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I'm On Fire

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Judy finally comes out of the closet to her mother. Only, her timing couldn't be any worse...

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I'm On Fire:

When coming out of the closet to your parents, timing is everything. The moment when your mother finds your younger sister in bed with one of her co-workers that happens to be older than her is not the best time. Too bad nobody warned me about that. It would've saved me the trouble after I told my mother. I decided to follow Duncan's advice after all. Mer-bear and I had talked about this for a long time. She wanted to come with to tell her. But I refused.

"No," I said to my love. "This is something I'm going to have to do on my own. My mother is going to be upset that I'm gay now. I don't want to wreck her even more with you their along with me when I tell her." Mer-Bear smiled at me in the car as she held my hand. I felt myself lightly blush at her strong yet soft touch.

"Okay," she said to me calmly. "Good luck." I smiled at her with a little smile.

"Thank you, Mer-Bear!" I replied. She smiled back at me.

"Good night," she said to me softly.

"Night," I said back to her. Then, she kissed me on the lips and got out of the car. Mer-Bear stayed parked at my driveway until I made it inside of the house. I smiled to myself as I heard her pull away. Aw, she stayed to see me inside, how sweet! However, my loving happiness was interrupted when I saw my mother in the moonlight looking stressed. Just by looking at her face I knew that she run into a problem with her other daughter, my sister, Morgan. Uh-oh. This is not looking good. Maybe, I should hold off until morning. No! I have to tell her. It's either now or never! I drew in a deep breath. Okay, here goes! I slowly walked over to her.

"Mom," I said to her easily. She looked up at me worried.

"What is it?" she asked me. I decided to go easy first and then slowly come out with it. I kept walking over to her slowly.

"Mom, what's wrong?" I asked her. My mother looked away bitterly.

"It's your sister!" she hissed. I sat down next to her lightly. Don't get me wrong, my sister was and is a good girl at heart. But, she has always been the good little angel just like I have growing up since we left dad. So when we left for college, freedom hit us both hard. I didn't necessarily stay a good girl, but I have managed to maintain my responsibility hard enough to stay out of trouble. Morgan on the other hand went a little buck wild for the past two years. It's understandable, she's not living with mom anymore. Mom doesn't see it that way however. She is constantly upset about Morgan's constant increasing wild streak. I have to be the one to calm mom back down again and keep the peace. I just hope that gets responsible enough to stay out of serious trouble at school.

"What happened now?" I asked her. Mom sighed at me stressed.

"Your sister was upstairs in her room having sex with one of my employees!" she blurted out. I looked at her slightly shocked. This was unbelievable even by Morgan's standards. Sure, she couldn't stand her boyfriend, Richard, but she would never cheat on him. I just couldn't believe it. I was curious now.

"Who?" I asked.

"Greg Brown!" she wailed out. My eyes grew big in shock. I really wasn't expecting this! Greg Brown?!? My thoughts became dialogue.

"Greg Brown?!?" I repeated in shock.

"Yes!" Mom yelled out.

"But..." I answered her. "She's nineteen and he's like in his thirties!"

"I know!" Mom shouted.

"Well..." I said to her. "What happened?" She broke down and told me the whole story in detail. As I listened in, I had discovered a new respect for my younger sister. She was finally taking my advice. For years, I had been telling her to my decisions for herself and quit relying on mom and my to make up her mind for her. She wouldn't be able to survive on her own if she relied on other people all of the time. My words were finally setting into her good. It inspired me to come and say it now.

"Mom," I said boldly. "I'm in three year relationship with another woman!" Mom looked at me so pale! She looked as if she had seen the dead rise up from the grave.

"WHAT?!?" she asked me in shock. I took in a deep breath and started again.

"I am in a lesbian relationship with Meredith Gomez," I explained to her slowly. "She is my girlfriend and we have been dating for three years now." My mother made a choking noise like she normally did when Morgan and I told her something she didn't want to hear. Uh-oh! Now, I've done it. I have really ruined her night. First, she finds her younger daughter sleeping with one of her older employees here in the house and now her older daughter just came out of the closet. Something told me to hold off until she was in a good mood. Well, it's too late now. I might as well keep on until I have told her the whole story.

I told her the whole story about how I met and fell in love with Mer-Bear. I thought my mom would pass out on the floor. When I finished, I watched her face. Needless to say, it got really messy from there.

"You can't be gay!" she snapped at me. I looked at her upset. That really hurt me on the inside.

"Why should it matter?" I argued back at her. "I love Meredith no matter what she is! Male, female, tranny, I don't care! I love her just the same!" We kept fighting until she stormed out of the house in deep stress. I breathed out heavily. I looked up at the dark ceiling above as the power came back on again. There, I have come out. I was tough to do with mom, but I did it. Now, I can hug Duncan and live easily and free with Mer-Bear now. Sigh I only hope can accept that over time. Judging by tonight, that is going to take a while.

If You Are What You Say You Are
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