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Summer continues to move along

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Chapter 6 – Summer continues to move along.
Saturday, 20 July 1996
Large Lawn
Potter Manor

Harry, Ron, Neville, and Hermione were outside on the lawn getting instruction from Dan Granger on using their transfigured handguns. They had settled on this method because it wouldn’t involve large numbers of stolen weapons or falsified documents, and was substantially more permanent than conjured items.

Creating them had been an interesting lesson in itself, since they had to know the original gun inside and out to create an accurate, working copy from something else. After several trials and failures, they had managed to make a working copy, and had improved from there. Once Harry had managed to make a virtually identical replica, he started mass-producing the components of the guns, to be assembled later.

As they prepared to have more target practise, 4 owls came into sight. As they approached, Hermione’s expression broke into a smile.

“OWL Results! It’s about time they came!”

“Indeed. I was beginning to wonder if they had even graded them this year.” said Harry.

As they removed their respective results, they all looked slightly anxious.

Harry, opening his, looked them over:

Ordinary Wizarding Levels

For Harry James Potter

Pass Grades:

O – Outstanding
E – Exceeds Expectations
A – Acceptable

Fail Grades:
P – Poor
D – Dreadful
T – Troll

Astronomy – E
Ancient Runes – E
Arithmancy – O
Charms – O 1, 3
Defence Against the Dark Arts – O 1, 2, 4
History of Magic – E
Potions – E
Transfiguration – O

Total OWLs earned: 8

1 - This student received the highest recorded score for the year in this course

2 - The examiner for the practical portion would have assigned a grade higher than O were one was available.

3 - This student tied with one other for highest score in last 50 years.

4 - This student tied with 5 others for highest score in last 100 years.

Scores are calculated out of 100 for required knowledge, and extra credit is given for knowledge above and beyond this.

Please accept our apologies for the lateness in delivering these results. Due to numerous ties, we were required to verify the data to ensure no errors were made.

“Well, I got 8. How did the rest of you do?”

“Did you get a “Tied with 5 others for highest score in last 100 years” as well?” asked Neville.

“Yeah. Hermione?”




“I wonder who the other one is.”

“Well, If we really did this well, I suspect it will make the Daily Prophet tomorrow.” said Hermione.

“Does anyone want to take bets on how Fudge takes credit for the high scores?” asked Harry, feeling cynical, as was usual when the topic was the Ministry.
Sunday, 21 July 1996
Potter Manor

Harry and Hermione, along with Dan and Emma, were eating breakfast, when the Prophet came winging in. Opening it, Hermione quickly found the target of her searching.

Record Shattering year for OWL Scores
Number of firsts seen on this year’s OWLs
By Salli Enstoness

The Wizarding Examinations Authority has announced that in addition to a record shattering number of outstanding scores on the Defence OWL, there was a 5-way tie for highest score. This unprecedented occurrence shatters the previous record of a three way tie. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Susan Bones, and Ronald Weasley tied for having the highest recorded score on the DADA OWL in the last 100 Years. The examiners testing when Harry Potter was being tested reported seeing the first ‘Multiple Patronus’ charms ever recorded, which were produced by a number of students after Potter managed it and said how he did it. Incidentally, this is the first time any large number of students have been able to produce corporeal patroni by OWL year, according to the WEA, which also said that the charm is not taught at Hogwarts as a part of the curriculum.

There were also a record number of ‘O’ scores on the Defence OWL, numbering a record breaking 25. Minister Fudge, in a press release this morning, said that the scores are proof that the Ministry Approved curriculum was a complete success. His statement is denied by many individuals, some of which work for this paper. The general consensus from the parents of students is that the so-called “Ministry Approved” curriculum was a failure of epic proportions, and many students are singing the praises of Harry Potter, who served as professor for the period following the incarceration of Delores Umbridge. Parents working at the Daily Prophet report that their “children were not taught the practical portion of the class until ‘Professor Potter’ started teaching the course.” When asked what she thought of this strange method of teaching and how it might effect her department, Madam Bones of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement had this to say:

“I do not know whether the lack of a practical portion was intended, but it was a bad idea. It has been proven that mastering a spell requires practise, and eliminating that practise is a recipe for disaster. If it weren’t for the efforts of a certain individual who will remain unnamed, the OWL scores this year would have had a serious negative impact on the number of individuals who could apply for work in my department.”

When pressed for this individual’s name, her only response was to “Follow the breadcrumbs.”

For more see page 7.

“Unbelievable. They actually reported the whole thing accurately.” said a slightly awed Harry.

“I wonder how many understood the ‘Follow the breadcrumbs’ comment? She’s right, if you connect the dots, it leads to you, Harry.” said Hermione.

“Now that they have a slowly slipping Fudge to pick on, they are once again leaving me alone. Not that I mind.”
More A/N: Yes, he tied with Hermione for the Charms OWL.
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