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Chapter 11: Battle for Wizarding Britain Part One

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Sequel to a Twisted Timeline. The more things change the more things get wacky. Not for the mentally sane. LunaHarryFem!Harry.

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Chapter Eleven: The Battle for Wizarding Britain Part One:

Harry dropped down right in front of Lotus and Luna, in absolute frustration at being basically thrown out of the Ministry of Magic as easily as breathing.

“He cast me out, just like that!” yelled Harry throwing his hands up into the ground. “With a mere thought, he raised that amulet and then I was gone…”

“What did you find out, Harry?” asked Luna quickly, deciding to figure out what exactly was going on.

“He wanted me to join him, join up with his cause, it looks like he wants to eliminate every Muggle, this entire game has been his sick way to test me,” stated Harry quickly. “Like I’d ever join up with him, but at the same time, I don’t even know if I can defeat him, with that amulet. If it could just remove me and put me back here, who knows what it could do.”

“Well, we need to get it away from him by any means necessary,” said Lotus firmly, as she swung her legs from the bed gingerly, but was only barely able to sit up. She felt better than she did a bit ago, but not as recovered as she would have liked “Damn it, I’m still weak, when I get my hands around his neck I will…”

“A plan that’s what we need,” said Harry suddenly. “Grindelwald had decades to formulate one, we only have hours, but we have to try. If we can catch him off guard, we can get the amulet away from him and then break his power. We need something more powerful than the amulet to combat it.”

Harry stooped down, before he removed a small box from underneath the bed. Opening the box, Harry pulled out an old, but working wand, the same wand that once belonged to Albus Dumbledore. He had bought it once the goblins had auctioned off all of Dumbledore’s belongings to pay his debts to Harry. Looking at the wand, Harry remembered how uncomfortable it made him feel to use. It seemed at times the wand was using him, rather than Harry using the wand. However, one thing that Harry could not deny was its power and it might be enough to combat whatever Grindelwald could do with that amulet.

“I have the wand, but that’s not going to be enough, let’s see, my resources as far as man power is concerned are rather limited, so I got to plan this smartly,” muttered Harry to himself but Luna and Lotus grabbed a hand on either side.

“Whatever we can do to help, we will be there,” remarked Luna.

“Yes, we can’t let him succeed,” added Lotus firmly, as the Wireless once again went to life.

“Now, considering I am your leader, I’m sure many of you are skeptical of my ability to make good on my promises,” stated the voice of Grindelwald over the Wireless. “However, for those of you who have the access to the Muggle apparatus known as a television, do turn it on to Channel Five, and in the next few minutes, a small demonstration of my power will be shown for the entire world to see.”

Harry and Luna helped Lotus to her feet, before the moved towards the stairs. There was still a television in the house, so quickly they moved down the stairs to see what Grindelwald was up to. Perhaps he was just being paranoid, but Harry had a feeling that it was bad news. Quickly, he placed themselves down on a couch, before he flipped on the television. With a girl on either side, Harry looked forward, seeing a slum like neighborhood with a group of ratty looking and rather homeless looking Muggles. Two seconds later, a witch and wizard appeared in a blink of an eye, before they looked forward before nodding. The witch removed a vial of a crimson colored potion, before tapping her wand to it. The vial dropped to the ground, exploding, causing a red vapor to rise from the ground. Right before their eyes, the Muggles clutched their chests, screaming in pain as if their lungs were on fire, before they dropped down to the ground, convulsing. The witch and the wizard were unaffected by the potion. Harry averted his eyes away from the television, as the Muggles began to decompose, alive.

“Turn that off, please,” said Luna in horror at what she saw and Harry had no complaints in doing this, before he flicked off the Wireless.

“No less than they deserve and just a small example of what is to come. Do not worry about being affected by my virus, it is engineered where it only effects people who are unable to perform magic” said Grindelwald. “Now, I know some of you are misguided, thinking that Muggles are human, that they have any rights, but do not interfere in my plans or you will be treated as a fugitive and executed through the Veil of Nightmares at the Ministry of Magic. By the next sunset, we will all live in a world without Muggles. So you shall only put up with their inferiority for another day.”

