrun us giving the proper motivation and under certain circumstances.”

“It was your people who were the one’s who exposed the Wizarding World to the Muggles,” said Harry.

“I don’t deny this, in fact, this was to open up the eyes of the Wizarding World to the real danger that Muggles oppose,” said Grindelwald. “In fact, I wanted to give them a chance, I wanted them to prove to me that they are not a threat to us but the rumors I’ve heard about Muggles attacking anyone they suspect to be a witch or wizard, to try to force the magic out of them. It’s begun and it’s proven what my ancestor feared all along.”

Grindelwald took a deep breath, as if he regretted doing this.

“I am now asking you, Harry Potter, to do the right thing, to join up with our cause, eliminate the Muggle threat” said Grindelwald calmly. “I don’t want your answer now, I want you to think about this with a cool head, logically making to best decision for you, but I do know this. If you join with me, I can clear your name, you won’t be a fugitive any longer and your great work will finally be acknowledged.”

Harry opened his mouth but he saw Grindelwald raise an amulet and the next thing Harry knew, he had been removed from the Ministry, before being sent back into the room with Lotus and Luna.
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