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Summary is still in chapter one.

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Chapter 9 – Elsewhere in the UK
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Manchester, Tameside, UK

Susan Bones was leading her team to the home of some muggles that were currently being treated to the death eater’s strange ideas of entertainment. It was located about a quarter mile from the rail station, although the ADA didn’t require the services of British Rail. As they approached, they noticed one of the death eaters was standing watch. He saw them approaching, and warned the other two. As they disapparated, Susan hissed. Making their way into the house, they found a man and woman in the kitchen, the man apparently unhurt, trying to comfort is wife.

“Ron, the three we were on got away. We’re checking the muggles now.”

“Copy that, Susan. Both muggles seem to be alive, at least. Their dots are still on the map.”

“Are either of you hurt?” asked Susan.

“I’m not, but they did something to my wife. They pointed a stick at her, and she started screaming in pain.”

“If you’ll take a hold of this fellow’s arm, He’ll take the two of you to get something for the pain.”

“Who are you?”

“We work against the ones who tortured your wife. Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you.” said a smiling Susan, before the ADA member popped them to Potter Manor for some pain relief potion, while the rest of the team repaired damage.
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Cornwall, UK

Allen Spodel was leading his team up to the target house. It was, unfortunately, easy to figure out which one that was, as it was missing a door, and screaming was coming from it. This had already roused several of the neighbours, who had called the police.

After having one member stand guard, he led his team into the house, following the screams.

“Allen, we’re about to have company. I see police cars coming nearer.”

“Oh, that’s just great. Call Harry and find out what to do.”

As he moved into the room containing the death eaters and the soon-to-be, the screaming finally stopped.

“Okay, new guy, your turn.”

Allen decided to speak up at that moment.

“I wouldn’t recommend doing that.”

As the death eaters turned around to see who had joined them, they started laughing.

“And why shouldn’t I? You muggles can’t do magic.”

“If we were muggles, you’d be correct.” said Allen, before he and his team stunned the wizards.

“Situation contained. No casualties. I’ll need some pain relief potion here, though.”

“Copy that. Good work. I see Aurors moving your direction now, which is odd, since they didn’t respond to any other attacks yet.”
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Granger Residence
South East London

“Well, we seem to have done a decent job on the wards. It looks like they are having a hard time getting through.” remarked Harry, seeing the five death eaters trying to get past the wards.

As Harry stood up, he fired several stunning spells at the death eaters, who crumpled to the ground.

“Too easy!” said Harry, making his way over to them.

“Oh ho! If it isn’t our friendly Upstanding Citizen! I can’t wait to see how Fudge tries to worm his way out of this. Hermione, would you mind popping off and fetching a few Aurors?”

Hermione popped off to the DMLE while Harry took stock of who else was there.
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Ministry of Magic, London

Hermione popped into the office, startling the secretary.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, I think so. Are any Aurors available, I need a few to come with me.”


“Death Eaters decided to attack my house, and they are currently unconscious in the garden. The flowers are getting crushed.”

“I see.” said the secretary, pressing a button on the desk. As a pair of Aurors came out, they spotted Hermione’s uniform.

“Oh, not again. How many this time?”


As one of the Aurors grumbled under his breath, the other explained.

“Fudge has been postponing the trials. We’re running low on holding cells, and I think this will put us at capacity. Well, since you seem to be able to appear in here directly, I assume you can take us back?”

“Yes.” said Hermione, taking their arms and popping them back to the Granger’s house.

As they appeared at the Granger’s, Hermione plated Ron, seeing Harry answering his plate.

“Ron, how many death eaters are awaiting transport to the ministry?”

“About 22. Some slipped away before we could stop them. Why?”

“The Ministry is going to be out of cells once they get the five we have here.”

“That’s wonderful, that is. I’ll see if Susan can get a hold of her Aunt so we can solve this.”

Moving back to the Aurors, who had made their way to where Harry had been, she noticed her parents had come out of the house, and were surveying the scene.
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Muggle House
South-West London

Harry led the police into the house.

“There are five of you. We were told that only four of you went in the house.”

“Oh, I came in the back way.” said Harry, a bit loudly, hoping someone would get the hint and open the back door.

As they reached the bound death eaters, one of the officers snorted.

“They look like they’re wearing badly designed Halloween costumes.”

“Yes, well, the leader of their little group is a bit off. Actually, little may be slightly inaccurate. And they’re much more intimidating when they’re causing you lots of pain.”

After answering their questions, they hit a small snag.

“So, how can we contact you if we need more information?”

“If you’ll hang on a moment, I’ll get that for you.” said Harry, before hurrying outside.

“Hermione, is there a way for muggles to contact wizards through the normal post?” he asked into his plate.

“Just give them my parent’s address & phone. They can pass on the message.”

“Right. Tell them thanks.”

Hurrying back into the house, he gave them the information.

“So, what happens to them now?” asked one officer, indicating the death eaters.

