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Aftermath, Part II

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Chapter one, as usual.

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Chapter 11 – Aftermath, Part II
Saturday, 20 July, 1996
Smith Residence
South-West London

An owl winged its way into the room, startling Bill Smith. Taking the letter, he called to his wife and son, who made their way into the room.

Dear Smith Family,

I apologize for the lack of information in this letter, but we suffered from some complications with the trials, and have been otherwise tied up. We likely won’t be able to arrange for a visit until Monday at earliest. I will attempt to contact someone from the school to come with me sometime after noon on Monday.


Captain Potter, ADA

Sunday, 21 July, 1996
PM’s Office
10 Downing Street

Fudge was in the office, looking annoyed.

“He told you what?”

“That Sirius Black is innocent, the man he supposedly killed is alive and well, and that the recent ‘accidents’ that have been happening are the work of these ‘death eaters’.”

“Well, yes, some of them were, certainly, but the rest we aren’t sure about.”

“And you didn’t feel the need to inform me that my world was being attacked?”

“What could you have done about it?”

“Not much at the moment, but it would have been nice to know about it! Not to mention the rather large bit of news about this Voldemort fellow coming back. Please explain how a madman bent on destruction doesn’t affect my world?”
Sunday, 21 July, 1996
Potter Manor

Harry and Hermione were looking over the day’s Daily Prophet, which seemed to have finally gotten a story out regarding the Wizengamot session.

Wizengamot session called
Emergency session called to hold trial for some 50 criminals

The emergency session started at 4:00 with Minister Fudge’s now signature attempt to delay trials, which was denied, due to “The DMLE having run out of holding cells.” Trials commenced starting with the trial of Lucius Malfoy. Evidence provided by Harry Potter and Severus Snape seemed to disprove the claim of being under the Imperious curse, but Mr. Malfoy escaped when an Auror unwittingly freed him during the trial. Not all trials were for death eaters, however, as a fair number involved cases of tax evasion, fraud, and shoplifting. Most notable of these trials is that of Clepy Sticko, who had been taken in for trying to make off with some 15 rare artifacts from a shop in Hogsmeade.

Other notable trials include that of Bellatrix Lestrange, Avery, Goyle, and Macnair. See page 6 further details

“Well, I’m amazed that Fudge didn’t hush the whole incident up. They stuffed the story on page 4, though.” said Harry.

“I think Fudge is about to shuffle on out, there’s going to be a vote of no confidence on Monday. I hope we get someone better. It’d be the perfect opportunity for Voldemort to take control.” said Hermione, who was reading the rest of the story on page six.

Their fears were not to be realized, however, as the next day, Fudge was replaced by Amelia Bones.
Monday, 22 July, 1996
Minister’s Office
Ministry of Magic

Harry, Hermione, and Team four were in the office, along with Amelia Bones, who had replaced Fudge at 7:00 that morning.

“Well, if you still want us to take along a team of Aurors, have you chosen them?”

“Indeed I have. They should be waiting for you in Auror Headquarters.”

“Excellent. Congratulations on becoming Minister, by the way. Hopefully, we’ll have Malfoy in custody by the end of the day.”

As they made their way to Auror HQ, Harry plated Ron, who was keeping watch on the map.

“Ron, where’s Malfoy at currently?”

“Same unplottable area as usual. Narcissa and Draco are the only others there as well, so it’s likely Malfoy Manor.”

“Excellent. Keep us informed if that changes. We’ll be returning to the Manor in a few moments with a team of Aurors to train up.”

As they reached Auror HQ, they found a group of 5 Aurors waiting for them.

“You the team that will be helping bring in Malfoy?”


“I’m Captain Potter, ADA. If you’ll just grab a hold of our arms, we’ll take you to our training area.”
Monday, 22 July, 1996
Open lawn
Potter Manor

“This is part of the training area for the ADA.” said Harry, waving his arm around them. A few ADA members were taking a jog around the nearby lake, and a few were having some target practise off to their left.

After a crash course in how they did business, Harry took them all into the briefing room, where he started his briefing.

