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The Untitled Story - Year 7 and Beyond

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HP/SG1 Crossover. See chapter one for full summary.

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Untitled Story Year 7 and Beyond.

Powerful!Harry (But not Super powered, just above average), Smart!Harry, WellBalanced!Harry, TakesInititive!Harry

This is a crossover with SG1 (Elements from SG1 in the HP universe to start with, mostly, eventually a mixture of them will be more equal). Oh, by the way, I own neither SG-1 or any Stargate stuff, nor Harry Potter and associated items. Those belong to their respective owners.

This story starts during season 1 of SG-1, and assumes at least basic knowledge of the series. I tried to make it friendly to those who have never seen it, but I've noticed that it's hard to do. For those of you familiar with SG-1 and its time-line, you will notice some differences. This is mainly due to actions not present in the series, and they will cause the series and this story to diverge, in some places drastically.

Also, while this may seem sudden, There are bits in previous years that lead up to this crossover, so this isn't a spur of the moment "hey, lets do this" thing.

speech indicates speaking in Ancient.

Italics indicates speech over communications devices, that is, radios, plates, etc.

Read the previous years first, or this will seem rather sudden.

As usual, review.
Chapter 1 –New Discoveries
Sunday, 6 April, 1997
Potter Manor

Harry and Hermione popped to Neville, who was standing in a very large field of short grass. Harry didn't think he'd been to this part of his property before.

"What's up?"

"I was taking a jog, and decided to go this way. I'd never gone here before. I was just running along when I ran into some sort of invisible wall."

"Invisible wall?"

"Yeah." he said, rapping on what appeared to be thin air, except that it made a metallic sound.

Harry walked up, and placed his hands on whatever it was, and knocked.

"Metal. Fairly thick, judging from the sound it made." he said, moving along the wall. After about 20 feet, he stopped, and started feeling around.

"Come here. I think I found a door. I've got it to open a bit, but I need some help."

After some more prying, the slid the door open enough to get through.

What they saw caused several different reactions. Harry whistled, Hermione looked awed, and Neville looked confused.

They had entered a long corridor, one wall made up mostly of large windows, looking out at a rather peculiar sight.

"Are those..." started Hermione, struggling to find the right word.

"Spaceships?" suggested Harry.


"Well, I can't think of much else they could be." said Harry.

"Spaceship?" asked Neville.

"Like a ship that goes on water, only in space. I know that wasn't very helpful, but I can't really explain it any other way." said Harry.

"Who built them, spaceship or not? They certainly don't appear to be made by humans, at least, not ones with our technology. And we'd have know if the government was building ships on your property." said Hermione.

They were looking out over a squarish pit that was quite massive, and looked to be able to dock two of the large, disfigured cylinders. Disfigured, because they had many chunky outcroppings and protrusions, and they were bigger at what he assumed was the back and middle, and they had a vaguely smashed-diamond shaped cross section. One was noticeably larger than the other, and had a fin-like horizontal structure at the back. He also noticed a number of much smaller, more cylindrical craft off to one side that looked like they had been turned into parallelograms.

As they walked along the corridor towards a walkway that led to the side of one of the ships, lights started to come on in the hall. They noticed a sign with strange symbols on it.

"What language is that?" asked Harry.

"I don't recognise the symbols. Hopefully, it's not a serious warning."

"Yes, that would be bad." said Harry.

Making their way to the ship, they opened the door on the outside, which required the use of an unlocking charm.

Entering the ship and navigating a few corridors, they found themselves on what they assumed was the bridge.

Walking up to the odd looking chair in the centre, Harry reached out and touched it, but quickly retracted his arm when it lit up and started humming.

"Must have some sort of sensors." he said, before sitting in it.

After a moment, the lights came on in the ship.

"This is bizarre. It's like it responds to your thoughts." said Harry. "Now if only I could read the panels."

At that moment, a grinding sound started, which soon ended with a loud clunk from underneath them.

"It seems to be in working order, since I disengaged the supports that were holding us, and we're still above the ground. I think I'll wait until we can investigate it more thoroughly before taking it out for a spin, though."

"Good idea." said Hermione. "We ought to check out those smaller ones on the far side. After we get some more people in here."