The Wireless went dead and Harry just leaned back, in frustration. Grindelwald obviously had more of that stuff on hand and he saw exactly how flawless it was against Muggles.

“We have little time to waste, so here’s what we’re going to do,” said Harry calmly as Lotus and Luna leaned in intently. “I obviously can’t enlist the help of the remaining members of the mob organization, they will fold immediately, the virus will take them out, because they’re Muggles. Get Sirius, Remus, and Hermione, oh and Tonks as well, tell her to get as many Aurors as she can feel that can be trusted and not swayed by Grindelwald, but I have a pretty good idea what Grindelwald’s next move might be.”

Lotus and Luna seemed to pick up where Harry was going from.

“The water, he’s going to slip the virus into the water, isn’t he?” asked Luna.

“Figures, he’d do something like that,” said Lotus darkly.

“Not the water specifically, but the reservoir that feeds the majority of London, that would be the best place to exert his power, thousands of Muggles dropping dead at once by drinking water, taking a shower, or simply washing their hands,” said Harry quickly as he rose to his feet. “I need to get there right away, no doubt it’s about to begin.”

Lotus, Luna, and Harry parted ways. There was much work to do to stop Grindelwald from wiping out every single Muggle in Britain and later the entire world.

A Muggle Army marched towards the area around the Minister of Magic, lead by a rough looking man, who stared towards the direction of the Ministry with contempt.

“Alright, listen up, these wizards are getting out of hand and we’re going to put them back in line,” barked the General roughly as he looked at his men. “They think because they can wave a wand and say a few cutesy little Latin words, they can run our lives, well they can think again. We’re going to take back our government by any means necessary, even if we have to blow this rat infested stronghold into the sky.”

“General, we have locked onto the Ministry of Magic building,” announced a voice in the distance and the General cracked his knuckles, looking forward with a twisted smile on his face. It was time these meddling magicians get taught a lesson in respect.

“Fire at will,” barked the General and several rounds of fire blasted right towards the Ministry of Magic. A small light appeared, absorbing all of the fire, bouncing right off the building. It absorbed each and every round of fire, every missile, the Ministry had obviously prepared magical shields that would block Muggle firepower. “Damn, their shields are up, switch up the fire power, blast the shields down, throw everything you have at them at once on the count of three. One, Two, Three, FIRE!”

Once again a high blast of firepower shot right towards the shields. The Muggle General would not be denied, he kept motioning for his men to fire over and over again, but once again, each of the blasts barely dented the power around the shield.

“Keep firing, we will not allow this country to fall into their hands!” shouted the General as he was red in the face, they had the best fire power that their budget could fire and they could not even scorch the surface of what looked like a rather rickety building. Even magic had to have an Achilles heel, something had to break.

“Really, it is amusing how much you fight, but magic cannot bend to even the best that you Muggles come up with, that’s why you can’t do it,” said Grindelwald as he walked outside, with the amulet in hand. “Cease your fire, this is just sad and a waste of money. “

“WASTE HIM!” shouted the General, angry at this egotistical warlock, but Grindelwald raised his amulet, reducing the tanks to mere toys and the guns to squirt guns with a mere bit of magic.

“Really no need to raise your blood pressure over me,” said Grindewald calmly, as he reached into his robes. “In fact, I have a cure to your rising temper that will make sure you never have that problem again.”

Removing a vial of the crimson potion from his robes, Grindelwald held it up, as the General’s eyes widened.

“GAS MASKS ON, RIGHT NOW, ON THE DOUBLE!” shouted the General and his men obeyed, but Grindelwald dropped the vial to the ground, smashing it down to the ground. The vapors once again went through the air, moving towards the troops. Their gas masks were not enough to hold back the virus, as it began to eat through the gas masks, before they inhaled the virus. Screaming, pain shot through the lungs as they slowly combusted and they dropped to the ground. They felt their skin rotting, as the world began to spin around them. Their deaths could not come soon enough to dull the agonizing pain.