“Today, we will be apprehending one Lucius Malfoy. Our objective is to apprehend Malfoy, and return him to the Ministry alive, and relatively unhurt. He is currently at one of the many unplottable locations around Britain, assumed to be Malfoy Manor due to the presence of his wife and son. Assault will be led by Ginny Weasley and me. Hermione will be in charge of wards, which she will put up immediately upon arrival. Team 4 and 4 Aurors will secure the area we are using and make sure nobody leaves or enters. I will lead the remaining Auror in taking Malfoy. We will pop in, grab him, pop out, and take him to the location secured by Team 4, and strip him of any weapons, wands, portkeys, and cancel any glamours. Any questions?”

“How will we be getting into Malfoy Manor?” asked one Auror.

“We will be popping to Malfoy’s location. Currently, there are only two possible threats in the immediate vicinity of Malfoy, so we expect a fairly easy extraction.”

“If there are no more questions, we will move out in 2 minutes.” said Harry.

Four minutes later, a very surprised Lucius Malfoy appeared in the centre of a circle of ADA and Aurors, where he was stunned, stripped, searched, and probed. After cancelling a number of glamours concealing his mark, they took him to the ministry, where he was put in a holding cell.
Monday, 22 July, 1996
Headmaster’s Office
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

“So, Harry, what can I help you with today?” asked Dumbledore, after Harry entered his office.

“I was wondering if you might be able to spare a member of staff to help me introduce the family of a muggleborn to magic. They were unfortunate enough to experience it firsthand from death eaters on Saturday, and we discovered that their son was a wizard just before they returned home.”

“I see. I think Professor Flitwick is free this afternoon, you might ask him. Also, I would like to talk to you about teaching Defence again this year. I’ve had no luck finding anyone to teach it, again.”
Monday, 22 July, 1996
Smith Residence
South-West London

Harry and Professor Flitwick made their way up to the house, where Harry knocked on the door. It was answered by Bill Smith, who invited them inside.

Finding the rest of the family already waiting for them, they introduced themselves, and the questions started.

Two hours and many questions later, Harry and Flitwick left, and returned to Hogwarts, Flitwick to his office, and Harry to Dumbledore’s.

Entering Dumbledore’s office, and declining the usual offer for a lemon drop, Harry spoke.

“Professor, if I accept this position, I would like some more information about how it should be taught. I kind of winged it last year. I had no idea what the NEWTS might cover, and had to get help from the seventh years to teach them. The only reason I did as well as I did was because I had basically been teaching the practical portion since October.”

“October?” said a surprised Dumbledore.

“You didn’t honestly think Umbridge came up with that decree against student groups for no reason, did you? Instead of disbanding, we simply went underground. I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on my comment in the great hall to Fudge. I know I couldn’t have managed to teach in a month enough to make that many Outstanding OWLs.”

“I see. Well, I’ll give you a packet on what the official requirements are for each year by Thursday.”

“Thank you. I am interested in the position, I just wanted to know if I would have to wing it again.”

“I’ve found that teaching always has a portion of ‘winging it’. Now, I’d like you to have a book list turned in to me by the end of next week. Once we have that, we can send out the letters.”

After a further five minutes of discussion, Harry remembered something else he had wanted to talk to Dumbledore about.

“Professor, I assume that Snape will still be teaching Potions?”

“Yes, Harry.”

“Please inform the ADA if he has a need to go out of the Castle. We can provide adequate protection, without you having to arrange for of the Order’s fighters to take time off from work.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, and remind Severus of it.”
Wednesday, 31 July, 1996
Harry’s Room
Potter Manor

Harry was awoken by Hermione prodding him. She had recently arrived from the Burrow, where she had unsuccessfully tried to convince Mrs. Weasley to change the plans for his party.

“Wha?” said a half asleep Harry.

“Get up, Harry! You’re needed at the Weasley’s!”

“Haaa!” exclaimed Harry, who leapt out of bed and into his waiting CUs, before popping to the yard outside the Burrow.

Hermione shook her head. “I told them he’d react badly to it, but oh no, let’s surprise him…”
Wednesday, 31 July, 1996
The Burrow
Ottery St. Catchpole

As Harry appeared in the yard, the assembled Weasleys and Order members yelled “SURPRISE!”

Harry, in his half asleep state, without glasses, saw only numerous people shaped blobs nearing him, and heard a loud yell from all sides. Unable to tell if they were a threat or not, and erring on the side of caution, he caused a large blast and a bright light to go off above him, followed by a wide-field stunning spell, followed immediately by a retreat to his bedroom.
Wednesday, 31 July, 1996
Harry’s Room
Potter Manor

Hermione was looking at her watch.

