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The ADA Meeting

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See chapter one for summary.

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Chapter 7 – The ADA Meeting
Saturday, 13 July, 1996
Briefing Room
Potter Manor

Harry was standing in front of the ADA, which was seated in the briefing room. Harry, Hermione, and Lupin had managed to shield parts of the room so that electronics could work, and they had set up a computer and projector, which displayed visuals on the screen behind Harry.

Now that about two thirds of the ADA was trained and equipped with hand guns, Harry thought it was time to explain why they had them.

“As we will no doubt be engaging the death eaters near muggles, the hand guns are the preferred weapon in those situations. I would prefer not to rely on the competence of the ministry to protect our existence, and I would prefer to keep the usage of magic to that which is not plainly visible, if possible.”

Harry moved on to the next part of his briefing.

“Also, as you are no doubt aware, there has been little to no activity from Voldemort and Company for over a month. Snape has reported that the death eaters are becoming increasingly stir-crazy, and that Voldemort appears to be plotting and scheming.”

“I suspect that this will not last much longer. Luckily for us, rarely does any plan survive first contact, and I personally enjoy tossing the occasional spanner into his plans. Snape has informed the order that he will be inducting a number of recruits into the fold soon, and we have heard that that usually involves torturing muggles. I have set the map to go off whenever more than two death eaters are found together in non-magical areas. I’d suggest you make sure your weapons are in good working order and your bodies in good condition. That is all.” Harry concluded. He hoped that they could prevent, or at least lessen the attacks and their results.
A/N: Yes, a very short chapter. Fear not, for a longer one is on the way momentarily! And another one shortly after that one.
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