Grindelwald stood over the rotted corpses of the army, with a smug expression as he reflected on his success. He had developed most of that potion before his masterminded defeat at the hands of Dumbledore and throughout the years, with many test subjects, his outside contacts at the Department of Mysteries perfected the project to the quality that he was able to use right now. Soon once his plan was completed, every Muggle would fall, leaving a perfect, utopian world where everyone had the ability to use magic.

A pair of Grindelwald’s followers walked down a set of stairs, towards a reservoir of water, carrying several vials of their master’s weapon against the Muggles. The Grand Warlock had ordered them to dump the potion into the water and it would be carried to each and every Muggle in London. Once they even turned on one tap, they would die from the fumes. It was a cunning plan.

A loud crash had caused the two wizards to stop in their tracks and put the vials down, as they looked around.

“Better go check it out,” said one of the wizards to his partner. “I’ll dump the stuff, you check it out.”

The second wizard nodded, before he moved off. Unfortunately, the first wizard was caught off guard with a stunning spell to the side. The wizard was knocked over the ledge, where he fell right into the water with a splash. Quickly, Harry moved over, seeing the vials on the ground. Picking them up, Harry stowed them into the pocket of his robe, before he closed his eyes, using his disguise potion, shifting into the form of the wizard that he knocked into the water, just as the second wizard came around the corner.

“Well?” asked the other wizard, surveying him calmly.

“Must have been just a rat or something. I dumped the stuff but I’ll stick around for a few minutes to make sure no one is lurking around that should not, I’ll meet up with you later,” said Harry and the wizard nodded, before he disapparated. Harry did the same, now he had a sample of Grindelwald’s potion, he could go back and take a look at exactly what this was and perhaps develop a counter agent for it.

Back at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place several hours later, Sirius, Remus, Hermione, Lotus, Luna, and Harry were sitting around the table.

“So Tonks said she’ll be discreet and try to get as many people together at once, but don’t count on more than a couple dozen Aurors,” reported Luna, as Hermione looked over the potion with confusion, trying to figure out exactly what it was, trying to get it working.

“Good, so we just need to fight smart with the numbers we have, make our shots count,” said Harry, as he was going over a plan in his head that seemed a bit of a long shot, but sometimes risks were necessary for success. Leaning over, he saw Hermione with a frown on her face. “So, any headway on what exactly Grindelwald did to that potion?”

“Well this alleged virus is water and red food coloring, and yes I’ve checked all of them, it’s the same all around,” said Hermione with a sigh and Harry sat up straight with a start. “You do know what this means, don’t you?”

“Grindelwald tricked us to divert our attention from the real target and left a dummy batch of virus,” said Lotus in understanding. “He knew Harry would figure out the logical move would be to poison the water, I can see what he’s done now.”

“Yes, he did, but what’s his target now?” asked Harry, to both himself and others around him. “I mean there has to be some other way he plans on dispersing the virus other than through the water.”

“Fanatics often leave a clue through their rantings, even though it may be inadvertent,” said Luna wisely. “Just think of something he said and we might have a clue on how he is going to distribute his virus.”

“All he was going on about was something about Muggles being exterminated by the next sunset,” said Sirius in confusion. “I don’t know exactly how there could be a clue in that, it just seems like a bit of incoherent babbling to me.”

“Well, it has to have some sort of taunting double meaning,” said Remus lightly and Harry just seemed to be processing something in his brain.

“What’s the date today?” asked Harry quickly.

“The nineteenth,” responded Luna promptly and Harry looked rather alarmed suddenly, before he summoned a Muggle paper from the distance and flipped through it before he placed it on the table in front of them. The group leaned forward looking at the paper.