“Three… Two… One… Ah, right on time.” she said as Harry appeared in the room in the same place he left from, looking shaken.

“So, how many did you stun, kill, or wound?” she asked, handing him his glasses.

“I don’t know. I think I stunned them all. Why didn’t the alarms go off?” he asked, putting his glasses on.

“Because there was no attack. You just stunned, killed, or wounded the people at your birthday party, Harry. I told them you’d react badly to it, but they didn’t listen.”

“Birthday party?”


“Oh, bugger me.” said Harry, looking distressed, and still not awake completely.

“Maybe later. What did you use?” said Hermione, wondering if he’d notice.

“A large explosion and a flash of light followed by a–whaaa… what?” said Harry, what she said finally registering.

“I said maybe later. Then I asked what you used.”

“La–are you serious?”

“Maybe.” said Hermione, grinning slightly. “Why?”

“Well, it just that, I mean…” started Harry. Hermione started the timer on her watch, and sat on his bed to listen to the ramblings.

Three minutes and twenty seven seconds later, Harry wound up with a slightly dignified “Oh, bugger. I think I’ll just shut up now.” not noticing the grin Hermione was wearing.

“So, to summarize, you don’t mind the idea, but you’ve never even had a girlfriend, and you wouldn’t have a clue what you were doing apart from the basic ‘Tab A goes into Slot B’?”

“Um… Yeah. That about sums it up.” said Harry, looking at his feet, blushing slightly.

“So, if I asked to be your girlfriend, you wouldn’t be averse to the idea?”

“Are you asking?”

“I suppose I am.”

“Oh. Yes. I mean, no, I don’t mind.”

“So, what did you use? Will we have to worry about dead people?”

“No, I just stunned them.”

“Oh, good.” said Hermione, before grinning.

“Shall we go back and revive your party-goers?”

“I suppose we’d better. Now that I’m awake, though, and I know nobody is under attack, do you think you could go do that, so I can get dressed properly?”
Wednesday, 31 July, 1996
The Burrow
Ottery St. Catchpole

Hermione appeared on the lawn outside the Burrow, where her parents were standing, reviving the people strewn about the yard.

“So, how’d you avoid the blast?” asked Hermione.

“We were inside, expecting something like this to happen. You did warn them.”

As Bill was revived, he spoke.

“Ugh… What happened?”

“Harry happened.” said Hermione, not sounding pleased. “I did warn you about this.”

“No, I mean, what did he do? I was yelling Surprise one moment and the next, you’re standing there and I have a terrific headache and spots in my vision.”

“He set off an explosion and then stunned you. Then he retreated back to his bedroom. He seemed rather upset when I told him he’d just taken out the people attending his party.” Her expression brightened somewhat at that point. “Though that did have one positive result.”

“Oh? What was that?” asked Emma, who had moved nearby to revive Molly.

“Oh, I have a boyfriend, mum. Nothing major.”
Wednesday, 31 July, 1996
The Burrow
Ottery St. Catchpole

Harry appeared on the lawn again, this time fully awake and with glasses. No yells greeted him.

“Sorry about that.” said Harry.

“Hermione did warn us. So did Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, and Sirius. It’s mostly my fault Harry.” said Mrs. Weasley.

“Whose idea was it for Hermione to wake me up by yelling ‘Harry wake up! You’re needed at the Weasley’s!’?” asked Harry.

“That would be ours.” said George.

“We knew how you’d react, so we decided to make it as epic as possible.” said a grinning Fred.

“Positively brilliant, you two. I thought the place was under attack, it being my birthday, and attacking you on that day sounds just like something Voldemort would do. You’re lucky I didn’t use something more dangerous than a stunner.”

“Why exactly did you react like that, Harry? I know you haven’t had the most peaceful life, but even so, I wouldn’t expect you to react like that.” asked Charlie.

“Because I don’t like being attacked. I fight back. I assume Ron, Ginny, and the Twins haven’t told you anything about the ADA?”

“I remember reading about you and Ron being involved with some attack and a group called the ADA, but what do they have to do with Ginny and the Twins?”

