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Chapter 23

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New Kind of Love Chapter 23

*Caden’s POV*

There was a bright light shining right in my eyes when I started to wake up. Then a doctor came into my vision.
“Hello Mr. Ross-Urie. I’m glad to see you awake. Do you remember anything that happened?” the doctor asked
“I was fighting some guys twice my size that were talking shit about my parents and trying to hit on my sister and Lexi. I remember telling the girls to run” I said
“Ok good. Now can you tell me your full name, your parents’ full names, and your address” the doc said
“Caden Alexander Ross-Urie. Parents are George Ryan III, Kathryn Nicole, and Brendon Boyd. Address is 2882 Romance Ct, Las Vegas Nevada, 89128.” I rambled off
“Good. It looks like everything is ok. I want to run some test to make sure. Do you want to wake your parents before we do those?” he asked. I looked and saw my parents all cuddled up together.
“No let them sleep. I doubt they got much last night” I said
“Ok a nurse will come in shortly to get you” the doc said as he left. A couple minutes later a nurse came. They did a bunch of different tests and scans before taking me back to my room. There wasn’t anything at all on TV so I tried to relax. Something about hospitals has always made me nervous. Mom says I get it from Papa. I heard mumbling coming from my parents. I opened my eyes to see Mom and Papa kissing and then dad pull papa into a kiss
“Ok I love you three and all but please stop kissing in from of me” I said. The three of them jumped sky high and fell to the floor. I just laughed at them. They went back into their own world so I cleared my throat. Bad move on my part. Mom started freaking out on me and attempting to hug me all at once.

“Mom, Mom in fine, Mom! Dad, Papa Help!” I said.
Katie let him breathe” Papa said as he pulled mom back some
“Are you ok? How are you feeling? Wait a minute. When the hell did you wake up and why the fuck didn’t the doctor…” mom started before dad cut her off by kissing her. Then they started whispering to each other.
“Ok seriously now. How long have you been awake?” Papa asked
“A few hours. I figured you all were up most of the night worrying so I told the doctor to let you all sleep. He should be back soon with my test results” I said. I sat talking to my parents till the doctor came in. he said everything was ok they just want to monitor me. Papa left to go call Uncle Spencer
“I am sorry for making you all worry” I said to mom and dad
“Cade there isn’t anything to be sorry about. We are your parents. It’s our job to worry” Mom said
“I know but if just kept my big mouth shut I wouldn’t be here. I just can’t stand when people try and talk shit about our family. I mean I know it’s not normal to have 3 parents especially biologically. But me, Maddy, the twins and Noah do. And honestly I love being how we are. It makes us all special. I just wish people understood more” I said. Its something I thought about a lot
“I know our family isn’t normal by any standard. And I’m sorry you kids have to deal with idiots. But you all have 3 parents that love you more than anything. You guys are a part of each one of us.” Dad said
“I know dad. I love you guys” I said as I pulled them into a hug. We are a very affectionate family… cant ya tell.
“We love you too baby boy” mom said. Papa came in shaking his head and smiling.
“Did ya talk to them?” Dad asked
“Yeah. Spin trine running here in just his boxers. Luckily Emmi stopped him before he got too far... he only made it half way across the parking lot first” Papa said making us all laugh
“Only Uncle Spence… no scratch that. Gabe would willingly do it if we let him.” I said.
“They are on their way once everyone gets dressed.” Papa said. Not even 5 minutes later we heard running in the hallway followed by someone running into my closed door. We all just looked at leach other and laughed. Uncle Spencer walked in rubbing his head
“Uncle Spin there was a door there” I said
“Ha ha very funny” He said
“Dudes I think I broke my ass bone” Will said when he walked in
“Ignore these idiots. How are you feeling Caden?” Aunt Emmi asked
“Like I’m surrounded by crazy people.” I joked then I saw Lexi. She as crying yet she still looked beyond beautiful. Yes I am in love with Lexi. She is just… amazing. There isn’t any other way to describe it. Dad is the only one who really knows how I feel. I think mom and Papa may suspect it though. Maddy doesn’t know which is weird since I tell her everything. But I don’t think Lex likes me that way
“I swear if you weren’t already in the hospital I would kick you ass right now. Don’t ever do that to me again. I thought I was going to loose you” she said once she got to my bedside and placed her hand in mine. I had tingles run from my fingertips all the way to my toes.
“Why don’t we all head to the cafeteria and get some food. And give you teens some alone time” Mom said as she looked at dad and papa
“Get her boy” dad whispered to me. Once all the parents and kids left it was only me, Lexi, Maddy and Tyler
“ Maddy, ty can I have a second alone with lexi?” I asked
“ Sure. Mads lets go get something to drink” Tyler said as he led Maddy out of the room. Lexi had a confused look on her face.
“ Lex , I… there really isn’t an easy way to say this and I really don’t want you to hate me after this but I have to get it out… I think… no I know that I am in love with you. I just..” I was cut off by her kissing me. You know those tingles I talked about. Multiply that by infinity and throw in some fireworks and that is only a small fraction of what I was feeling.
“ I am in love with you too” she said
“ Will… will you be my girlfriend Lexi Smith?” I asked
“ Yes. I would love to be your girlfriend Caden Ross-Urie” she said. I pulled her into another sweet kiss
“ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME” Maddy and Tyler yelled as they opened the door
“I thought you were walking down the hall” lexi said
“ We lied. It was way too tempting to ease drop.” Tyler said
“ So are we still on for mom, dad, and pops anniversary next week?” I asked trying to change the subject
“Do you think that’s a good idea with everything going on?” Maddy asked
“ Yeah I do now more than every. They deserve it. I mean mom and dad alone have been together for almost 20 years. Plus how would we un invite everyone” I said
“ fine its on but under one condition” Maddy said
“ what’s that” I asked
“ you take it easy and let us do all the work” she said
“ but…” I started to protest
“ Caden she is right. Plus you will still be sore in a week” Lexi said
“ ok ok deal” I said. Then Maddy’s phone started ringing
“ Its Aunt Bev and most like Aunt Stevie” Maddy said
“ put it on speaker and cover your ears. She is prolly going to yell” I said
“ MADISON ROSE ROSS-URE WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? WHY IS CADEN IN THE HOSPITAL AND WHY WONT YOUR PARENTS ANSWER THEIR DAMN PHONES?” Aunt Bev yelled. You could tell she was freaked out. Aunt Stevie was in the background yelling at her to calm down
“Aunt Bev everything is ok. I am fine. And I don’t know why mom and papa aren’t answering their phones but dad flushed his down the toilet at a truck stop a few days ago” I said
“ caden? Oh my god now I can breathe. What happened?” Aunt Bev asked. I explained everything to her
“ I’m glad you’re ok kid. Tell your parents I’m kicking their asses when I see them next. Their anniversary thing is still on right?” she asked
“yeah everyone is to be at the hotel no later than 8 that night” Maddy said
“ alright Stevie and I will be there” Bev said before we got off the phone. Mom, Dad, and papa came back a bit later with everyone else
“ Did you do it?” Dad asked
“ yeah I did” I said. Everyone looked at us like we had three heads
“ me and Lexi are dating now” I said
“ its about damn time” mom. dad. Papa. Aunt Emmi and Uncle Spencer said all at the same time
“ what?” I asked
“ Emmi and your mom have only been planning your wedding to Lexi since you were both born” Uncle Spencer said
“ we have not jack ass. And in case you forgot I had Caden a year before on a tour bus” mom said. Us kids just shook our heads at them. I was released and hour or so later. Even though I was in pain, I was completely happy with my life. I have a beautiful girlfriend and the best parents anyone could ask for.
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