“Mind telling me why I’m reading about a Muggle rocket being launched?” asked Sirius with a befuddled expression on his face.

“It’s because it was a project by the government funded by Boss Barone,” explained Harry. “It was powered by an experimental rocket fuel that could propel it around the world in a matter of second and that’s only on one tank. There are two fuel tanks, for a back up line of fuel in case the first one fails, but the first test is only on one tank just to see how it functions as such.”

“And if someone put something else in that second tank, it would leave a vapor trail around the world,” said Hermione catching on. “That’s how he’s going to distribute the virus, wiping out every Muggle in a matter of seconds, these attacks so far have just been a final test run to ensure the virus works as planned but, didn’t you say that clearance was only restricted to a few people.”

“Yes, the Muggle Prime Minister, me, and the scientists who worked on the project,” said Harry. “But don’t think a little thing like not having proper clearance will stop Grindelwald. I have plenty of security measures to take care of any intruders, but nothing is absolute.”

Harry put his hand on his chin, contemplating his next move before he prepared to make his next move.

“I or rather Boss Barone should make his next move,” remarked Harry firmly. “All of you stand by, I don’t want all us to jump onto something on the chance I was wrong and if you hear something that I should know, contact me immediately.”

Quickly, Harry rose to his feet, before he made his way to the government testing facility to make sure everything was secure.

The wizard who was posing as the Muggle Prime Minister was at the government facility, with a calm expression on his place. If his master’s theory was correct, he should be getting a visitor rather soon. Looking up, he saw an aged figure, leaning on a walking stick as he looked forward.

“Prime Minister I’m rather surprised to see you here at this time,” said Barone roughly, looking him over carefully. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“About the same thing you are I suspect, Mr. Barone, just making sure everything is ready before the big launch, it is an important project that will put our country on the map,” said the Prime Minister in a jovial tone of voice, a bit too cheery from what Harry remembered. “With all this insanity as of late, it is nice to focus on something else, but everything is being done to resolve to situation.”

“Yes, I’m sure,” said Barone swiftly, there appeared to be something off by the Prime Minister and craftily behind the back, he sent a quick message to the others with his wand to please stand by and await further instructions.

The faux Prime Minister stepped forward and opened the door, allowing Barone to step forward. Once Barone was outside, he removed a small disc from underneath his sleeve, sending a message to Grindelwald that Barone had arrived. Discreetly, he moved forward, following Barone into the room, as a couple of Muggles looked over some equipment.

“Everything appears to alright, so I suspect you are a very busy man, so if anything comes up, I think I can take it from here,” stated the faux Prime Minister and Barone turned him slowly.

“Everything’s alright except you, Prime Minister,” said Barone, saying the last two words sarcastically before a loud bang echoed throughout the area, a net wrapping around the faux Prime Minister and causing him to drop down to the ground. Barone magically hoisted up the net and threw it into the wall. “I’m going to ask this one time, where is the real Prime Minister?”

“Kissed, transfigured into a mop and put in a broom closet in the Ministry of Magic,” said the faux Minister wincing, but his expression brightened up slightly. “However that is the least of your worries.”

“Oh is that so?” challenged Barone as he looked at the faux Minister of Magic but then several footsteps echoed right behind him. Quickly, he spun himself around, putting his back to the wall, to see a group of cloaked figures step forward, lead by Grindelwald, who had a calm, collected look on his face.

“Do remove your mask Harry, we’re all friends here,” said Grindelwald calmly and Barone stood there, before he closed his eyes, his features contorting back into Harry Potter. “That’s much better, now I offered you the opportunity to join me and once again, I extend that opportunity again. My methods might seem to be rather unique, but in time, you will understand it is for the best if all Muggles are scrubbed out.”

“Grindelwald I have made my decision and you can’t think that destroying Muggles would be good for the future of the world, after a while, the inbreeding will cause us to all die out,” said Harry and Grindelwald stood, amused at Harry’s concerns.