“They’ll be taken to a secure facility to await trial.”
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Situation Room
Potter Manor

Ron, looking over the map, was currently talking to Amelia Bones, trying to work out how to solve the holding cell issue they had run into.

“We should have some cells here, this is a castle after all.”

“That would cause problems at trial, since there is no guarantee that nothing happened to them during imprisonment.” said Amelia.

“If Aurors were guarding them, would that be sufficient?”

“Unfortunately, no. If it were that simple, I’d have suggested it right off. If Fudge hadn’t put off the trials, this wouldn’t be an issue.”


“Not anymore. After Hagrid was sent there without trial, Dumbledore pushed through some legislation. We can’t send anyone there until they have been convicted in a trial, even for a short time.”

As Harry and Hermione appeared in the room, Harry made his way over to Ron and Amelia.

“Any luck?”

“No. Not yet.”

“Is there anything that says you can’t store them in Fudge’s office? He might be interested to know that his dear friend Lucius was detained while attacking Hermione’s house.”

“Oh, by the way, we used muggle means to subdue the death eaters, so the Oblivators will likely not be needed. We spun a mostly true story for the police when they showed up. We have the families that were attacked here in the briefing room. We plan to ask them whether they want to know why they were attacked, or if they’d rather forget it.”

“And just what was this story?”

“That we are an anti-terror unit. We worded it such that it should seem that we are a classified part of the army. We said we received some late tips about attacks, and only just managed to respond in time, which is also partly true.”

“Well, prisoners. We still need a solution to our problem.”

“Can’t the Wizengamot overrule the decisions of the Minister if it doesn’t directly relate to the Minister’s job? He doesn’t handle trials, the DMLE and Wizengamot do. Call an emergency session to hold trial for some of the death eaters you have.” said Hermione, who had come over.

“At 2:50 in the morning?” asked Amelia.

“Well, it’s not like we have a lot of choices, is it? We’re going to have to take the death eaters to the ministry soon, as it won’t do to keep them sitting in people’s living rooms and on their lawns.” said Harry.

“I see your point. I’d better be off and call that session.” said Amelia, who apparated to the ministry.

“I can’t wait to see what happens when the Prophet gets a hold of this little mishap and takes off running. I’d better go and speak to the families who were attacked. You want to come?”

“Sure. I’ll help with that.”

As they entered the briefing room, he was accosted by muggles wanting to know where they were, why they were there, and a host of other things.

“If you’ll all quiet down, I’ll try to answer your questions. Thank you. Now, I’ll start with you over on the left, in the stripy shirt.”

“Where exactly are we, and how did we get here?”

“You are in the briefing room of the ADA headquarters. You were “popped” here. The closest thing you’re likely to be familiar with is teleportation, although that is very different.”

“What were those sticks that those strangely dressed people pointed at us, and why did they cause pain?”

Harry sighed.

“Before I answer that question, I need to ask you all one as well. If any of you with to simply forget that any of this ever happened and return to your homes none the wiser, please move over to that side of the room. Keep in mind that we will actually wipe your memory of it if this is what you wish.” said Harry, pointing to his left. Five people moved over.

“This may seem completely ludicrous, and utterly impossible, but please hear me out before you start asking more questions. The ‘sticks’ as you called them, were wands. You were all attacked by a group of three wizards. They use wands to cast spells, and the spell they used on you tonight is one that is specifically designed to cause pain. Of course, torture wasn’t the intended use for the spell when it was invented. It was designed to help people recover from injuries by stimulating the nerves. However, as with any tool, there is always the possibility of misuse.”

“There is a separate world of witches and wizards living in secret all over Britain and the world. We have our own governments, our own schools, our own police, and our own taxes. For the most part, we get along with the muggles–that is, non-magical people, such as you– without issue. Sometimes, although you don’t realize it, it’s even a profitable relationship. Unfortunately, as in any society, there are always those who are bigoted, arrogant, evil, and generally unpleasant. Unfortunately, you met the evil and bigoted ones first. They call themselves Death Eaters, and generally believe that anything not “pure blood” wizard is unworthy to live. By pure blood, they mean other wizards who have no muggles in their family tree. I am a half blood, since my father was pure blood, and my mother was muggle-born.” finished Harry.

“You expect us to believe that there is such a thing as magic? And a whole society living in secret, which hasn’t been noticed yet?” asked one man.

“You bring up the same points I did when I found out I was a wizard. I thought it improbable that a group of people, especially at this time, could manage to stay secret. Magic does exist. That’s how you were brought here. We keep our world secret from you for obvious reasons, and we have spells that remove or modify memories so you forget you saw magic. The kind of magic we do is completely different from what your ‘magicians’ do. We actually use magic, not misdirection. For example, I could turn your shirt into a dinner jacket.”

“Really?” said the incredulous man.

“Really.” said Harry, who waved his hand and turned his shirt into a dinner jacket.

“Who are you?”

“I am Harry Potter. I lead the ADA, along with Hermione Granger, who is standing over there, and Ron Weasley, who is currently trying to find somewhere to put the death eaters we detained tonight.”

