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Selfish Lover

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Twisted one-shot

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Hey guys, never done a one-shot before so here goes my first attemtp at one. Its' inspired by the Avenged Sevenfold song 'A little piece of heaven' this story has some violence,

swearing and a tad of twisted romance (if you read it you will understand) love it or oathe it if you must, just dont forget to review it :)
Some of you may even wanna rate it a trainwreck (I dont think I can ever let that go) anyway enough of me rambling, on with the story!

"No" I meant yes I am saying no, now stop trying to confuse me" said Dixie, she was still in shock, after all her best friend had just asked her to marry him.

They had met four years ago at an art gallery and had been inseperable ever since, they even shared a flat together but Gerard never told Dixie how much he wanted her until now.

"Why not Dixie?" he asker her while taking a long drag of his ciggarette.
"Why not? Why fucking not?!" she cried, how could he be asking this as if it were an everyday question like 'Oh hey Dixie can I lend a cup of sugar?'

She got up from her chair and started pacing up and down the kitchen, flinging her arms around for effect, "Oh I dunno Gerard, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am your best friend. We are practically brother and sister for christ sake!" she shouted, but he didn't seem bothered by this fact at all, it just made his burning obsession for her grow stronger.
"Who cares, loads of married couples are best friends" he stated, taking another long drag from his ciggarette.

She was fuming by this point "Oh and I suppose you forgot the other little detail did you?" she snraled at him. He just smirked at her, he knew fine welll what it was he just loved making her angry. He thought she was beautiful all the time but she was gid damn sexy when she was angry.

"Sorry, Im not following, what other detail?" he said through pursed lips that had formed an evil looking smirk. She just glared at him,
"The fact that I am engaged to your brother you jerk!" she said, throwing the nearest object at him which happened to be an Irvine Welsh novel Mikey was reading. Gerard simply caught the book in his hands, "Hmmm five tales of a chemical romance, sounds interesting" he laughed, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Fucking hell Gerard" she shouted.

He grinned at her, "So you do remember?" he asked her. She looked at him confused, "What the hell are you talking about Gee?"

"That night we slept together, the night you cheated on Mikey with me, thats what you were moaning while I fucked you sensless" he said stubbing out his ciggarette. Dixie scowled at him, "That was a mistake and you know it" she snapped at him.

"Best mistake of our lives baby" he said getting up from his chair and heading towards her. She backed away from him but he somehow managed to minouvare her into a corner. He was so close to her she could almost taste him.
"What do you want Gerard?" she asked, knowing his answer wouldn't be words. She was right, he leaned in and kissed her full on the mouth, Gerard was always kissing her but this kiss was different, as if it was sealing their fate or something. He pulled away for breath and went over to the kitchen drawer, revealing a sharp butchers knife. Dixie's heart hammered against her chest as Gerard approached her, weapon in hand.
"Stop fucking around Gerard, this isnt going to make me say yes" she said, her voice shaking slightly. He traced her face with the knife blade, making sure he didn't cut her delicate skin just yet.

"You never cared did you? The day I told you I loved you, you just laughed like it was some fucking joke. And then the day you started dating Mikey, that was torture for me! You hurt me bad Dixie, I gotta return the favour baby" he whispered as he sunk the knife deep into her chest. She slumped to the floor gasping for air, Gerard sat next to her and pulled her bleeding body onto his lap. She was still concious, but fading fast as the blood loss increased by the second.
"I love you so much Dixie and Im sorry it had to end this way, but if I cant have you, then nobody can" he said while stroking her hair and kissing her forehead as she died in his arms.
When she was finally gone Gerard cried to himself. He knew what he had done was sick and unforgivable but he felt happy knowing nobody else could have Dixie, his only true love.

A/N- Hope that didnt suck to much, I wrote it at like 2am last night, or morning, whichever. I would love to hear what you guys think so drop me a review and it will be forever

appreciated. Ciao for now!

Dondon x
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