“You do forget that I now have access to Lord Voldemort’s cloning work and have had my agents in the Department of Mysteries perfecting it ever since we recovered your clone, the thing that I can use to clear your name should you chose to join me,” responded Grindelwald. “Lotus was our first creation, but there will be others. The Department of Mysteries have collected Muggle genetic materials for years, it is just a matter of implementing them to integrate enough fresh blood so we do not die out and in addition, we have the ability to have them perform magic, in fact right at hand.”

Grindelwald held up the amulet, the same thing that was stolen from the mysterious traveler by the Grand Warlock, that had granted the first magical people their powers.

“Yes, Harry, believe me, I have seen every possible angle and have planned for it, I do intend for everything to go right,” said Grindelwald calmly. “So, what do you say, about joining me?”

Grindelwald awaited and Harry stood there, hand on his wand.

“I’ll have to pass on your offer Grindelwald, I’ve spent half of my life in the original timeline under the heel of one manipulator to be forced under the heel of another,” said Harry firmly and Grindelwald’s eye twitched, as if being compared to Dumbledore had mortally offended him.

“Then you leave me…” stated Grindelwald but Harry snapped his fingers, as a group of individuals stepped into the picture. Sirius, Remus, Luna, Lotus, Hermione, and a couple dozen Ministry Aurors. “I had hoped you would join me, but this was the most probable outcome. My children, show these people our power.”

Grindelwald’s followers shot spells right at the group, but they swerved around, just as Harry had planned, blocking the spells. It was a few seconds, before Harry had blasted one of the attackers towards the wall. However a swirling vortex appeared behind him right before he hit the wall, causing him to go to. The attacker came out on the ceiling and Harry used his wand to block another attack. Lotus shot thick metal ropes from her wand, flying right towards the attackers but the ropes quickly were propelled back towards her, snaking around her. Quickly, Harry pushed his attacker free and freed Lotus.

Sirius fought two of the followers, who seemed to have disappeared right before his eyes. Grindelwald fired a spell that caused Sirius to collapse, struggling as his lungs appeared to have collapsed for a moment. This allowed two of Grindelwald’s minions to aim towards Sirius, shooting blue spirals of magical energy to wrap around Sirius’s arms and legs. Sirius attempted to pull free, but screamed in agony when the magic cut into his wrists and ankles.

“Take them all out now!” yelled Grindelwald as Luna toppled one of the followers but quickly, all of the followers had touched the badges on their robes. Shadows swirled out of the badges, wrapping around his men, causing them to blend into their surroundings. The Aurors looked confused, as spells popped right out of thin air, striking them down, as Grindelwald snuck down the hallway.

“Listen for any signs of movement, I’m going after Grindelwald,” hissed Harry as he shot down the hallway, wand drawn as he moved after Grindelwald, blocking a number of attacks, including a slicing curse aimed directly at his throat. The sound of breaking bones caused by the spells he sent back indicating that something had connected but Harry still had to fight his way toward Grindelwald, who was no doubt about to sabotage the rocket as he spoke. Harry deflected a white hot fireball right back at the attacker, causing a scream of pain. By following the screams, Harry was able to take out the attacker, but even more attacks came.

“Show yourself!” yelled Lotus in a frustrated voice as she just barely blocked both a stunning spell and a bone shattering curse aimed towards her ribs. A vertigo curse also was narrowly avoided, as it seemed like attacks could come from any direction.

“Not going to work that way, I don’t think,” said Sirius wincing, as he had finally broke free of the attacks, his wrists and ankles were throbbing in pain, but still he had to help. Tonks and a pair of Aurors had rejoined the fight, but it was difficult to get a fix on anything. It was simply them constantly throwing spells at individuals that just simply were not there.

Hermione stopped as Harry continued to struggle forward. She managed to throw a few spells towards where she had last seen attacks to give Harry some coverage. The sonic vibration spell that Harry had taught them might not work, as by eliminating their ability to hear their opponents, it would severely handicap them. Quickly, Harry gave her a sign of thanks, before he concentrated, putting a powerful shield charm on him. It was difficult to keep a shield charm in place when one was moving, but Harry had little choice. Time was running out. He saw everyone just barely keep up the fight, once he had taken care of Grindelwald, he would return to lend them a hand.