“You didn’t tell them?” Harry asked Ron, raising an eyebrow.

“No, it kind of slipped our minds.”

“Oh well, I suppose now is as good a time as any. Charlie, you remember the mark in the paper the ADA put up?” asked Harry.


“I think you’ll find this rather familiar then.” said Harry, shooting the mark into the air.

“You’re part of the ADA?”

“I am. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and the Twins are also members.” said Harry, removing the mark from the air above him.

“What organization like that would allow students into it?” asked Charlie, looking shocked that they would allow students to fight.

“Considering that it is made up entirely of students between 4th and 7th year, I don’t see the relevance of your question.”

“You mean to tell me that a bunch of students has been taking on death eaters and winning?”

“That sounds about right, yes. Of course, we have had some help with training and such. The Daily Prophet never covered our most recent actions.”

“Something to do with the Wizengamot session, I imagine?” said Bill, joining the conversation

“Yes. The latest action was a result of it, and the one before that caused it.”

“How do you mean?”

“We retrieved Lucius Malfoy for the Ministry after his untimely escape during his trial. He was captured the night of the session trying to get through the wards on Hermione’s house, along with 4 others. We detained some two dozen death eaters that night, scattered across the UK. The DMLE ran out of holding cells, so Madam Bones called an emergency session to make room. Voldemort decided to induct some new recruits that night. Because it only involved muggles, the Prophet didn’t cover it.”

“Who did the wards on Hermione’s house? Malfoy’s no slouch when it comes to wards, from what I’ve heard.” asked Bill, looking interested.

“Hermione and I did them.”

“Oh? When did you learn warding?”

“Third and fourth year, though like many of our skills, we learned it on our own.”

“Now, I heard something about there being a party here today. I haven’t experienced many, so I’d like to not miss it.” said Harry.
Wednesday, 31 July, 1996
The Burrow
Ottery St. Catchpole

Harry had just finished enjoying a slice of Mrs. Weasley’s excellent cake, along with everyone else in attendance, including the dentists.

Harry went over to Hermione, who was talking to her parents, and from the sound of it, the subject was his ramblings that morning.

“Hermione, I have something you might be interested in hearing.”


“Dumbledore has found a Defence professor, finally.”

“Oh? What substandard excuse for an air filter did he choose this year?” asked Emma.


“He hired you to teach Defence?” asked Dan, looking surprised.

“Yes. He wasn’t able to find anyone else, and I’m more than qualified by his usual standards. I have to have a book list in by Friday. I was wondering if you’d like being an Assistant Professor, Hermione. I’m pants at planning lessons, and you’re brilliant at that sort of thing.”

“Sure, I suppose. When are you planning to tell everyone else?”

“I’m planning on surprising them. I’ll tell Dumbledore about you when I turn in my booklist.”
Wednesday, 31 July, 1996
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

Voldemort was becoming increasingly displeased.

“Damn Malfoy… must have gotten himself caught.” muttered Voldemort to himself. “Why is it so hard to find competent minions?”

He stopped pacing.

“I think it’s time for a new plan of attack. Potter is taking out too many of my death eaters.”

With that, Voldemort sat in a chair and thought. He needed to break out some of his followers, and to do that, he needed competent help. And to get his competent help, he needed to break them out of Azkaban.
Thursday, 1 August, 1996
Minister’s Office
Ministry of Magic

“Thank you for coming, Alastor.”

“It wasn’t a problem, Amelia. How can I help you?”

“I suppose you’ve heard about the lacklustre performances of our Aurors against the death eaters?”

“When they actually get a chance to engage them, you mean?”


“I have.”

“How would you respond to getting recalled to active duty?”

“I’d tell you that it’s ‘Not bloody likely.’”

“How about training?”

“Training? No active duty?”

“Except an emergency, like the ministry getting attacked, of course.”

“Of course. If I recall correctly, it’s all hands on deck when that happens anyway.”

“Your memory is as good as ever.”

“I assume you want me to train your budding Aurors to be efficient dark wizard catchers, then?” growled Moody.

Tuesday, 6 August, 1996
Auror Training
Ministry of Magic

“Keep running! ‘Round and ‘Round the room we go! You’re falling behind again, Mr. Long!”

“Why are we doing this again?”

“Are you complaining, Auror?”

