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New Recruits?

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See chapter one for summary.

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Chapter 8 – New Recruits?
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Situation Room
Potter Manor

Harry was currently geared up and assessing the situation on the map. He had notified Ron and Hermione, and roused teams two, three, five, and six, and told them to get geared up, and meet him in the situation room in no more than five minutes. As Ron and Hermione popped into the room and looked over the map, Ron spoke.

“Looks like another meeting, probably to induct the new recruits, look at all the black dots mixed in with the red.”

“He probably won’t mark them until after they complete their festivities.” said Harry, as the teams started appearing in the room.

“You will not be in your regular team arrangements tonight. You will be operating in teams of four. Change your CUs to black-scheme. When this show gets on the road, you will pop to the various locations under attack, and neutralize the threat. Field Medics will be on combat duty tonight, healing is secondary.” As Harry finished, alarms started going off again, and Hermione’s plate emitted a piercing shriek.

“Oh, joy. Teams, break into groups of four, pick a location, and move out. Hermione and I are going to settle a little issue at her house with the... five death eaters trying to get through the wards. Ron, you coordinate. Good luck.” said Harry, looking at the map.
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Remote Field
South-Eastern England

Voldemort had gathered his followers and the prospective followers in a field, as the new recruits wouldn’t be told the location of his base until after they had taken certain oaths and the mark.

"My loyal death eaters, we are here to bring new members into out fold. However, before they can be marked, they need to successfully complete a test. Now, I need two death eaters to take each recruit to a muggle home, and show them the ropes, so to speak. Avery, Malfoy, pick three death eaters. I have a special job for the five of you."
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Random Muggle House
South-West London

As the death eaters and recruit apparated outside the home, they looked around. Seeing nobody out, they blasted the front door apart and made their way inside the house. They never noticed the neighbour across the street who was looking out the window, who had been up getting a glass of water. She, seeing the strangely dressed individuals blast down the door and enter the house, called the police. A minute later, she heard screams issuing from the house, and soon saw a group of four people making their way towards the house, holding what looked like guns, wearing a black uniform. A moment later, three shots rang out in the night.
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Muggle House
South-West London

Neville and his team appeared up the street a block from the house. Pulling their guns, they hurriedly made their way up the street to the house.

“Williams, make sure nobody come in here without us knowing about it.” said Neville, as the other two followed him inside, as the screaming continued.

“Ron, how many are in the house?”

“Three wizards and three muggles.” came the reply.

Entering the house, he moved toward the screams. Entering the living room, he found a man, woman, and a boy who looked to be about five in the room, and one of the wizards torturing the woman.

“Drop your wands!”

As the attackers spun around, ending the curse, one of them made a rather stupid move. As he started saying the killing curse, Neville shot the future death eater’s foot, causing him to drop his wand and grab his foot, yelling in pain. As the death eaters brought their wands to bear, one found a bullet impacting his knee and the other his right shoulder, and both were soon wandless and yelling as well, before being stunned and bound, and their wounds healed. As Neville was making his way over to the family, Williams plated him.

“Neville, I hear sirens getting nearer. I think we’re about to have company.”

Neville plated Harry and told him what was happening.

“I’ll pop over in a second. If the police show up, this will complicate matters immensely. They’ll have a record of responding to something, and if nobody remembers anything, they will notice.”

Neville continued what he was doing.

“Ma’am, I’ll need you to come with me. You need medical treatment for what happened to you. Are the rest of you fine?” asked Neville, who received a couple of nods. “If you want, you can come too. Just grab a hold of my arm, and we’ll be off.”

As they grabbed his arm, he took hold of the woman and popped them to Potter Manor, where Cho was directing the medical team.

As Harry appeared in the living room, Williams plated the team.

“The police have arrived.”

“I’ll be out to greet them presently.” said Harry, who made his way out of the house. As he passed Williams, he saw an officer talking to a woman across the street who was speaking hurriedly, and gesturing at the house. He also saw a pair of officers making their way toward him.

“Sir, if you could tell us what you are doing here, and why you are armed?” asked one of the officers, whose hand was slowly moving towards his gun.

“I’m here responding to a terrorist attack on the family who lives here. We received a tip with barely enough time to get here before things got too bad. I’m part of an anti-terror unit called the ADA, as are the others wearing this uniform. I’m armed because the terrorists were armed.”

“Were?” asked the other officer.

“Yes. They are incapacitated, and are currently being held in the living room, awaiting transport to a secure facility.”

“ADA? Are you military?” asked the first officer.

“Not officially, no.” said Harry with a grin, hoping they’d draw the conclusions he suspected they would.

“And just who are you?”

“Captain Potter, ADA. I suppose you’d like to go inside and get a look around, so you can do your paperwork later?”
A/N: Bring on the speculation about the results of this.

If it all seems a bit vague, it might be. I'm an American, who has never had any experience British law enforcement, and thus am going on what little I do know. Expect more details as I make myself more familiar with the people, places, and things mentioned in this story. Paperwork seems to be a universal constant, like gravity and politics.
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