Moving down the hallway, he saw Grindelwald at the end, with a galleon jug containing the same crimson color potion that he used to wipe out the Muggle village.

“One hundred million kills to the galleon Harry, if I’m not mistaken,” commented Grindelwald as Harry stood right there, wand drawn, ready for action. He sent a sonic vibration curse but Grindelwald casually deflected it back at him, almost as simply as breathing. Moving around, Harry flicked his wrist, an organ explosion curse aimed to Grindelwald’s heart. Once again, the dark wizard blocked it. Harry sent a net at Grindelwald, Grindelwald sliced it into bits. “Impressive spell work Harry, but futile, very futile, anything you can do, I can do better. And besides, I know exactly how you fight, I’ve studied the mind of your clone extensively, knowing what spells you are would employ, that you are capable of performing. “

“We’ll see, Grindelwald,” said Harry, as he assumed a battle stance and began to attack Grindelwald, trying to fire spells faster than Grindelwald’s mind could figure out his attacks.

“Stunning spell, full body bind, bone breaking curse to the ribs, organ explosion curse to the lungs, disorientation curse, inflammatory bowels jinx,” stated Grindelwald, calling each and every one of Harry’s attacks just as he fired each and every one of them. “Razor wire net, skull crushing curse, conjured spike to the heart, shackles, fire curse, freezing curse, another fired curse, stunning spell, vomiting hex, fake out from a stunning spell into a disarming spell.”

Harry stopped, as Grindelwald stood, as calm as you pleased, zero of Harry’s spells having connected.

“Conjuctivitus curse, ear ringing curse, brain freeze hex, vertigo spell, babbling hex, organ explosion curse to the heart, another organ explosion curse to the small intestine, bone shattering curse to the spine, spikes,” stated Grindelwald before he blocked each and every curse, before he blasted Harry right off of his feet. Harry landed. “Fun time had by all, but really, I have to leave you to your doom.”

Grindelwald pointed towards a stack of boxes and rags over to the side.

“A pile of rubbish?” challenged Harry but Grindelwald raised the amulet, pointing it towards the boxes and rags. They began to glow, before they slowly turned into what could only be described as the Blast Ended Skrewt from Hell. It was almost thirty feet high and twelve feet long.

“I will allow you to get acquainted,” said Grindelwald as he moved off, as the beast rose up, sending a burst of fire towards Harry. Harry instinctively put up an ice shield, that Grindelwald’s creation burnt through in a matter of seconds. Quickly dodging around, the monster aimed its tail right at Harry, before it shot acid right towards him. Harry dodged the attack, before he quickly threw a slicing curse towards the beast. The spell just bounced off of the beast, proving to be useless.

The beast moved towards Harry, circling around, attempting to sting Harry but Harry avoided it. The stinger implanted into the ground, burning a hole right into it. Thinking hard, Harry moved around.

“Okay, if you were anything like a real Blast Ended Skrewt, I need to go for the underside,” said Harry as a large wall of fire shot towards him, just causing Harry to avoid the attack, as his time was running out. “Easier said that done, of course.”

The creature moved around, as Harry took steps to trick it into exposing its underside towards him. It lifted up its stinger once again, but Harry quickly conjured a large stone barrier in front of him. The acid in the stinger had completely burned through, but Harry sent a slicing hex right towards the exposed underside. The beast gave what Harry assumed was an inhumane shriek but it was hard to tell. It turned and shot even more fire at Harry. It was injured but not enough to stop attacking Harry. More fire and another stream of acid, which Harry just narrowly avoided it by just simply being lucky enough to dodge it in time.