"I agree. You know, if we didn't build them, that means there's likely life elsewhere out there."

"Yes, it does lead that way, doesn't it." said Hermione.

"Any idea how someone managed to make something this size invisible? If it's a ward, it'd be bleeding hard to set. It was more like the building was invisible, rather than being hidden by something.
Tuesday, 8 April, 1997
Ancient warship
Potter Manor

"I think I'm going to see if I can drum up some linguistics experts. I'm sure there's someone somewhere who can make something of this." said Harry, looking over the various screens and displays, before he paused.

"Unless..." he said, sitting in the chair again. After a moment of nothing happening, nothing happened. "So much for that thought. It did send me an image of a funny looking helmet thing in a storage room, though. Maybe we should find that."
Tuesday, 8 April, 1997
Storage Room
Ancient warship
Potter Manor

"Harry, I think I found it. Remember, you need to walk´╝Ź" started Hermione, before Harry appeared next to her. "not pop."

"Oops. It didn't seem to affect anything, though."

"No, it didn't. Anyway, is this the 'helmet thing'?"

"Indeed it is. You want to try it, or should I?"

"I think I'll wait and see what it does."

"Right. You know, this probably isn't the recommended method of testing unknown technology." said Harry, putting it on.

After several moments of nothing happening, Harry shrugged.

"I don't feel any different. Let's go back."
Tuesday, 8 April, 1997
Ancient warship
Potter Manor

"That's not the bridge. That's the auxiliary control room." said Harry, looking at the sign next to the door.

"What? How do you know?"

"The signs says 'Auxiliary Control Room'."

"Since when could you read the signs?"

"Apparently, since two minutes ago. Must be the helmet thing."
Tuesday, 8 April, 1997
Outside the Bridge
Ancient warship
Potter Manor

"Ah! Here we are!" said Harry, opening the door by pressing a strip on the right side. "Much more bridge-like. I like the view. Very nice."

The bridge was seemingly organised into five sections, arrayed around a raised central station. Harry, walking over to one, looked over a panel.

"Weapons? Yes. Weapons. Apparently controlled mentally." he said, before moving on to the one on the right of the raised platform.


Walking around the rest, he found Navigation and Sensors.

"This raised area seems to be for the captain. These are view screens for communications, and they can apparently switch between a number of different uses." said Harry, sitting in the chair and activating the panels.

After a moment of learning, Harry brought up the information on the ship.

"We seem to be on a late-model Alteran battleship, Aurora Class. One of the last built, according to this, it's never left the ground."

"When was it built?"

After a moment, Harry responded.

"According to this, it was completed roughly 9,000 years ago, intended to be used as a defence against the 'growing threat of the Goa'uld'. The information ends there. Apparently they never got around to naming it."


"No idea. The helmet doesn't seem to have anything on them, whichever. I think it only has information that might be needed to read or use the technology."

"Let's look at the other ship."
Tuesday, 8 April, 1997
Outside the Bridge
Potter Manor

Having located the bridge, they entered, and looked around. It was much simpler than the warship's bridge, and had only three sections.

Activating the panels, Harry started looking through the information.

"Apparently, we are on an Ancient science vessel, completed long enough ago that I can't convert it into a year with ease. According to the logs, it was one of several vessels that evacuated from the Pegasus Galaxy? Huh, have to investigate that. Anyway, one of several that evacuated from the Pegasus Galaxy. It's last entry is 'Arrival at Albon shipyard, Terra' dated about 9,000 years ago, if I'm converting dates right. It has shields, but no weapons, I'm assuming this is an impressive array of sensors, but otherwise is much the same as the warship. A research ship. You should like it, Hermione."

"What, it's mine?"

"Well, I'll probably be commanding the warship if we decide to crew them."

"It's name is the 'Observer'."
Tuesday, 8 April, 1997
Shipyard structure
Potter Manor

"Hermione! I think I found what could pass as a computer terminal. Mental interface, like everything else here, it seems. I'm searching those 'Goa'uld' that the warship's computer mentioned."

"Let me know if you find anything. I found some more helmets."

