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School Begins

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Chapter one, chapter one.

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Chapter 12 – School Begins
Sunday, 1 September, 1996
Platform 9 ¾
King’s Cross Station, London

Harry, Hermione, and Ron were all waiting to board the Hogwarts Express, which had been repaired over the summer. Harry, ever prepared, and ever expecting the worst, had his disillusioned gun easily accessible to him.

As the boarded the train, they took their usual compartment.

“For once, I look forward to this trip. No Malfoy.” said Harry, looking content.

“Thank Merlin for that.” said Ron.
Sunday, 1 September, 1996
Hogwarts Express
Somewhere in the UK

“Have any of you heard who the new Defence professor is?” asked Ron.

“I have,” said Hermione and Harry together.

“Well? Who is it?”

“I was told to keep it a surprise,” said Hermione, “you’ll just have to find out at the feast like everyone else.”

“Come on… It’s not Snape, is it?”

“No, it is definitely not Snape,” said Harry, grinning.

“Oh, good. I was starting to panic there for a second.”

With that, Harry and Hermione returned to their books, and Ron continued to play chess against himself.

As it grew dark, the group changed into their robes, and Harry started to grin, before schooling his face back to normal.

“I just remembered something I needed to talk to Dumbledore about. See you at the feast.” said Harry, before popping away.

“What was that about?” asked Ron, looking slightly confused.

“I expect we’ll find out at the feast.” replied Hermione, suppressing a grin.
Sunday, 1 September, 1996
Staff Room
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry appeared in the room, startling the assembled staff.

“How nice of you to decide to join us, Potter.” said Snape dryly.

“The meeting was set to start at eight, and I arrived at eight.” said Harry.

“Perhaps we should get this meeting started?” suggested Professor Sprout.

“A good idea, Pomona. Does anybody have any suggestions or last minute things they need to bring to our attention?” asked Dumbledore to the room at large.

“I have an idea.” said Harry, when nobody else spoke.

“We’re positively amazed, Potter.” said Snape.

“Just because I happen to have an imagination…” said Harry, noticing that Snape’s characteristic scowl didn’t appear.

“I have plenty of imagination, I’ll have you know! Thinking of ways to intimidate first years isn’t a breeze. Doing the same thing over and over stops working after a year or two.”

“Yes, well, your idea, Harry?” said Dumbledore, trying to steer the conversation back on topic.

“I think it would be beneficial to have a duelling club. A proper one, this time, though, since we don’t have to hide it from a certain toad-like creature this year.”

“An interesting idea, though what did you mean by hide it?” said McGonagall.

“Myself and two others organized a DADA study group last year, and we went underground when Umbridge banned all student organizations. We were having meetings as often as 4 times a week up until February.”

“Just how big was this study group?” asked Dumbledore. “You never said what its size was when you mentioned it this summer.”

“Oh, I think at its height, there were about 65 or 70 people. There were people from 4th through 7th year from every house except Slytherin.”

“Sweet Merlin, Potter! How’d you manage to get that group together 4 times a week under Umbridge’s nose?” asked a surprised Snape.

“I have my ways of getting things accomplished without drawing attention. If anyone had bothered to pay close attention, I expect they could have found us out easily.” said Harry with a grin, leaving out the close encounter with Malfoy and the subsequent hiatus.

“I will think on your idea for a duelling club, Harry. If nobody else has anything? Then this meeting is over. Harry, I would like to talk to you in my office in 5 minutes.” said Dumbledore, before striding out.
Sunday, 1 September, 1996
Headmaster’s Office
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

“So, basically, I can’t kill Voldemort until all of these ‘Horcrux’ things are eliminated? How is that plural, anyway? Horcruxes? Horcruxi? Horcrue?”

“Horcruxes. And yes, that is an accurate summary.”

“So, since I destroyed one in second year, that leaves 5 remaining?”


“Wonderful. An immortal dark lord who has hidden bits of his soul all over the place, in Merlin knows what objects. ‘Needle in a haystack’ comes to mind, Dumbledore.”

“You see the magnitude of the search, I see.”

“Have you any idea what they might be?”

“Well, Tom was always fascinated by the Founders. He likely would have chosen items that were meaningful to him. There were several objects that were supposed to belong to the founders that went missing around the time Tom disappeared before returning as Lord Voldemort. A locket belonging to Slytherin, and a cup that belonged to Hufflepuff. He might have used the ring the Gaunts prized, as he was related to them through his mother, and they were descended from Slytherin, and I have reason to believe he framed the last surviving Gaunt in a murder.”

“That’s three, four if you count the diary. That leaves something of either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.”

“As the only known artefact belonging to Gryffindor is the sword you got out of the Sorting Hat in the Chamber, I think it is safe to assume that it is something of Ravenclaw’s.”

“Well, thank you for informing me. At least now I know not to try and kill him and then have to find out how to get rid of a drifting fart.”

“That is what I hoped to accomplish. Shall we adjourn to the feast? I believe it is about to start.”

“I can’t wait to see the reactions this gets.” said a smiling Harry.
Sunday, 1 September, 1996
Great Hall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Ron and Hermione were sitting at the Gryffindor table, looking around for Harry. Or rather, Ron was, while Hermione was playing along.