Moving around, Harry tried to think of an alternative way, levitating a piece of pipe, before dropping it right in front of his beastly opponent. The monster fried it with a jet of acid it seconds and quickly, Harry spotted his out, the electrical circuit box behind him.

“Hey, is that the best you can give me?” taunted Harry as the beast moved to the side right in front of the electrical circuit box. “Hey you sad attempt of a magical creature, bet you can’t sting me from there.”

The monster gave a growl and raised its tail, before it jabbed its stinger right towards Harry. Quickly, Harry put a shield on himself and threw himself to the ground. The beast implanted its tail right into the circuit box, causing a surge of electricity to flow right towards it. It was enough to destroy the beast, returning it to its original form, a few charred rags and some burnt cardboard. Harry did not stick around long enough, time was off the essence.

Grindelwald had opened the fuel tank and was about to pour in his weapon against the Muggles but in an instant, he felt the galleon jerked out of his hand. Caught off guard for the briefest of instances, he saw Harry Potter standing there with his precious potion in one hand and a wand in the other hand. Grindelwald got a good look at Potter’s wand the first time and his eyes widened, it was the Elder Wand.

“Bravo Potter, you’ve managed to defeat my creation but you forget one thing, I have the ultimate weapon in my hand,” said Grindelwald as he aimed the amulet towards the jug and seconds later, it disappeared from Harry’s hand and reappeared right in Grindelwald’s hand, with a smirk on his face, as Harry moved forward and raised his wand to attack. “Now, Harry, don’t attack, not until you have a look at this.”

Grindelwald snapped his fingers and he saw Lotus, Hermione, Luna, Sirius, and Remus all dragged toward by shackles by some invisible force. Harry felt petrified, they had fallen to Grindelwald’s forces.

“The Aurors have been taken back to the Ministry and will be offered the opportunity to reconsider their stance against me,” informed Grindelwald in a bored voice as Harry stood there. “Attack me and they are the one’s that pay.”

“You coward!” yelled Lotus as she attempted to fight forward, but shackles had restricted both her movement and the ability to use magic. The others had made similar discoveries within a matter of seconds.

“Yes, I may be a coward my dear, but I will be a victorious coward,” responded Grindelwald blandly, as his followers held them back, as Harry stood there, trying to quickly think of a plan before Grindelwald could attack him. “Yes, Harry, rack your brain frantically for the answer to the impossible battle, but it’s not going to help, I have defeated you.”

At an instance, thick cords shot out from thin air. Harry was prepared for them this time. Quickly he sliced the cords. Another attempt of attack Harry blocked, but several had shot up from the front, the back, to the sides, and above simultaneously. Even Harry did not have the ability to block an assault from that many sides. Snaking around Harry, he was forced to his knees by the assault, dropping the wand. Quickly, Grindelwald moved over and took the wand.

“At last, the Elder Wand is mine once again!” crowed Grindelwald triumphantly, as he caressed the wand lovingly, that Dumbledore had stolen from him many years ago. “With it and the amulet, I am invincible, no one can touch me.”

Raising the amulet, Grindelwald aimed it towards Harry. The ropes constricted, forming a cocoon around him. Harry squirmed and struggled but he was unable to free himself. Quickly, Grindelwald levitated Harry up, before sticking him to the edge of the rocket.

“Just think, you’ll be able to witness history as it happens, that is of course that you don’t get vaporized in the process,” said Grindelwald calmly, as he moved over, before he proceeded to fill the fuel tank as Harry struggled but once again he was in too tight quarters. With every movement, it felt like his ribs were about to crush “Don’t even bother to say that I won’t get away with this, because I already have.”

Harry hung his head, Grindelwald had won and if by some miracle that he survived the initial launch of the rocket, he would force to watch Grindelwald killing the Muggles.

“Bon Voyage Harry,” said Grindelwald with a bow, before he turned to a pair of scientists who were held in place and were released slightly and they moved over towards the controls where Grindelwald gave them a nod, that no down signaled Harry’s death sentence. “Launch it.”
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