"Here we go. Says that the Goa'uld are a race of parasitic symbiotes-there's an oxymoron- that use their ability to retain knowledge genetically to scavenge and use technology from other races, generally for their own gain. Says that they are typically territorial and arrogant. Such an interesting illustration, here. Says they take over control of the body and mind. There's mention here of a Goa'uld called Ra who took a human as a host." said Harry, frowning.

"Glad they aren't here." said Hermione with a shudder, having popped next to Harry.

"They must have posed a threat at some point for these 'Ancients' to build a warship solely to defend this planet from them. This is interesting. It says here that the Ancients who did not 'ascend' are dying off or are entering the local populations, or leaving using the Astria Porta—Stargate?—doesn't say where they went. The information in the system ends there."

"You think that's interesting, look at this." said Hermione. "It says that they made the control chairs respond only to Ancients."

"So, we're Ancients?" asked Harry.

"More likely descended from them. You said they entered the local population."

Thursday, 10 April, 1997
Prime Minister's Office
Downing Street

"Let me get this straight. You found a shipyard on your property, containing a number of spaceships, all constructed more than 9,000 years ago?" asked the Prime Minister, looking bewildered.

"Yes, sir. The science vessel, which is named the Observer, was built long enough ago I was unable to convert the age into our years in my head."

"And these 'Goa'uld'. You say they may be a threat?" asked the Minister of Defence, looking curious.

"They were at some point, sir. Whether they still are, or whether they even exist still I don't know. Obviously the Ancients thought they were, if they build a ship specifically to defend this planet against them."

"I assume you'd like to crew the ships?"

"Yes, sir. However, it currently looks as if only magicals can operate the technology, as apparently we are descended from the race who built the ships. At the very least, we can gather information on our solar system that will have scientists salivating for years to come. The ships have engines capable of faster-than-light travel, so we could actively explore our little corner of the universe, and be home every weekend."
Monday, 14 April, 1997
Potter Manor

"Hermione, the powers that be have given us the go-ahead to test one of our ships in an official capacity. A survey of Jupiter's moons."

"There's been a lot of speculation about the existence of water and life on Europa of late."

"Well, perhaps you can answer the whole question once and for all with a scan. When did you want to get under way?"

"Probably not for a week or two."

"That should give us time to learn a few more things. Oh, I don't remember if someone mentioned it or not, but has the manor been wired for phones yet?"

"Yes. Last week. It took some work, shielding the lines and stuff."

"Oh good. Now I don't have to have the PM send an owl whenever he has a question."
Monday, 14 April, 1997
Potter Manor

Dan and Emma Granger entered the room. Harry and Hermione broke apart.

"What's this we hear about Hermione surveying the moons of Jupiter up close?"

"She's the one who'll be commanding the Observer on it's first official outing. Mostly to make sure everything is functioning properly after sitting in the shipyard for several thousand years."

"Mind if one of us comes?"

"No, not at all. I'll get you both a helmet so you can start learning, and a uniform." said Hermione, before popping off.

"We didn't interrupt anything, did we?"

"Actually, you did. Being interrupted is fast becoming par for the course, though." said Harry, looking resigned.
Wednesday, 16 April, 1997
Briefing Room
Potter Manor

"Well, I think we need to restructure the division to make it more normal. One person in command, for instance."

"I think you can keep that. I prefer planning on the side to giving the orders." said Ron.

"You're already the one briefing the PM and others. I don't want the position, to be honest." said Hermione.

"Right. Here's the rankings I came up with to make it a bit more normal.." started Harry.
Monday, 28 April, 1997
Briefing Room
Potter Manor

"I apologise about the horrible hour, but we thought this was best done under cover of darkness. Less likely to have people notice the rather large ship. Anyway, you all have been learning and familiarising yourselves with the systems of our new toys. You read the language, you speak the language, you know the ships." said Harry, addressing the non-student portion of the division.

"The ship will be using a skeleton crew, since there are so few of us not in school who are able to operate the systems. The ship has been stocked with supplies to last you about 2 weeks without worry. Gather your stuff, you leave in half an hour."

"Good luck." said Harry, speaking in Ancient.
A/N: There may be illustrations for this story, since I can draw pretty much anything except people. Inanimate objects and planes are my speciality. I'm trying to make this story a bit more balanced than some of the crossovers I've seen, where one is simply thrown into the other, and you never see/hear of the other world again.
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