“No, Sir! Just curious!”

“We’re running because it helps you get in shape! Barrel-like isn’t an acceptable shape! You save energy and time if you can dodge a spell, not to mention you don’t have to wonder if your shield will stop it!” yelled Moody before flinging a hex at one of the Aurors. “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!”
Friday, 9 August, 1996
#12 Grimmauld Place

“Alastor, you said you had some new information to give tonight?” said Dumbledore.

“Yes, I did. I have been recalled to the ministry to train Aurors. Amelia has been making a lot of changes lately to help the issue though, which is some good news. As she put it, she’s “Attempting to create movement in the stagnant pond.””
Saturday, 31 August, 1996
Small Room
Potter Manor

Harry and Hermione were trying to enjoy a nice snog session. They were trying because they kept getting interrupted.

“What now, Ron?” said a slightly irritated Harry.

“Where did the improved Map for Hogwarts get put?”

“It should be in the storage room off the Situation Room, where you put it.” said Harry.

“Not there. I’m looking where I put it as I speak.”

“Great. Just great.” said Harry, before getting up.

“Well, it looks like we’ll just have to continue this wonderful session on the train tomorrow.”

“Yes. That’s what, the 20th time we were interrupted?”

“I think so. I stopped counting. Oh well. Let’s find our wayward map.”
Saturday, 31 August, 1996
Situation Room
Potter Manor

“So, we’ve tried summoning it, the house elves haven’t been able to find it, we haven’t seen any trace of it, neither Sirius nor Moony have it. What other possibilities are there?” asked Harry, looking perplexed.

“All I can think of is that it was stolen.” said Ron.

“By who, though? Nobody who isn’t part of the ADA or is Harry’s friend can even get here.” said Hermione, also stumped.

“That means somebody’s either under the Imperious, or has gone sour.”

“Either way, we have a serious problem. I need to get Sirius and Moony here. We need to see if we can make a ward to render that map useless, and make a new one. And adding something to our big map here to show the location of the other maps might not be a bad idea, either.”

“We did require a password for that map, though, so all isn’t lost.” said Hermione, which added some hope to the general mood.

“True. How likely is Voldemort to try ‘Make it Lamborghini Yellow’ for a password, after all?”
Saturday, 31 August, 1996
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

“I still can’t believe how lucky Wormtail was, coming across that ADA member like that. It’s a wonder the Imperious held. No matter, I now know how Potter is managing to foil my attacks. I’ll just have to wait until school starts to make any moves.” thought Voldemort.

“But what can the password for this thing be, though? Surely, he didn’t just create a parchment that insults the person who reads it.” said Voldemort, looking at the un-shown map of Hogwarts, which currently was currently showing something completely different.

Seeker asks Tom why he so hates muggleborns, when his blood is less than pure.
Bushy asks whether the inbreeding is really worth the lowered ability and intelligence.
Moony seconds the question, and also asks why Tom must insist on those gaudy masks.
Padfoot asks if Wormtail’s nose is still brown.

“Why won’t you work?” said a frustrated Voldemort.

Seeker urges Tom to give up, since he needs to guess the password to use this.
Padfoot says that Tom should be glad that the bit for causing you problems if you get the password wrong three times in a row wasn’t added.
Moony says that Tom should avoid pressing his luck.
Rook wonders when Tom will give up.

“What is the password?”

Seeker acknowledges that that is, indeed, the question.
Bushy responds that it is something that Tom has not yet tried.
Moony declares that the password is definitely not “Carpool Lane”

“Carpool Lane” said Voldemort.

Moony is amused that Tom would think he would give him the password.
Padfoot shares in Moony’s amusement.
Seeker asks rhetorically whether Tom really is that stupid.
Bushy agrees that he probably is.
Rook agrees with Bushy and Seeker.

“Gah! Thrice-damned Potter!” yelled Voldemort, before incinerating the map.
Saturday, 31 August, 1996
Situation Room
Potter Manor

A tone sounded in the Situation room briefly. Harry, Hermione, and Ron all looked happier after hearing it.

“Well, we don’t need to worry about that ward now. It seems that someone got frustrated and destroyed the map. Still need a new one, though.”
UPDATED VERSION! Fixed the Day of Week issue for the 31st. Is Saturday, not Sunday.
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