“Where is he?” asked Ron, after a further few minutes of searching.

“There he is. He must have just finished talking to Dumbledore.” said Hermione, pointing.

Harry and Dumbledore were entering the hall from a hidden door near the staff table. Ron looked perplexed when Harry did not make toward the Gryffindor table, but followed Dumbledore to the staff table. When Harry took a seat next to Snape, Ron’s eyes bugged out and his jaw unhinged.

“Ah!?” said Ron, grabbing his jaw with one hand.

“Sorry. The look on your face. I couldn’t resist.” said Ginny, cancelling her spell and returning his jaw to normal.

From the mutterings that started around the hall, Ron wasn’t the only one who noticed Harry’s seating arrangement. When he started conversing with Snape, the mutterings grew in intensity, before being silenced by the first years entering the hall.

After the Hat sang it’s song, and the terrified first years were sorted, Dumbledore stood and gave his usual pre-meal speech.

As the food appeared on the tables Harry noticed that the students who had been taking the run around the lake were taking the healthier fare.

After the main courses disappeared, and dessert was had, Dumbledore stood again.

“If I could have everyone’s attention? Thank you.” said Dumbledore as the hall instantly grew silent. “I have several announcements to make. First, I would like to welcome Harry Potter as this year’s Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor. As you probably know, he taught the class for remainder of last year when Umbridge was arrested. He accepted the position as a full time professor this year. I would also like to announce that Hermione Granger is the Assistant Professor for DADA.” said Dumbledore.

Ron looked like he was trying to imitate a fish. Neville looked only mildly surprised. Ginny looked amused at Ron’s fish impression.

“Mr. Filch wishes me to announce that the entire product list for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes is included on the banned items list, which is still wallpapering his office. Also, the Forbidden Forest is, as its name suggests, off limits to students. Magic is not to be used in the corridors between classes. I have been informed by Mr. Potter that he plans to hold his morning runs around the lake again this year, and everybody is welcome to attend. That concludes the announcements.”

As the students made their way to their dormitories, Harry had the distinct feeling that he had forgotten to do something important, but could not think of what it could be.

He sent out a message on his plates informing the ADA that they were NOT, under any circumstances to try to kill Voldemort, using magic or otherwise, and that he would explain further that weekend.
Monday, 2 September, 1996
DADA Classroom
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry stood in the front of his classroom and gazed out at the class of third year Ravenclaws and Gryffindors for a moment before taking roll.

“Right. Welcome to Defence Against the Dark Arts. It is my job to teach you to avoid and defend yourself against dark creatures, wizards, spells, magic, and such. Let’s start off with an informal quiz, shall we?” said Harry, his statement met by a groan from the Gryffindors, and a straightening of backs from the Ravenclaws.

“You there, in the back. Miss…”

“Jones, Professor” said the Ravenclaw.

“Ah, yes. That brings up another point. Feel free to call me Harry, Professor, Professor Potter, Sir, or basically anything that isn’t insulting. Now, Miss Jones, what is wrong with the idea of ‘Dark magic’?”

“I don’t know professor.” said the girl, looking disappointed.

“I’ll give a demonstration, then.” said Harry, before waving his wand and causing the girl’s hair to wrap around her throat for a second, before releasing it again.

“Now, that was a common spell used to manipulate hairstyles. What one might consider a ‘light’ spell, yes?”

At the nods and sounds of assent, he continued.

“Now, the killing curse. Dark magic, correct?”

“Yes.” said a few Ravenclaws and Gryffindors confidently.

“Now, consider this. I could use that hair spell to kill you. Does that make it dark?”

“Now, if someone has an incurable disease that puts them in incredible pain, would it be better to use the killing curse and give them a painless death, or have them suffer?”

“Another case is the cruciatus curse. This is considered dark magic. Now, think about the reason it was created, which was to help people regain use of damaged nerves. Anything but dark, isn’t it? Does anybody see the point I am trying to make?”

A Gryffindor boy raised his hand, and Harry acknowledged him.

“You are saying that there is no light and dark magic. The intent behind the spell is what matters, not the spell itself.”

“You are correct. Five points to Gryffindor.”

As the class wound to an end, Harry assigned their homework.

“Now, for your homework, I would like everyone to research a so-called ‘Dark’ spell and explain how it could be used for a ‘light’ purpose and turn in at least a foot of parchment on the subject. Extra-credit is available if you manage to find one that has no light use, but be prepared to back up your reasons why there isn’t one. This assignment is due in one week.”
Tuesday, 3 September, 1996
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

“Wormtail, is my plan ready to be put into action?”

“Yes, my Lord. Thicknesse is still under your Imperious, and we have acquired the hardware you requested. Lucius’ cousin Osmann is prepared and awaits your instructions as well.”

“Excellent. Tell him that the plan starts tonight. He’ll know when.”
A/N: Yes, Horcruxes. Can't allow Harry to just pop in and cap Voldemort, now can we? It'd ruin the whole story. Every story needs a good plot complication. I can't make it too easy for Harry, or the story becomes a laundry list. I may rewrite the class portion at some later date to make it flow better.
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