“Why were we attacked?”

“You were attacked because you were muggles, and the death eaters were bringing new members into their fold tonight. Their, oh, hazing, I suppose, consists of torturing, killing, raping, and harming muggles. Not pleasant, except for them.”

“Can’t your government stop them? You can do magic!”

“Yes, but so can they. The story we gave to your police is that we are an anti-terror unit. This is true. The death eaters could be considered terrorists, and would be by your government. And like in your world, there is little anybody can do unless they have some warning. Tonight, we had about 6 minutes warning.”

“When can we go home?”

“As soon as the police clear off, if they came, and we get any damage to your houses repaired. You should all be able to go home within a few hours. Now, I should tell you that you can’t repeat any of this to anyone.”

“Why not?”

“Because one of the conditions of knowing is not telling those who do not know. For another, who would believe you? Your story would end up in a tabloid, along side articles like ‘Elvis gives birth to three-headed alien baby’.”

After a further five minutes of questions and answers, Harry held up his hand.

“Now, if any of you wish to change your minds about remembering this, feel free to move to the appropriate side of the room. I regret to say that if the police responded at your house, you will have to remember the attack, albeit an altered version.”

“Is that even legal?”

“In my world, yes. In yours, I doubt there is a law relating to memory modification.”
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Ministry of Magic

Amelia Bones was sending out the notices about an emergency session to be held at 4:00 in the morning. Unfortunately, Fudge had to be notified as well. She hoped he wouldn’t become too much of a nuisance.
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

Voldemort was pacing. He hadn’t heard from any of his death eaters or recruits. They were supposed to do the usual torture and kill routine, which should have been finished 5 minutes ago. He was getting a bad feeling about the whole situation.
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Briefing Room
Potter Manor

Harry ended the conversation with Ron.

“Good news! Repairs have been completed on your homes, and the police have left. You can be returned to your homes now.”

“How did you fix the broken door so fast?”

“Magic!” said a brightly smiling Harry.

As they started taking the muggles back home, Harry thought that the whole thing had gone well. He was about to go back to the Situation room when he felt a tug on his trousers. Looking down, he saw the kid who had been in the house Neville had taken.


“Am I a wizard?”

“I don’t think so, but I can check.” said Harry, casting the highlighting spell.

The boy glowed. Harry’s brows rose.

“It seems that you are. Where are your parents?”

“Cool! They're over there, by the wall.” said the boy, pointing.

“Why don’t you go back to them, and I’ll be right over.”

As the boy returned to his parents, Harry made his way over to Hermione.

“We seem to have a wizard in the bunch. That boy that was in the house Neville took. Can you take care of the others returning to their homes while I tell them?”

“Sure, Harry.”

“Thanks. You know, I feel sort of sorry for them. Be a right pisser of a way to find out about magic, being attacked.”

As Harry approached the boy and his parents, he could hear the boy excitedly telling them that he was a wizard, and see him practically bouncing.

“As I’m sure your son has told you, he is a wizard. I’m Harry Potter.” said Harry.

“Bill Smith. This is my wife, Linda, and the bouncing one is George.” said Bill.

I assume that some strange things sometimes happen around him, especially when he’s extremely emotional?”

“Yes, now you mention it. I always wondered how he got that ball from the top of the bookcase.”

“Well, if you like, I can start teaching him to control his magic soon. I started when I was six, although normally schooling doesn’t start until age 11. I have no idea why, since I find myself much more skilled than most others my age. I can also get someone from the school I attend to stop by and give you a more detailed introduction to the magical world, if you like.”

“I wouldn’t mind a more complete introduction, and I don’t see why you couldn’t teach him to control his magic. Wait, the school you attend?” said Bill.

“Yes, I’m still in school.”

“So you have university in the magical world as well?”

“No. I’m actually only a 6th year. I turn 16 in a week and a half.”

“You’re fifteen? Why aren’t the adults doing the fighting?” asked Linda, slightly shocked.

“They are. Unfortunately, the only ones doing it are in the government, and as such, are limited by the bureaucracy and politics. The Aurors are trained to bring in your run-of-the-mill shoplifter or burglar, not terrorists. They are, for the most part, severely out classed by the death eaters, with few exceptions.”

“Is being trained to fight a normal part of this schooling?”

“Oh, no. The only thing close is ‘Defence against the Dark Arts’ which covers how to deal with dark spells, creatures, etc. The closest thing to the training I have is Auror Training for those who want to become wizarding police. That isn’t until after graduation. I’m sorry if it all seems a bit dangerous to be in the wizarding world, but it’s usually quite a nice place, full of nice people. However, like the muggle world, a small fraction of the population causes nearly all the trouble.”

“Well, it’s good to know that there are some good elements to this wizarding world.” said Bill. “Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind being able to return to bed, and I know I wouldn’t. When can we expect someone from your school to come by?”

“I don’t know. You should receive a letter by owl from either me or them later today.”


“Yes. We use owls for delivering mail. Just one of the many differences between worlds.”
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