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The Map

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See chapter one for a summary.

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Chapter 5 – The Map.
Saturday, 15 June 1996
Potter Manor

Hermione was teaching her parents more magic, while Harry sat at a table making a list of things he wanted the map to do and have. His list was getting quite lengthy.

- Include at least a road map of the UK with cities
- Death Eaters and Voldemort show up as red dots
- ADA members show up as green dots, their family members as green with a black circle around them.
- Order members are Gold
- Aurors are Maroon dots
- All others are generic black
- Show dots for magical creatures in blue with a way to identify what they are
- Be able to zoom in on a section of the map for a more detailed view
- Set off some alarm when many death eaters are in the same location
- Automatically notify ADA members?
- 3D relief map?
- Build in abilities of plates for ease of communication?
- Build into table or floor of room?
- Way to inform the MLE of an attack?

Harry pulled out his communication mirror and called Ron. After reading him the list, Ron suggested having a map to take to Hogwarts.

“Already decided to do that. Anything else?”

“No, but mum wants to come by tomorrow and make sure you aren’t starving.”

“Right. Tell her I’ll bring the lot of you over tomorrow sometime after noon. Sirius and Professor Lupin are going to be here as well, starting on the maps. See you tomorrow, then.”
Sunday, 16 June 1996
Outside the Burrow
Ottery St. Catchpole

As Harry arrived at the Burrow, he looked around. The Burrow still looked like it was going to fall over at any moment, yet still stood. Walking up to the door, he saw a gnome go flying through the air around the other side of the house.

The door opened, and Mrs Weasley let him in.

“I heard you wanted to make sure I wasn’t starving, Mrs. Weasley. Ron told you I’d be taking you all over to the Manor after noon?” asked Harry.

“Yes. Ron and Ginny are just out de-gnoming garden. I’ll go get them.”

As Harry waited, he glanced at the clock in the room. Seeing Fred and Georges hands on “Work”, he grinned. “Working? Making money, yes, but I don’t know if you could call it working.” thought Harry.

As Mrs. Weasley returned with Ron and Ginny, Harry came out of his thoughts.

“Oh, Mrs. Weasley, I have a better way to get there than floo.” said Harry, as Mrs. Weasley started towards the floo powder. “Just take a hold of my arm, and I’ll take you there. Ron and Ginny have both been there and can take themselves.”

After Mrs. Weasley took Harry’s arm, he popped her to the Entrance Hall of Potter Manor, where he was joined moments later by Ron and Ginny.
Sunday, 16 June 1996
Entrance Hall
Potter Manor

“Welcome to Potter Manor, Mrs. Weasley. Home of Harry Potter and Headquarters of the ADA.” said Harry. “It’s a bit big for my needs currently, but it does the job. If you’ll follow me, I can show you the kitchen. I’m sure you’ll enjoy talking to the elves who work in there, and I’m sure you have some recipes you can swap.”

As Harry led Mrs. Weasley to the kitchen, Harry had Geoffrey take Ron and Ginny to the future Situation Room.

Arriving in the Kitchen, Harry introduced Mrs. Weasley to Toppy and Nod, and left them to discuss his eating. Harry made his way to the future Situation Room.

“You chose an excellent room, Harry. We just need to add a raised walkway around the edges, and perhaps put a big table in the middle for the map.” said Ron, as Harry approached him.

“That’s what I thought, although perhaps we could build it into the floor. Then we could walk on it to get a closer look at the centre. Remember, this map will be of the entire UK, so it won’t be a small little fold up paper.”
Sunday, 16 June 1996
Entrance Hall
Potter Manor

Sirius and Remus apparated into the Entrance Hall (they were already accepted by the wards) and were met by Harry.

“Hello Sirius, Professor Lupin.”

“Harry, I haven’t been your professor for nearly 3 years. Remus will work just fine.”

“That still seems odd. How about a compromise? I’ll call you Moony.”

“That works for me. Now, where is this War Room?”

As Harry led them to the Situation Room, Hermione came running up, carrying the list Harry had made the night before.

“You forgot this in the Library. Hello, Sirius, Professor Lupin.” said Hermione, handing it to him.

“Thanks, Hermione.” said Harry.

“Like I told Harry, I haven’t been your professor for nearly 3 years now. Call me Remus.” said Remus.

“I compromised. I call him Moony now.” said Harry, as they reached the War Room.

Walking in, Harry started outlining what changes he was planning to make.

“We need to put a raised walkway around the edges of the room, so we can see the map from above. I’d like to be able to project parts of the map onto something hanging above it, so those on the walkway can look at certain locations in better detail. I hadn’t got around to putting that on the list. Is there anything on here we can’t do?” asked Harry, handing Moony the list.

“No, I think we can manage all of it. Some of the ones you have with question marks might be a tad tricky, but they should be doable. Do you have a place you want to do it?”

“Either the floor or a big table in the centre of the room.”

"It'll be easier on a table, so I guess we'll use that. We can start on it without the table, if you need to arrange for one."

As they started on the map, Hermione hovering nearby, Harry started arranging with the elves to acquire a large table that would suit their needs, and add a raised walkway.
Sunday, 16 June 1996
Situation Room
Potter Manor

As the map was coming along, a number of elves were assisting Harry and Ron in adding a walkway to the perimeter of the room, while Hermione was researching ways to link the map to a custom ward set (various alarms linked to conditions on the map, mostly).
Sunday, 30 June 1996
Situation Room
Potter Manor

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Sirius, and Lupin stood on the raised walkway, looking over their creation. It currently had almost all the features Harry wanted. They hadn’t yet found a way to notify ADA members or include communications (the plates seemed disinclined to work with the map), notify the Ministry of an attack, or make the map 3D.

“If this never has to be used, I will be a happy person.” said Harry, after a long silence.

“Here’s the manual for it, Harry. Contains the notes on creating it, how to configure it differently, commands, etc.” said Sirius, handing Harry a moderately thick book.

Harry sent out the news of the map’s completion via the plates, and thought he would sleep better, knowing that if more than 3 death eaters were grouping together outside of Unplottable sections of the map, an alarm would go off. Now if only they could manage to get something to notify the Aurors of an attack.

“At least they attack at night, otherwise we’d have issues fielding teams because of families on holiday.” thought Harry, “Of course, were already short a team and a half because of that.”
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